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Top 123 Disney Baby Girl Names

2 years ago9 min read
Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Looking for the perfect name from the Most Magical Place on Earth? Whether you’re looking for princesses or superheroes, adorable beasts or powerful rulers, Disney baby girl names are here to delight and enchant, beguile and inspire.

Disney Baby Girl Names

What are some Disney girl names? Here’s your ultimate list.

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  • What are some Disney princess names for baby girls? 👑
  • What are some magical girl names? 🔮

What are some Disney princess names for baby girls? 👑

Yep, we’ve got Ariel, Jasmine, and Elsa. But we’ve also chosen plenty of lesser-known Disney princesses to inspire you. Take a look.

  1. Abigail: That’s Queen Abigail, to be precise. From the animated series Elena of Avalor.
  2. Alana: A mermaid, Alana is one of the daughters of King Triton and Queen Athena. So, yes—a princess mermaid.
  3. Aurora: Looking to get that sleep schedule together fast? Princess Aurora is Sleeping Beauty’s real name.
  4. Amber: A lover of adventures and parties, Amber is a princess from Sofia the First.
  5. Anastasia: Actually a Russian grand duchess—but close enough to a princess to make the list—Anastasia Romanov is a brave, kind, adventurous character.
  6. Andrina: Also a mermaid princess, Andrina is one of Ariel’s sisters.
  7. Anna: The feisty sister of Frozen’s Elsa
  8. Arabella: The mermaid niece of Ariel, and of mermaid royal descent
  9. Ariel: This little mermaid needs no introduction.
  10. Arista: One of Ariel’s sisters
  11. Attina: Ariel’s oldest sibling
  12. Aquata: Ariel’s brave sister
  13. Audrey: A magical princess from Descendents
  14. Briar: Briar Rose. AKA Princess Aurora. AKA Sleeping Beauty.
  15. Camilia: That’s Queen Camilia, from Elena of Avalor.
  16. Camille: Camille Leon. She’s beautiful. She’s an heiress to a cat food fortune. And she’s from Kim Possible.
  17. Clio: A fancy princess from Sofia the First
  18. Elena: She’s the main princess from Elena of Avalor.
  19. Ella: As in Cinderella. Magic.
  20. Elsa: Cool as ice
  21. Giselle: A nature lover, she’s from Disney’s Enchanted.
  22. Iris: A princess with three eyes from Pair of Kings
  23. Isabel: Elena’s younger sister from Elena of Avalor
  24. Jasmine: The gorgeous, independent princess from Aladdin
  25. Leah: That’s Queen Leah—and she’s Sleeping Beauty’s mama.
  26. Megara: She’s the snarky princess from Hercules.
  27. Merida: The awesome red-headed princess from Brave
  28. Miranda: Queen Miranda is Sofia the First’s mama.
  29. Moana: An awesome adventurer of a Disney heroine
  30. Mulan: Inspired by the legendary figure, Mulan is a powerful warrior princess.
  31. Nala: Simba’s lioness love interest from The Lion King
  32. Sofia: From Sofia the First
  33. Tiana: From The Princess and the Frog

What are some magical girl names? 🔮

Maybe you’re looking for names inspired by female Disney characters but don’t want to go the princess route. These other character names still serve up plenty of Disney magic.

