163 Ethereal Elvish Baby Names

163 Ethereal Elvish Baby Names

Mystical, magical, and mythical, Elvish baby names can make the perfect moniker for your little pixie!

Elves can conjure different things for different cultures ‒ sweet little pixies, powerful magicians, or ethereal supernatural beings.

They’re usually the ‘good guys’ in fantasy novels and video games, providing deep wisdom to weary travelers or weaving mystical spells to lead others to victory.

So it stands to reason that Elven names would also inspire beauty, magic, and mystery.

Let’s don our pointed ears and dive into the best Elvish baby names literature and culture have to offer!

In this article: 📝

  • Where do Elvish names come from?
  • How to pronounce Elvish names
  • How do you make an Elvish name?
  • The Lord of the Rings elf names
  • Elf names for girls
  • Elf names for boys
  • Gender-neutral elf names
  • What is a good elven name?

Where do Elvish names come from?

Most of the more famous Elven names come from the immersive world J. R. R. Tolkien created in his The Lord of the Rings trilogy, along with The Silmarillion and The Hobbit, both set in the same world.

But some elf names can also be found across different cultures.

Pretty much every culture around the world has legends and stories of elf-like beings ‒ the pixies of England, Christmas elves, leprechauns of Ireland, the huldufolk of Iceland, jinns of the Arabic world, orang bunian of Malaysia, and Patupaiarehe of the Māori people.

So you’ll Elvish baby names in pretty much every culture around the world!

How to pronounce Elvish names

There is no one way to pronounce Elven names, since they can be found in almost every language in the world.

But since classic elf names usually have roots in Norse and Celtic languages, so they have similar pronunciations.

The majority of Elvish names are found in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series, based on languages made up by Tolkien himself.

Tolkien created two primary Elvish languages in The Lord of the Rings: Sindarin and Quenya (although there are around 15 that he created for his fictional setting of Middle Earth).

Quenya is seen as the language of the High Elves ‒ like a posh dialect, whereas Sindarin was more commonly used by all elves and friends to elves.

So how do you pronounce Elvish names?

There are a few common spellings with sounds that are uncommon to English-speaking ears, so we’ll run through a few basics on how to pronounce elf names.

  • Vowels with accents (á, é, í, ó, ú) sound like longer versions of their standard vowels.
  • The vowel ë is pronounced as ‘ay’.
  • ‘Th’ sounds are softer than in traditional English ‒ like a soft ‘t’.
  • ‘R’ sounds are also softer, with a slight roll to them ‒ similar to the Spanish ‘r’.
  • ‘Au’ sounds are closer to ‘ow’ than ‘ore’.

How do you make an Elvish name?

Since Tolkien’s elf names are basically mash-ups of Gaelic, Celtic, and Norse words, you can always make your own Elvish baby name by taking one Celtic or Gaelic word, and one Norse word, then combining the two.

So if you want a unique elf baby name, you could take the Celtic word for “very” (“an-”) and the Norse word for “loved” (“ástir”), and there’s your one-of-a-kind Elven baby name: Anástir.

Here are a few more that we’ve made, just for you and your little peanut:

  1. Annarrgeal: Meaning “bright one”.
  2. Álainndaga: Meaning “bright dawn”.
  3. Ríkruisce: Meaning “strong waters”.
  4. Clisteœska: Meaning “clever youth”.
  5. Fadabiða: Meaning “long-awaited”.

The Lord of the Rings elf names

As mentioned earlier, if you’re after fantasy elf names, Lord of the Rings is the best place to look.

LOTR elf names are surprisingly common ‒ some popular names like Anna and Tara can have meaning in Elvish (perfect if you’re looking for Elvish baby names that aren’t too hard to pronounce).

