47 Fabulous Flower Baby Names

47 Fabulous Flower Baby Names

Looking for the ideal name for your new arrival? Why not choose a name fresh from the garden? We’ll take you through our favorite flower baby names.
The epitome of beauty, growth, and fabulous freshness, flower baby names are a perfect pick for your budding bundle.

Some flower names have been circulating for centuries (Hello, Daisy and Rose!), while others offer a more unique modern flair (Hey there, Clover!).

So whether you want to opt for vintage flair or contemporary charm, you’re bound to find floral inspiration to match.

Read on for our bouquet of beautiful flower names.

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  • What is the prettiest flower name?
  • What are some popular flower names?
  • What is a unique flower name?
  • What is a good flower name for a girl?
  • What is a good flower name for a boy?

What is the prettiest flower name?

Spoiler alert: there are a lot of pretty flower names.

  1. Jasmine: This is one of the more fragrant white flower names around. With a sound as sweet as its smell, Jasmine is a particularly delightful name. Plus, fans of Disney’s Aladdin may find this name particularly appealing. Then, you may also want to look for names that mean flower, like these lovely options:
  2. Fiorello: This sweet Italian boy’s name simply means “little flower.” New York’s LaGuardia airport was named after Fiorello LaGuardia, the mayor of NYC during WWII.
  3. Fleur: From its Old French roots, Fleur means “flower.”
  4. Flora: This Latin name means “flower.” It’s the name of the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. And if you’re keen to explore more Spring names, we’ve got you covered here.
  5. Florentina: This exquisite name of Latin origin means “blossoming” or “flourishing.”
  6. Florian: This German variation of the Roman name Florianus means “flowering” or “yellow/blond.” So if yellow flower names are what you’re after, this may be an interesting choice.
  7. Posey: This adorable name refers to a bunch of flowers. It can also be a nickname for Josephine, meaning “God will increase.”

What are some popular flower names?

Some of these more common flower names have remained popular throughout the ages.

  1. Daisy: This sweet flower name never goes out of style. It comes from the Old English word dægeseage, which means “day’s eye.” And for those seeking literary names, Daisy is the main female character in The Great Gatsby.
  2. Heather: An evergreen flowering plant.
  3. Holly: If your baby is due during the Christmas season, Holly is an ideal choice.
  4. Lily: This gorgeous flower is a symbol of purity and innocence.
  5. Rose: This romantic flower makes for a perfect baby name. And if you’re looking for alternatives, there’s Rosa, Rhoswen, Rosalind, and Roisin, to name a few. (We give you the full list here.)
  6. Susan: From its Hebrew roots, Susan refers to the lily flower.
  7. Violet: This name means “purple” in Latin — the perfect fit for this sweet purple flower. Viola is another striking option.

What is a unique flower name?

Again, when it comes to unique flower names, we’re somewhat spoiled for choice.

We like:

  1. Ambrosia: The interesting name belongs to a just-as-interesting flower. Ambrosia is a member of the sunflower family.
  2. Dahlia: Named after the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl, this magnificent flower is a late bloomer. (And if you’re curious, Dahl means “valley.”)
  3. Freesia: After the physician Fredrich Freese, these pretty flowers have a sweet smell that some compare to strawberries.
  4. Ginger: Perhaps better known for its root than its flower, ginger is in fact, a very pretty plant. Plus, it’s a way to honor the American actress Ginger Rogers, a star of Hollywood’s Golden Age.
  5. Ixia: Known as African corn lilies or wand flowers, these beautiful flowers have an unusually beautiful name.
  6. Leilani: Searching for Hawaiian flower names? Leilani is a great option. The name means “heavenly garland of flowers” or “royal child.”
  7. Magnolia: This stunning spring-blooming flower makes for a really distinctive flower name for girls.
  8. Nanala: This musical name has its roots in the Hawaiian word for sunflower: pua nānā lā.
  9. Olearia: An interesting name option, Olearia is more commonly known as the daisy bush.
  10. Zinnia: This cheerful flower makes a delightfully unique flower name.

And there are more flowers in this garden!

Let’s explore them.

What is a good flower name for a girl?

  1. Azalea: This spring bloomer is particularly breathtaking. And what about shortening the name to the sweet Lea?
  2. Azami: Azami refers to the thistle plant in Japanese.
  3. Blossom: A blooming good name.
  4. Briony: This name has Greek roots and refers to the climbing plant.
  5. Clover: You might just have the luck of the Irish if you opt for this tiny flower.
  6. Cynthia: The two-flowered cynthia is a sweet wildflower native to North America.
  7. Hyacinth: This fragrant plant bursts onto the scene in spring and comes in purples, pinks, and whites.
  8. Ione: From its Greek roots, Ione means “violet.”
  9. Iris: Not only is this cute name a pretty flower, but it also means “rainbow” from its Greek roots.
  10. Jacinta: This name has Spanish origins and refers to the hyacinth plant.
  11. Marigold: This golden flower makes for an unusually adorable name.
  12. Poppy: When it comes to cute flower names, this one’s definitely a top choice. Poppies are a symbol of remembrance for the First World War and signify a hope for a peaceful future.
  13. Primrose: The lovely yellow flower is so called because it blooms early in the spring, making it the “first rose.”
  14. Veronica: You might know the Veronica flower by its more common name, speedwell.
  15. Wisteria: This vining plant bears gorgeous blue-purple flowers.

What is a good flower name for a boy?

  1. Aster: These perennial flowers get their names from their shape. Aster means “star” from Greek roots.
  2. Basil: We think it’s time this delicious name made a comeback. As a boy’s name, Basil is pronounced “BAZ-zle” with a short “a” sound, not “BAYZE-zle” like the herb. Apart from being the name of the herb, it means “kingly” and “brave” — a nature name that packs a powerful punch!
  3. Garland: A decorative wreath of flowers that can signal victory.
  4. Hawthorn: This deciduous plant has white or pink flowers.
  5. Kunal: This Sanskrit name means “lotus” — a flower that is a symbol of enlightenment in Buddhism and a great option for flower names for boys.
  6. Ren: When it comes to Japanese flower names, Ren is a lovely choice. It refers to the lotus flower.
  7. Sage: An excellent gender-neutral option, sage can either refer to the hardy plant or to someone wise. If you’re specifically looking for purple flower names, this one could be top of your list.
  8. William: Wondering why this popular name makes this list? Sweet William is a charming garden plant that blooms in parts of Europe and Asia. The name itself means “resolute protector.”

All the best with your choice!

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