82 Filipino Baby Girl Names

82 Filipino Baby Girl Names

If you’re new to the world of Filipino baby girl names, welcome.
Filipino, rooted in Tagalog, is the national language of the Philippines.

But it’s hard to speak about the rich naming traditions of the Philippines without touching on the many other nations who colonized the land over the centuries.

Because of this, there are many cultural influences stirring themselves into the naming pot.

That means the answer to the question What are pure Filipino names? is a little tricky.

When it comes to Filipino names for girls, lots of European and American influences mix with the indigenous heritage to make an intricate tapestry.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

Our favorite Filipino girl names

What is the most attractive name for a girl? Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these are the Filipino baby girl names we love:

Unique Filipino baby girl names

  1. Agila. This beautiful name is the Tagalog word for “eagle”. 🦅
  2. Agwa. A refreshing name meaning “water”. 🌊 (Looking for more water names?)
  3. Amihan. This powerful Tagalog word refers to the Northeast monsoon and the winter wind.
  4. Analyn. A sweet name that means “high pitch”.
  5. Angel. Exactly as the name suggests. 👼🏽
  6. Atarah. Of Hebrew origin, Atarah means “crown”. 👑
  7. Aurora. This is one of Sleeping Beauty’s names and means “dawn”. (Interested in other Disney-inspired girls’ names?)
  8. Bernila. Of Spanish origin, this popular name means “blessed”.
  9. Bituin. This heavenly name means “star”⭐and “goodness”.
  10. Blessica. A blend of “Bless” and “Jessica”. To put them together means “a blessed vision”.
  11. Bulawan. “Gold”. 💛
  12. Carmelita. This is a name of Spanish and Portuguese origin, meaning “beautiful garden”.
  13. Chesah. “Celestial”. ☄️
  14. Christina. A popular name in the Philippines, Christina means “follower of Christ”.
  15. Cielo. This high-flying name of Spanish origin means “sky”.
  16. Corazon. This name has a whole lot of heart. (Yep, that’s what it means: 💖)
  17. Dalisay. This melodic name means “pure”.
  18. Dari. Of Persian origin, this sweet name means “grace”.
  19. Darling. This one speaks for itself.
  20. Darna. One way to get your little one off to a flying start, Darna is the name of a famous Filipino comic book superhero.
  21. Davina. From the Latin word meaning “goddess”. A truly divine name.
  22. Davinagracia. This beautiful blended name means “divine grace”.
  23. Diwa. With Tagalog origins, Diwa means “thought”. 💭
  24. Diwata. A magical Tagalog name meaning “fairy” or “nymph”. 🧚
  25. Dolores. Another name for the Virgin Mary, Dolores has many sweet shortened versions—Lola and Loli are two of our favorites.
  26. Eleanor. “Shining one”. 🌟
  27. Evangeline. A name we all need in our lives, Evangeline means “good news”.
  28. Flordeliza. Of Latin origin, you may know Flordeliza by its French variant. Meaning “flower of the lily”, the fleur-de-lis was the symbol of French royalty.
  29. Floribeth. This is another gorgeous blended name that combines “Flora” (“flower” 🌺) and “Beth” (“God is my promise”).
  30. Gloria. Of Latin origin, this sought-after Filipino name means “immortal glory”.
  31. Heart. If you want to go with the English version of “Corazon”, we offer you this Heart (from the bottom of ours). 💖
  32. Himig. “Tune”. 🎶
  33. Hiraya. This ancient Tagalog name means “may your dreams come true”. 💫
  34. Hiyas. Meaning “jewel”, this is a particularly precious Tagalog name.
  35. Imelda. “Entire battle” is the Tagalog meaning of this fierce name.
  36. Isa. Simply means “one”.
  37. Isla. If you want your little one to live in true island style, this is the perfect name—because that’s exactly what it means. 🏝️
  38. Ivy. Named after the crawling plant, Ivy is a name that never goes out of style.
  39. Jaslene. This is another of our blended favorites. Jazlyn is “flower” and Jolene is “pretty”—a perfect combination.
  40. Jasmine. So is Jasmine a Filipino name? Yes, in the sense that Filipino names are inspired by an eclectic mix of influences. It’s of Persian origin and means “God’s gift”. It’s also a beautifully fragrant flower.
  41. Lawin. “Hawk-eagle”. 🦅
  42. Liezel. A popular variant of Elizabeth found in various parts of the world. It means “God is my oath”.
  43. Ligaya. This cheerful name means “happiness”.
  44. Likha. A Tagalog word meaning “creative work”.
  45. Lila. This melodic name, meaning “night” and “play”, has featured on a few different TV shows recently—one of which is Dexter.
  46. Lilibeth. A mixture of “Lily” (the flower) and “Beth” (“God is my promise”). The promised flower.
  47. Luningning. This Tagalog name means “brilliance”.
  48. Luwalhati. A serene name meaning “peace and tranquility”.
  49. Luzviminda. A complex hybrid name made up of “Luzon”, “Visayas” and “Mindanao”. It comes with some sweet nicknames, such as Mindy and Lux.
  50. Lyka. “Pretty face”.
  51. Mahalina. A name that’s sure to draw you in, it means “to be charmed”.
  52. Malaya. “Free”. 🕊️
  53. Maria. This name (and its many variations) is an all-time classic. Connected to the Virgin Mary, it also means “of the sea”.
  54. Marikit. “Beautiful”.
  55. Marisol. Of Spanish origin, this bright name means “sunflower”. 🌻
  56. Maya. From Greek origins, Maya means “good mother”. In the Philippines, it refers to a small bird. 🐦
  57. Mayumi. A Tagalog name meaning “modest”.
  58. Mimosa. Referring to a tropical evergreen tree, Mimosa is also the name of a notorious brunch cocktail.
  59. Mutya. In Tagalog, this precious name means “charm” or “pearl”.
  60. Nenita. “Gift of God”.
  61. Ningning. Meaning “sparkle”, Ningning is also the name of a TV series in the Philippines.
  62. Noemi. Of French origin, this sweet-sounding name means “pleasant and lovely”.
  63. Norjannah. This unique name is a blend of Nora (“light”) and Joanna (“God is gracious”).
  64. Odessa. With Latin origins, this adventurous name means “quest”.
  65. Ophelia. A Greek name meaning “help”, Ophelia is a popular name in the Philippines. She is also Hamlet’s love interest in the famous Shakespeare play.
  66. Perlah. A soothing variation of “Pearl”. 🦪
  67. Philippine. A perfect way to pay homage to the country itself, Philippine means “lover of horses”.
  68. Princess. 👸🏽
  69. Queenie. 👑
  70. Reyna. Of Spanish origin, this regal name means “Queen”.
  71. Rosario. Of Latin origin, this attractive name means “rose garden”. And it can be shortened to the beautiful Rosa.
  72. Sampaguita. The national flower of the Philippines.
  73. Sinta. “Love”. 💌
  74. Sunshine. ☀️
  75. Tadhana. “Destiny”.
  76. Tala. A Tagalog name meaning “bright star”. 🌟
  77. Trisha. A timeless name meaning “noble”.
  78. Trixie. “Bringer of joy”.
  79. Ula. Of Spanish origin, Ula means “gem of the sea”. 🐚
  80. Urduja. A legendary warrior princess from Filipino folklore, Urduja means “rising sun”.
  81. Vilma. “Protector”.
  82. Zephyr. Of Greek origin, it means “west wind”.

Have fun choosing!

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