58 Easter Baby Names for Boys & Girls

58 Easter Baby Names for Boys & Girls

These 58 Easter baby names will inspire renewal and resilience and help you rejoice in the wonder of new life. Read on for our favorites.
Looking for an Easter-inspired name for your spring arrival?

Bunny-hop on over to see our list of Easter names for baby boys and girls.

Easter names can be spiritually significant, or they can simply be sweet monikers that conjure fresh feelings and a belief in renewal.

Cute easter names can be inspired by the blossoming of flowers or the sweet chocolates and fun activities associated with this time of year.

This spring holiday is one of fresh fragrances and bright colors.

Easter baby names are one way to bestow some of that freshness, light, and color on your beautiful baby.

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  • Is Easter the name of a person?
  • What is the Latin word for Easter?
  • What do other countries call Easter?
  • What is a good Easter name?
  • Easter names for boys
  • Easter names for girls

Is Easter the name of a person?

Easter isn’t just a Christian holiday to celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity.

The name also comes from Ostara, the Germanic goddess of spring.

She represents fertility, new growth, and the season of blossoms, birth, and beauty re-awakened.

Naming your baby girl Easter is just one way you can remind your daughter that the joy, light, and resilience of Easter are also within her.

What is the Latin word for Easter?

The Latin word for Easter is Pascha.

This could make a great girl’s name.

It sounds very similar to the Russian name Pasha, which means “small” or “of the sea.”

What do other countries call Easter?

The names Pascale (for a girl) and Pascal, Pasquale, and Pascual (for boys) are all the names for Easter in foreign languages.

You could also go with Fasika, which is what Easter is called in Ethiopia.

All great choices!

What is a good Easter name?

Easter names have so many inspirations.

The holiday itself, biblical figures, flowers, spring animals….

The list goes on and on.

Read on for our favorite picks for cute Easter names for boys and girls.

Easter names for boys

The name Easter may be a female name, but that’s not to say boys need to miss out on fresh Easter names.

Be inspired by our list of Easter baby names for boys.

  1. Andrew: One of Jesus’ disciples, Andrew means “manly, brave, strong and courageous.”
  2. Ash/Asher: This Hebrew name means “happy.” Ash Wednesday is the feast that marks the beginning of Lent and paves the way to Easter.
  3. Aviv: Meaning “spring and renewal” in Hebrew, is there a better Easter name for your baby boy?
  4. Bartholomew: Another of Jesus’ disciples, Bartholomew ate at the last supper.
  5. Birch: Tied to Scandinavian Easter traditions, the name Birch refers to the brightly decorated branches of Easter trees in this part of the world.
  6. Bezai: A popular name in Israel meaning “eggs” and also the name of a biblical chief who fathered 323 children.
  7. Caldwell: This English name means “from the cold spring well.”
  8. Chester: To tie in with the Easter bunny theme, this is the name of Jamie Scott’s pet rabbit in the TV series One Tree Hill.
  9. Cruz: This name is derived from the Latin word crux, meaning “cross.”
  10. Cordero: This Spanish boy’s name means “lamb.”
  11. Elijah: This Hebrew name means “The Lord is my God.”
  12. Hunter: Meaning “to track down,” this Easter name is perfect for baby boys destined to find those Easter eggs!
  13. James: James was one of Jesus’ first disciples. This name means “supplanter.”
  14. Joseph: The name of the husband of Mary, Jesus’ mother, Joseph means “God will give.”
  15. Kelby: With Norse, Gaelic and Viking roots, the Easter name means “willow farm” or “a place for the fountain of spring.”
  16. Leonardo: Leonardo Davinci is the artist who painted the masterpiece The Last Supper, showing Jesus and his disciples eating together for the final time.
  17. Matthew: This Biblical Easter name means “Gift of the Lord.”
  18. Nicodemus: This is the name of the Pharisee who prepared Jesus’ body for burial.
  19. Octavian: A great feast is held on Octave, the eighth day after Easter, making this an ideal Easter name for boys.
  20. Owen: This Irish and Welsh name means “youthful” and speaks to spring’s freshness.
  21. Palmer: This English name means “palm bearer” or “Pilgrim.” In Christian religions, Palm Sunday falls the Sunday before Easter.
  22. Pasquale: This Italian name for boys means “relating to Easter” and is derived from the Latin word paschalis or pashilis, which translates as “passover.” This is similar to some of the other names for Easter such as Pascoal (Portuguese), Pascal (French), and Pascual (Spanish).
  23. Peter: Another of Jesus’ disciples, Peter means “rock” or “stone.”
  24. Simon: This popular Hebrew name means “listen” or “God has heard.”
  25. Taurus: This name is from the zodiac sign that falls near Easter.
  26. Thomas: One of Jesus’ disciples, Thomas didn’t believe Jesus had risen again until he saw the holes through Jesus’ hands.

