89 Finnish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

89 Finnish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

From the land of reindeers, saunas, and the happiest people in the world (yes, it’s true) comes a collection of Finnish baby boy names for you to choose from. Reflecting the magical landscape from which they were born, these names offer a wealth of history and meaning.
If you’re naming your baby in Finland, it’s important that you stick to the rules.

Certain names are strictly out of bounds — Sweethoneybeebambi, for example.

But luckily for mamas-to-be who want a wider palette to choose from, the rules have recently been relaxed a bit.

For example, previously, you could only choose a maximum of three first names for your baby. Now you can choose up to four.

Another interesting element is the Finnish naming calendar where names are celebrated on specific days.

Search the calendar here to see if your name is on it — and when your special day is.

Ready to dive in? Here are our top picks of Finnish boy names.

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  • What is the most common name in Finland?
  • What are some common names in Finland?

What is the most common name in Finland?

Right at the top of this list is a name that continues to be a roaring success:

  1. Leo. This name may sound sweet, but don’t be fooled — it is packed with power. It means “brave people,” and “bold like a lion.” 🦁

What are some common names in Finland?

Check out these popular Finnish boy names and meanings:

  1. Aalto. “Wave” 🌊
  2. Aapo. The Finnish variant of the Biblical name Abraham, Aapo means “father to many.”
  3. Aaro. “High mountain” and “exalted”
  4. Aatos. This thoughtful Finnish boy’s name means “idea.”
  5. Ahti. “God of the water”
  6. Aimo. “Generous amount”
  7. Aki. A popular surname in Japan and India, as a first name in Finland, Aki means “established by God.”
  8. Akseli. “Father of peace” 🕊️
  9. Alvi. This sweet name means “noble friend” or “friend of the elves,” a perfect option for your new little buddy.
  10. Anton. This popular name has stood the test of time. From its Greek roots, it means “priceless one.”
  11. Armas. “Beloved” ❤️
  12. Aro. An ancient Germanic name meaning “eagle” 🦅
  13. Arvo. “Value” and “dignity”
  14. Auri. There’s a lot going on with this sweet name. From its Greek origins, Auri means “breath” or “breeze.” And from the Old Norse, it means “earth” or “clay.” It also refers to the Finnish name for the Aura River in Finland — Aurajoki.
  15. Benjamin. This popular name means “son of the right hand.” And of course, it can be shortened to the ever adorable Ben.
  16. Daan. “The lord is my judge”
  17. Edvin. “Rich friend”
  18. Eerik. The Finnish form of Eric, Eero means “ruler.”
  19. Eetu. Meaning “wealth” and “fortune,” Eetu is the Finnish form of Edward.
  20. Eilo. “Bright, shining light” ✨
  21. Eino. “One”
  22. Ensio. “First”
  23. Erno. A Finnish version of the Old German name Ernst, Erno means “serious and determined.”
  24. Esko. “Protected by the gods”
  25. Gauri. From the name Gabriel, Gauri means “God has shown to be strong.”
  26. Hami. A shortened form of Aaprahami — a version of Abraham — Hami means “father of many.”
  27. Hannu. From its German origins, Hannu means “God is gracious.”
  28. Harald. This name means “army ruler.” And if you’re looking for a shortened form, try Harto.
  29. Heikki. “Ruler of the home”
  30. Iiro. This delightful name means “laughter.” It’s a form of the German name Isaak.
  31. Ismo. “God hears you”
  32. Jaakko. A version of Jacob, Jaakko means “supplanter.”
  33. Jaan. “God is gracious”
  34. Jalmari. “Helmet protector”
  35. Jalo. “Noble” and “gracious”
  36. Janne. “God is gracious”
  37. Jari. “God will raise up”
  38. Joa. “Raised by God”
  39. Jouko. “Tall”
  40. Joulu. “Christmas” 🎄
  41. Juho. “God is gracious”
  42. Kai. This name is popular in various parts of the world. In Hawaiian culture, it means “sea.” 🌊 In Japanese, it means “shell.” 🐚 And from its Scandinavian roots, it likely means “keeper of the keys.” 🔑
  43. Kalevi. “Strong man”
  44. Karo. A variant of Karl, Kalle means “free man.”
  45. Kauno. “Beauty”
  46. Keijo. “Elf” or “supernatural being”
  47. Lars. This popular name either refers to the laurel tree or to a person from the ancient Roman city of Laurentum.
  48. Launo. A form of Nikolaus, Launo means “victory of the people.”
  49. Lavi. Meaning “ancestor’s heir,” Lavi is a form of Olaf — a name that has gained in popularity since it was worn by the lovable snowman in the Frozen movies. (If you’re looking for more Disney inspired names, head here.)
  50. Leevi. “Joined”
  51. Manu. A shortened form of Emmanuel, Manu means “God is with us.”
  52. Markus. From its Latin origins, Markus is a name dedicated to the Roman god Mars.
  53. Mathias. “Gift from God”
  54. Mikael. The Finnish version of Michael, Mikael means “he who is like God.” You can opt for the shortened version Mika or Miska, if you prefer.
  55. Niko. A short version of Nikolaus, this popular name means “victory of the people.”
  56. Onni. “Luck” or “fortune”
  57. Osmo. “Young man”
  58. Otso. “Bear” 🐻
  59. Paavo. A variant of Paul, this sweet name means “little.” Pasi is another adorable version of the same name.
  60. Pekka. Like the name Peter, Pekka means “rock” or “stone.”
  61. Pentti. “Blessed”
  62. Rami. A Finnish version of Abraham, this ancient name means “father of many.”
  63. Rasmus. “Beloved” ❤️
  64. Rauno. “Rowan tree”
  65. Reijo. “Watchful and alert”
  66. Reino. “Wise ruler”
  67. Reko. “Watchman”
  68. Roope. A Finnish version of the name Robert, Roope means “bright fame.” ✨
  69. Runo. “Secret magic” 🪄
  70. Sakari. “God remembers”
  71. Samu. A Finnish version of the name Samuel, Samu means “prayed for.”
  72. Sebulon. “Exalted”
  73. Seppo. “God has given”
  74. Severi. “Severe” or “stern”
  75. Sippo. A version of the German name Siegfried, Sippo means “peace of victory.”
  76. Tahvo. “Crown” 👑
  77. Taneli. This is a Finnish version of the name Daniel, which means “God is my judge.”
  78. Tapio. “Ruler of the forest” 🌲🌲🌲
  79. Teemu. “Victory of the people”
  80. Tero. A Finnish form of the name Andreas, Tero means “manly.”
  81. Timo. “To honor God”
  82. Torben. “God of thunder”
  83. Tuomo. “Twin” 👨🏽‍🤝‍👨🏿
  84. Ukko. For a baby that’s an old soul, Ukko means “old man.”
  85. Valo. “Light” 🌟
  86. Veeti. “Peace” 🕊️
  87. Vilho. A variation of the name Wilhelm, Vilho means “protection.”
  88. Voitto. “Victory” 🥇

Happy choosing!

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