Top 51 Dominican Baby Names

Top 51 Dominican Baby Names

Dominican Republic baby names are among the most beautiful and unique in the world — and with good reason!
Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the Dominican Republic is a vibrant country located on the island of Hispaniola (which it shares with Haiti).

And with a culture influenced by Europe, Africa, and the indigenous Taíno people of the Caribbean, it’s little wonder Dominican names take inspiration from all around the globe.

As a Spanish-speaking state, many of these names have originated in Spain and countries across Latin America.

But you’ll also find many with their own inspired Dominican twist.

So, if you’re a mama-to-be with Dominican heritage, or you simply enjoyed a trip there once and you’d like to honor that memory, we’ve got just the list of baby names for you.

Scroll on to discover the top Dominican baby names right now, plus the best male and female names from the Dominican Republic.

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  • What are some Dominican boy names?
  • What are Dominican names for girls?

What are the most popular Dominican names?

Before we dive into our list of Dominican boy and girl names, here are the ten most popular in the Dominican Republic.

  1. José. An all-time classic Spanish name that means “he shall add.”
  2. Maria. Speaking of all-time classics, Maria is a historically popular name of Latin origin. A variation of the name Mary, it can mean “of the sea,” “beloved,” or “rebellious.” Take your pick.
  3. Juan. The Spanish version of John, Juan means “graced by God.”
  4. Ana. A Hebrew variation of Hannah, Ana means “favored grace.”
  5. Luis. A name of Spanish origin, Luis means “famous warrior.”
  6. Rafael. This could be the perfect religious or rainbow baby name for a little boy. It means “God has healed.”
  7. Ramon. The Spanish version of Raymond, Ramon means “wise protector.”
  8. Francisco. Got an inkling that your baby boy will grow up with an independent streak? Francisco could be just the name you’re looking for — it means “free man.”
  9. Carlos. Not so keen on Francisco? Carlos also means “free man.”
  10. Manuel. From the Hebrew Immanuel, this name means “God with us.”

What are some Dominican boy names?

Now onto our list of Dominican male names:

  1. Abiezer. A Biblical name meaning “father of help.” It’s thought that boys with this name grow up to become strong men with leadership qualities.
  2. Abnar. Another Biblical name, this one means “father of light.” 💡
  3. Dannel. The Dominican variation of the popular name Daniel, it means “God is my judge.”
  4. Dex. This short and sweet moniker means “a right-handed man.” You’ll need to wait until he picks up a crayon for the first time to find out if that’s true!
  5. Dielis. This one simply means “kid.” 👶
  6. Higuel. This name honors the Dominican Republic’s eighth-largest city, Higuey. If you have ties to that part of the country, this could be a nice reminder.
  7. Jasiel. Yet another biblical name (are you sensing a theme yet?), Jasiel means “strength of God.”
  8. Jhonny. Of Greek origin, Jhonny means “God is gracious,” and is a variant of the Hebrew name Yochanan. It is a common holy name in the Dominican Republic.
  9. Leandro. A Spanish name meaning “lion man.” 🦁
  10. Maikel. The Dominican Republic’s version of Michael.
  11. Ostin. “Great” or “magnificent.”
  12. Sardis. Talk about a name that sums up the emotion of welcoming a baby boy into the family – this one means “prince of joy.” 👑
  13. Saul. Another name of Hebrew origin, it means “asked for” or “prayed for.”
  14. Tito. A variation of the name Titus, Tito means “of the giants.”
  15. Vin. “The one with conquering abilities.” No pressure!
  16. Windel. “A friend.”
  17. Yared. The Hebrew version of Jared, it means “rose.” 🌹
  18. Yevgeny. A variant of the name Eugene, which means “well-born” or “noble.”
  19. Zahi. Z names are always trendy, and this one is no exception. It means “one who is beautiful and brilliant.”

What are Dominican names for girls?

Finally, here are some more vibrant Dominican female names:

  1. Anabel. A combo of Anna and Bella (from the Hebrew “Bella,” which is a short form of Isabella/Isabel, or from the Latin word “Bellus,” which means beautiful, pretty, lovable, pleasant, or cute.)
  2. Aury. A sweet-sounding name, Aury means “gold.” ✨
  3. Camila. A name of Italian origin, Camila means “perfect.” Because, of course, she is!
  4. Carmen. The name Carmel originates from the Hebrew language and means “garden of God.” Carmen is becoming a popular name choice for baby girls in the Dominican Republic, ranking just outside the top 10 right now.
  5. Cendy. “Moon.” 🌙
  6. Dahiana. The Dominican Republic’s version of Dahlia. It means “valley.”
  7. Daria. Of Greek and Persian origin, Daria means “maintains possessions well” or “wealthy.” It’s the feminine of Darius, which is a Persian royal name. A slight variation, Darya, also means “the sea” in Persian.
  8. Doralis. Simply, “gift.”
  9. Eimy. The Dominican version of Amy, it means “loved.” ❤
  10. Franchesca. The feminine version of Francisco, it has a similar meaning: “Free.”
  11. Liosha. “Defender of mankind.” A variation of Aliosha.
  12. Lucely. A variation of Lucia, meaning “light.”
  13. Nachelle. “Powerful woman.” We can never have too many of those!
  14. Nashaly. If it’s a bit drizzly when your baby girl arrives, Nashaly could be the ideal name. It means “born during the rainy season.” 🌦
  15. Sofia.Pure.”
  16. Valerie. “A woman who is brave and valiant.”
  17. Wanda. A Slavic name, Wanda could translate to “shepherdess” or “wanderer.”
  18. Yamaris. Another variation of Mary, a lovely translation is “star of the sea.” 🌊
  19. Yanira. “A gift from God.”
  20. Yanna. “God is gracious.”
  21. Yaris. “Love,” “beautiful,” or “spring.”
  22. Yulissa. “A beautiful girl.”

There you have it, mama!

Whether you’re searching for a popular name or something a little bit different, this list of unique and typical Dominican names is sure to inspire you.

And if not, don’t worry! You can always hop on over to nearby Cuba for even more names with a Latin American flavor.

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