183 Exquisitely Exotic Baby Girl Names

183 Exquisitely Exotic Baby Girl Names

Got that feeling of wanderlust, looking for exotic baby girl names to remind you of sun, sea, and sand?

Your baby’s name can take you back to far-off adventures, sunset beach walks, and unforgettable experiences in foreign lands.

So how about browsing our exotic girl names to find one that takes you back or connects to your heritage?

The word ‘exotic’ has two meanings – “from another country” and “different or unusual”.

A quick note on cultural appropriation: acknowledging and respecting other cultures is a key part of our values here at Peanut.

If you’re keen to use a name from a culture that doesn’t reflect your identity or heritage, that could be construed as cultural appropriation.

Cultural appropriation can be damaging to many groups of people, so if you’re unsure whether choosing an ‘exotic’ name is cultural appropriation, you can always reach out to someone from that cultural group to learn more and ask them how they feel about it.

In this article: 📝

  • What are edgy exotic girl names?
  • What are rare exotic female names?
  • What are some exotic girl names?
  • What is the most exotic female name?

What are edgy exotic girl names?

Looking for something fierce, wild, and all-around badass for your baby girl while keeping an exotic feel?

We’ve put together the best exotic girl names with badass meanings for you:

  1. Almeda: For the hardest-working little peanut, Almeda is a Latin exotic girl name for “ambitious”.
  2. Elmina: For the willful warrior, Elmina is one of the more exotic girl names meaning “helmet” or “protection” in German.
  3. Jabari: A musical-sounding but still one of the most badass exotic female names we’ve heard, meaning “brave” in Swahili.
  4. Kai: One of the shorter exotic baby girl names, Kai means “warrior” in Old German, as well as “sea” in Hawai’ian.
  5. Limbani: Looking for exotic names for girls to remind your little peanut of her inner strength? Limbani means “be strong”, from the Chewa people of Africa.
  6. Lyra: One of the exotic girl names that’s jumped up the baby name charts recently, due to the heroine Lyra in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, now a TV series. Lyra also means “lyre of Orpheus” in Greek, and is the name of a constellation.
  7. Medora: How about Greek exotic girl’s names? For the baby girl who you know will rule over everyone! Medora means “ruler” in Greek. Can be shortened to Dora.
  8. Sasha: What better fierce exotic name for your baby girl than Sasha, meaning “defender” and also the alter-ego of Beyoncé – Sasha Fierce.
  9. Serilda: A truly badass exotic girl’s name, from the German word for “battle armor”. Can be shortened to Rilda.
  10. Valentina: Romantic and strong, Valentina is one of the most exotic girl’s names meaning “brave” and “strong”. Val or Tina make sweet nicknames.

What are rare exotic female names?

A lot of exotic girl names are already rare, depending on where you are in the world.

If you want something truly unique and exotic, check out this selection of exotic baby girl names that aren’t often found in the baby name charts:

  1. Aiya: (ah-yah) One of the sweetest exotic girl’s names, Aiya is a Hebrew name meaning “bird”.
  2. Bastina: Keen on cats? How about naming your little peanut after the Egyptian goddess of cats, sun, and fertility, Bast?
  3. Braulia: A name that was popular but has since become one of the rarest exotic girl names in the world, meaning “bright” or “radiant” in Spanish. Can be shortened to Lia.
  4. Daija: (dai-ha) If you want to name your baby in memory of a loved one, how about Daija, meaning “remembrance”, one of the rarest exotic Spanish girl names?
  5. Gamela: Another of the rare exotic names for girls, Gamela is an Arabic name meaning “earnest” or “honest”.
  6. Ifeoma: An exotic girl’s name that’s rarely seen outside of Nigeria, Ifeoma is an Igbo word for “first-born”.
  7. Jhazala: (jah-zah-lah) One of the rarest Indian exotic baby girl names, Jhazala means “gazelle”. Can be shortened to Jazz.
  8. Karasi: A musical-sounding exotic girl name meaning “life” or “wisdom”, and can be found across Africa, but is very rare outside of the continent.
  9. Manaia: (mah-nye-ah) One of very few Māori exotic names for girls on our list, Manaia was the name of the Māori god that travels between our world and the spirit plain.
  10. Mariquita: A name that’s been lost in time, Mariquita is of Latin origin, meaning “star of the sea”.
  11. Pragtige: (pra-h-tih-huh) Looking for something a little different? This is one of the rarest exotic baby girl names ‒ we haven’t found it anywhere else, so your little peanut might be the first! Pragtige is an exotic name meaning “beautiful” in Afrikaans.
  12. Ratana: For the baby girl with a twinkle in her eye, Ratana is a Thai name meaning “crystal”.
  13. Sigalit: One of the more uncommon Hebrew exotic girl names that we haven’t seen for a long time ‒ Sigalit means “violet flower”.
  14. Valdis: Looking for gothic exotic names for girls? Valdis could be the one, meaning “goddess of the dead” in Old Norse. Can be shortened to Val.
  15. Zaliki: A beautiful Egyptian exotic girl name meaning “nobility” or “well-born”. Can be shortened to Zali.

