24 Fun Easter Activities for Kids

24 Fun Easter Activities for Kids

Whether you’re looking for fun Easter activities for kids to do at home, or you’d like to venture further afield, there’s fun to be had for kids of all ages. Eggciting stuff!
Bunnies, baskets, bonnets, and beauty — there’s so much to love about this time of year!

So let’s dive into the top Easter activities for kids you can try this spring.

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How do you entertain kids on Easter?

We’re going to start with the old favorites. These fun Easter activities never go out of style.

1. The hunt is on

This one’s a classic that never ceases to provide endless wonder and fun.

You can keep things as simple as you like — just hiding eggs in the yard will do the trick — or you can put a spin on it:

2. The prize hunt

One option is to fill plastic eggs with little slips of paper that each have a task written on them.

Need an example? “Hop like a bunny” is a good one for Easter!

They have to bring you the piece of paper, and do the activity. In exchange, they get a prize.

If you’re looking to host a no-candy Easter, this one can be a winning option.

And if you want to give them a real challenge, try:

3. An Easter scavenger hunt

To win a prize, they have to bring you the items on a list that you give them. Try Easter-related clues like:

  • Something green (for spring)
  • Something that starts with the letter ‘b’ like ‘bunny’
  • Something that’s shaped like an egg

4. Decoration station

There’s no one way to decorate Easter eggs.

Choose a regular egg, a wooden egg, or even chocolate eggs, and dress them up in their finest.

For edible versions, have fun with icing and sprinkles.

For decorative eggs, use paint and glitter to create a dazzling display.

If you’re opting to use regular eggs, blow out the insides so that the artwork can stay intact for seasons to come. Here’s how:

  • Place a piece of tape over each end to help prevent cracking.
  • Using a pin or thumb tack, poke a hole in the top and bottom of the egg. (You may have to poke it a few times to create a big enough hole. A nail can help make the hole bigger.)
  • Stick a paperclip into one of the holes and jiggle it around a bit to loosen up the yolk.
  • Put a bowl in place to catch the insides of the egg and… BLOW! Simply put your mouth over the top end, and all going well, the insides of the egg will come out through the bottom.

5. Easy Easter baskets

If you’re looking to put all their eggs in one basket, this is definitely one way to do it.

Whether the eggs have been found on a hunt or decorated at a station, baskets are the perfect place to show off their wares.

And there are so many ways to do this.

One simple option is to put some greenery into the bottom of baskets that you have lying around the house.

Alternatively, you can try:

6. Rain boot Easter baskets

If you’re about to pack away their boots for the winter, hold on!

After a good scrub, they make for really fun Easter baskets. (Or you can get new ones ahead of the season to come.)

Fill them with eggs and little toy bunnies and chickens.

Never will you be so happy to give someone the boot.

7. DIY Easter baskets

Another option is to make your Easter baskets from scratch — and while this may sound daunting, there are ways to do this very simply.

The best part is that your kids can be involved in the process!

One of our favorites is to simply roll up some orange cardboard in a cone shape, add some staples to secure, top off with some green cardboard for leaves and voilà!

You’ve got a perfect carrot nest for some tiny eggs to rest in.

8. Dress-up box

If you have any budding thespians in your household, this one will be a real hit.

You can opt for simple costumes like rabbit ears and pompom tails, spring flowers to decorate their hair, or little chicken beaks.

Or you can go all out with full Easter bunny suits. You do you.

Who knows? Once they’re all dressed, they may even give you a show.

What are some good Easter games?

If you’re looking for some Easter games to play at a party or just at home with the family, here are our favorites:

9. Bunny bingo!

Make Easter-themed bingo cards. Create a sheet that has 25 blocks — five down, five across.

Draw (or stick) a different Easter-themed picture into each block.

Then put duplicates of each little picture, tightly folded, into a hat.

Whoever is the bingo caller pulls each paper out of the hat and reveals the contents, one by one.

The players get to tick off that particular picture, if they happen to have it.

The first one to get five in a row — diagonally, vertically, or horizontally — wins.

10. Charades!

This one you can prepare ahead of time, too.

