88 Dutch Baby Names and Meanings

88 Dutch Baby Names and Meanings

You might know about the city of Amsterdam and the artist Vincent Van Gogh, but how many Dutch baby names have you heard on the playground?

Many names from the Netherlands are connected to flowers, strength, and nobility, and they span everything from the simple (like Lisa) to the rare (like Anouk).

Here’s our list of our favorite Dutch names and their meanings.

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  • What are common Dutch names?
  • What are some Dutch girl names?
  • What are some Dutch boy names?

What are common Dutch names?

These are the most popular Dutch names for girls born in the Netherlands:

  1. Frederika: Meaning “peaceful ruler”.
  2. Lieke: The Dutch version of Angelique, which means “angelic”. 👼
  3. Maud: Meaning “powerful warrior” or “mighty in battle”.
  4. Isa: Meaning “strong-willed”.

And if you’re expecting a boy, these are the top Dutch first names for boys:

  1. Diederik: The Dutch variant of Theodoric, meaning “ruler of people”.
  2. Fabian: It is originally Latin and means “bean grower”.
  3. Noah: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “comfort”.
  4. Timo: A short form of Timothy which translates to “honoring God”.

Does anything catch your eye?

If you’re looking for a unique or unusual name for your little one, there are plenty of other cute Dutch baby names to consider.

From names that are as traditional as a Dutch lace cap to names with an edgier, modern feel, you’ll find dozens more in our list for girls and boys.

What are some Dutch girl names?

Dutch names for girls stand out for their strong sound and even stronger meanings.

You’ll find plenty of grace and beauty, but keep a sharp eye for the warriors and goddesses hidden among these Dutch girl names:

  1. Adrie: Meaning “from the Adriatic”.
  2. Aleid: A Dutch short form of Adelaide, meaning “graceful” and “noble”.
  3. Aleta: Meaning “truthful”. Inspired by the Greek goddess of truth and sincerity, Aletheia.
  4. Amalia: A European name meaning “work”.
  5. Anneke: The Dutch version of the classic name Anna, which means “grace”.
  6. Anneliese: Meaning “grace of God”. A combination of Anna and Liese.
  7. Anouk: Meaning “favor” or *grace”.
  8. Arabella: Meaning “prayerful” or “yielding to prayer”.
  9. Beatrix: Not a Dutch name, but widely loved across the Netherlands. It means “voyager” or traveler” from the Late Latin name Viator.
  10. Bente: The feminine form of Benedict, which means “blessed”.
  11. Brandy: Meaning “sword”, this Dutch name was popular in the 1970s and 80s.
  12. Brechtje: The feminine version of Brecht, which means “bringer of joy”.
  13. Cornelia: A variation of Cornelius meaning “horn”.
  14. Dael: A variation on Dale, meaning “lives in the valley”.
  15. Daffodil: One of the more popular floral names in the Netherlands.
  16. Doortje: This is the Dutch version of Dorothea and means “gift of God”.
  17. Doutzen: From the West Frisian name Douwe, meaning “dove”. Made famous by the Dutch supermodel, Doutzen Kroes.
  18. Eline: Meaning “God has answered me”. The Dutch variation of Eliane.
  19. Elsje: The Dutch variation of Elsa, meaning “noble”.
  20. Evi: Born from the Hebrew word chava, this short, unique Dutch name means “life”.
  21. Famke: Meaning “little girl”. The Dutch actress Famke Janssen introduced us to this name.
  22. Fay or Faye: From the Old French word fei meaning “faith” or “belief”.
  23. Fleur: A flower name with Harry Potter connections which is also commonly used in France.
  24. Grietje: The Dutch short form of Margaretha meaning “pearl”.
  25. Gwen: Originally from the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, meaning “holy” or “white”.
  26. Hannie: The Dutch version of Johanna, which means “compassionate”.
  27. Haven: Meaning “port”.
  28. Ilse: Meaning “oath of God”. The Dutch variation of the English name Ilsa.
  29. Jade: Historically a Spanish term for the beautiful green stone, this name is popular in the Netherlands.
  30. Lara: The Russian-inspired name is very popular with Dutch parents and means “citadel”.
  31. Liv: An old Dutch baby girl name meaning “life”.
  32. Luna: The second Harry Potter name on this list. Luna is originally a Roman name that honored the goddess of the moon.
  33. Malou: A combination of Mary and Lou. It means “bitter” or “renowned warrior”.
  34. Marit: A regal name meaning “pearl”.
  35. Noa: Meaning “movement”. A Dutch name familiar in lots of other countries.
  36. Sanne: A popular baby girl name in the Netherlands, this is the Dutch take on Susanne and means “lily”.
  37. Skylar: Meaning “scholar” – perfect for a future brain box.
  38. Tess: Meaning “to harvest”.
  39. Tulip: A floral name inspired by the beautiful tulip gardens of the Netherlands.
  40. Yara: Meaning “small butterfly”.