Without further ado, here’s our mega-list of Lord of the Rings elf names, complete with meanings ‒ these names can work for any gender, so take your pick:

  1. Aegnor: Meaning “fell fire” in Sindarin. 🔥
  2. Aerin: Meaning “ocean” in Sindarin.
  3. Aina: Meaning “holy one” in Quenya.
  4. Aldon: Meaning “tree” in Quenya. 🌳
  5. Alma: Meaning “maiden garlanded with good fortune” in Quenya. Also the name of the daughter of Vëantur in The Lord of the Rings.
  6. Anna: Meaning “gift” in Quenya. 🎁
  7. Aragorn: Meaning “noble valor” or “respected king” in Sindarin.
  8. Aredhel: Meaning “noblewoman” in Quenya.
  9. Arod: Meaning “swift” in Sindarin.
  10. Arondir: Meaning “tree and hero” in Old English.
  11. Arwen or Arwyn: Meaning “noble maiden” in Sindarin. Also the name of Elrond’s daughter in The Lord of the Rings.
  12. Balin: Meaning “knight of the round table” in Khuzdûl.
  13. Baron: Meaning “house” or “home” in Sindarin. 🏠
  14. Beleg: Meaning “mighty” in Sindarin.
  15. Calen: Meaning “green one” in Sindarin.
  16. Callon: Meaning “hero” in Sindarin.
  17. Celebrimbor: Meaning “hand of silver” in Sindarin.
  18. Círdan: Meaning “ship-maker” in Sindarin.
  19. Draug: Meaning “wolf” in Sindarin. 🐺
  20. Earendil: Meaning “devoted to the sea” in Quenya.
  21. Elanor: Meaning “sun star” in Sindarin. Also the name of Samwise Gamgee’s daughter
  22. Elbereth: Meaning “star queen” in Sindarin. 🌟
  23. Eldacar: Meaning “elf helm” in Quenya.
  24. Eldarion: Meaning “son of elves” in Quenya.
  25. Elenwe: The name of an elven princess in Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Elenwe means “star-kindler” in Sindarin.
  26. Elladan: Meaning “elf-man” in Sindarin.
  27. Elrand: Meaning “star-dome” in Quenya.
  28. Elrohir: Meaning “elf-knight” in Sindarin.
  29. Elva: Meaning “friend” in Quenya.
  30. Eowyn: Meaning “horse joy” in Rohirric. 🐎
  31. Eryn: Meaning “wood” or “forest” in Sindarin.
  32. Estel: Meaning “hope” or “trust” in Sindarin. Also Aragorn’s name while growing up.
  33. Ethuil: Meaning “spring” in Sindarin.
  34. Finwe: The name of a legendary elven king in Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Finwe means “skillful one”.
  35. Galadriel: Meaning “radiant hair” or “glittering hair” in Sindarin. Also the name of a powerful elf in The Lord of the Rings.
  36. Galathil: The name of an elven minstrel in Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Galathil means “lover of song” in Sindarin.
  37. Gandalf: Meaning “elf wand” in Norse ‒ also the name of the powerful wizard in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
  38. Garrett: Meaning “support” in Sindarin.
  39. Gildor: Meaning “star-lord” in Sindarin.
  40. Gil-galad: Meaning “star of bright light” in Sindarin.
  41. Glóredhel: Meaning “elf of the golden light” in Sindarin.
  42. Haldir: Meaning “hidden hero” in Sindarin.
  43. Haleth: Meaning “exalted one” in Sindarin.
  44. Idril: Meaning “sparkling brilliance” in Sindarin. ✨
  45. Iorhael: Meaning “old and wise” in Sindarin. The Elvish name for Frodo Baggins.
  46. Iston: Meaning “wise one” in Quenya.
  47. Ithil: Meaning “moon” in Sindarin. 🌙
  48. Legolas: Meaning “green leaves” in Sindarin. 🍃
  49. Lia: Meaning “thread” in Quenya.
  50. Lindir: Meaning “fair singer” in Sindarin.
  51. Lirien: Meaning “song of the stars” in Sindarin.
  52. Logon: Meaning “warm at heart” in Sindarin.
  53. Lúthien: Meaning “daughter of flowers” in Sindarin. 💐
  54. Melian: Meaning “precious gift” in Sindarin.
  55. Mithrandir: Meaning “grey wanderer” in Sindarin. Another name for Gandalf, the wizard.
  56. Morwen: Meaning “dark maiden” in Sindarin.
  57. Nessa: Meaning “youthful one” in Quenya.
  58. Nienna: Meaning “tear” in Quenya.
  59. Perhael: Meaning “half-wise” in Sindarin. Also the Elvish name of Samwie Gamgee.
  60. Poldo: Meaning “big and strong” in Quenya.
  61. Rina: Meaning “crowned one” in Quenya. 👑
  62. Rohan: Meaning “horse kingdom” in Sindarin.
  63. Ronda: Meaning “solid” or “firm” in Quenya.
  64. Tara: Meaning “wise one” in Quenya.
  65. Tauriel: Meaning “daughter of the forest” in Sindarin.
  66. Thalias: Meaning “bravery” in Sindarin.
  67. Thalin: Meaning “dauntless” in Sindarin.
  68. Theoden: Meaning “king” or “ruler” in Rohirric.
  69. Thranduil: Meaning “vigorous spring” in Sindarin.
  70. Tinuviel: Meaning “daughter of twilight” in Sindarin.
  71. Tuilë: Meaning “spring” in Quenya.
  72. Voronwë: Meaning “steadfast” or “constant” in Quenya.
  73. Yavanna: Meaning “giver of fruits” in Quenya. 🍓

