130 Czech Baby Names and Their Meanings

130 Czech Baby Names and Their Meanings

For lovers of fairy tale castles, delicious beer, and the true Bohemian lifestyle, Czech baby names are a perfect pick.
This country is home to a host of impressive famous people—psychologist Sigmund Freud, the father of genetics Gregor Johann Mendel, and fiction writers Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera, to name just a few.

Quite simply, there’s much to be inspired by.

Many of the names on this list have Christian roots, or Slavic pre-Christian origins.

Whether you are of Czech descent or simply drawn to the beauty and magic of this land, there’s a name on this list for you.

Before we dive into the various options on the table, let’s first explore some interesting aspects of Czech naming traditions.

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  • Why do Czech names end in -ova?
  • What is the most common Czech name?
  • Popular Czech boy names
  • Popular Czech girl names

Why do Czech names end in -ova?

In Czech, all nouns are gendered, meaning that each word is either feminine, masculine, or neuter.

Surnames are no different.

The -ova in Czech surnames means that the surname belongs to a woman.

So, the surname Novák is a male surname.

If a man with that surname had a daughter, their surname would get the -ova treatment and become Nováková.

Since -ova literally means “belonging to”, this old tradition may be on its way out.

What is the most common Czech name?

When it comes to Czech girls’ names, Eliška is at the top of the charts. It means “pledged to God.”

For boys, it’s Jakub. A version of the Hebrew name Jacob, Jakub means “he who supplants”

And here’s what else is on the list:

Popular Czech boy names

  1. Adam. This biblical name of Hebrew origin means “the ground” or “earth.”
  2. Albert. Albert is made up of two parts meaning “noble” and “bright.”
  3. Alexandr. This one is also a variant of Alexander and means “defender of the people.”
  4. Alexej. A version of the name Alexander, Alexej means “defender of the people.”
  5. Alfons. “Ready for battle”
  6. Ambrož. “Immortal”
  7. Ámos. “To carry” or “borne by God”
  8. Antonín. “Priceless one”
  9. Arnošt. “Determined”
  10. Artur. The Czech version of the name Arthur, Artur means “bear-like.” 🐻
  11. Bartoloměj. Like Bartholomew, this name means “son of Talmai.” Talmai was the name for a biblical family.
  12. Bedřich. Meaning “ruler of peace,” Benedikt is an alternative. 🕊️
  13. Boris. “Glory in battle”
  14. Dominik. “Lord”
  15. Eduard. “Wealthy protector”
  16. Eliáš. “The Lord is God”
  17. Erik. “Eternal ruler”
  18. Evžen. “Of noble descent”
  19. Felix. “Happy” or “lucky”
  20. Ferdinand. This name of Germanic roots is made up of two parts—“protection” and “peace.”
  21. Filip. “Lover of horses” 🐎
  22. František. The Czech version of the names Francis and Francisco, František means “free man.”
  23. Gustav. “Glorious guest”
  24. Ivan. This name is a version of John and means “God is gracious.”
  25. Izák. A version of the name Isaace, Izák means “laughter.” 🤣
  26. Jan. Like John, this name means “God is gracious.”
  27. Jeremiáš. “Exalted”
  28. Jeroným. Like the name Jerome, Jeroným means “sacred name.”
  29. Jindřich. This is the Czech version of the name Henry and means “ruler of the house.”
  30. Jiří. The Czech form of the name George, this name means “farmer.” 🌽
  31. Jonáš. “Dove” 🕊️
  32. Jonatán. “God has given”
  33. Josef. Like the biblical name Joseph, Josef means “God increases.”
  34. Julián. “Youthful” or “sky father”
  35. Karel. “Free man”
  36. Kryštof. The Czech version of Christopher, Kryštof means “bearer of Christ.”
  37. Konrád. “Bold advisor”
  38. Leoš. “Lion-hearted” 🦁
  39. Luděk. “Well-known fighter”
  40. Marek. The Czech version of Mark, Marek means “of Mars” or “warlike.”
  41. Matěj. A version of Matthew, this name means “Gift of God.” Matyáš is an alternative.
  42. Maxmilián. “Greatest”
  43. Mikuláš. “The victory of the people”
  44. Oldřich. The Czech version of Ulrich, Oldřich means “inheritance.”
  45. Ondřej. Like the name Andrew, Ondřej means “strong” and “manly.”
  46. Oskar. “Spear of the gods”
  47. Osvald. “God’s power”
  48. Otto. “Wealth” and “prosperity”
  49. Patrik. “Nobleman”
  50. Pavel. A version of the name Paul, Pavel means “small.”
  51. Petr. Meaning “rock”, Petr is the Czech version of Peter.
  52. Řehoř. A version of Gregory, Řehoř means “watchful.”
  53. Silvestr. “From the woods” 🌲🌲🌲
  54. Šimon. “Listen”
  55. Stanislav. This name is for someone who achieves glory or fame.
  56. Štěpán. “Crown”
  57. Teodor. “Gift of God”
  58. Tobiáš. “God is good”
  59. Tomáš. “Twin”
  60. Valentýn. “Strong”, “power”, and “health”
  61. Valtr. “Army ruler”
  62. Vilém. Like William, Vilém means “strong-willed warrior.”
  63. Viktor. “Conqueror”
  64. Vincenc. “Victorious”
  65. Xaver. “New house” 🏘️
  66. Zachariáš. “God has remembered”
  67. Zdeněk. “Glory of creation”
  68. Zikmund. “Victorious protection”