If you’re looking for more fresh choices for your son’s name, check out our list of spring baby names.

Easter names for girls

Choose cute Easter names taken from the pretty blooms found at this time of year, or others that are sweet reminders of this Christian holiday.

After choosing your Easter-inspired names, why not prepare for some Easter fun with kids?

  1. Acacia: This beautiful flower is protected by thorns. The name means “thorny,” and the flowers represent immortality and revitalization.
  2. Agnes: Associated with both Greek and Latin words, this Easter name means “chaste lamb.”
  3. Anastasia: This Easter-themed baby name means “resurrection.”
  4. Angel: The Easter stories reference angels more than once, so this makes a beautiful Easter name for a baby girl.
  5. April: Often the month that Easter falls in, this Easter name means “opening.”
  6. Arley: A gentle name that means “from the rabbit meadow” — a perfect and uncommon cute Easter name.
  7. Avril: French for April, this name also means “open.”
  8. Azalea: This beautiful flower blooms around Easter and makes a lovely girl’s name.
  9. Blossom: Why choose just one spring flower when you can reference them all with this sweet-sounding girl’s name?
  10. Bethany: Bethany is the town where Jesus visited his disciples after rising again.
  11. Bunny: Rabbits and Easter go hand in hand. This cute girl’s name has fallen off popular baby name lists in past decades, so you’re unlikely to meet another Bunny in preschool.
  12. Candy: This sweet girl’s name is perfect for Easter babies.
  13. Cecily: One of Beatrix Potter’s bunnies had this name, which means “heaven.”
  14. Daisy: This sweet flower blooms in spring, the Easter season.
  15. Daffodil: These flowers are traditionally associated with Easter. The bright yellow blooms represent new beginnings and rebirth.
  16. Dagny: This Scandinavian name means “new day,” referencing the resurrection of Jesus. Other forms include Dagne and Dagnija.
  17. Easter: Why not simply name your daughter after Easter, the goddess of spring?
  18. Evangeline: Derived from the Latin word evangelium, this name means “bearer of good news.”
  19. Hyacinth: This beautiful blue larkspur flower was once a popular girls name in the early 1900s. Hyacinths bloom around Easter.
  20. Iris: This seasonal Easter name is also a beautiful reference to spring.
  21. Joanna: Derived from the Greek name Ioanna, this name means “God is gracious.”
  22. Lahela: This sweet name means “ewe” in Hawaiian.
  23. Lavernia: Meaning “born in the spring,” this French name can also be shortened to Laverne, which has links to woodlands and alder trees.
  24. Lily: This beautiful Easter flower name symbolizes purity, rebirth, and new beginnings.
  25. Mary: The name of Jesus’ Mom, Mary means “beloved, wished-for child.”
  26. Pascale: This girl’s name is French and means “related to Easter.”
  27. Petal: All flowers are beautiful, so why choose one Easter flower name when you can pay homage to them all?
  28. Salome: Meaning “peace” in Hebrew, Salome is one of the women who goes to visit Jesus’ tomb and finds it empty.
  29. Sunday: On Easter Sunday, Jesus rose again. This pretty Easter name is perfect for a baby girl.
  30. Una: This Irish name means “lamb.”
  31. Violet: Be inspired by the colors of spring with this cute Easter name.
  32. Willow: Pussy willows are used as Easter decorations in some parts of Europe. This name is associated with resilience, strength, and gentle beauty.

Good luck finding your perfect Easter baby name!

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