Elf names for girls

Let’s put Tolkien Elvish names to one side for now ‒ fantasy elf names for girls appear in pretty much every language, so here are all the Elven girls’ names from around the world:

  1. Aafje: Meaning “elf” in Dutch. Pronounced “aff-ya”.
  2. Albina: Meaning “white” or “elf” in Scandinavian.
  3. Alfdís: Meaning “elf goddess” in Old Norse.
  4. Alfiva: Meaning “gift from the elves” in Norwegian.
  5. Alfreda: Meaning “elf counsel” in Old English.
  6. Alruna: Meaning “elf secret” in Old German.
  7. Älva: Meaning “elf” in Swedish.
  8. Alvara: Meaning “elf warrior” in Italian.
  9. Alvina: Meaning “elf” in Old English.
  10. Aubrette: Meaning “elf” in German.
  11. Aubriana: Meaning “elf” in German.
  12. Elba: Meaning “elf” in Spanish.
  13. Elfie: Meaning “elf” in Irish.
  14. Elfriede or Elfryda: Meaning “elf strength” in German.
  15. Elvene: Meaning “elf” in Old English.
  16. Elvinia: Meaning “elf” in Old English.
  17. Luell: Meaning “famous elf” in Old English.
  18. Nisse: Meaning “elf” in Danish
  19. Odiane: Meaning “elven spear” in German.
  20. Siofra: Meaning “elf” in Irish and Gaelic. Pronounced “sho-fra”.

What are some cool girl elf names?

There’s no shortage of beautiful elf girl names, but what about cool elf girl names? Our favorites are:

  1. Aoibheann: Meaning “beautiful” in Irish. Also the name of a sorceress-elf in The Witcher. Pronounced “ay-veen”.
  2. Dryadalis: Meaning “elf” in Latin.
  3. Livi: Meaning “elf army” in Old English.
  4. Ordella: Meaning “elven spear” in German.
  5. Vilde: Meaning “battle of the elves” in Norwegian.

What name means elf princess?

There aren’t any known names in different languages meaning “elf princess”, but if you want an elf girls’ name that radiates royalty, how about:

  1. Aranel: Meaning “princess” in Quenya, the language of the elves.
  2. Tári: Meaning “queen” in Quenya.
  3. Brethil: Meaning “princess” in Sindarin, another language of the elves.
  4. Varda: Meaning “queen” in Sindarin.

