104 Fearless Cowgirl Baby Names

104 Fearless Cowgirl Baby Names

Riding and ranching aren’t just for the boys. Here are 110 fearless cowgirl baby names worthy of ruling the wild west. 🏜️
Once just a job title, cowboys and cowgirls have reached iconic status.

They’re folk heroes who capture our imaginations – wild adventurers with a rebellious streak, robbing banks and raising hell (and cattle).

They’re tough but fair.

Courageous but laid back.

They’re stetsons and boots,
with country and Western roots.

And they’re ever so cool.

If you’re looking for cowgirl baby names that capture this spirit, saddle up.

We’ve got some ace-high options for you to take a gander at.

In this article: 📝

  • Most famous cowgirl names
  • Cowgirls and country music
  • Cowgirl names that tell a story
  • What is a badass girl name?
  • Cowgirl state names
  • What are farmer girl names?

Most famous cowgirl names

While most famous cowboys were men, make no mistake, women got in on the action too.

We’ve rounded up our favorite fierce, feisty cowgirls and outlaws.

Annie Oakley didn’t stand for nonsense, and neither did they!

  1. Katherine Derre, later Kitty Canutt, is said to have had a diamond tooth. The Diamond Girl was a bronc rider with sass.
  2. Lillian Smith: Every gunslinger needs a rival to keep them sharp. Lillian was Annie Oakley’s.
  3. Martha Jane Canary: She was the whiskey-drinking, sharpshooting wildcat better known as Calamity Jane.
  4. Pearl Heart: A feminist before her time, she’s famous for saying, “I shall not consent to be tried under a law in which my sex had no voice in making.”
  5. Rose Dunn: No wilting flower, The Rose of Cimarron was a famous outlaw.

Cowgirls and country music

Country music and cowboys go hand in hand.

So what are good girl country names?

Let’s take a look at some of the best country names in the business.

  1. Carrie (Underwood): A feminization of a male German name meaning “free man”.
  2. Dolly (Parton): An actual legend. Need we say more?
  3. Faith (Hill): Not just another country music star, this name meaning “to believe and trust” ticks so many boxes.
  4. Gretchen (Wilson): A German name meaning “pearl” – but oh so fierce!
  5. June (Carter Cash): This Latin name means “young”. Simple and classy, like Ms. Carter herself.
  6. Loretta (Lynn): Italian in origin, this name references the laurel tree, a sign of victory.
  7. Miranda (Lambert): This Latin name means “worthy of admiration”, and is she ever?!
  8. Naomi (Judd): Hebrew, meaning “gentle” and “beautiful”.
  9. Reba (McEntire): This country queen’s name is Hebrew, from the name Rebekah and means “to tie firmly”.
  10. Shania (Twain): This name is Ojibwa in origin and means “I’m on my way”!

Cowgirl names that tell a story

Free, fierce, and at home on a horse – these are our favorite names that sum up the essence of a cowgirl.

