The Best 153 Egyptian Baby Names & Their Meanings

The Best 153 Egyptian Baby Names & Their Meanings

Whether you’re into your history, have Egyptian heritage, or just want something a little different for your little one, Egyptian baby names offer a huge range of ideas. Like many other cultures, Egyptian names are often rooted in religion, with many children named directly after gods.
Likewise, we see a similar pattern with Egyptian male names – many evoke images of strength, protection, and war. Egyptian girl names, meanwhile, are more likely to reference personal qualities, or they may be a reference to a historical figure, such as ‘wife of X.’

Before we start, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Egyptian baby names.

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What are some common Ancient Egyptian names?

Naming your little one after these admirable human qualities is a great start! Many popular Egyptian names are a nod to personal traits, while others feature weather and gods. Here’s a look at some of the commonest Egyptian baby names:


  1. Asim – meaning ‘protector.’
  2. Chisisi – meaning ‘secret.’
  3. Gyasi – meaning ‘wonderful.’
  4. Khons – meaning ‘god of the moon.’
  5. Omari – meaning ‘high born.’
  6. Sadiki – meaning ‘faithful.’
  7. Ur – meaning ‘great.’


  1. Akila – meaning ‘intelligent.’
  2. Bahiti – meaning ‘fortune.’
  3. Dalila – meaning ‘gentle.’
  4. Ife – meaning ‘love.’
  5. Khepri – meaning ‘morning sun.’
  6. Masika – meaning ‘born during rain.’
  7. Naunet – meaning ‘goddess of the ocean.’

What are some girl Egyptian names?

Are you raising your own miniature queen? Give her the title she deserves with these popular Egyptian girl names – featuring nods to Cleopatra and other mythical goddesses, known for their personal qualities and their control over the elements.

  1. Amunet
  2. Auset
  3. Bastet
  4. Bennu
  5. Berenike
  6. Chione
  7. Cliupatra
  8. Dendera
  9. Ebony
  10. Edrice
  11. Eshe
  12. Farida
  13. Feme
  14. Femi
  15. Fukayna
  16. Gamila
  17. Habibah
  18. Hafsah
  19. Isis
  20. Jomana
  21. Keket
  22. Kissa
  23. Kleopatra
  24. Lapis

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You can see here that spelling is also open to interpretation – while in Westernized forms, we might expect to see something like Cleopatra, this has multiple variants in the Egyptian form. The same can be said for male names, many of which may have their own Anglicized variants.

What is the most popular male name in Egypt?

Generally, you can expect to have a lot more choice with Egyptian male names. Like many ancient cultures, men generally tend to be favored! (However, this isn’t always the case – check out our Celtic baby names to see some examples of girls with badass, warrior-esque names.)

Here are a few examples with some potential for spelling changes, such as Aharon, Mohamed, and Moises.

  1. Aharon
  2. Ahmad
  3. Ahmed
  4. Akhenaten
  5. Akl
  6. Amenhotep
  7. Ammon
  8. Amon
  9. Amr
  10. Apep
  11. Apophis
  12. Aten
  13. Aton
  14. Baahir
  15. Baako
  16. Babu
  17. Bahadur
  18. Bahman
  19. Baniti
  20. Cairo
  21. Cepos
  22. Chafulumisa
  23. Dakarai
  24. Darwish
  25. Djoser
  26. Donkor
  27. Eshaq
  28. Femi
  29. Hager
  30. Hanbal
  31. Hemeda
  32. Hemede
  33. Horus
  34. Husani
  35. Imhotep
  36. Jabare
  37. Jabari
  38. Kamuzu
  39. Karim
  40. Khentimentiu
  41. Khnurn
  42. Khufu
  43. Kosey
  44. Lateef
  45. Lukman
  46. Maat
  47. Mahmoud
  48. Makalani
  49. Moeshe
  50. Mohamed
  51. Moise
  52. Moises

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What is the rarest Egyptian name?

If you want a break from the most popular Egyptian boy names or girl names, you can choose a rarer variant instead. Consider some of these to help your child stand out in the crowd:

91. Amun
This boys’ moniker is quite the enigma – meaning ‘mystery.’

92. Khalfani
This boys’ name actually has roots in Swahili, meaning ‘destined to rule.’

93. Quasshie
If your little boy was born on a Sunday, you can give him this sweet namesake.

94. Chione
Great for water babies, this female Egyptian name means ‘mythical daughter of the Nile.’

95. Layla
Similar to its Westernized variant, Layla means ‘born at night.’

96. Urbi
With Benin origins, this girls’ name means ‘princess.’

More Egyptian baby names for your little prince or princess

Still not found the right epithet for your newborn yet? Don’t worry – we’ve got even more Egyptian baby names for you to choose from:


  1. Abanoub
  2. Abasi
  3. Abayomi
  4. Abdelrahman
  5. Abrax
  6. Abraxas
  7. Abubakar
  8. Bassel
  9. Bast
  10. Bes
  11. Bithiah
  12. Braheem
  13. Shabaka
  14. Shakir
  15. Taafeef
  16. Thutmose
  17. Ur-Atum
  18. Uthman
  19. Waaiz
  20. Yahya
  21. Zahur
  22. Zosar
  23. Zuberi
  24. Moishe
  25. Moisis
  26. Moke
  27. Montu
  28. Mosiah
  29. Mostafa
  30. Moswen
  31. Masud
  32. Masuda
  33. Masudah
  34. Masudi
  35. Menefer
  36. Menes
  37. Mido


  1. Anat
  2. Anippe
  3. Asenath
  4. Ebonee
  5. Eboney
  6. Eboni
  7. Hathor
  8. Heba
  9. Heqet
  10. Masika
  11. Massika
  12. Maye
  13. Midge
  14. Moswen
  15. Nailah
  16. Lateefah
  17. Lotus
  18. Maibe
  19. Mandisa
  20. Mariam

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