Top 91 Finnish Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Top 91 Finnish Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Finnish baby girl names reflect the history of the country considered the happiest in the world.
Finnish girl names stem from a variety of sources and influences, from Christian saints to Finland’s folklore.

Interestingly, although Finnish names offer a wealth of variety, the naming traditions in the country are quite strict.

The Names Act governs which names are appropriate, as well as the form and spelling of those names.

Recently, there has been some loosening of the country’s naming laws.

To accommodate the increasingly diverse Finnish community, more names have been added to the list.

Plus, children are now no longer limited to three first names and can have up to four.

With all that in mind, let’s dive into these Finnish girl names and meanings.

In this article: 📝

  • How to pronounce Finnish girl names
  • What is the most common name in Finland?
  • What are popular Finnish names?

How to pronounce Finnish girl names

First, some pronunciation rules before we get going:

  • The “j” sound in Finnish is pronounced the same as the “y” sound in English.
  • If you see a double vowel sound such as “aa” in “Marjaana,” give it the length it deserves by spending a little more time in the vowel area.
  • And yes, start practicing rolling those rrrrrrrrs.

What is the most common name in Finland?

In 2020, the Finnish girl name that hit the top of the charts was, wait for it:

  1. Aino. This exquisite name means “the only one.” It has a rich history, born out of Finnish folklore. It’s also a popular name in Estonia and Japan.

What are popular Finnish names?

Check out the popular Finnish girls’ names that we love.

