An Intro to Fertility Crystals

An Intro to Fertility Crystals

If you’re TTC, it’s natural to wonder whether fertility crystals could help you along your journey.
The belief that certain gemstones hold healing powers dates back thousands of years.

They’ve been used in cultures throughout the world to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health.

While there’s no scientific evidence that crystals have medicinal properties, many women find that they enhance their emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

It’s possible that this is down to the placebo effect—but that doesn’t diminish their worth. Whatever the reason, if they work for you, they work.

Holding all that in mind, let’s explore the wonderful (and rather sparkly) world of crystals for fertility.

In this article: 📝

  • How are fertility crystals thought to work?
  • What are the best crystals for fertility?
  • How to use fertility crystals
  • A last word on fertility crystals

How are fertility crystals thought to work?

In crystal healing, the theory is that your body contains energy centers (also called “chakras”), and health issues are caused by problems with these centers.

When your chakras become blocked, they may limit the flow of energy within your body, and this can have negative effects on your wellbeing.

So where do the actual crystals come in?

Well, certain crystals are supposed to help with certain energy-related concerns.

Different crystals and gemstones are thought to have different electromagnetic properties, which can interact with your chakras.

According to this idea, you can match specific crystals to the issues they can alleviate.

Which chakra is for fertility?

Fertility crystals are often chosen for their relationship with one or more of these particular chakras:

  • Sacral chakra. Symbolized by the color orange, the sacral chakra sits below your naval. It’s associated with sexual and creative energy, as well as how you relate to your emotions. 🟠
  • Heart chakra. Symbolized by the color green, the heart chakra sits—you guessed it—at the center of your chest near the level of your heart. It’s linked to your ability to love and demonstrate compassion. 🟢
  • Root chakra. Symbolized by the color red, the root chakra sits at the base of your spine. It’s associated with a sense of security and groundedness, and helps you get through life’s challenges. 🔴

What are the best crystals for fertility?

Before we dive in, a caveat: while using crystals or gemstones for fertility isn’t backed by scientific evidence, there are many people who find benefits in this practice.

With that in mind, here are some types of crystal that are believed to help when you’re TTC:

  • Rose quartz. A pink-colored quartz stone that’s especially associated with the heart chakra, rose quartz is used to help release your loving and compassionate energy. It’s also believed to bring inner peace and emotional resilience.
  • Carnelian. This orange or red stone is a very popular crystal for fertility. It’s thought to support the reproductive organs in women and men, and inspire creativity and endurance.
  • Moonstone. A beautiful opalescent gem with distinctly feminine properties, the moonstone is believed to help bring balance back into your life and regulate your menstrual cycle.
  • Lepidolite. This lilac- or rose-colored stone is thought to improve your psychological wellbeing and nurture inner peace.
  • Citrine. A cheerful yellow quartz stone that’s associated with joy and positive energy, it’s believed to keep your spirits up during difficult times.
  • Aventurine. This green-colored quartz gem is thought to help open your heart chakra, promoting general wellbeing, prosperity, and good luck. It’s often used during meditation practice.
  • Fluorite. A multicolored crystal that is supposed to clear negative energy in your body, helping you find new direction and confidence.

How to use fertility crystals

Once you’ve got your fertility crystal, it’s generally recommended that you “cleanse” it before you use it.

The idea is that, on its travels, the stone might have picked up energies that could be unhelpful to you.

So the first step is to do something to restore it to its natural energy state.

A few suggested methods of cleansing your crystal are:

  • Washing it in water 🌊
  • Burning a sprig of sage or juniper and moving the stone through the smoke 🌿
  • Burying it in brown rice 🍚
  • Exposing it to moonlight 🌙

An important note: Check that your cleansing method is suitable for the type of stone. For example, some will dissolve in water, so washing should be avoided.

When your crystal is ready, you have a few different options for how to use it. You could:

  • Wear it as jewelry, so it’s directly touching your body
  • Keep it under your pillow or near your bed, so its energies can wash over you while you sleep
  • Bathe with it (if it’s safe to use in water)
  • Intentionally cleanse your lower chakras with it, especially your root and sacral chakras
  • Hold it during your meditation practice 🧘🏽

What does charging crystals do?

Sometimes you might feel that your crystal needs a top-up of energy.

“Charging” is a way to replenish that energy.

Ways of charging include:

  • Taking it outside to absorb some energy from nature
  • Speaking to or breathing on it to pass on some of your own energy
  • Using more energetic crystals to surround and energize it

A last word on fertility crystals

While there’s no scientific backing that fertility crystals can help with conception, there are plenty of stories out there from women who say that crystals have worked for them.

Ultimately, crystals may help you feel less stressed and more at peace, and encourage you to look after your body in other ways.

And that can only be good for you—and potentially for your fertility, too.

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