120+ Magical Disney Baby Boy Names

120+ Magical Disney Baby Boy Names

Whether you’re an avid fan or an occasional dabbler, bringing a touch of Disney magic into your home is always an adventure.

We know that picking the perfect name for your little prince charming can be quite a daunting task.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a magical list of Disney-inspired boy names that will make your heart skip a beat!

Whether you’re a fan of classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck or swoon over newer heroes like Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen, there’s a Disney name out there that will be the perfect fit for your babe.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to embark on a journey through the wonderful world of Disney boy names.

From the enchanted forests of Snow White to the futuristic landscapes of Star Wars, we’ve scoured every corner of the Disney universe to bring you the most charming, playful, and unforgettable names for your little prince.

So buckle up, it’s time to sail through the best Disney baby boy names out there.

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  • What is a unique Disney boy’s name?
  • What is an edgy Disney boy’s name?

What are good Disney names?

Here are some male Disney characters brought to you by that classic Disney magic.

  1. Aladdin: This famous hero needs no introduction. Interesting fact? Aladdin means “nobility of faith” in Arabic.
  2. Antonio: Meaning “pricless” in Italian, Antonio is Mirabel’s adorable younger cousin in Encanto.
  3. Bernard: This one goes way back to the 70s classic The Rescuers. Yep, Bernard is the main mouse.
  4. Baloo: For fans of The Jungle Book, Baloo is the lovable bear who sings the classic song “The Bare Necessities”.
  5. Buzz: Buzz Lightyear is the unforgettable spaceman from Toy Story and Lightyear.
  6. Camilo: Meaning “noble” in Spanish, Camilo is Mirabel’s teen cousin in Encanto.
  7. Chip: He’s one of the adorable chipmunks of Chip and Dale fame.
  8. Christopher: The adorable boy from Winnie the Pooh.
  9. Donald: Yep, the famous duck–but Donald also means “great chief” in Celtic.
  10. Gaston: He’s the villain from Beauty and the Beast that everyone loves to hate.
  11. Hercules: Son of Zeus. Adventurous hero. Defeater of monsters.
  12. Huey: He’s one of Donald Duck’s three sweet nephews.
  13. Iago: He’s the loudmouth parrot from Aladdin. This name has Hebrew origins and means “supplanter”.
  14. Jack: There are loads of Jacks in the world of Disney. Some favorites? Pirate Jack Sparrow, Jack-Jack Parr from The Incredibles, and Monterey Jack from Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers.
  15. Jafar: He’s the notorious bad guy from Aladdin.
  16. Michael: The youngest of the Darling children in the classic Peter Pan.
  17. Mickey: As in the mouse. Classic.
  18. Miguel: The sweet protagonist of Coco.
  19. Naveen: He’s the prince who is turned into the frog in The Princess and the Frog. This name has Indian origins and means “new”.
  20. Nemo: The name you’ve been looking for.
  21. Olaf: It’s really hard not to love this snowman from Frozen. Also, Olaf is Nordic for “treasure.”
  22. Oswald: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is Mickey Mouse’s older brother. This is proper vintage Disney.
  23. Peter: The boy who never grew up.
  24. Robin: As in Hood. As in “steal from the rich and give to the poor”.
  25. Roger: There are a few Rogers that do the Disney rounds. Top picks? Roger Radcliffe, the lover of all things puppy in One Hundred and One Dalmatians. And Roger Rabbit, of course.
  26. Sam: For real lovers of old-school Disney, this one is Loony Toon’s Yosemite Sam.
  27. Sebastian: The most beloved crab from “Under the Sea”.
  28. Simba: The lion who grows up to be king. This name has Swahili origins and means “lion”.

What are cool names for a boy?

Looking for some unique boy names from Disney movies?

Here’s your ultimate list.

