100+ Enchanting Fairy Baby Names

100+ Enchanting Fairy Baby Names

Looking for magical, fantastical fairy names for your little sprite? Our list of over 100 enchanting fairy baby names for girls has you covered.
For centuries, fairies have been part of the folklore of cultures around the world.

If you’ve always been drawn to these enchanting creatures, you might be searching for a fairy name for your little sprite. 🧚‍♀️

Don’t worry, mama, we’ve got you covered.

Feisty, fiery, and fantastical.

Mysterious, mischievous, and magical.

There’s a fairy name for any mood you want to capture.

Our list features fairy names from Adelina to Zarina, as well as related names, like those belonging to elves, goddesses, and the many natural worlds that fairies are believed to inhabit.

Every name is charming, elegant, and whimsical — just as you might expect.

But before we give you 102 options to choose from, let’s answer a few of your questions.

In this article: 📝

  • What is a good fairy name for a girl?
  • What names mean fairy queen?
  • What is the Japanese name for fairy?
  • What are some Irish fairy names?
  • What is a water fairy called?
  • 70 of the most beautiful fairy names for girls
  • Irish names that mean fairy
  • Cute fairy names from stories

What is a good fairy name for a girl?

There are many good fairy names for a girl, but if you’re asking us to pick some of our favorites, we’d have to go with Dela, Iridessa, or Pari.

Check out the list below to see what these names mean.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with the fairy classic Fay, either.

What names mean fairy queen?

Aine was the queen of the fairies in Irish folklore, Tiana means “fairy queen” in Russian, and Taneisha is an American name that means “fairy queen.”

The queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s fairytale comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream is Titania.

What is the Japanese name for fairy?

Soni is a Japanese girl’s name that means “fairy princess.”

What are some Irish fairy names?

Fairies have a long and sacred legacy in Irish myth and legend.

If you’re looking for a fairy name for a girl that has Gaelic or Irish roots, we’ve got quite a few ideas for you — simply take a look at our list below.

What is a water fairy called?

Water fairies appear in a few different cultures.

In Turkish, Ilayda means “water fairy,” while in Arabic the name Naida means “water nymph.”

In Latin, Ondine means “spirit of the waters.”

If you’re looking for other fairy-like names, you might like our lists of ethereal elvish baby names, mystical, magical baby names or magical mermaid baby names.

70 of the most beautiful fairy names for girls

Remember, not all of these names mean “fairy” exactly, but it’s hard not to associate fairies with rainbows, divine flowers, songbirds, and dew.

