All You Need to Know About the Clitoral Erection

All You Need to Know About the Clitoral Erection

Never heard of the clitoral erection? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s a well-kept secret. But it’s time to bring it out in the open. Here’s the deal: a hard clitoris is a thing.
Tucked away inside your labia lies a remarkable organ with staggering potential. It’s made of the same tissue as a penis and, yes, has some of the same abilities to stand at attention.

Let’s learn more about it!

In this article: 📝

  • What exactly is the clitoris?
  • The structure of the clitoris
  • What is a clitoral erection?
  • Clitoral erections: the final word

What exactly is the clitoris?

The clitoris is a sex organ enjoyed by most mammals and, interestingly, a couple of species of birds.

It’s right inside your labia, at the point where the two lips meet above your vagina.

It’s super sensitive—for many, the most sensitive—and can be a pretty reliable pathway to climax.

(If it’s not for you, don’t worry. Like everything to do with our bodies, all clits are different. There’s no one sensitivity dial that works the same for everyone.)

Also, it’s like the penis and not like the penis. It’s made of the same tissue as the penis—and yes, it can get erect. (More on this in a moment.)

A key difference? It doesn’t include a hole that you can pee through.

It’s also got its own very unique make-up and shape—something that was really only discovered as recently as 2005 when the first MRI study was conducted on it.

Another amazing fact about the clitoris? It has many uses.

Until recently, the clitoris was thought to be more for recreation than reproductive purposes.

Recent studies have found that stimulating the clitoris has several reproductive functions, like stimulating vaginal blood flow and vaginal lubrication, and readying the reproductive tract to receive incoming sperm for fertilization.

The structure of the clitoris

First, it lives more on the inside than on the outside.

What you see is really the very tip of this iceberg.

The clitoris is made up of these parts:

  • The glans. This is what you see from the outside. It looks like a little knob—and that’s likely where it got its name. Clitoris comes from the Greek ‘kleitoris’, which can be translated as both “little hill” and “to rub.” It’s got thousands of nerve endings, something we probably don’t have to tell you if you’ve done some exploring yourself.
  • The hood. A body part this special needs to be supported and protected—and that’s what the clitoral hood is. It’s basically a fold of skin that is part of the labia.
  • The body. Its fancy name? Corpora cavernosa. It reaches up to five inches inside you. So that’s why it feels the way it does. It’s divided into two “legs,” both of which connect to the glans, and is made up of tissue that can, you guessed it, get erect.

What is a clitoral erection?

Clitoral erections happen when blood rushes to the tissue in the corpora cavernosa (the inside part of the clit).

The glans might become hard and you may see the hood pulling back.

At this point, your clit may feel harder to the touch.

You may also see a color change as the blood flow turns your clit a deeper red.

Your labia might also swell, and the whole area may become lubricated.

But while this may all sound delightful, we’re going to pop this bubble momentarily with a word of caution.

A rare condition called clitoral priapism happens when an engorged clitoris becomes swollen and sore, and can result from taking certain medications.

If you are experiencing pain in your clitoral area, speak to your healthcare provider about treatment options.

Clitoral erections: the final word

Yes, a clitoral erection is a thing.

And, unless you are experiencing any pain, this can be a hard act that you’ll want to follow again and again.

Adding a sex toy to the mix can also do wonders.

Right. Full permission to close down this browser window and do some exploring. Enjoy. 💕

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