66 Charming Colombian Baby Names

66 Charming Colombian Baby Names

Looking for the perfect fit for your new arrival? We’ve got you covered. Explore our list of the most popular Colombian baby names.
A land of coffee and carnivals, and some of the world’s most iconic graffiti, Colombia is soaked in color and diversity.

From fascinating archeological ruins to the Tatacoa Desert to the Amazon rainforest, this country has given us much to marvel at.

Indigenous, African, and Spanish influences have all contributed to the sounds, tastes, and traditions of contemporary Colombian culture.

And Colombian names capture the rich tapestry of its diverse cultural influences.

Curious? We’ll take you through the details—and then dive into our favorite options for boys and girls.

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How Colombian names work

Contemporary Colombian names reflect the country’s diversity, including its influences from Africa, Europe, and its 115 indigenous peoples.

Many names follow the Spanish format—that’s a first name, followed by your father’s surname on his dad’s side, followed by your mother’s surname on her dad’s side.

It’s also common to have more than one first name.

So, you might be Juan Carlos, for example. Or María Eugenia.

On our list, you’ll see both simple and compound names.

Ready to explore? Let’s go.

What is the most common male name in Colombia?

According to the Registraduría Nacional—the government body that registers births and deaths—the most popular names for boys are:

  1. Santiago (simple). This popular Spanish name is a hit in various parts of the world. It refers to Saint James the Great, the patron saint of Spain.
  2. Juan José (compound). Made up of the parts “God is gracious” (Juan) and “God will increase” (José), this name is more than a little divine.

What is the most common girl name in Colombia?

As for girls, the top names are:

  1. Luciana (simple). This vibrant Spanish name simply means “light.”
  2. María José (compound). A combination of María, meaning “drop of the sea” or “beloved,” and José, meaning “God will increase,” there’s a lot of depth in this pretty name.

And that’s only the beginning. Let’s dive into our other top favorites.

Colombian girl names

Simple names:

  1. Antonella. With its Latin roots, this name means “as beautiful as a flower.”
  2. Celeste. This name also has Latin origins and means “heavenly” or “celestial.”
  3. Darlisa. It’s uncertain where precisely this unique name comes from. Lisa means “God’s promise,” so that’s a possible meaning for this lyrical name.
  4. Eunice. This biblical number means “good victory.”
  5. Esteffi. Likely from the Spanish name Estefania, this sweet name means “crown” or “garland.”
  6. Gabriela. “God is my strength.”
  7. Isabella. A name that is ever-popular in multiple countries across the world, Isabella means “God is my oath.”
  8. Mariana.Star of the sea.”
  9. Mariangel. This name is a combination of María, meaning “of the sea” or “beloved,” and “angel.” So one interpretation could be “angel of the sea.”
  10. Salomé. Of Hebrew origins, Salomé means “peace.”
  11. Samantha. While the roots of this popular name are not totally certain, it could be a combination of Samuel, meaning “God has heard,” and Anthea, meaning “blossom.”
  12. Victoria. A name with Latin roots, Victoria sounds like its meaning—“victory.”

Compound names:

  1. Dulce María. From Latin origins, Dulce means “sweet,” and María means “of the sea” or “beloved.”
  2. Emi Lux. The name Emi could come from a variety of sources. Emily means “hardworking,” Emma means “whole” and Esme means “emerald.” It’s a little easier to point to the meaning of Lux—“light.”
  3. Emily Sofía. This one’s made up of Emily, meaning “hardworking,” and Sofía, meaning “wise.”
  4. Eymi Lee. “Beloved” + “meadow.”
  5. Fani Lux. “Free” + “light.”
  6. Lia Luz. “Hard working” + “light.”
  7. Mady Luz. “Maiden” + “light.”
  8. María Celeste. “Beloved” or “of the sea” + “heavenly or “celestial.”
  9. María Fernanda. “Beloved” or “of the sea” + “adventurous.”
  10. María José. “Beloved” or “of the sea” + “God will increase.”
  11. María Paula. “Beloved” or “of the sea” + “small” or “humble.”
  12. María Victoria. “Beloved” or “of the sea” + “victory.”
  13. Sara Eli.Princess” + “high” or “elevated.”
  14. Sara Sofía. “Princess” + “wise.”
  15. Sara Valentina. “Princess” + “healthy” or “strong.”
  16. Sol Amy.Sun” + “beloved.”
  17. Vian Ka. “Sparkle of life.”
  18. Zoe Mar.Life” + “the sea.”

Colombian boy names

Simple names:

  1. Cris. This name has biblical connotations and likely refers to a follower of Christ.
  2. Cruz. In both Portuguese and Spanish, Cruz means “cross.”
  3. Emmanuel. “God is with us.”
  4. Emiliano. This interesting name has both Spanish and Italian roots. It means “eager” and “rival.”
  5. Jerónimo. “Sacred name.”
  6. Kain. With its Hebrew roots, Kain means both “acquire” and “spear.”
  7. Martín. “The god of war.”
  8. Mathias or Matías.Gift of God.”
  9. Maximiliano. This name has Latin roots and simply means “the greatest.”
  10. Ryan. While you may know it more from its Irish roots, Ryan is popular in Colombia. It means “little king.”
  11. Saed. This name has Arabic roots and means “happy” or “blessed.”
  12. Thiago. A version of James, Thiago means “supplanter.”
  13. Yaro. With its West African roots, Yaro means “son.”
  14. Ziad. “Abundance.”

Compound names:

  1. Alan Alí. “Handsome” or “cheerful” + “elevated.”
  2. Aly Saúl. “Man’s defender” + “prayed for.”
  3. Andrés Felipe.Warrior” + “friend of horses.”
  4. Angel David. “Messenger” + “beloved.”
  5. Dei José. “God” + “God will increase.”
  6. Fran Yoe. “Free man” + “river.”
  7. Gun Maku. Maku refers to an Indigenous people of Colombia and throughout South America. The name Gun means “battle.”
  8. Iam Davi. “Free spirit” + “cherished.”
  9. Ian Jair. “God is gracious” + “he shines.”
  10. Juan David. “God is gracious” + “beloved.”
  11. Juan Diego. “God is gracious” + “supplanter.”
  12. Juan Esteban. “God is gracious” + “crown” or “garland.”
  13. Juan Pablo. “God is gracious” + “little.”
  14. Juan Sebastián. “God is gracious” + “revered.”
  15. Max Liam. “Greatest” + “strong-willed warrior.” Liam hails from Irish roots, but when connected with Max it has become a popular Colombian option.
  16. Miguel Ángel. Miguel is the Spanish version of Michael, meaning “who is like God.” Ángel is, of course, an angel, and the name means “messenger.”
  17. Nau Luis. Nau comes from the Latin for “ship” or “boatman.” Luis means “famous warrior.”
  18. Samuel David. “God has heard” + “beloved.”

And if you’re looking to search a little further afield, why not try one of our other lists.

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