45 Dragon Baby Names for Your Little Firecracker

45 Dragon Baby Names for Your Little Firecracker

Looking for cool dragon baby names for your little firestarter? We’ve got 45 red-hot dragon names to inspire awe, amazement, and badass energy!
Dragons have captured our imaginations for thousands of years – looong before ‘dracarys’ became part of pop culture vocabulary.

All fire, teeth, and epic wingspan, dragons are badass.

Steeped in myth, these flying legends have evolved from fearsome foes to cute companions (thank you How to Train Your Dragon), with eloquent speakers (à la Benedict Cumberbatch) and not-to-be-messed-with Targaryen steeds thrown in the mix.

Wherever you get your dragon fix from – even Shrek gets a look in – dragon names instantly make us think of power and magic.

As muses for rare baby names go, dragons are high up there (literally).

So buckle up and prepare yourself for the lifelong ability to proclaim yourself the mother of dragons (or erm dragon) with these 45 dragon baby names.

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  • What dragon names mean dragon?
  • What is a good name for a dragon boy?
  • What are some good female dragon names?
  • What are famous dragon names
  • What is a cool dragon name?
  • What are some badass names for dragons
  • What is the most powerful dragon name?

What dragon names mean dragon?

Looking for a dragon name that doesn’t mess around?

That’s big dragon energy right there.

Every country seems to have its own dragon myth and its own way to say ‘dragon’.

So, if you want to honor your heritage and pass on that badass status, check out these baby names that mean dragon:

  1. Drago: If you want a baby name with major presence, the Italian name for “dragon” is one instantly recognizable anywhere.
  2. Drake: From the Old English draca, this British baby name spits fire (rap pun intended).
  3. Eisendrache: A chilly one, meaning “ice dragon” in German.
  4. Hydra: Ok, this Greek name technically means “water serpent”, but you may know it best as the many-headed dragon in Hercules.
  5. Longwei: This means “dragon greatness” in Chinese. Hard to top that level of might.
  6. Nithe: An Old Norse name meaning “dragon” and “serpent”.
  7. Ormr: Nordic for “serpent”, Ormr is a shortform of the mythological Jörmungandr. According to Norse myth, this dragon-like creature is the child of Loki, making it quite the pick for any Marvel fans.
  8. Pendragon: King Arthur’s last name in Celtic legend, actually meaning “chief dragon”. A great choice for your leader in the making.
  9. Ryuu: Try this Japanese name if you think your baby might have “the dragon spirit”.
  10. Wyvern: A name with French origins meaning “dragon”.

What is a good name for a dragon boy?

No, not a typo.

We’ve gathered the top male dragon names to best honor the growing fire within your rising dragon boy.

  1. Aiden: An Irish baby boy namemeaning “fire”. 🔥
  2. Apalala: A Hindi word meaning “water dragon”.
  3. Brantley: This name means “fire” (brant) in German.
  4. Cadmus: A strong one meaning “dragon teeth” in Greek. Bring on the teething!
  5. Fafnir: A dwarf from Norse legend who turned into a dragon.
  6. Kai: A Scottish-inspired name that means “fire”.
  7. Ladon: Meaning “dragon of Hera”, Ladon is one of the most famous dragons in Greek mythology. He was a serpent with a hundred heads who guarded the golden apples in the Garden of Hesperides.
  8. Ormarr: This name means “serpent army”. Major warrior vibes.
  9. Shesha: Meaning “he who remains”, Shesha is the king of the serpents in Hindu mythology and one of the primal beings of all creation. He is said to hold every planet in the universe in his huge snake’s hood and constantly sings the praises of the Hindu god Vishnu from his many mouths. Woah.
  10. Sirrush: This interesting name refers to a dragon-like creature from Babylonian mythology. It most famously appears on the reconstructed Ishtar Gate of the city of Babylon, dating back to the sixth century BCE. 🤓
  11. Tyson: This name means “fiery-tempered”. Use with caution.

What are some good female dragon names?

Male dragons may seem to rule the roost, but don’t underestimate the female dragons lying in the shadows.

There are a number of figures from myths and legends associated with dragons that would make great names for girls. Here are our favorites:

  1. Adalinda: Meaning “noble serpent” for your regal dragon queen. 👑
  2. Aine: An Irish girl’s name meaning “fire” and “splendor”.
  3. Brenna: If you’d like a Celtic name for your little girl, this is a lovely one. It means “blazing light”. Glorious!
  4. Edna: This name is taken from the Hebrew meaning for “fiery red”.
  5. Electra: Electra is a popular female figure in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of King Agamemnon, commander of Greece’s army at the fall of Troy. She appears in several tragedies, taking vengeance for the death of her father. This name boasts serious Daenerys Targaryen vibes (minus that Game of Thrones finale).
  6. Kaida: Japanese for “little dragon”. Cute!
  7. Kaliyah: A name of Indian origin that actually means “killer of dragons”. Awkward…
  8. Nuri: This cute name is Hebrew in origin and means “my fire”.
  9. Ryoko: A Japanese word meaning “she who is like a dragon”. We love a name with room for growth.
  10. Scylla: In Greek mythology, Scylla was a terrifying sea monster who attacked the hero Odysseus in his attempt to return home from Troy. But we think it’s a lovely name.
  11. Tanis: This name has a Greek origin and is thought to mean “serpent lady” — very dragon-like.
  12. Tanwen: Tanwen is a Welsh name meaning “white fire” or “holy fire”.