What are some Dutch boy names?

We love the uniqueness of Dutch names.

But beneath their rare appearance are vintage names you know and love:

  1. Aart: Meaning “like an eagle”. 🦅
  2. Abbe: Meaning “father of exaltation”.
  3. Abel: A Hebrew name popular with the Dutch. It has several connotations - “capable”, “willing”, “competent”, and “ready”.
  4. Adrianus: The Dutch variant of the name Adrian comes from the Latin name Hadrianus, meaning “of Hadria”.
  5. Aldert: The Dutch form of the name Adelhard, meaning “noble” or “resolute”.
  6. Ambroos: The Dutch variation of the popular name Ambrose, which means “immortal”.
  7. Andries: The Dutch version of Andrew, meaning “man”.
  8. Arnoud: A Dutch variant of the name Arnold, meaning “strong ruler”, for your fearsome leader-to-be.
  9. Aya: In Old German, Aya means “sword”. 🗡
  10. Bartel: The Dutch short form of the Biblical name Bartholomew, meaning “rich in land”.
  11. Bas: Meaning “venerable”. A nickname for Sebastian.
  12. Berend: A Dutch variation of Bernard, which means “strong, brave bear”.
  13. Boudewijn: Meaning “brave, bold friend”. This is how you spell Baldwin in the Netherlands.
  14. Bram: A form of Abraham, which means “father of multitudes”.
  15. Cas: This is the short form of Casper, which means “imperial”.
  16. Christoffel: Dutch for Christopher, the patron saint of travelers. It means “Christ bearer”.
  17. Coen: This is the short version of the name Coenrad, the Dutch for Conrad, meaning “bold advisor”.
  18. Danique: Meaning “morning star”.
  19. Dirk: This name was given to several Counts of Netherlands and means “ruler of the people”.
  20. Elmo: Meaning “protector”. A popular Dutch name inspired by Saint Erasmus, the patron saint of the sailors.
  21. Espen: A cool Dutch name meaning “bear of God”.
  22. Floris: The Dutch male version of Florence. It sounds flowery, but it actually means “prosperous”.
  23. Gerrit: A variation of Gerhard. Several of the Dutch old master painters bore this name. 👨🏻‍🎨
  24. Hiddie: Meaning “battle”.
  25. Isaak: The Dutch spelling of Isaac.
  26. Jacobus: The Dutch variation of the name Jacob, meaning “protector”.
  27. Jelle: The Dutch form of the name William, meaning “sacrifice”.
  28. Joost: A unique and original Dutch baby boy name meaning “just”.
  29. Kees: The Dutch version of Cornelius, which means “calm”.
  30. Lars: Meaning “crowned with laurel”. The Dutch male version of the name Lara.
  31. Markus: Linked to the Roman god of fertility, Mars and means “warlike”.
  32. Meese: The Dutch take on Bartholomew, one of the 12 disciples in the Bible.
  33. Pim: Meaning “resolute protection”.
  34. Ruben: Meaning “behold, a son”.
  35. Sander: Sander is the Dutch version of the name Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind”.
  36. Sem: A take on Shem, one of the sons of Noah, and means “fame”.
  37. Stijn: The Dutch short form of the popular European names Constantin and Augustin.
  38. Sven: Meaning “young man”. The name comes from the ancient Swedish tribe, the Saviars, who gave the name to Svealand, which later turned into Sweden.
  39. Thijs: The Dutch short form of Matthew.
  40. Van: One of the most famous Dutch baby names for boys. It means “marsh”.

A baby’s name can be a great way to honor your heritage or remember a special time in your life.

Plus if there’s a popular name you’ve always wanted that your partner’s not so keen on, Dutch names may offer an agreeable (read: cool) alternative.

And when in doubt, you can always tap into the Peanut community.

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