On tiny sheets of paper, write down characters or scenes that are Easter related.

Each kid takes a turn to pull one out and try to reveal what it is — but without showing anyone the paper and without using any words.

The others have to guess.

Warning: giggles will ensue.

11. Egg and spoon race

A hit at any party, an egg and spoon race is a particular favorite at Easter time.

Set up the markers for the race. Holding the spoon in one hand, and the egg in the spoon, try to get from one marker to the next when the race is on.

One word of caution? If you go for the uncooked option, be prepared for the mess.

That’s why hard-boiled (or plastic) eggs are often a favorite here.

12. Pin the tail on the bunny

Draw the back of a bunny on a big sheet of cardboard.

Get him a fluffy tail with a sticky end.

Each kid has a chance to be blindfolded and try their luck at getting the bunny’s tail in the right place.

13. Bunny bowling

This idea is really strike-ing.

Get out your five or ten-pin bowling set.

Draw little faces on each pin. Stick on little paper bunny ears.

And there you have it! Now you’re ready to bowl those bunnies over.

What can you do at home for Easter?

14. Bunny pancakes

This is a fun food-related activity that also makes a great breakfast.

All it takes is one pancake for the bunny’s body, one for its head, and two small, thin pancakes for ears.

Add some whipped cream for a tail, and you’re good to go.

15. Magic masks

Turn your little ones into bunnies themselves.

Cut some eyeholes into a paper plate, add ears, and decorate as you please.

Staple a string on the back , and they’ll be ready to hop to it.

16. Peeking bunny plates

Okay, this one’s also adorable, and another great use for a paper plate.

Get (or draw) a picture of a bunny.

Take a large paper plate and cut it in half in a zigzag shape so that it looks like a cracked Easter egg.

Decorate the “cracked eggs” in any way you like.

Staple them together at an angle so that it looks as though an egg is opening.

And then, staple your little bunny at the back so that it seems as though they’re peeking through the cracked egg.

17. Toilet paper roll bunny

If you’ve ever wanted a new use for old toilet paper rolls, this is it.

All you have to do is add some cardboard ears, some googly eyes, a little nose — and, of course, a fluffy cottontail — and you’re done.

18. Mason jar bunny

This one’s as easy as adding some ears and eyes to mason jars that you aren’t using.

For some extra fun, fill the jars with little eggs, so that each one doubles up as a basket.

19. Paper bag bunny

If you fold the bottom part of a small paper bag over itself, you have yourself the face of a bunny. Who knew?

All you need now is to add some cardboard ears, and a cute bunny face.

Oh, and the tail at the back, of course.

Easter crafts for babies

Got littler kids to entertain over Easter? Here are our top Easter crafts for babies:

20. Easter sensory bins

Toddlers are all about exploring the new senses they’ve discovered — and sensory bins help them do that.

They want to touch, hear, see, smell — and, of course, taste.

You can create your sensory bin out of whatever you like. (The only rule is to watch out for sharp objects and choking hazards.)

Using a big container, add Easter grass or rice, add in plastic eggs, squeaky toys, pompoms, fluffy tails…

Provided it’s full of color and texture, they’ll have fun exploring.

21. Toilet paper roll egg stamp

Another great upcycle for toilet rolls, this is an easy way for your toddler to “draw” eggs.

Dip the end of the toilet roll in paint and there you have it! A stamp.

Use on a big sheet of paper and decorate as you like.

Watch as a treasure chest of Easter eggs appears.

22. Wooden spoon bunnies

Time to put that wooden spoon to a new use.

By sticking some ears and a bunny face on it, you have a great puppet. Curtain up!

23. Footprint bunnies and carrots

If you haven’t already delved into the beautiful mess that is footprint art, now could be the time.

It’s as simple as dipping those tiny feet into some bodypaint and then onto a sheet of paper.

Upside down feet make great bunnies when you add some ears and a tail — and right way up feet make excellent carrots when you add some greenery to their top.

24. Gardening

Finally, Easter is all about growth and rebirth.

Why not get your little ones involved in getting a garden growing?

It’s never too early to start cultivating a green thumb.

Happy Easter, mama, to you and your little bunnies!

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