  1. Achilles: An ancient Greek hero, Achilles is also the horse in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  2. Alberto: Luca’s sea monster friend, who teaches him the phrase “Silenzio Bruno” to banish his fears.
  3. Alfredo: For fans of Ratatouille, Alfredo Linguini is the hapless wannabe chef and friend of the famous rat.
  4. Amos: While Amos may be the baddie from The Fox and the Hound, the name has other rich meanings—”to carry and borne by God”.
  5. Andy: From the Toy Story movies, Andy is the teen who has not lost his love for his dear toys.
  6. Angus: Merida’s faithful friend, Angus is the horse from the Disney/Pixar movie Brave.
  7. Anton: The ruthless food critic from Ratatouille, Anton Ego is one of those antagonists that you love to hate.
  8. Arlo: He’s the sweet, young, green dinosaur from The Good Dinosaur. This is growing to be a super popular name in the Peanut Community.
  9. Arthur: The main character from The Sword in the Stone, Arthur famously becomes king after being able to pull said sword from said stone.
  10. Ben: Ben is actually B.E.N. (AKA Bio Electronic Navigator), the talkative robot from Treasure Planet.
  11. Bruce: He’s one of the scary sharks from Finding Nemo. Fun fact? He was named after the terrifying shark in Jaws.
  12. Bruno: We don’t talk about Bruno.
  13. David: As a supporting character in Lilo and Stitch, David Kawena is memorable for both his kindness and clumsiness.
  14. Devon: Mei’s teen crush in Turning Red. A slacker, but cool.
  15. Edward: Prince Edward is the charming prince from Enchanted.
  16. Elliott: The playful, caring dragon from Pete’s Dragon, Elliot cares deeply about those he is there to protect.
  17. Ernesto: From Coco, Ernesto the dazzling bad guy singer from the Land of the Dead.
  18. Ethan: Meaning “strong” and “enduring”, Ethan is Searcher’s son in Strange World.
  19. Finn: For Star Wars fans, there’s Stormtrooper Finn (AKA FN-2187). For Cars fans, there’s Finn McMissile, the British spy car.
  20. Flynn: Flynn Rider (AKA Eugene Fitzherbert) is the charmer from Tangled.
  21. Fred: For lovers of comic books, Fred Frederickson is the whacky enthusiast from Big Hero 6.
  22. Guido: The enthusiastic Italian forklift from Cars, Guido is a big dreamer.
  23. Gus: One part of the adorable mouse duo, Gus is a tiny buddy of Cinderella.
  24. Hans: While he may look like prince charming, Frozen’s Hans throws the stereotype on its head.
  25. Hector: From Coco, Hector is one of the charming inhabitants of the Land of the Dead.
  26. Hiro: The main character from Big Hero 6, Hiro is the young genius who loves robots and gummy bears.
  27. Horace: This one goes way back. Horace Horsecollar was one of Mickey Mouse’s earliest best friends.
  28. Hudson: AKA Doc Hudson, AKA The Fabulous Hudson Hornet. He’s one of the speediest vehicles from Cars.
  29. Ian: As in Ian Lightfoot from Onward, a teen elf who struggles with self-confidence. Ian means “God is gracious” in Scottish.
  30. James: James is a popular Disney name, appearing in various contexts, from The Princess and the Frog to The Pirates of the Caribbean to Pocahontas.
  31. Jaq: Together with Gus, Jaq is the bright mouse who is one of Cinderella’s besties.
  32. Jim: Jim Hawkins is the main character of the Treasure Planet adventure.
  33. Joe: Meaning “God will increase” in Hebrew, Joe is the passionate and determined jazz musician from Soul who finds himself transported to the afterlife and must find his way back to earth.
  34. John: Prince John from the animated Robin Hood—a classic villain.
  35. Joshua: Some of the famous Disney Joshuas include Joshua Sweet from Atlantis and Joshua from American Dragon.
  36. Julio: Papa Julio is the skeleton shoemaker from Coco.
  37. Li: General Li Shang and his father, General Li, both wield a lot of power in Mulan.
  38. Louie: the famous singer of “I wanna be like you”, King Louie is the orangutan from The Jungle Book who becomes king of the apes.
  39. Luca: Meaning “bringer of light” in Italian, Luca is the adventurous and curious sea monster who dreams of exploring the world beyond his underwater home.
  40. Luigi: The kind-hearted Fiat from Cars, Luigi makes a genuine effort to help his friends.
  41. Mack: He’s a semi-hauler from Cars who is always there to support his friends.
  42. Marlin: Marlin is the main clownfish from Finding Nemo. He does everything he can to find his baby.
  43. Max: Goofy’s son, Max Goof.
  44. Milo: This mapmaking explorer is the main character in Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  45. Nick: He’s the foxy con-artist from Zootopia.
  46. Phillip: The prince who finally wakes Sleeping Beauty.
  47. Remy: Meaning “oarsman” in French, Remy is the famous ratty chef from Ratatouille, Remy is a little big dreamer.
  48. Rex: From Toy Story, Rex is the plastic T-Rex who is more than a little nervous about the world.
  49. Russell: He’s the lovable boy from Up.
  50. Stefan: He is Sleeping Beauty’s caring father.
  51. Sven: Kristoff’s dear (see what we did there?) reindeer friend in Frozen.
  52. Tadashi: From Big Hero 6, Tadashi means “loyal, faithful” in Japanese, and is the kind-hearted and selfless older brother of Hiro who inspires him to pursue his dreams.
  53. Terence: Tinker Bell’s best friend. Little does she know, he’s also in love with her.
  54. Todd: He’s the fox from The Fox and the Hound, and Copper’s best friend.
  55. Wilbur: From The Rescuers Down Under, Wilbur is a singing, dancing albatross.

