How to Create & Grow Your Group on Peanut

How to Create & Grow Your Group on Peanut

Peanut Groups help you make meaningful communities with women nearby or with mutual interests. Create and grow your own Group on Peanut!
From parenting to pets, gifting to gardening, there’s a Group for everything on Peanut.

But how do you create your own Peanut Group?

And once you’ve set up your Group, how do you build your community?

We’ve got you. ⬇️

In this article: 📝

  • What is Peanut group?
  • How to create a Group on Peanut
  • How to grow your Group on Peanut
  • Is Peanut app just for moms?

What is Peanut group?

First, what is a Peanut Group?

It’s a community of Peanut users who share the same location, hobby, life experience, or whatever you like!

We’ve got Groups for the TTC community, for moms with pets, book clubs, first-time moms, women with anxiety, lots of location-based Groups, and so many more ‒ hundreds, in fact.

You name it, there’s a Peanut Group for it.

And if there’s not, you can create it yourself.

How to create a Group on Peanut

Just head to the Profile tab in the app and tap on My Groups.

Here you’ll find a button to ‘Create’ your own (hint: it’s in the top right corner!).

Now, it’s over to you.

Time to think of a catchy name, description, and specify who this Group is for.

This information helps us understand who we should show your Group to.

There are three privacy options on Peanut:

  • Public: Visible to everyone on Peanut and women can join without requesting.
  • Private: Visible to everyone on Peanut and women can request to join.
  • Invite Only: Not visible on Peanut and women can join by invitation only.

Once you’ve added this info, that’s it, you’re done!

Peanut Groups

How to grow your Group on Peanut

When it comes to boosting your Group on Peanut and encouraging other women to join, these tried-and-tested methods always work.

1. Spread the word on social

Sharing your Group across your social media channels is a great way to encourage people to join.

From Facebook and Twitter to WhatsApp and LinkedIn, we have some handy in-app tools to help you get started.

Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of your Group, and you’ll see a whole host of options to get sharing.

But don’t just share your link, share your story!

Tell people why you started the Group, how it’ll be valuable to them, and why they should join.

You could even send your link to influencers or small businesses that align with your Group values to see if they’d be interested in sharing it too.

2. Promote on Peanut

Posting about your Group on Peanut guarantees you new members.

When it comes to where on Peanut, try promoting it in other Groups, chats, and topics, or simply bring it up in conversation with your connections.

Once they click through, make sure you’ve got a great post ready and waiting that explains exactly what your Group is for.

3. Keep things busy

No one wants to join an empty Group!

Keep things engaging and up-to-date by starting a new discussion each day, and always keep a close eye on your notifications and replies.

Stuck for ideas?

Try asking questions, tagging friends, sharing advice, and making things more interactive through polls, images, videos, and gifs.

A viral meme never hurt anyone, either!

4. Links, links, and more links

Another great way of encouraging other women to join is including the link to your Group wherever you can.

Think: your social media bios, email signature, newsletters, and more.

Wherever you think might be useful, place it.

You never know who might join!

Is Peanut app just for moms?

No, the Peanut app isn’t just for moms anymore.

It’s for women of all life stages ‒ trying to conceive, pregnancy, motherhood, menopause, and everything in-between.

So if you’re keen to find your community, you’re sure to find it on Peanut.

Now you’re ready to create your own Peanut Group and grow your community.

What Peanut Group will you create?

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