  1. Aada. The Finnish spelling of the Hebrew name Ada, this exquisite name means “ornament” or “adornment.”
  2. Aamu. “Morning” 🌅
  3. Ailana.Moonlight” 🌕 or “light bearer”
  4. Aili. A name in Finland and Estonia, Aili means “holy” or “blessed.”
  5. Aini. The Finnish variation of the names Anna and Ani, which both come from the Greek name Hanna. This sweet name means “only one.”
  6. Aleksandra. With its alternative spelling of Alexandra, this mighty name means “defender of man.”
  7. Amalia or Amelia. A name of Germanic origins, Amalia and Amelia mean “industrious” and “hard working.”
  8. Anja. The Nordic spelling of the Russian name Anya, Anja means “merciful” and “full of grace.”
  9. Annabel. “Favored grace”
  10. Anneliese. With its German origins, Annelise is made up of the names Anna (meaning “grace”) and Liese (meaning “God’s promise.”) It can be shortened to Anneli.
  11. Annikki. A diminutive form of Anna, this sweet name means “grace.”
  12. Ariana. From the Latin Arianus, this classic name means “very holy.”
  13. Aurora. Meaning “dawn,” this name is one that continues to see the light of day.
  14. Ava. From its Germanic roots, Ava means “strength” and “power.” It’s a name rich with meaning. Its Persian meaning is “water” and “voice” and from its Hebrew origins it means “life.”
  15. Chloë. This ever-popular name from Greek origins means “green shoot.” 🌱
  16. Eevi. The Finnish spelling of Evi, this name means “giving life.”
  17. Élea. Linked to the name Eleanor, this popular name means “bright, shining light.” ✨
  18. Elisabeth. A name popular in so many cultures throughout the world, Elisabeth means “God’s promise.”
  19. Elli. This old Norse name means “age.” And yes, it’s lived up to its name and aged well.
  20. Elsi. A version of the popular name Elsa which comes from Elisabeth, this a cute-sounding name with a big meaning — “God’s promise.”
  21. Elissa. If you’re looking for a variant of Elisabeth with a soothing sound, Elissa is a brilliant choice. Like its sister names, it means “God’s promise.”
  22. Ellen. A name that is popular in all corners of the globe, Ellen is a version of Eleonora, meaning “sun ray” and “merciful.”
  23. Elvina. An old German name meaning “noble friend” and “friend of the elves.” It can be shortened to the adorable Elvi.
  24. Emilia. This interesting name has a few possible roots. From Latin, it may mean “to rival” or “to excel.” With its German origins, it means “work” and “industriousness.”
  25. Esteri. The Finnish form of the biblical name Esther, Esteri means “star.” ⭐
  26. Eva. “Alive”
  27. Fiia. “Flickering fire” 🔥
  28. Freyja. From the Old Norse, Freyja means “fertile.”
  29. Hanni. “Mercy” and “favor”
  30. Hannele. A variant of the name Johanna, this popular name means “grace” and “favor.”
  31. Helena. A Nordic form of the name Helene, Helena means “radiating light.”
  32. Helmi.Pearl” 🦪
  33. Henna. “Ruler of the home”
  34. Heta. A Finnish form of Helene, Heta means “shining light.” 🌟
  35. Hilla. This Finnish version of the name Hilda means “battle.”
  36. Iro.Peace” 🕊️
  37. Isabella. A popular name in so many parts of the world, Isabella means “noble and bright.”
  38. Isla. “Swelling island”
  39. Jasmin. Yep, like the flower.
  40. Johanna. “God is gracious”
  41. Kaarina. This Finnish version of Karina, this name means “pure.”
  42. Kaija. “Life”
  43. Kaisa. From its Greek origins, Kaisa means “pure.”
  44. Kesia. From the Cassia tree 🌳
  45. Kiara. “Famous”
  46. Kielo. “Lily of the valley”
  47. Kirsi. “Cherry” 🍒
  48. Kristiina. “Follower of Christ”
  49. Lia. The Finnish version of the Biblical name Leah, this name means “weary” and “languid.”
  50. Liekki. “Flame” 🔥
  51. Liisa. “Promise to God”
  52. Liliana or Lilja. “Lily”
  53. Linnéa. “Linden tree” 🌳
  54. Livia. “Life”
  55. Lotta. “Free”
  56. Lumia. “Snow” ❄️
  57. Maëly. “Princess” 👑
  58. Maija. This name refers to the month of May and also means “little mother.”
  59. Meri. The Nordic spelling of Mary, this merry name means “sea.” 🌊
  60. Milja. “Rival” and “eager”
  61. Minea. A popular Finnish name invented by the 20th century writer Mika Waltari for her novel The Egyptian, Minea means “king.”
  62. Minna. From old German, Minna means “love.” ❤️
  63. Maire. “Sweet”
  64. Marjatta. “Little berry”
  65. Naya. “Little sister”
  66. Nea. A shortened form of the name Linnea, the name celebrates the Linden flower.
  67. Noomi. “Pleasant”
  68. Noora. A Finnish variation of the name Nora, Noora means “light.”
  69. Ophélia. “Help” and “benefit”
  70. Pihla. A Rowan tree.
  71. Riina. “Song” and “joy” 🎵🎵
  72. Saija. “Princess” 👑
  73. Sanna. “True”
  74. Satu.Fairy tale” 🧚
  75. Seela. “Safe”
  76. Senja. This Nordic form of Xenia means “hospitality.”
  77. Sini. “Blue color” 💙
  78. Sohvi.Wisdom” and “art”
  79. Suvi. “Summer” ⛱️
  80. Taika.Magic
  81. Taimi. “Seedling” 🌱
  82. Taina. A Finnish version of the name Tanja, Taina means “to put in order” and — perhaps more excitingly — “fairy queen.”
  83. Tiia. “To harvest”
  84. Tuuli. “Wind”
  85. Tuva. “Tuft of grass”
  86. Ulla. A form of the name Ursula, Ulla means “bear.” 🐻
  87. Veera. Meaning “faith” “victory bringer” or “truth.”
  88. Venla. “Wind”
  89. Via. “Noble and bright”
  90. Vilja. “Grain” 🌾

We can also help you out with this comprehensive list of Scandinavian names if you’re looking to broaden the search.

Happy choosing!

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