What are famous dragon names

Dragons have made their way into many films, books, and TV shows, providing plenty of inspo for great baby names.

Why not consider:

  1. Arman: This name refers to the young man in the 2015 film He’s a Dragon. You guessed it — Arman turns out to be the dragon who kidnaps princess Miroslava.
  2. Draco: You might think of Harry Potter when you hear this name. But Draco is also the noble dragon with the voice of Sean Connery in the film Dragonheart.
  3. Errol: Errol is a swamp dragon in Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! Novel.
  4. Falkor: Falkor the luck dragon is a much-loved character from The NeverEnding Story adored by Millennials everywhere. (you’re singing the theme song now aren’t you).
  5. Haku: The river spirit in the film Spirited Away takes the form of a snake-like dragon.
  6. Khaleesi: While not technically a dragon, Khaleesi is Dothraki for “mother of dragons”.
  7. Llewellyn: A dragon from the Ozy and Millie comic strip.
  8. Saphira: Christopher Paolini’s Eragon trilogy is a great place to look for dragon-related name inspiration. Saphira is the main character’s dragon and means “beautiful”.
  9. Siveth: A character voiced by Helena Bonham Carter in the film Dragonheart: Vengeance.
  10. Summer: A dragon from the How To Train Your Dragon universe, seen in the animation Dragons: Rescue Riders.
  11. Thorn: Also from Paolini’s books, Thorn is the dragon belonging to the character Murtagh.

What are the 3 dragons’ names from Game of Thrones?

Ah yes, perhaps the most famous dragon names (and inspiration for countless tattoos) are those of Daenerys Targaryen’s trusted dragon trio.

If you’ve got big love for Game of Thrones baby names, these Game of Throne dragon names are sure to be firm favorites:

  1. Drogon: Named after Khal Drogo, Drogon is the most powerful of the bunch.
  2. Rhaegal: Jon Snow’s trusted steed, Rhaegal has a distinctive Medieval vibe.
  3. Viserion: The dragon who will do what Dani’s brother could not. It’s a pretty low bar, but the name is filled with potential.

What are Disney dragon names?

Looking for a trip down memory lane? You may remember these famous Disney dragons:

  1. Elliot: Meaning “the Lord is my God”, Elliot is the loveable green dragon from the film Pete’s Dragon.
  2. Mushu: Meaning “very pleasing” Mushu is of course the name of Mulan’s larger-than-life guardian spirit.
  3. Narissa: The name of Enchanted’s resident baddie, Narissa is an ocean-inspired name meaning “sea nymph”. Intertwined with the Nereids of Greek mythology, Narissa boasts the magic of both dragons and mermaids. 🧜‍♀️
  4. Sisu: The last remaining dragon in Raya and the Last Dragon, Sisu means “courage”.

What is a cool dragon name?

Dragons control elements like fire and water (so cool).

And in different languages, these words make great dragon names.

Some cool dragon names for your baby girl include:

  1. Arpina: Meaning “rising of the sun”, this Armenian girl’s name is both cool and inspiring. ☀️
  2. Calida: Another two-fold name, this time Latin in origin. Calida means “heated” and “most beautiful”.
  3. Idalia: A Greek girl’s name meaning “behold the sun”. A great way to teach baby not to dim their shine. 🌟

As for some cool dragon names for a boy, we’ve got:

  1. Flint: A short, snappy, slick English boy’s name meaning “flint rock”. Very rugged.
  2. Cináed: An Irish name meaning “born of fire”.
  3. Inigo: Fans of The Princess Bride will recognize this beloved character’s name which means “fiery one”. Cue plenty of “My name is Inigo Montoya” references. ⚔️

What are some badass names for dragons

Dragon names are pretty badass, as a rule, so picking the best is quite the challenge.

Whether a dragon name or a middle name, we think the most badass baby names come from the unlikeliest of places.

What do you think:

  1. Astarot: With a meaning like “great duke of hell”, Astarot is peak badassery – emphasis on the bad. Demonology tells us this Biblical name is rooted in the evil trinity. Sharing common ground with Lucifer and Beelzebub, Astarot is quite the devilish name for a firebreathing dragon. As for baby, we’ll leave that one up to you! 😈
  2. Nuria: A Spanish name meaning “lord of the burning fire”. Inspired by the Virgin of Núria (the Virgin Mary), this Biblical name boasts similar badass energy minus the less-than-virtuous company. 👼
  3. Shabina: Meaning “eye of the storm”, Shabina makes tranquility seem edgy.
  4. Fiametta: Not only does this Italian baby name sound incredibly badass, but we love its meaning “little fiery one”.

What is the most powerful dragon name?

We’ve searched high, high, and high again for the most powerful dragon name.

There were many contenders, but our standout pick had to be:

  1. Tiamat: Meaning “sea”, from the Akkadian word tâmtu, Tiamat is the literal personification of the sea and primordial creation in Babylonian myth. Taking the form of a giant dragon, Tiamut is credited as the mother to the first gods and originator of the first dragons – making her the ultimate creator goddess. Pretty powerful stuff. And if that’s not enough, her ribs were used to create the earth and the heavens. As boss-level dragons go, Tiamat reigns supreme. It’s also a pretty sweet name for a girl, which is the most important credential, let’s be honest.

So there you have it!

A mythical list of dragon baby names, from the ancient to the popular to the downright adorable – honorable mention to Toothless and Spyro.

What name ignited a spark for you?

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Seriously, Tiamat, right?

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