234 Cowboy Baby Names for the Wild at Heart

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Last updated: Mar 17 2023

If you’re happier on a horse than in a car, chances are you’re a cowboy at heart. Here are the best cowboy baby names to inspire you. Saddle up for a wild ride!

Cowboy Baby Names

If you’re looking for a folk hero, you simply can’t go wrong with a cowboy.


And if you’re looking for cowboy names, we’ve got the complete list right here.

There’s just something about the freedom, the open space, sleeping under the stars, and the romance of a cowboy’s connection with their horse.

It sets off a longing in the heart of even the slickest of city slickers.

Cowboys may have started out as cattle herders, but they became legends.

So if leather chaps and cowboy hats are your thing, sit back and relax.

We’ve wrangled the 234 best cowboy-themed names for your little peanut (or… baked bean?).

What are some good cowboy names? Let’s take a look.

In this article: 📝

  • Our top 5 cowboy names
  • Our top 5 cowgirl names
  • What about some gender-neutral cowboy names?
  • What are common cowboy names?
  • More cowboy names
  • What’s a cowboy nickname?

Our top 5 cowboy names

If it’s cowboy names for boys you’re looking for, let’s saddle up and look at history for inspiration.

Some are famous, some you may never have heard of, but one thing’s for sure: they’ve all got great names.

  1. Bass Reeves: Formerly enslaved, Bass went on to become the first African American Deputy west of the Mississippi. He is thought to have been the original Lone Ranger. An important figure forgot by history.
  2. Jesse James is one of the most famous cowboy outlaws of all time. This gunslinger may have gone bad, but his name is synonymous with the Wild West.
  3. Christopher (Kit) Carson, a famous cowboy who managed to keep it legal.
  4. Frank Eaton, the original “Pistol Pete” was a sheriff, cowboy, and military scout.
  5. Willie Pickett. The cowboy who invented bulldogging worked at raches, rodeos and Wild West shows.

Our top 5 cowgirl names

Horses, hats, guns, and boots weren’t just for the boys.

Women got in on the action too.

Annie Oakley didn’t stand for nonsense and neither did these fierce, feisty cowgirls and outlaws.

  1. Katherine Derre, later Kitty Canutt, is said to have had a diamond tooth. The “Diamond Girl” was a bronc rider with sass.
  2. Lillian Smith: Every gunslinger needs a rival to keep them sharp. This was Annie Oakley’s.
  3. Martha Jane Canary: The whiskey-drinking, sharpshooting wildcat better known as “Calamity Jane.”
  4. Pearl Heart: A feminist before her time, famous for saying “I shall not consent to be tried under a law which my sex had no voice in making.”
  5. Rose Dunn: No wilting flower, “The Rose of Cimarron” was a famous outlaw.

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What about some gender-neutral cowboy names?

What if you’re having a surprise, or maybe you’re not so fussed about sticking to traditional gendered names?

These are some great gender-neutral options for cowboy names.

  1. Casey: This Irish name means “vigilant” or “watchful,” the very purpose of a cowboy.
  2. Montana: This US state is home to many a cowboy.
  3. Rider/Ryder: This popular name meaning “messenger” is British, but conjures up images of galloping over the plains on your prized stallion.
  4. Sam: Hebrew and English origin. Meaning “told by God.”

“Jesse” (as in Jesse James) from our Top 5 above is also a good gender-neutral choice.

What are common cowboy names?

These are 60 of the most common cowboy names.

Even if you haven’t come across them in years, you can smell the dusty leather the minute you hear them.

They’re all pretty great, and there’s a reason they’ve stood the test of time.

  1. Abner
  2. Barrett
  3. Beau
  4. Bennet
  5. Billy
  6. Bonnie
  7. Brock
  8. Buck
  9. Buster
  10. Cal
  11. Callie
  12. Cassidy
  13. Cheyenne
  14. Clay
  15. Cliff
  16. Cole
  17. Colt
  18. Dakota
  19. Dan
  20. Dillon
  21. Dixie
  22. Doc
  23. Duke
  24. Dusty
  25. Earle
  26. Emmy
  27. Flint
  28. Gus
  29. Hank
  30. Hoss
  31. Houston
  32. Huck
  33. Hutch
  34. Jackson
  35. Jethro
  36. Judd
  37. Lawton
  38. Leland
  39. Levi
  40. Marshall
  41. Maverick
  42. Nash
  43. Oakley
  44. Obadiah
  45. Otis
  46. Quaid
  47. Rancher
  48. Remington
  49. Rock
  50. Sawyer
  51. Tex
  52. Tucker
  53. Walker
  54. Willis
  55. Woody
  56. Wyatt
  57. Zeke

More cowboy names

Consider all that the word cowboy evokes: nature, excitement, strength, and general bad-assery.