  1. Anaya: This pretty Indian name means “being completely free”.
  2. Aviana: This Latin name means “bird”.
  3. Billie: “Resolute protection”.
  4. Brisa: This Spanish name means “breeze”.
  5. Callie: This Greek name means “beautiful”, and she sure sounds strong and fearless.
  6. Cassidy: This Southern cowboy classic is Irish and means “clever”.
  7. Carli/Carly: From German roots, this name refers to “a woman who loves her freedom”. Need we say more?
  8. Coro: Simple and pretty, this Native American name means “wind”.
  9. Destry: This English word means “war horse” and is perfect for a cowgirl.
  10. Dixie: Not just The Chicks or the region, this name also means “ten”. And it’s a solid 10 for us!
  11. Eanna: From Irish roots, Eanna means “freedom of spirit” and “bird-like”.
  12. Emelin: This pretty German name means “hardworking”.
  13. Emery: This German name means “brave” or “powerful”.
  14. Francesca: This Italian version of Frances means “free person”.
  15. Georgette: This gorgeous French name means “farmer”.
  16. Harper: Made popular by the famous author Harper Lee, this name featured as one of the top 10 girls names of 2021.
  17. Isra: From Turkish roots, Isra means “freedom” and “night journey”.
  18. Jolene: Dolly Parton made this one famous. It’s a French name that unsurprisingly means “beautiful”.
  19. Laverne: This French name means “spring-like”.
  20. Liberty: Does what it says on the box!
  21. Leila/Layla: From Arabic origins, this name means “night”.
  22. Louella: This Southern classic means “famous warrior” and has English and German roots.
  23. Malaya: This beautiful Filipino name simply means “free”.
  24. Millie: This cute name meaning “industrious” serves the cowgirl work ethic!
  25. Rayen: A super pretty Chilean name, Rayen means “flower”.
  26. Reese: This gender-neutral Welsh name means “fiery”.
  27. Rosamund: Meaning “Horse protection”.
  28. Ryder: This English name means what it says. You can’t be a cowgirl, if you can’t ride!
  29. Stella: This Latin name means “star”.
  30. Sookie: This name may have been made famous by True Blood, but it’s actually Hebrew in origin and means “lily” or “rose”.
  31. Susannah: With Hebrew roots, Susannah means “lily”.
  32. Tallulah: This lovely Choctaw name means ”leaping water”.
  33. Tillie: From Old German roots, Tillie means “One who is mighty in battle”.
  34. Wynona: This name meaning “firstborn daughter” is of Sioux origin.

What is a badass girl name?

Looking for cowgirl sass with a whole lotta class?

As Ms. Oakley herself said, these women “ain’t afraid to love a man” and “ain’t afraid to shoot him either!”

Here are our favorite renegade cowgirl names.

  1. Brandy: This feisty Italian name means “sword.”
  2. Charlie: Meaning “free man,” this traditional boy’s name packs a whole lotta punch.
  3. Dillon: This Irish name with various spellings means “loyal” or “like a lion.”
  4. Edie: An Old English meaning “rich in war,” Edie sounds like she definitely knows how to handle a horse.
  5. Frankie: “Free” and “truthful.”
  6. Jensen: From Scandinavian roots, this gender-neutral name means “son of Jens.”
  7. Kay: Of Latin origins, Kay means “pure” or “clear.” Dynamite and small packages, right?
  8. Sierra: This super-strong Spanish name means “mountain range.”

Cowgirl state names

These places all saw their fair share of cowboy (or girl) action.

And guess what? They’re on our list of great cowgirl names too!

  1. Dakota: This state name has become a popular gender-neutral name, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s of Sioux origin and means “friendly one.”

Take a look at these other places that make great cowgirl names.

  1. Alabama
  2. Dallas
  3. Montana
  4. Tennessee
  5. Texas
  6. Virginia

What are farmer girl names?

These names have a rustic, old-fashioned feel that fits right in with the cowgirl code.

  1. Becky
  2. Betty
  3. Bobbie
  4. Cheyenne
  5. Claudette
  6. Clementine
  7. Daisy
  8. Della
  9. Delta
  10. Eliza
  11. Ellie
  12. Etta
  13. Evie
  14. Hallie
  15. Holly
  16. Hope
  17. Jessie
  18. Joanie
  19. Joss
  20. Justine
  21. Lacey
  22. Leanne
  23. Louisa
  24. Lucille
  25. Madison
  26. Maggie
  27. Maybel
  28. Rita
  29. Rose
  30. Ruthie
  31. Savannah
  32. Scarlett
  33. Shelby
  34. Siena
  35. Stella
  36. Tabitha
  37. Tammy
  38. Violet
  39. Willa
  40. Willow

Cowgirl names have so much to recommend them.

And they may tell a story of the kind of life you hope for your little one.

Is it a good old-fashioned work ethic you wish for her?

Or a love of the outdoors?

Is it the freedom offered by a horse and the open plains?

Or for her to know her own mind?

Maybe she’ll be all that and more.

Because as our friend Calamity Jane said, “I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one.”

Here’s to your little legend.

The world can’t wait to meet her.

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