What are some exotic girl names?

Exotic girl names evoke images of soft waves lapping against a shore, relaxing in warm sunlight, and feeling the sand between your toes…

If you’re looking for exotic female names for your little peanut, we’ve got you covered, complete with meanings:

  1. Aaliyah: Meaning “exalted one” in Arabic.
  2. Aba: Meaning “born on a Thursday”. African in origin.
  3. Adelita: Meaning “noble” in Spanish. Can be shortened to Lita.
  4. Adina: (ah-deen-ah) Meaning “delicate” in Hebrew. Can be shortened to Dina.
  5. Akosia: Meaning “born on Sunday”. African in origin.
  6. Alethea: A Greek girl’s name meaning “truth”.
  7. Alina: Meaning “bright” or “beautiful” in Slavic. Can be shortened to Lina.
  8. Alinafe: Meaning “He is with us” in Chewa.
  9. Allegra: Meaning “cheerful” in Italian.
  10. Altagracia: Meaning “high grace” in Spanish.
  11. Amaranta: Meaning “flower” in Spanish and Italian. 🌷
  12. Amrita: Meaning “immortality” in Indian. Can be shortened to Rita.
  13. Anisa: Meaning “friend” in Arabic.
  14. Arafa: Meaning “knowledgeable” in Swahili. 📚
  15. Arianna: Meaning “most holy” or “chaste” in Greek.
  16. Asmara: Meaning “love” in Indonesian. ❤️
  17. Avivah: Meaning “spring” in Hebrew.
  18. Azora: Meaning “blue as the sky” in Spanish.
  19. Basma: Meaning “smile” in Arabic.
  20. Bellita: Meaning “little beauty” or “God’s promise” in Spanish.
  21. Calithea or Kallithea: Meaning “beautiful” in Greek. Can be shortened to Thea.
  22. Calliope: Meaning “beautiful voice” in Greek.
  23. Carina: Meaning “beloved” in Latin.
  24. Carminia: Meaning “poem” or “song” in Latin.
  25. Chabela: Meaning “God is my oath” in Spanish.
  26. Chantal: Meaning “stone” in French.
  27. Chiara: (kee-ah-rah) Meaning “bright” or “famous” in Italian.
  28. Corazon: Meaning “heart” in Spanish.
  29. Cordula: Meaning “heart” in German.
  30. Dalila: Meaning “delicate” or “gentle” in Swahili.
  31. Damara: Meaning “gentle” in Latin.
  32. Davitah: Meaning “cherished” in Hebrew.
  33. Devica: Meaning “from God” in Sanskrit.
  34. Dita: Meaning “fortune” or “riches” in German. ⚱️
  35. Dubraska: Meaning “oak grove” in Spanish.
  36. Elandra: Meaning “home by the sea” in Aboriginal.
  37. Elaxi: Meaning “she with bright eyes” in Sanskrit.
  38. Elitsa: (eh-leet-sah) Meaning “little fir tree” in Bulgarian.
  39. Elqenna: (ehl-ken-nah) Meaning “superior” in Amharic. Can be shortened to Kenna or Qenna.
  40. Esmaria: Meaning “emerald” in Spanish.
  41. Esperanza: Meaning “hope” in Spanish.
  42. Elvire: (ehl-veer) Meaning “truth” in French.
  43. Exótica: Meaning “exotic” in Spanish.
  44. Eydís: (eye-dis) Meaning “goddess of the island” in Norse.
  45. Fanaka: Meaning “prosperous” in Swahili.
  46. Femi: Meaning “God loves me” in Yoruba.
  47. Fitria: Meaning “pure” or “natural” in Indonesian.
  48. Freyde: (fray-duh) Meaning “joy” in Yiddish.
  49. Gaia: Meaning “goddess of the earth” in Greek.
  50. Gia: Meaning “gracious” in Italian.
  51. Giada: Meaning “jade” in Italian.
  52. Gidja: Meaning “god of the moon” in Aboriginal. 🌕
  53. Ginara: Meaning “God is gracious” in Italian.
  54. Ginevra: Meaning “white phantom” in Italian.
  55. Godiva: Meaning “gift from God” in English.
  56. Halina: Meaning “sun ray” in Greek.
  57. Hermina: Meaning “messenger” in Spanish.
  58. Huyen: Meaning “jet black” in Vietnamese.
  59. Ianthea: (yan-thee-ah) Meaning “violet flower” in Greek.
  60. Iara: (yah-rah) Meaning “water bearer” or “little butterfly” in Arabic.
  61. Imani: Meaning “faith” in Swahili.
  62. Ime: (ee-may) Meaning “patience” in Nigerian.
  63. Ines: Meaning “chaste” or “virtuous” in Spanish.
  64. Ishani: Meaning “desire” in Sanskrit.
  65. Isi: Meaning “deer” in Chahta. Can also be a shorter version of Isobel and Isadora. 🦌
  66. Isla: (eye-lah) Meaning “island” in Spanish.
  67. Iyabo: Meaning “like her mother” in Yoruba. Can be shortened to Iya.
  68. Jamala: Meaning “friendly” in Swahili.
  69. Janita: Spanish, “God is gracious”.
  70. Jocosa: Meaning “playful” or “joyous” in English.
  71. Johari: Meaning “jewel” in Swahili. 💍