That’s a lot of inspiration to go around.

Some names here are for boys, some for girls, and some that are non-binary.

  1. Aaron
  2. Ames
  3. Amos
  4. Annie
  5. Arizona
  6. Austin
  7. Bandit
  8. Bear
  9. Ben
  10. Betty
  11. Blake
  12. Blaze
  13. Bo
  14. Bobbie Jo
  15. Bobby
  16. Brandy
  17. Brawley
  18. Breaker
  19. Brody
  20. Bronson
  21. Bryce
  22. Bubba
  23. Calhoun
  24. Callum
  25. Canyon
  26. Carson
  27. Carter
  28. Cash
  29. Colton
  30. Chance
  31. Chase
  32. Clarke
  33. Clayton
  34. Clifton
  35. Clint
  36. Clintoon
  37. Clyde
  38. Coda
  39. Cody
  40. Colter
  41. Cooper
  42. Corbin
  43. Cordially
  44. Clive
  45. Dallas
  46. Davis
  47. Denver
  48. Dustin
  49. Dwayne
  50. Easton
  51. Ethan
  52. Forrest
  53. Gage
  54. Galen
  55. Gannon
  56. Garrett
  57. Garth
  58. Gill
  59. Goddard
  60. Grayson
  61. Gunner
  62. Heathe
  63. Hewitt
  64. Hillary
  65. Hogan
  66. Hudson
  67. Hunter
  68. Huntly
  69. Ike
  70. Jace
  71. Jack
  72. Jacob
  73. Jarrod
  74. Jase
  75. Jasper
  76. Jeb
  77. Jed
  78. Jeff
  79. Jem
  80. Jessa
  81. Jim
  82. Justice
  83. Linc
  84. Lincoln
  85. Luke
  86. Mack
  87. Maggie
  88. Marsh
  89. Mo
  90. Moe
  91. Nat
  92. Nevada
  93. Oak
  94. Owen
  95. Palmer
  96. Patterson
  97. Phineas
  98. Porter
  99. Prescott
  100. Quinlan
  101. Quint
  102. Randy
  103. Ranger
  104. Ray
  105. Reese
  106. Reno
  107. Ridge
  108. Rocco
  109. Roper
  110. Roscoe
  111. Russel
  112. Rylan
  113. Sage
  114. Scott
  115. Shannon
  116. Sherman
  117. Sila
  118. Silver
  119. Sky
  120. Slade
  121. Sterling
  122. Stetson
  123. Tagg
  124. Tanner
  125. Tate
  126. Teddy
  127. Thatcher
  128. Tobias
  129. Toby
  130. Tom
  131. Trace
  132. Travis
  133. Tripp
  134. Tyler
  135. Utch
  136. Vaughn
  137. Vern
  138. Virgil
  139. Wade
  140. Wagner
  141. Waker
  142. Walter
  143. Webb
  144. Wes
  145. Wesley
  146. West
  147. Weston
  148. Wheeler
  149. Wilder
  150. Will
  151. Winston
  152. Zane
  153. Zeb

What’s a cowboy nickname?

Every standout cowboy had a nickname.

It’s the thing that made them famous, the stuff that separated them from their peers.

And sometimes they chose their nicknames just because they sounded good.

The great thing about cowboy nicknames is that they’re so easy to make up.

All you’ve got to do is work out the thing your kid is best (or worst) at.

Then slip it between their first and last names.

These are our 10 favorite nicknames for inspo:

  1. Big Toe: Does your little squirt have big feet?
  2. Cactus: Are they prickly but pretty?
  3. Cotton Mouth: Do they know their own mind and aren’t afraid to tell you all about it?
  4. Dynamite: Small packages, big personalities.
  5. Flapjack: Can smell a snack a mile away.
  6. Little Head: The little-est of the bunch.
  7. Remington: Are they fiery like the pistol?
  8. Crazy Eye: Don’t peel the banana the wrong way or all hell will break loose!
  9. Small Fry: Tiny and cute as a button. Or to be used ironically, if they’re big and tall.
  10. Winchester: The famous repeating rifle.

Cowboys are wise, practical, a little wily, and have a twinkle in their eye.

What more could you hope for your little bronco?

So, if you grew up watching westerns, riding horses, or just generally enjoying the great outdoors, consider a cowboy name, or even a Southern name to capture the spirit of the South.

Yee haw, mama!

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