  1. Adelina: Meaning “small winged one” in German.
  2. Alette: Like Adelina, also meaning “small winged one” in Latin.
  3. Alfreda: Meaning “elf power” in Old English.
  4. Amitola: This Native American name means “rainbow.”
  5. Ashera: The goddess of fertility and motherhood in Hebrew.
  6. Asia: Meaning “sunrise,” from Greek mythology.
  7. Aubrette: Meaning “elf” in German.
  8. Aurora: The goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology.
  9. Avery: The ruler of elves in Old English.
  10. Brucie: Meaning “forest fairy” in Scottish.
  11. Calliope: Meaning “beautiful voice” in Greek.
  12. Calypso: A sea nymph in Greek mythology.
  13. Celeste: Meaning “heavenly” in French.
  14. Chepi: This Algonquin name means “fairy.”
  15. Dela: Meaning “small winged one” in Latin.
  16. Deema: Meaning “soft, rainy cloud” in Arabic.
  17. Dianthe: Meaning “divine flower” in Greek.
  18. Elga: Meaning “elfin spear” in English.
  19. Elisa: Meaning “swan princess.”
  20. Ellie: Meaning “beautiful fairy woman” in Greek.
  21. Elvina: Meaning “elf empress” in Old English.
  22. Fay: Meaning “fairy” in Old English.
  23. Fayetta: Meaning “little fairy” in French.
  24. Fairy: Meaning, as you might guess, “fairy” in English.
  25. Feya: Meaning “fairy” in Hebrew.
  26. Firtha: Meaning “sea maiden” in Scottish.
  27. Flora: A fairy from Sleeping Beauty.
  28. Hai: Meaning “fairy shoe” in Vietnamese.
  29. Ilayda: Meaning “water fairy” in Turkish.
  30. Kendra: Meaning “magical” in English.
  31. Lanette: Meaning “small songbird” or “nymph” in Welsh.
  32. Lara: Meaning “a nymph” in Latin.
  33. Leucothea: A sea nymph in Greek mythology.
  34. Linetta: Meaning “small songbird” in Welsh.
  35. Linette: Meaning “fairy” or “nymph” in French.
  36. Lynette: Meaning “small songbird” in French.
  37. Mariam: Meaning “star of the sea” in Latin.
  38. Marica: Meaning “nymph” in Romanian.
  39. Maurelle: Meaning “elfin” in French.
  40. Melody: Meaning “music” in Greek.
  41. Migina: Meaning “fairy woman” in Native American.
  42. Naida: Meaning “water nymph” in Arabic.
  43. Nidaw: This Omaha name means “fairy.”
  44. Nissa: Meaning “elf” or “fairy” in several Scandinavian languages.
  45. Ondine: Meaning “spirit of the waters” in Latin.
  46. Olette: Meaning “small winged one” in Latin.
  47. Pari: Meaning “fairy” in an Indian language.
  48. Parisa: Meaning “fairy-like” in Persian.
  49. Pippy: Meaning “horse lover” in Swedish.
  50. Posy: Meaning “small flower” in English.
  51. Poppy: Meaning “milk of happiness” in Latin.
  52. Rosemary: Meaning “sea dew” in Latin.
  53. Rusalka: Meaning “wood sprite” in Russian.
  54. Sadie: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  55. Sebille: A fairy.
  56. Sen: Meaning “lotus flower” in Vietnamese.
  57. Shayla: Meaning “fairy palace” in Hindi.
  58. Soni: Meaning “fairy princess” in Japanese.
  59. Taneisha: Meaning “fairy queen” and of American origin.
  60. Tiana: Meaning “fairy queen” in Russian.
  61. Tien: Meaning “fairy” in Vietnamese.
  62. Tinka: Meaning “heavenly one” in Latin.
  63. Titania: The queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  64. Trixy: Meaning “blessed” or “voyager through life” in Latin.
  65. Tryamon: A fairy princess in Arthurian legend.
  66. Tunder: Meaning “fairy” in Hungarian.
  67. Yaritza: Meaning “tiny butterfly” in Portuguese.
  68. Win: Meaning “elf.”
  69. Zia: Meaning “splendor” or “light” in Latin.

Irish names that mean fairy

The following fairy names are all of Gaelic or Irish origin.

  1. Ailsa: Meaning “elf victory.”
  2. Aine: Meaning “the queen of fairies.”
  3. Beagan: Meaning “little one.”
  4. Breena: Meaning “fairy land.”
  5. Dana: An Irish goddess.
  6. Elfie: Meaning “elf.”
  7. Elida: Meaning “small winged one.”
  8. Elvinia: Meaning “queen of the elves.”
  9. Firtha: Meaning “maiden of the sea.”
  10. Kelpie: This Celtic water horse turns into a beautiful woman.
  11. Marilla: Meaning “shining sea.”
  12. Marin: Meaning “star of the sea.”
  13. Meriol: A sea nymph.
  14. Pixie: A naughty, mythical flying creature.
  15. Shae: Meaning “from the fairy fort.”
  16. Shailagh: Meaning “one who is from the fairy palace.” Shailyn and Shaylah are pretty variations.
  17. Siofra: Meaning “elf.”

Cute fairy names from stories

If you’re wondering what the three Sleeping Beauty fairy names were, they were Fauna, Flora and Merryweather, though these names may sound a little dated today.

Fortunately, there are Tinker Bell fairy names (from a series of Disney videos produced between 2008 and 2015) and Tales of Pixie Hollow fairy names that are a little more contemporary.

You could choose from:

  1. Beck
  2. Bess
  3. Iridessa
  4. Fawn
  5. Fern
  6. Fira
  7. Glimmer
  8. Ivy
  9. Periwinkle
  10. Prilla
  11. Rani
  12. Rosetta
  13. Silvermist
  14. Vidia
  15. Zarina

We wish you the best in naming your little baby fairy, mama.

Don’t forget to check back with us in a few years if you’re looking for names for the tooth fairy — we’ve got a great list, plus some tooth fairy letter templates, right here!

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