7 Drive-By Baby Shower Ideas to Celebrate in Safety

7 Drive-By Baby Shower Ideas to Celebrate in Safety

Looking for drive-by baby shower ideas? Check out our creative options for socially-distanced celebrations that are just as much fun as traditional showers.
Baby showers in the time of Covid aren’t quite the same as they used to be.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate your future arrival in style!

We’ve got 7 creative drive-by baby shower ideas that are big on socially-distanced fun.

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What is a drive-by baby shower?

A drive-by baby shower is all about creating an opportunity to celebrate while staying safe.

It can take a number of different forms.

But the key element is that your guests arrive by car and don’t come inside.

This approach won’t work everywhere.

If you’re in a traffic-congested city, getting everyone to drive past your home probably isn’t practical.

Ditto if you live in an apartment that doesn’t have a handy spot from which to wave at guests.

But if that’s not a problem, we have lots of brilliant drive-by baby shower ideas to create a wonderful occasion.

Planning your drive-by baby shower

A bit of planning will give you the best chance of success.

Drive-by baby showers are still quite a new thing, and they don’t all work the same way.

So your first task is to decide how yours will go.

There are two basic options.

You could treat it as an outdoor, socially-distanced event where people arrive by car at pre-arranged time slots.

Or guests could literally “drive by,” perhaps pausing briefly to drop off a present and collect a party favor or refreshments.

Be as clear as possible about the plan in your invitation.

It’s also a good idea to add a telephone number for any guests who’d like to talk it through.

Then you can keep things simple, or add as many bells and whistles as you like.

Here are some drive-by baby shower ideas to fire your imagination.

Drive-by baby shower ideas

1. Give your drive-by baby shower a theme.

Just like a traditional baby shower, the drive-by variety can have a theme.

And the different format opens up some fun new options too.

How about a “space” theme with cars decorated as spacecraft?

A carnival theme, with the cars as floats?

Or perhaps just a simple color theme, giving your guests free rein to customize their vehicles with balloons, streamers, or bunting?

2. Find the right location.

If you’re going to have a shower where guests drive by in a parade, they’ll need somewhere to meet beforehand.

A nearby parking lot is ideal.

Make sure you include the meeting location and time on the invites!

But if you’re going to give each carload of guests a timed slot to greet the new parents, you’ll probably want them to be able to leave their vehicle.

That means you need an outdoor space where they can sit and chat.

And it needs to be big enough for them to maintain social distancing.

You’ll also need to consider parking, probably for at least two vehicles.

Chances are, at some point someone will arrive before the previous guests have left.

3. Create a focal point for the new parents.

Guests will be there to show their love to the new parents — so they need to be able to see them clearly!

That’s particularly important if people are going to be driving past, rather than getting out to chat.

A focal point can be as simple or elaborate as you like.

A balloon banner or outdoor backdrop can work brilliantly.

Mama in particular will need somewhere comfortable to take the weight off her feet.

And depending on where you live and the time of year, you might also need shelter or shade.

If there’s a garage or comfortable shed you can open up, great.

If not, consider a parasol, giant umbrellas, or even a tent or awning.

4. Think about presents!

There’s no reason you can’t have gifts at your drive-by baby shower.

You could position a table at a safe distance where guests can drop them off.

Or you could ask them to be mailed, rather than brought in person.

Worried about trying to maintain social distancing while opening gifts?

If guests will be bringing them in person, you could ask them to be left unwrapped for easy viewing.

Or you could combine your drive-by baby shower with a virtual one.

A Zoom meeting later could be the perfect opportunity to open gifts.

And it’s also a chance to play virtual baby shower games and chat as a group.

If you’d rather not have gifts, why not ask guests to bring a note of advice or encouragement instead?

Set up a post box on a table to add to the sense of occasion.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember to explain how things will work on the invitations.

5. Refreshments on the go!

Guests will appreciate a table with refreshments.

Make sure everything is served separately, so people aren’t touching the same pitchers or plates.

Cupcakes work brilliantly at socially-distanced celebrations, and they can be decorated to fit the shower theme.

Alternatively, if guests will be staying in their cars, a host wearing a mask could take food and drink to them.

Remember to give your guests prior notice that you’d like them to wear masks while they’re served.

6. Add to the party feel with music and lights.

Fairy lights and baby-themed songs help create a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

You could even combine your shower with a gender reveal by choosing lights in traditional blue or pink.

7. Stay flexible.

Some guests may feel less comfortable about meeting people outside their household.

You could offer the option of driving past as an alternative to leaving the car.

Or be clear that there’s no pressure to take a refreshment.

But even the best drive-by baby shower ideas might not overcome those worries for everyone.

If some would rather simply not attend, reassure them that it’s not a problem.

No-one wants their guests to feel too anxious to enjoy themselves.

Ready to celebrate?

We hope our ideas for a drive-by baby shower have inspired you to get creative!

With a little planning and imagination, this can be a fun and joyous way to celebrate your future arrival.

But if a drive-by baby shower just isn’t practical for you, don’t despair.

Our virtual baby shower ideas offer a great alternative that works just as well in these socially-distanced times.

Whatever you choose to do, have a wonderful time!

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