82 Filipino Baby Boy Names

82 Filipino Baby Boy Names

Welcome to the wonderful world of Filipino baby boy names.
Filipino names are as vibrant as the country that inspires them.

They come from a beautifully tangled set of influences across a variety of cultures and time periods.

The national language of the Philippines, Filipino, is largely based on Tagalog.

But the country was also a Spanish colony for 333 years and this history is still reflected in the names that people choose for their children today.

While the colonial influence makes it more challenging to source indigenous Filipino names, they certainly exist.

And they still make a bold stamp on contemporary naming trends. This intricate web gives Filipino culture a distinctive edge.

Basically, if you’re asking, What is a unique name for a boy? you’re likely to find some answers on our list of Filipino male names.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

Filipino boy names

Let’s journey through this rich heritage and the many traditions that now make up contemporary Filipino culture.

What are unique Filipino names?

  1. Agapito. Of Spanish origin, this popular name means “beloved”.
  2. Alab. This powerful name means “to burn with emotion”. 🔥
  3. Alain. With French roots, Alain means “harmony” and “rock”.
  4. Alon. A shortened form of the popular name “Alphonso”, this sweet name means “sea wave”. 🌊
  5. Aldo. This name is a favorite in various parts of the world. Originally from Italian, it means “elder”.
  6. Alejandro. A mighty Spanish name meaning “defender of mankind”.
  7. Amado. “Beloved”. ❤️
  8. Ambrosio. “Child of light”. ⭐
  9. Andres. A Spanish variant of “Andrew”, Andres means “brave and manly”.
  10. Aquilino. “Eagle”. 🦅
  11. Arnulfo. And for an alternative to Aquilino, Arnulfo means “eagle” too. 🦅
  12. Aurelio. Also of Italian origin, Aurelio means “golden one”. 💛
  13. Asterio. “Dazzling star”. 🌟
  14. Bagwis. Meaning “wing”, Bagwis was a mighty warrior angel with divine strength.
  15. Banoy. And this name is the Tagalog word for “eagle”. 🦅
  16. Basilio. A noble name of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian origin, Basilio means “royal”. 👑
  17. Bayani. This one means “hero” in Tagalog.
  18. Benigno. Meaning “kindly”, Benigno has been a popular name in the Philippines for centuries.
  19. Benjie. “Son of my right hand”.
  20. Brando. For lovers of Marlon, this famous name means “sword”. ⚔️
  21. Buwan. “The earth’s moon”. 🌙
  22. Cesar. A Spanish name meaning “long-haired”.
  23. Claudio. Of both Spanish and Italian origin, Claudio means “enclosed” or “lame” and is the name of many a famous Filipino.
  24. Concordio. This one has Latin origins and means “with hearts together”. 💞
  25. Crisanto. “Golden flower”. 🌼
  26. Dakila. A Tagalog name meaning “great”.
  27. Danilo. A variant of “Daniel”, Danilo means “God is my judge”.
  28. Dante. This everlasting name means “enduring”.
  29. Datu. Datu is a noble title in the Philippines. The name means “chief”.
  30. Diego. Derived from the Latin “Santiago”, Diego means “supplanter”.
  31. Dranreb. A reversal of the name Bernard.
  32. Edgardo. With Spanish origins, Edgardo means “lucky spearman”. 🍢
  33. Edilberto. “Nobly bright”.
  34. Efren. This Hebrew name means “doubly fruitful”.
  35. Ernesto. A Spanish name meaning “honest”, Ernesto can be shortened to the adorable Ernie.
  36. Esteban. “Crown”. 👑
  37. Fernandez. “The son of Fernando”.
  38. Felix. A happy and prosperous name.
  39. Gabriel. “God is my strength”.
  40. Genesis. This biblical name means “origin”. The perfect name for new beginnings.
  41. Gregory. “Alert”.
  42. Heherson. A beautiful blended name meaning “he is her son”.
  43. Hilario. “Cheerful”. 🤗
  44. Hiram. “Exalted brother”.
  45. Homobono. “Good man”.
  46. Honesto. Of Spanish origin, this is the name of an “honest man”.
  47. Horace. Going way back to Roman times, Horace means “time” or “season”.
  48. Inigo. This Spanish name means “passionate”.
  49. Isagani. This rich Tagalog name means “bountiful harvest”.
  50. Isko. Isko is a shortened version of the Tagalog word “iskolar”, which means “scholar”. 📚
  51. Jejomar. This blended name is a combination of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.
  52. Jericho. Of Greek origin, Jericho means “lunar heaven”. 🌙
  53. Jerome. A popular Filipino name of Greek origin, Jerome means “sacred name”.
  54. Joaquin. “God is my judge”.
  55. Jonah. Jonah is a peaceful name of Hebrew origin and means “dove”. 🕊️
  56. Joriz. This name is a blended form of Jose and Rizal, after the famous Filipino author.
  57. Joselito. “God increases”.
  58. Juan. The Spanish version of the name “John”, meaning “God is Gracious”.
  59. Jun. This name is a shortened version of Junior.
  60. Kidlat. A Filipino name meaning “lightning”. ⚡
  61. Lester. Of English origin, this is a name that brings comfort. It means “secure place”.
  62. Liberato. A name that can be used as both a first name and a surname, Liberato means “free man”.
  63. Luis. Meaning “heroic warrior”, the name Luis has a Spanish connection.
  64. Luntian. In ancient Tagalog, Luntian refers to the color green—the perfect shade for nature lovers. 🥬
  65. Macario. A name that has its roots in various Latin languages, Macario means “blessed”.
  66. Magiting. This fearless Tagalog name means “courageous and brave”.
  67. Magtanggol. “To defend” is the meaning of this proud Tagalog name.
  68. Makisig. “Handsome”.
  69. Mauricio. A variant of the name “Maurice”, this Spanish name honors darker skin.
  70. Melchor. A popular Filipino name that can be used as a first name and a surname, Melchor means “king of light”. 👑
  71. Nathaniel. From the Hebrew, this ever-popular name means “gift of God”.
  72. Nemuel. This biblical name means “sea of God”. 🌊
  73. Nino. This adorable name of Spanish origin means “boy”.
  74. Pacifico. A soothing name that means “peace-loving”. And it’s also a shout-out to the magnificent Pacific Ocean.
  75. Paolo. A sweet name that never goes out of style, Paolo means “small”.
  76. Ramil. A common surname in the Philippines, Ramil means “pleasure”.
  77. Reynaldo. The Spanish version of the German name “Reynold”, Reynaldo is made up of two parts that mean “advice” and “ruler”.
  78. Rizalino. This name pays homage to José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, a Filipino national hero.
  79. Rodrigo. Meaning “famous ruler”, this popular name is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the German name Roderick.
  80. Sinag. “A ray of light” is what this delightful name means. ✨
  81. Tanashiri. A name that has a tranquil musicality to it, Tanashiri means “purity of the soul”.
  82. Venancio. This name of Spanish origin comes from the Latin word “venatium”, which means “hunter”.

Happy choosing!

(And if you’re looking for even more Filipino names for boys and girls, head here)

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