80 Thoughtful First Mother's Day Gift Ideas

80 Thoughtful First Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is nearly here!

Looking for the perfect first Mother’s Day gift for your partner, daughter, or friend?

After all, you only get one shot, so it has to be just right.

If you’re not sure where to start with Mother’s Day gifts for first-time moms, relax ‒ we’ve got you covered with 80 meaningful, funny, and useful first Mother’s Day gift ideas.

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  • Is the first Mother’s Day special?
  • What do you get someone for their first mothers day?
  • What should I do for my wife’s first Mother’s Day?
  • What should I get my daughter for her first Mother’s Day?
  • Do pregnant moms celebrate Mother’s Day?
  • When was first Mother’s Day celebrated?

Is the first Mother’s Day special?

Yes, mama’s very first Mother’s Day is extra-special ‒ whether they’re pregnant or holding baby in their arms, it’s a very significant occasion.

This is a day mama will remember forever, so you have to get it right with their first Mother’s Day gift!

What do you get someone for their first mothers day?

Need some gift inspo? Well, here are a few suggestions of what to get first-time mom for Mother’s Day:

First Mother’s Day outfits for baby

Why not surprise mama by dressing baby in a super-cute “first Mother’s Day” onesie? Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Keep Calm It’s Mommy’s First Mother’s Day Onesie
  2. Happy 1st Mother’s Day Mommy Baby Onesie
  3. Dear Mom, Happy 1st Mother’s Day With Me Baby Onesie
  4. Happy First Mother’s Day! I Love You, Mommy Baby Onesie
  5. Happy 1st Mother’s Day Mommy Tutu Baby Outfit
  6. Happy 1st Mother’s Day Pink Baby Outfit

First Mother’s Day shirts

Make mama feel extra-special with one of these “first Mother’s Day” shirts to wear for the day:

  1. Happy First Mothers Day T-Shirt
  2. My First Mother’s Day As A Mom T-Shirt
  3. My First Mother’s Day Arriving… T-Shirt for Pregnancy
  4. My First Mother’s Day Footprint T-Shirt

First Mother’s Day matching outfits

When it comes to the best first Mother’s Day gifts, it doesn’t get much cuter than matching mama and baby outfits!

  1. Personalized Photo Our 1st Mother’s Day Matching Outfits
  2. Our First Mothers Day Outfits New Mom Gifts Mommy and Me Matching Shirts Set
  3. First Mother’s Day Mommy & Baby Elephant Matching Shirts
  4. Our First Mother’s Day Matching Shirt & Baby Onesie
  5. Our First Mother’s Day Matching Personalized Rainbow T-Shirt & Onesie
  6. Our First Mother’s Day Together! Sloth Matching T-Shirt & Baby Onesie
  7. Our First Mother’s Day Bear Matching T-Shirt & Baby Onesie
  8. Giraffe Our First Mother’s Day Mommy And Me Shirt
  9. Our First Mothers Day Matching Outfit
  10. Our First Mother’s Day Matching Rainbow T-Shirt & Onesie

First Mother’s Day mugs

Before mama has her first coffee of the day, surprise her with a commemorative mug:

  1. Happy First Mother’s Day Wine & Milk Mug
  2. Happy 1st Mother’s Day Personalized Photo Mug
  3. Happy 1st Mother’s Day As My Mommy Personalized Photo Mug
  4. You Are Doing A Great Job Mommy Happy 1st Mother’s Day Personalized Tumbler
  5. Personalized Custom Face Happy 1st Mothers Day As My Mommy Tumbler

First Mother’s Day frames

You can never have too many photos of mama and baby around the house.

If you’re stuck for first Mother’s Day gift ideas, a photo frame is a definite winner:

  1. First Mother’s Day 2022 Engraved Leather Frame
  2. Lifetime Creations Personalized First Mother’s Day Picture Frame
  3. To Mommy on Our First Mother’s Day Picture Frame
  4. Personalized 1st Mother’s Day Mommy & Me
  5. Our First Mother’s Day Personalized Wooden Frame
  6. Mommy & Me First Mother’s Day Picture Frame

First Mother’s Day cards

Whether you’re sending a card from baby or you want to show how much you appreciate mom, these first Mother’s Day cards will do the trick:

  1. Happy First Mother’s Day Card Laundry Line
  2. Hallmark Happy 1st Mother’s Day Card
  3. Happy First Mother’s Day Floral Card
  4. Sweet Wishes to the New Mom Card
  5. Happy First Mother’s Day Sweet Things Card
  6. It’s Your First Mother’s Day! Card

