65 Crystal Baby Names That Shine

65 Crystal Baby Names That Shine

We’ve got 65 crystal baby names for your precious gem-to-be. We look at what they are, where they’re from, and what they mean. Read on.
Choosing a special name for your little jewel can feel overwhelming.

So instead of scrolling through a random A-Z list of every baby name under the sun, you might want to approach it from the other side.

What does the name mean?

Here we’ve assembled a list of our favorite 66 crystal baby names that are sure to shimmer and shine.

In this article: 📝

  • What are crystals?
  • Healing crystal names
  • Crystal names for girls.
  • Crystal names for boys.

What are crystals?

Crystals are made up of little bits that fit together in a specific repeating pattern.

Like snowflakes and sugar.

Metals like gold and silver are also constructed this well, as are certain gemstones.

Crystals have long been thought to have special healing and protective properties.

And while science is not convinced about their efficacy for these purposes, they certainly make great baby name inspo!

Diamonds are amongst the rarest of crystals, whereas quartz and amethyst are much more common.

Emeralds, cubic zirconias, lapis lazulis, rubies, and sapphires are also all crystals.

Running with the idea that crystals can include metals and gemstones, here are some of our most excellent name picks, including their meanings and origins.

Healing crystal names

Many of the crystals that are thought to have healing properties just happen to be popular baby names.

  1. Jade: This crystal is said to bring healing and good luck. Often (but not always) green, this crystal makes for a great unisex name. It’s also one of the birthstones for the month of August.
  2. Sapphire: This gorgeous blue stone is known as a stone of prosperity. It is often associated with wisdom and royalty. One of September’s birthstones, it makes for a regal and elegant girl’s name.
  3. Rose Quartz: This so-called “stone of love” is thought to encourage love and trust. And while quartz would be an unusual choice for a child’s name, Rose is a classic for a reason. This delicate pink-colored stone is also one of the birthstones for January.
  4. Ruby: Said to support mental health, energy levels, and sensuality, the stone gets its name from its deep red color. It’s one of the monthly birthstones — perfect for a baby born in July.
  5. Amethyst: A purple stone for protection, healing, and purifying. As one of February’s birthstones, it makes for a striking girl’s name.
  6. Jasper: This is both a beautiful crystal and a great boy’s name. The stone is usually a combination of rich earthy colors like brown, yellow, and red and is one of the birthstones for March. It’s said to empower the spirit as well as support and protect. What a wonderfully meaningful name to give a child!
  7. Carnelian: A stone often used for calming and balance — and also a super strong boy’s name. It’s also the birthstone for both Virgo and the month of August.
  8. Citrine: This pretty crystal is yellow to red-orange and said to welcome abundance, prosperity and positivity. As a girl’s name, we think it would do the same. Perfect for a November baby, as it’s one of its birthstones.

Crystal names for girls.

  1. Adelite: This Greek name is both a gem and a girl’s name, meaning “indistinct.”
  2. Allira: Meaning “quartz crystal” in Australian Aboriginal languages.
  3. Amber: Not just a color, this is a lovely English girl’s name.
  4. Arianell: A Welsh name meaning silver.
  5. Beryl: Greek, meaning “sea green jewel.”
  6. Bijou: This gorgeous French name means “jewel.”
  7. Christell: This pretty name has Christian connotations and means “crystal.”
  8. Crystal: This may be the most obvious crystal-themed name, but it’s no longer as common as it once was. Time for a comeback?
  9. Diamante or Diamanta: From the Greek for “diamond,” this could be the perfect name for your most precious of gems. It makes a great second name too.
  10. Eirian: This pretty Welsh name means “silver.”
  11. Electa: This feisty Greek name means “amber” or “chosen.”
  12. Emerald: This beautiful green gem is a lovely girl’s name, and if you’re expecting a baby girl in May, it just so happens to be that month’s birthstone!
  13. Esmerelda: This gorgeous Spanish and Portuguese name means “emerald.”
  14. Fairuza: From the Arabic for “turquoise” — not only a beautiful color but also the birthstone for December.
  15. Gemma: This cute name is Italian and means “precious stone.”
  16. Giada: Another Italian gem, this one means “jade.”
  17. Golda: This name unsurprisingly means “gold.”
  18. Goldie: This is a form of the Yiddish Golde or Golda, meaning “gold.”
  19. Hira: This Sanskrit name means “diamond.”
  20. Inbar: An Israeli name meaning “amber” and pretty as can be.
  21. Jewel: This pretty word name needs no further explanation!
  22. Lapis: A Persian name meaning “azure blue stone.”
  23. Mina: Persian and meaning “clear like a crystal”
  24. Neelam: This Hindi name means “blue sapphire” and is soft and gentle.
  25. Opal: This short and sweet name meaning “gem” is Sanskrit in origin.
  26. Ratna: A lovely Sanskrit name meaning “jewel”
  27. Rupa: Another gorgeous name that is Sanskrit in origin, Rupa means “silver.”
  28. Ruri: A Japanese name meaning “lapis lazuli.”
  29. Saffira: This pretty name means “blue” and is a spin-off of Sapphire.
  30. Sapir: This Hebrew name means “sapphire.”
  31. Tamako: A special Japanese name meaning “jewel child.”
  32. Tamayo: Another pretty Japanese girl’s name meaning “generational jewel.”
  33. Topaz: This Greek gem name is both pretty and unique.
  34. Tourmaline: This is a romantic French name meaning “colorful jewel.”
  35. Ula: Meaning “gem of the sea,” this Celtic name is one of our favs.
  36. Umina: Another gorgeous Japanese name meaning “emerald.”
  37. Zariza: This Hebrew name means “ gold, brilliantly bright.”

Crystal names for boys.

  1. Bende: With Turkish and Hungarian roots, this name means “jewel, bead.”
  2. Berilo: This Spanish name means “pale, green gemstone.”
  3. Cleal: This name is sure to be a stand-out. It means “crystal.”
  4. Emzar: This unusual name is thought to come from the Persian zar meaning gold.
  5. Fatik: “He who is like a crystal” in Arabic.
  6. Flint: This strong boy’s name refers to the original firestarter which is a form of quartz.
  7. Garnet: An Old English name for the gemstone that gets its name from the pomegranate.
  8. Jett: This uber cool name means black gemstone.
  9. Kessler: This makes for a great boy’s second name. Originally a German surname, it means “coppersmith.”
  10. Kito: This modern-sounding Swahili name means “precious jewel.”
  11. Kohaku: A strong Japanese name meaning “amber.”
  12. Kristall or Kristol: This is the masculine version of the girl’s name, “Crystal.”
  13. Larimar: This unisex name is both lyrical and strong, and the name of a blue gemstone.
  14. Malachite: Not just the name of a gemstone, but also a beautiful boy’s name.
  15. Onyx: This fierce name is also unisex and is the name of a black gemstone.
  16. Ophir: A biblical name meaning “gold” or “land of gold.”
  17. Oro: Spanish meaning “gold.”
  18. Stone: We may be taking liberties with the theme here, but what a lovely name for a boy.
  19. Zahavi: A Hebrew name meaning “gold.”
  20. Zircon: A Greek gem name meaning “gold-hued.”

From birthstones to gemstones, precious metals to just plain priceless, crystal names may be just the thing for your most special jewel. 💎

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