  1. Abby: The adorable duck from Chicken Little. Full name: Abby Ducktail Mallard.
  2. Adelaide: Remember the Aristocats? Adelaide Bonfamille is the former opera singer and mama to Duchess and her kittens.
  3. Alcmene: Love Hercules? Well, Alcmene was his adopted mama.
  4. Alice: How wonderfully wonderland
  5. Amelia: That’s Captain Amelia from the Treasure Planet. She’s also an alien. Cool.
  6. Amity: For lovers of The Owl House, Miss Amity Blight is the perfect inspiration for future booklovers.
  7. Anamaria: A pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean. Yep, badass indeed.
  8. Anda: So Anda is a moose from Brother Bear 2. She is sweet and kind (and voiced by Andrea Martin, if you’re a fan).
  9. Andromeda: Always on the hunt for the truth, Andromeda is an adorable character from Big City Greens.
  10. Angel: This one’s for fans of Lilo and Stitch. Angel’s other name? Experiment 624.
  11. Angela: From Gargoyles, Angela is super strong and all around magical.
  12. Angelique: If you’re looking for a decorator for your castle, this is exactly Angelique’s job in Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas.
  13. Anita: If you love dalmatians (101 of them to be precise), the name Anita may be a source of inspiration. She’s sweet, intelligent, and a lover of dogs.
  14. Annette: An armadillo! In Bear in the Big Blue House.
  15. Babette: Lumiere’s girlfriend from Beauty and the Beast, she is turned into a feather duster under the spell of the Enchantress.
  16. Bailey: An adorable beluga whale from Finding Dory
  17. Baylene: An elderly brachiosaurus from the 2000 movie Dinosaur, she’s both strong and gentle.
  18. Belle: Yep, the beauty from Beauty and the Beast
  19. Bentina: For Ducktales fans, she’s the nanny.
  20. Bianca: For children of the 80s, Miss Bianca is the main character in The Rescuers.
  21. Bonnie: Bonnie is the little girl from Toy Story 3 who ends up owning Woody and Buzz.
  22. Boo: From Monsters, Inc., Boo (AKA Mary Gibbs) is not afraid of anything.
  23. Calliope: The hilarious character from Tangled, Calliope is a one-time street magician and current Keeper of the Spire.
  24. Candace: She’s the older sister of Phineas and Ferb.
  25. Cece: From Shake It Up, Cece (or Cecelia) is quite the dancer.
  26. Celia Mae: With snakes in her hair and only one eye, Celia Mae is one of Monsters, Inc.’s classic characters.
  27. Charlotte: From Princess and the Frog, Charlotte La Bouff is her full name. The name says it all.
  28. Clara: Clara Stahlbaum is the main character in Disney’s recent The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.
  29. Cleo: Geppeto’s pet goldfish in Pinocchio
  30. Colette: From Ratatouille, Colette is a big fan of good food.
  31. Daisy: As in the duck. Classic.
  32. Destiny: For fans of Finding Dory, Destiny is the lovable whale shark.
  33. Dory: A name you’ve been looking for?
  34. Elizabeth: From Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
  35. Ellie: She’s the wife from the movie Up.
  36. Emma: The daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming in Once Upon a Time
  37. Esmerelda: She’s the beguiling character from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  38. Eudora: The mother of Tiana in The Princess and the Frog
  39. Evangeline: The star that others wish upon, Evangeline is from The Princess and the Frog.
  40. Eve: For lovers of tech, EVE is the Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator from WALL-E.
  41. Faline: A female deer from Bambi
  42. Fauna: She’s one of the three fairy godmothers in Cinderella.
  43. Flora: Also one of Cinderella’s fairy godmothers
  44. Helen: She’s Elastigirl from The Incredibles.
  45. Hera: From Hercules, she’s the wife of Zeus.
  46. Isabella: One of Phineas and Ferb’s best friends.
  47. Jane: From Tarzan and Jane fame.
  48. Jessie: For lovers of the sitcom with the same name
  49. Joy: From Inside out, she’s the leader of the emotions inside Riley’s head.
  50. Judy: As in Officer Judy Hopps, the bunny officer from Zootopia
  51. June: From Little Einsteins, June is a really talented dancer.
  52. Katrina: A fun and fair character from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  53. Kiara: For fans of The Lion King, Kiara is Nala and Simba’s daughter
  54. Kim: As in Kim Possible
  55. Lana: She’s Mia’s greatest foe in The Princess Diaries.
  56. Laurel: From the recent Disney film Onward, Laurel Lightfoot is a mama elf. Fun fact? She’s voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
  57. Lilo: The awesome Hawaiian girl from Lilo and Stitch
  58. Lily: One half of Tiger Lily—from the animated Peter Pan
  59. Lizzie: For fans of Hilary Duff and the Lizzie McGuire series
  60. Maleficent: If you’re looking for names of the evil variety, Maleficent is the baddy from Sleeping Beauty.
  61. Marian: Maid Marian is Robin Hood’s love interest—and very foxy in the animated version.
  62. Maria: She’s the furry white kitten with the punk bow from The Aristocats.
  63. Meena: Mira’s cousin in Mira, Royal Detective.
  64. Melinda: Melinda Mouse, Mickey’s aunt
  65. Minnie: As in Mouse
  66. Mira: The brave detective from Mira, Royal Detective
  67. Molly: She’s the adorable little girl from Talespin.
  68. Naomi: She’s Elena’s adventurous best friend in Elena from Avalor.
  69. Olivia: Another one for the 80s kids, Olivia Flaversham is from The Great Mouse Detective.
  70. Pearl: The cute pink octopus from Finding Nemo
  71. Peg: She’s the mama from Goof Troop. Peg Pete is her full name.
  72. Perdita: The magnificent lead dalmatian in 101 Dalmations
  73. Priya: From Mira, Royal Detective, Priya is Mira’s creative cousin.
  74. Riley: She’s the funny, sporty lead character in Inside Out.
  75. Roxanne: She’s the canine love interest in A Goofy Movie.
  76. Sally: The clever rag doll monster from A Nightmare Before Christmas
  77. Sarafina: The mama of Nala from The Lion King
  78. Sashi: From Penn Zero: Part-time Hero, she’s one of Penn’s buddies at school.
  79. Shego: AKA The Supreme One. She’s from Kim Possible.
  80. Suri: The cheerful lemur from Dinosaur
  81. Sylvia: The head librarian in An Extremely Goofy Movie
  82. Thalia: The muse of comedy in Hercules
  83. Ursula: Yep, she’s the sea witch from The Little Mermaid.
  84. Vanellope: The quick-witted racer from Wreck-It Ralph
  85. Vidia: She’s speedy, she’s a fairy, and she’s the enemy of Tinker Bell.
  86. Violet: The eldest daughter in The Incredibles family, Violet is able to turn herself invisible.
  87. Vixey: The little Vixen from The Fox and the Hound
  88. Wendy: Wendy Darling is the young heroine of Peter Pan.
  89. Willow: Princess Willow is Rupunzel’s sweet aunt from Tangled.
  90. Yzma: The evil sorcerer from The Emperor’s New Groove. She’s definitely a vibe.

Wishing you a happily ever after.

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