What is the rarest Disney boy name?

Here are some of the Disney-inspired baby boy names that you might have forgotten about.

  1. Abu: Aladdin’s adorable monkey sidekick, Abu is funny, loyal, and more than a little mischievous.
  2. Akela: A powerful name for your cub, Akela is the leader of the wolf pack in The Jungle Book.
  3. Aladar: The main dinosaur in Dinosaur, Aladar is a perfect mixture of kindness and strength.
  4. Alameda: Alameda Slim is the bad guy from Home on the Range, one of the lesser-known movies from the Disney roster. Sure, he’s a villain—but he’s great at his job.
  5. Alonso: A prince from Elena of Avalor, Alonso is more than a little in love with himself.
  6. Apollo: One of the powerful gods in Hercules, Apollo was the god of so many things—most notably the sun, music, and truth.
  7. Archimedes: The brainiac owl from The Sword and the Stone, Archimedes, is Merlin the Magician’s trusty companion. We love Archie as a nickname.
  8. Claude: He’s the villain from The Hunchback of Notre Dame—but while his character is dark, Claude is also the name of many famous artists, composers, and politicians throughout history.
  9. Copper: The hound from The Fox and the Hound, the friendly Copper strikes up a surprising friendship with Tod, the fox.
  10. Dash: The middle child in the Incredibles family, Dash (as his name suggests) has superhuman speed.
  11. Dimitri: The love interest of Anastasia, he’s quick-witted and determined.
  12. Duke: There are many dukes that pop up in the world of Disney. Some famous ones? The Grand Duke from Cinderella and the Duke of Weselton from Frozen.
  13. Eric: Ariel’s handsome human, Eric is the prince from The Little Mermaid.
  14. Felix: He’s Experiment 010 from Lilo and Stitch and likes things to be super clean. Also Mirabel’s uncle in Encanto.
  15. Finnick: He’s the feisty fennec fox from Zootopia.
  16. Flint: That’s Captain Flint, from Treasure Planet. And yes, he is a space pirate.
  17. Hades: Sure he’s the ruler of the underworld in Hercules, but he’s also very popular.
  18. Hermes: The messenger of the gods, also from Hercules, he prides himself on his speed and dexterity.
  19. Jaeger: Meaning “hunter” in German, Jaeger Clade is Searcher’s dad in Strange World.
  20. Kocoum: He’s the warrior that was going to marry Pocahontas.
  21. Koda: He’s the sweet little bear from Brother Bear.
  22. Kristoff: Kristoff is Anna’s outdoorsy love interest in Frozen. Kristoff means “Christ-bearer” in Norwegian.
  23. Lucius: AKA Frozone, Lucius is a superhero from The Incredibles who is able to turn his world to ice.
  24. Meeko: Pocahontas’s pet raccoon, Meeko is fun, food-loving, and feisty.
  25. Pascal: He’s the chameleon from Tangled, and a dear friend of Rapunzel.
  26. Phoebus: The captain from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, he’s both fair and funny.
  27. Ramone: A 1959 Chevy Impala from Cars, he’s definitely the artsy one.
  28. Sulley: Full name: Sullivan. He’s the famous scarer at Monsters Inc.
  29. Zeus: The ruler of Mount Olympus, the powerful Zeus is also Hercules’s father.