First Mother’s Day cards for mom-to-be

If you’re after pregnancy gifts for first-time moms, why not start with a meaningful card to show how much you care:

  1. Personalized 1st Mother’s Day from Bump Card
  2. Happy Mother’s Day! See You Soon Card
  3. For the Mother-to-Be on Mother’s Day Stork Card
  4. To A Special Mother-to-Be on Mother’s Day Patchwork Card
  5. Happy Mother’s Day to the Lovely Mom-to-Be Card

First Mother’s Day ornaments

After a personal first Mother’s Day gift for mama to look back on for years to come?

Check out these sweet first Mother’s Day ornaments to commemorate the occasion:

  1. Elephant First Mothers Day Ornament
  2. Happy First Mother’s Day As My Mommy 2022 Ornament
  3. Personalized Happy First Mother’s Day Ornament
  4. Happy First Mother’s Day Mommy & Me Personalized Photo Ornament
  5. Personalized Happy 1st Mother’s Day As My Mommy Ceramic Ornament
  6. Happy 1st Mother’s Day 2022 Personalized Photo Ornament
  7. Happy First Mother’s Day from the Bump Ornament

What should I do for my wife’s first Mother’s Day?

If you’re looking for ways to make mama’s first Mother’s Day even more special, go beyond getting a gift.

Ultimately, the best gift for first Mother’s Day is time ‒ here are some ideas of what to do for your partner for their first Mother’s Day:

  1. Let her lie in: Sleep is fundamental, but hard to come by, as a new mom.
  2. Put baby in a cute outfit: Either one of our first Mother’s Day onesies above or mama’s favorite baby outfit.
  3. Make a playlist of her favorite songs ‒ or songs with ‘mom’ in the title.
  4. Breakfast in bed: It’s a Mother’s Day staple, so make her feel like a real mama with breakfast in bed.
  5. Family photoshoot: Either book a photographer or take your own snaps of your new family.
  6. Put on her favorite movie: Whatever it is!
  7. Run a warm bath ‒ complete with bubble bath, bath salts, and a relaxing playlist.
  8. Give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers: Another Mother’s Day classic, and a must for her first Mother’s Day.
  9. Write a Mother’s Day card from baby (or bump): Along with some sweet words like “I’m glad I chose you to be my mommy” or “best mama ever!”.
  10. Give her some alone time: Mother’s Day is her time to feel like herself, so some time alone could be just what she wants.
  11. Clean the house: Moms are often charged with keeping the house clean and tidy, so if you feel like you’re not pulling your weight, make sure the house is clean and tidy for her special day. And every day after that.
  12. Prepare dinner, dine out, or get takeaway: This way, mama won’t have to worry about what to eat or preparing a meal. Pick her favorite meal or place to eat!

What should I get my pregnant wife for Mother’s Day?

Now, onto pregnancy gifts for first-time moms on Mother’s Day ‒ after all, pregnant mamas are still mamas!

  1. Massage: A pregnancy-friendly massage can help relax and de-stress an expecting mama.
  2. Pregnancy lingerie: Because being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy. We love this bump-friendly open-front babydoll, with lots of colors to choose from.
  3. At-home spa kit: While a sauna might be out of the question for now, how about a relaxing home spa gift set with pregnancy-safe skincare products? We love this pampering gift set, which comes with a rose-scented bath bomb and bath salts, citrus and lavender shower steamers, lavender body butter, and coconut body oil. To leave mama-to-be feeling luxurious.
  4. Non-alcoholic mocktails: Sometimes, a glass of something a little boozy can make you feel elegant, so why not treat mama-to-be to some delicious mocktails? Try these spritzes by Lyre’s or these drinks by Mocktails.
  5. Pregnancy journal: A must for first-time moms-to-be, a pregnancy journal keeps track of key milestones during mama’s pregnancy ‒ a keepsake for years to come. We love this First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal by Aubrey Grossen, with lots of prompts and pregnancy-friendly activities to try.

What should I get my daughter for her first Mother’s Day?

Looking for Mother’s Day gifts for new moms who also happen to be your daughter?