  72. Kabira: Meaning “noble” or “great” in Arabic.
  73. Kaimana: Meaning “diamond” in Hawai’ian. 💎
  74. Kalina: Meaning “flower” in Slavic.
  75. Kamalei: Meaning “close to my heart” in Hawai’ian.
  76. Kamiko: Meaning “little goddess” in Japanese. Can be shortened to Kami or Miko.
  77. Kanani: Meaning “beautiful one” in Polynesian. Can be shortened to Nani.
  78. Kareemah: Meaning “generous” or “giving” in Arabic.
  79. Katka: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  80. Katya: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  81. Keilana: Meaning “glory” or “calm” in Polynesian.
  82. Keyara: Meaning “cockatoo” in Aboriginal.
  83. Khari: Meaning “queenly” or “born ruler” in Swahili. 👑
  84. Kidist: (kih-dihs) Meaning “blessed” or “blessed by God” in Amharic.
  85. Kimeyah: Meaning “singing throat” in Native American.
  86. Kissa: Meaning “first-born daughter” in Egyptian.
  87. Lalita: Meaning “playful” in Indian.
  88. Layla, Laela, Leila, or Lailah: Meaning “born at night” in Hebrew.
  89. **Leilani:**Meaning “child of nobility” or “flowers from heaven” in Hawai’ian.
  90. Lilja: Meaning “lily” in Icelandic.
  91. Lucia: Meaning “light” in Italian.
  92. Manara: Meaning “light” in Arabic.
  93. Marisol: Meaning “sea and sun” in Spanish. 🌅
  94. Meira: Meaning “light” in Hebrew.
  95. Meital: Meaning “dewdrop” in Hebrew.
  96. Melesa: Meaning “bee” or “honey” in Greek. 🐝🍯
  97. Mila: Meaning “gracious” or “dear” in Slavic.
  98. Milagros: Meaning “miracle” in Spanish.
  99. Nafuna: Meaning “born feet-first” in African.
  100. Naida: Meaning “water nymph” in Greek.
  101. Nandita: Meaning “joy” in Sanskrit.
  102. Nanea: Meaning “relax” or “peaceful” in Hawai’ian.
  103. Narissara: Meaning “smart woman” in Thai.
  104. Nava: Meaning “lovely” in Hebrew.
  105. Nehara: Meaning “light” in Hebrew.
  106. Neliah: Meaning “strong-willed” in African.
  107. Nevya: Meaning “snow” in Spanish. ❄️
  108. Nicte: (nik-teh) Meaning “flower” in Mayan.
  109. Njema: Meaning “good” in Swahili.
  110. Nudara: Meaning “gold” in Arabic.
  111. Nuria: Meaning “bright” in Arabic.
  112. Orana: Meaning “welcome” in Aboriginal.
  113. Oriana: Meaning “gold” in Italian. ⭐️
  114. Otzara: Meaning “treasure” in Hebrew.
  115. Palesa: Meaning “flower” in Lesotho (African). 🌺
  116. Palladia: Meaning “wisdom” in Greek.
  117. Paradisa: Meaning “garden” or “paradise” in Greek.
  118. Parthena: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  119. Rabiah: Meaning “gentle wind” in Arabic.
  120. Rohesia: Meaning “famous one” in Latin.
  121. Rosalba: Meaning “white rose” in Italian.
  122. Roselani: Meaning “heavenly rose” in Hawai’ian.
  123. Sabela: Meaning “God is my oath” in Spanish.
  124. Sadira: Meaning “lotus tree” in Persian](https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/persian-baby-girl-names).
  125. Safiyah: Meaning “friend” in Swahili.
  126. Saidah: Meaning “happy” or “lucky” in Muslim.
  127. Sarai: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew. 👑
  128. Shamira: Meaning “defender” in Hebrew.
  129. Shani: Meaning “scarlet” or “marvelous” in Hebrew.
  130. Shante: Meaning “peaceful” in Sanskrit.
  131. Shira: Meaning “singing” in Hebrew. 🎤
  132. Sofia: Meaning “wisdom” in Greek.
  133. Solange: Meaning “religious” in French.
  134. Soraya: Meaning “The Pleiades constellation” in Persian. A rare celestial name ideal for a little Taurus.
  135. Sunniva: Meaning “gift from the sun” in Norwegian.
  136. Tajia: Meaning “crown” in Sanskrit.
  137. Talia: Meaning “dew from God” in Hebrew.
  138. Tamika: Meaning “child of the people” in Japanese.
  139. Vasanta: Meaning “spring” in Sanskrit.
  140. Velora: Meaning “strong” or “healthy” in Latin.
  141. Vincenza: (vin-chen-zah) Meaning “to conquer” in Italian.
  142. Yara: Meaning “friend” or “helper” in Persian.
  143. Yente: Meaning “noble” or “royalty” in Yiddish.
  144. Yohana: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  145. Zada: Meaning “fortunate” or “prosperous” in Arabic.
  146. Ziva: Meaning “radiant” or “bright” in Hebrew.
  147. Zorana: Meaning “dawn” in Slavic.