Elf names for boys

What about elf boy names? Here are our top Elvish boy names:

  1. Aelfraed: Meaning “elf counselor” in Old English. An alternative spelling of Alfred.
  2. Alberad: Meaning “elf counsel” in German.
  3. Albwin: Meaning “elf-friend” in German.
  4. Alf: Meaning “elf” in Old Norse.
  5. Alfie: Meaning “elf” in German.
  6. Álfur: Meaning “elf” in Icelandic.
  7. Alvin: Meaning “elf friend” in Old English.
  8. Alwyne, Alwyn, or Alwen: Meaning “elf” in Old English.
  9. Batī: Meaning “elf” in Punjabi. Pronounced “bar-tee”.
  10. Cutter: Meaning “to slice”. Also the name of a character in the graphic novel series Elfquest.
  11. Duwende: Meaning “elf” in Cebuano.
  12. Elegast: Meaning “elf spirit” in German.
  13. Elfas: Meaning “elf” in Lithuanian.
  14. Elrond: Okay, so technically, Elrond isn’t 100% elven, but he’s half-elf! Elrond means “star dome”.
  15. Elving: Meaning “elf river” in Swedish.
  16. Elwyn: Meaning “friend of the elves” in Old English.
  17. Ingálvur: Meaning “elf ancestor” in Faroese.
  18. Joralf: Meaning “chief elf” in Norwegian.
  19. Keijo: Meaning “elf” in Finnish.
  20. Noralf: Meaning “elf of the North” in Norwegian.
  21. Yōsei: Meaning “elf” in Japanese.

What is a cool elf name?

What about a cool elf name for boys? Well, here are our top picks:

  1. Ailwi: Meaning “elf battle” in Old English
  2. Algar: Meaning “elf-spear” in Old English.
  3. Álváró: Meaning “elf warrior” in Hungarian.
  4. Duende: Meaning “elf” in Spanish.
  5. Gunnalf: Meaning “battle elf” in Swedish.

Gender-neutral elf names

In some cultures, elves don’t follow the same genders as humans, so if you’re on the hunt for unisex or gender-neutral elf names and meanings, read on:

  1. Aeverie or Avery: Meaning “elf counsel” in Old English.
  2. Alary: Meaning “elf ruler” in German.
  3. Albrun: Meaning “elf magic” in German.
  4. Alfsol: Meaning “elf of the sun” in Icelandic.
  5. Alvgjerd: Meaning “elf garden” in Norwegen.
  6. Alwine: Meaning “elf friend” in German.
  7. Aubree, Aubrie, or Aubrey: Meaning “elf ruler” in German and French
  8. Ave: Meaning “elf” in West Frisian.
  9. Aveley: Meaning “elf gift” in Old English.
  10. Ēlifi: Meaning “elf” in Amharic.
  11. Kukudh: Meaning “elf” in Albanian.
  12. Oillill: Meaning “elf” in Irish.
  13. Parī: Meaning “elf” in Bangla.
  14. Xelf̒: Meaning “elf” in Thai.

What is a good elven name?

So what are a few of our favorite Elven names?

Well, we couldn’t help but fall in love with these top Elvish picks:

  1. Aelfric: An Old English name meaning “elf ruler”.
  2. Aelwyn: A Welsh name that means “fair brow” or “white brow”, which could be a good name for an elven character with striking features.
  3. Buddy: That’s right, after Buddy the Elf, from the classic Christmas movie, Elf.
  4. Calantha: A name of Greek origin that means “beautiful flower”, which could be a good fit for an elven character with a strong connection to nature.
  5. Eirwyn: A Welsh name that means “snow-white”, which could be a fitting name for a light elf.
  6. Elfrieda: Meaning “elf strength” in Old German.
  7. Fay: Meaning “fairy” in Old English.
  8. Keeva: Meaning “gentle being” in Irish.
  9. Link: After the elf from the Legend of Zelda series.
  10. Liriel: An Elven-sounding name meaning “lily” or “perfect woman” in Latin.
  11. Nimue: This name comes from Arthurian legend and is associated with the Lady of the Lake, who is sometimes depicted as an elven or faerie figure.
  12. Nissa: Meaning “friendly elf” in Scandinavian.
  13. Orenda: Meaning “magic power” in Iroquois.
  14. Sylvie: A name that means “from the forest” or “woodland” and could be a good fit for an elven character with a strong connection to nature.
  15. Tathariel: An entirely made-up elven name meaning “queen of the stars”.
  16. Vili: Meaning “elf” in Old Norse.

That’s it! Lots of ethereal Elvish baby names for your little elf!

Which elf names are your favorites?

Share them with the other mamas and moms-to-be on Peanut!

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