Popular Czech girl names

  1. Adéla. “Noble”
  2. Agáta. “Virtuous”
  3. Alexandra. “Defender of the people”
  4. Alžběta. “Promised to God”
  5. Amálie. “Work”
  6. Anastázie. “Resurrection”
  7. Anděla. “God’s messenger”
  8. Anežka. The Czech variation of Agnes, Anezka means “pure.”
  9. Angelika. “Angelic” 👼🏼
  10. Anna. “Favor”
  11. Antonie. “Priceless”
  12. Barbora. The Czech variant of Barbara, this name means “stranger” or “foreign.”
  13. Beáta. “Blessed” 💞
  14. Berta. “Bright” or “famous”
  15. Bětuše. “White”
  16. Brigita. “Exalted one”
  17. Bronislava. “Protector of glory”
  18. Denisa. “Dedicated to God”
  19. Dominika. “Lord”
  20. Dorota. “God’s gift”
  21. Edita. “Prosperous in war”
  22. Ema. “Universal” or “whole”
  23. Evelína. This name of Latin origin has a few different meanings—“desired”, “water”, and “island.”
  24. Františka. “Free one”
  25. Gizela. “Pledge”
  26. Hana. From its Hebrew origins, Hana means “grace.”
  27. Izabela. “Promise of God”
  28. Ivona. “Of the yew tree”
  29. Jindřiška. “Home ruler”
  30. Jiřina. “Farmer” 🚜
  31. Josefína. This name has Hebrew roots and means “God increases.”
  32. Justýna. “Fair” or “just”
  33. Karolína. The feminine version of Karl, Karolína means “warrior” or “free person.”
  34. Kateřina. “Pure”
  35. Klára. “Bright”, “shining”, or “clear”
  36. Kristýna. This is how you spell Kristina in Czech. It means “follower of Christ.”
  37. Květuše.Flower” or “blossom”
  38. Lenka. “Light” ✨
  39. Liliana. Because of its association with the lily flower, this name means “pure” and “innocent.”
  40. Lýdie. This name refers to someone who is from Lydia in Greece.
  41. Magdaléna. “From Magdala”
  42. Markéta. A version of the name Margaret, Markéta means “pearl.” 🦪
  43. Melánie.Dark
  44. Naděžda. “Hope”
  45. Natálie. From its Latin roots, this name refers to Christmas Day.
  46. Olívie. “Olive tree”
  47. Pavlína. “Tiny”
  48. Rebeka. “Captivating”
  49. Růžena.Rose
  50. Rút. “Companion”
  51. Sára. “Princess”
  52. Štěpánka. “Crown” 👑
  53. Táňa. “Star goddess” 🌟
  54. Tereza. “To harvest” 🌾
  55. Uršula. “Little bear”🧸
  56. Valérie.Strength and health”
  57. Vendula. “Having greater glory”
  58. Věra. “Faith”
  59. Viktorie. “Victory”
  60. Xénie. “Welcome guest”
  61. Žaneta. “God is gracious”
  62. Žofie.Wisdom

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