What is the most exotic female name?

For the most exotic names for girls, we’ve gathered those that have entranced multiple cultures – whose roots drift wider than any one border:

  1. Alba: As a Spanish name, Alba means “dawn” while its Scottish Gaelic roots reveal the meaning “Scotland”. Alba also means “white” in Latin.
  2. Amara: Meaning “grace” in Sanskrit. In Igbo, Amara means “immortal”, and in Mongolian, “peaceful”.
  3. Amaya or Amaia: Meaning “the end”Japanese and “mother city” in Spanish.
  4. Catira: Meaning “blonde” in Spanish and Caribbean.
  5. Elena: Meaning “bright” or “torch” in Spanish, German, Greek, and Italian.
  6. Giulia: Meaning “young” in Italian and English whether you spell it Giulietta, **Juliet, or Julietta.
  7. Humiya: Meaning “history” in Japanese or “red” in Arabic.
  8. Ila: (eye-lah or ee-lah) Meaning “earth” or “speech” in Hindi; “island” in English; “friend” in Inuit; “joy” in Hungarian.
  9. Ilona: Meaning “joy” in Finnish and “queen of the fairies” in Hungarian.
  10. Lilou: Meaning “lily” in Catalan and French.
  11. Maya or Maia: Meaning “dream” in Sanskrit; “water” in Hebrew; “supernatural power” in Hindu; “good mother” in Greek.

There you have it! The ultimate list of exotic girl’s names for your little peanut.

Don’t forget to share your favorite exotic girl names with the mamas of Peanut!

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