Now you’ve been promoted to grandparent, we have lots of useful and meaningful Mother’s Day gifts for first-time moms for you to choose from:

  1. White noise machine: Some white noise can either help mama or baby sleep ‒ our mamas of Peanut highly recommend this White Noise Machine from Amazon, with a night light built-in.
  2. Recipe bookbinder: A personalized recipe bookbinder is a beautiful way to start a new tradition, something to be passed down for generations to come.
  3. Nursing-friendly pajamas: Super-soft and with easy access for nighttime breastfeeding, your daughter will love these nursing pajamas for their first Mother’s Day.
  4. Teething baby necklace: Fashion, meet practicality! As a first-time mom, your daughter is likely well-versed in the teething habits of babies. After all, babies get pretty much everything in their mouths! Our Peanut mamas love this silicone baby teething necklace by Itybity.
  5. Personalized book: How about a first Mother’s Day gift for mama and baby? Well, we love this Super Mom personalized book by I See Me! ‒ after all, your daughter really is a superhero.
  6. Postpartum self-care: Relaxing and recovery are two tricky things to fit into the hectic schedule of a new mom, so give mama the gift of relaxation for her first Mother’s Day with these postpartum-friendly Sitz bath salts?
  7. “Night off” voucher: One of the best first Mother’s Day gifts you can give your daughter is time. So take baby off her hands for a few hours or even a full day, so she can have time for herself. These elegant coupon cards make the gift even more special.

What do I get my daughter-in-law for first Mother’s Day?

What if the first-time mom isn’t your daughter, but your daughter-in-law?

Well, we’ve got even more Mother’s Day gifts for new moms for your new daughter.

  1. Baby hand and footprint: If you’re looking for a beautiful keepsake as a first Mother’s Day gift for your daughter-in-law, it doesn’t get much more meaningful than capturing baby’s handprint and footprint.
  2. Essential oil diffuser: While mama may not want candles around a baby who grabs everything within their reach, she might still want a nice essential oil smell about the house. This adorable elephant essential oil diffuser and humidifier is the best of both worlds!
  3. Mini photo printer: Baby’s first few years are full of precious memories, and in a world of smartphones, photos aren’t getting printed too often anymore. This portable mini photo printer makes a great first Mother’s Day gift ‒ why not couple it with a baby scrapbook to keep all the memories?
  4. Photo keyring: This personalized calendar photo keychain makes a sweet gift for your daughter-in-law’s first Mother’s Day ‒ she can carry a photo of her baby and the day they were born with her wherever she goes.
  5. Birthstone necklace: Jewelry is always a fabulous gift on Mother’s Day, so a necklace personalized with hers, her partner’s, and baby’s birthstones, along with their initials, is a beautifully elegant first Mother’s Day gift.
  6. Takeaway voucher: If your daughter-in-law has a favorite local takeaway, see if they do gift vouchers ‒ it’s a simple first Mother’s Day gift, but (we speak from experience), it’s very gratefully received.
  7. First Mother’s Day mug: A thoughtful way to show your daughter-in-law how special she is to the family, this Happy 1st Mother’s Day to My Amazing Daughter-in-Law Mug will be sure to bring a smile to her face.

Do pregnant moms celebrate Mother’s Day?

Do pregnant women celebrate Mother’s Day? Well, yes, if you want to.

Not all pregnant women choose to celebrate their first Mother’s Day if they’re expecting, but many do.

So do you celebrate mother’s day if you’re pregnant? Yes, if you choose to.

When was first Mother’s Day celebrated?

So when was the first official Mother’s Day?

Well, one of the earliest recorded instances of the first Mother’s Day being celebrated was on May 12th, 1907, by Anna Jarvis in West Virginia, who held a remembrance service at her mother’s church after she’d passed away.

However, in the UK, the first Mother’s Day can be traced back to the Middle Ages (between around 500-1500 CE), typically on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Where was the first Mother’s Day celebrated?

The first Mother’s Day in the US was celebrated in Grafton, West Virginia, at the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church ‒ Anna Jarvis’ late mother’s church.

In the UK, it’s unknown where the very first Mother’s Day was held, but typically, Mothering Sunday was celebrated in the ‘mother’ church of the local area ‒ the biggest church in the town.

Who started Mother’s Day in 1914?

Five years after Anna Jarvis celebrated the first Mother’s Day in 1907, President Woodrow Wilson then made it a national holiday in 1914.

Since then, Mother’s Day has been celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

There you have it! 80 fabulous ideas for gifts to give a new mom on her first Mother’s Day!

Whether you choose to celebrate your first Mother’s Day while pregnant or after you’ve given birth, we wish you the happiest of days.

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