10 Brilliant First Birthday Themes for a Day to Remember

10 Brilliant First Birthday Themes for a Day to Remember

Check out our list of brilliant first birthday themes for fun, creative and memorable ways to mark your little one’s big day in style.
It’s hard to believe, but your little one is about to turn one!

It’s a milestone that deserves to be marked in style.

So we’ve put together some brilliant first birthday themes to help you do just that.

And the best bit is, you’re the one who gets to choose the theme you love the most.

Savor the moment, mama — because soon, the little person in your life will have their own ideas about how to celebrate their birthday.

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  • What is the best theme for a first birthday boy?
  • What should I do for baby’s first birthday? The finishing touch.

What are some popular birthday themes?

When it comes to first birthday party themes, the world is your oyster.

Colors, storybook characters, superheroes, sports — pretty much anything can work well.

Lots of people choose themes that play on the word “one” or “first.”

Options like “One-derland” can be very versatile.

How about “Winter One-derland” for winter babies, “Enchanted One-Derland” for magical fairies, or “Alice in One-derland” for fun and quirky down-the-rabbit hole fun?

Or perhaps there’s a song, story, or nursery rhyme your baby loves? That could provide a sweet and personal theme.

And if all these first birthday themes are feeling overwhelming, you could narrow it down by opting for your baby’s nursery theme.

The bonus? You get to reuse decor and props, cutting costs and waste.

If all else fails, think about what you loved as a kid. Like mama, like little one?

What is the best theme for a first birthday girl?

Pretty much any idea will work equally well for any sex.

But if you want something traditionally feminine for your little one, there are many options.

1. Princess

What better theme for your little princess than an actual princess party?!

You can go to town with this one, with glitter, jewels, and fancy fabrics galore.

How about a cake topped with a crown, and one for the birthday girl, too?

Your guests can coo at just how cute she looks while tucking into a suitably regal cupcake!

Either go generic princess or pick a specific Disney or storybook princess.

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, the costumes are fun to make too.

If not, there are lots of options for 1-year-old princess costumes, like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, or a more classic princess outfit.

2. Unicorn

Beautiful, magical unicorns are beloved by little girls everywhere.

And there’s loads of unicorn merch out there, from headbands to paper plates and party bags.

You can even get your hands on an inflatable unicorn bubble machine!

And for games, how about pin the horn on the unicorn?

3. First Bee-Day

For a pun-tastic party, consider a honey bee-themed “First Bee-day.”

This is one of the easiest themes out there.

Just buy party accessories in black and yellow, and you’re away.

If you enjoy baking, there are some great recipes for bee-themed cakes.

Keep it simple, or go for something more elaborate — the choice is yours.

4. Rainbow

Rainbow themes are all about the colors.

Get a load of brightly-colored balloons and invest in colorful paper cups and plates.

Rainbow-colored bunting will work brilliantly too.

And if you’ve got an old cardboard box, try cutting it into a rainbow shape and painting on the colors.

You don’t need to be a professional artist to get a great effect.

5. Flower Garden

A flowery theme can work beautifully, especially for babies with a floral name.

If you’re mama to a Daisy, Poppy, Rose, or Lily, why not incorporate their special flower into the theme?

Using fresh flowers will give an upscale feel to the event.

And it’s easy to find accessories to fit the theme.

Floral cake toppers, flowery tablecloths, headbands for the little ones — there’s a great range out there.

What is the best theme for a first birthday boy?

Boyish first birthday themes include magic, wildlife, plants, flowers, sports, and cars.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

6. Dinosaurs

You’ll go a long way to find a child that doesn’t like dinosaurs.

So a dinosaur party is great if older kids will be coming.

And tiny ones can still enjoy the bright dino colors and unusual shapes.

If you don’t have the time or energy for heavy-duty crafting, this is also a simple option to pull off.

Readymade dinosaur decor, games, and food items are all easy to find.

7. Under the Sea

Get creative with an underwater theme.

Drape blue fabric from the ceiling to represent the waves above, and use seashells and pebbles to create a marine vibe.

If you’re feeling brave, you could even add a sandpit.

Make a fish-shaped cake, or give yourself a break and buy one ready-made.

8. Space

Take inspiration from the heavens with a space-themed party.

A mobile or two with planets and stars will set the theme.

If you have time, they’re easy enough to make.

And if you don’t, they’re not expensive to buy.

Add plates decorated with the moon and stars and a rocket ship cake for the finishing touch.

9. Wild One

Tailor a safari-themed birthday party to a one-year-old by calling it “Wild One”!

Green balloons will help create a jungle atmosphere.

You could even make use of large houseplants.

Soft toys are great here too.

If your little one has a cuddly lion, monkey, or tiger, add them to your indoor jungle.

10. Hole in One

Some first birthday themes are great for both kids and grown-ups.

A “Hole in One” party is one of those.

Golf ball cupcakes and party favors are easy to come by.

And you could even add a temporary putting green for little kids — and big ones!

What should I do for baby’s first birthday? The finishing touch.

Let’s face it, birthday parties for 1-year-olds are just as much for the parents as the kids.

So choose a theme you can have fun with.

And decide whether to go big or keep it subtle.

There’s no right and wrong here.

And if you need some first birthday party planning hints and tips, we’ve got you covered.

Remember: you’ve handled 12 months of bringing up a baby — next to that, organizing a party is a piece of cake!

So relax, enjoy the day, and take plenty of photos. ❤️

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