What is a unique Disney boy’s name?

Looking for a unique Disney boy name that will make your little prince stand out from the crowd?

We’ve rounded up some of the most uncommon and distinctive names from the magical world of Disney, guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat.

  1. Agustín: Meaning “magnificent” in Spanish, Agustín is Mirabel’s dad in Encanto.
  2. Barley: Ian’s eager older brother from Onward. Meaning “wild boar meadow” in Old English.
  3. Benja: Raya’s father, the chief of the Heart tribe in Raya and the Last Dragon. Benja means “son of the right hand” in Hebrew.
  4. Kion: Meaning “leader” in Swahili, Kion is the brave and wise son of Simba and Nala from The Lion Guard who leads a team of young animals to protect the Pride Lands.
  5. Maui: From Moana, meaning “god of fire” in Polynesian mythology. Maui is the powerful and charismatic demigod who helps Moana save her people.
  6. Maximus: The loyal and majestic horse from Tangled. This Latin name means “greatest” or “largest”.
  7. Robaire: One of the five members of 4-Town from Turning Red, and Mei’s ultimate crush. Robaire is a pretty unique name, but it derives from Robert, which means “bright fame” in German.
  8. Searcher: A very unique Disney boy’s name from Strange World. For the baby boy who’s got a whole world to explore.
  9. Zephyr: From The Hunchback of Notre Dame II. Meaning “west wind” in Greek mythology, Zephyr is the spirited and adventurous son of Quasimodo and Madellaine.

What is an edgy Disney boy’s name?

We’ve scoured the depths of the Disney universe to find you the coolest, most daring names that will make your little guy stand out from the crowd.

  1. Axel: The spiky-haired hero from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. With its strong “X” sound and generally badass vibe, this name is perfect for parents looking for something edgy and rebellious.
  2. Cruz: The sleek and speedy race car from Cars 3. This gender-neutral name has Spanish origins and means “cross”, adding an extra layer of coolness to its already edgy sound.
  3. Kenai: The brave and adventurous hero from Brother Bear. This name has Native American origins and means “black bear”.
  4. Kylo: The complex and conflicted villain from the Star Wars series. This name has no known meaning, but its sharp, two-syllable sound gives it an undeniably edgy feel.
  5. Merlin: Edgy in a different way. Merlin is the wise and powerful wizard from The Sword in the Stone. This name has Welsh origins and means “sea fortress”.
  6. Rourke: The tough and ruthless commander from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. This name has Irish origins and means “red”.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you choose a name that you love.

So take some time to explore these Disney boy names and find the perfect one for your little prince.

And if you’re spoiled for choice, why not share your top names from this list with the other moms-to-be on Peanut for some help picking the perfect name?

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