79 Flower Baby Names for Boys With Meanings

79 Flower Baby Names for Boys With Meanings

We’ve all heard of flower names for girls ‒ they’re beautiful and classic.

But why limit flower names to girls when there are plenty of unique and cool flower names for boys out there?

It’s time to break free from the usual naming routine and let your kid bloom with some seriously stylish flair!

Some of these plant names for boys might be totally new to you, while others sound like classics ‒ perfect for a cottagecore aesthetic.

So whether you’re after more masculine flower names or some unique flower names for boys that err on the gender-neutral side, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s bloom, mama.

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  • What are the most popular flower names for baby boys?
  • What are unique and rare flower names for boys?
  • Cute flower names for boys
  • What are masculine flowers?
  • What name means flower for a boy?
  • What is a good plant name for a boy?

What are the most popular flower names for baby boys?

You might be surprised to spot many of your favorite baby names here.

That’s because many popular names stem from (pun intended) flowers, plants, and trees.

Nature has inspired us humans throughout the centuries, so why not pay homage to Mother Nature with these great names from around the world?

  1. Aaron: Aaron’s Beard is a type of shrub found in Southeast Europe.
  2. Florent: “Flowering” in French.
  3. Florian: Latin for “flowering”.
  4. Jacek: Polish for “hyacinth”.
  5. Jared:Rose” in Hebrew.
  6. Kunal: An Indian name, from the Lotus plant.
  7. Laurence: Like a wreath of laurel. Symbolizes victory, triumph, and success.
  8. Oliver: From “olives”. Not exactly a flower name, but you get the drill.
  9. Ren: Japanese for “lotus”. Irish for “water lilies”.
  10. Watson: From the Watsonia flower.
  11. William: Sweet William, an early-flowering variety of Dianthus. No wonder Kate Middleton had some in her bridal bouquet!
  12. Zahir: “Blossoming” in Arabic.

What are unique and rare flower names for boys?

If you’re looking for something more unusual for your babe, we’ve got you covered with these unique flower names for boys.

Here are our favorites:

  1. Aciano: Blue bottle flower.
  2. Admon: A red peony flower in Hebrew.
  3. Aletris: A Greek flower name meaning “corn grinder”.
  4. Blodwyn: Welsh, meaning “blessed flowers”.
  5. Calix: Greek for “very handsome”. Also after the Calyx flower.
  6. Campion: Like the woodland flower. Also sounds like champion.
  7. Cosmos: Of the sunflower family. Unique and grand.
  8. Cresento: “Gold flower” in Spanish.
  9. Crisanto: “Golden flower” in Greek.
  10. Florentino: “Flowering” in French and Italian.
  11. Hinata: Japanese for “sunflower”.
  12. Jacinto: “Hyacinth” in Spanish.
  13. Lirio: “Lily” in Portuguese.
  14. Lotem: A Hebrew word for a “brush of golden flowers”.
  15. Nalin: From the Hindu and Buddhist religion, meaning “lotus”.
  16. Palash: “True flower” in Hindi.
  17. Roosevelt: Like the President, except it means “field of roses” in Dutch.
  18. Vered: “Rose” in Hebrew.
  19. Zahur: Egyptian name meaning “flower”.
  20. Zephyr: A Greek God and a beautiful flower native to Peru and Columbia.


Cute flower names for boys

Delicate, fragrant, and fun ‒ choosing a cute name for your baby boy is no easy feat.

But don’t worry, we’re here to make it easier.

  1. Bud: “Blossom”.
  2. Cane: As in “sugar cane”.
  3. Catkin: After the rustic hanging tree flowers. Simply adorable!
  4. Clem: Derived from Clematis, a climbing vine of flowers.
  5. Corey: A short form of Coreopsis, also “from the hollow” in Irish.
  6. Fern: Lush.
  7. Fiorello: Little colorful flowers. Italian.
  8. Fox: Inspired by Foxglove flowers.
  9. Heath: Like a woodland heath, or the masculine version of Heather.
  10. Indigo: Profound.
  11. Lupin: Not just a wolf-like name, but also a tall flower that comes in a variety of colors.
  12. Oak: Honor and nobility.
  13. Perez: “To blossom” in Spanish.
  14. Shamrock: The national flower of Ireland. For a lucky baby!
  15. Talasi: Native American name meaning “cornflower”.
  16. Thyme: Courage and elegance.
  17. Yarrow: After the bright yellow flower.
  18. Zahar: Arabic baby name meaning bloom.

What are masculine flowers?

Well, assigning gender to flowers is pretty tough, but these ones seem “manly”!

  1. Aster: A gender-neutral name, Asters are star-shaped flowers.
  2. Linden: After the Linden tree, which flowers in the spring.
  3. Narcissus: “Daffodil” in Greek. Perfect for a handsome baby!
  4. Oleander: After the star-shaped flowers.
  5. Sage: Representing wisdom, Sage blossoms with purple flowers.
  6. Sorrel: When flowering, the sorrel is a hibiscus. Perfect for a reddish-brown-haired babe.
  7. Valerian: After the sweet-smelling flower ‒ also one for the Game of Thrones fans!

What name means flower for a boy?

  1. Abebe: Meaning “flower” in Arabic.
  2. Arnit: Meaning “beautiful flower” in Hebrew.
  3. Blodyn: Meaning “flower” in Welsh.
  4. Çiçek: Meaning “flower” in Turkish ‒ pronounced chih-chek.
  5. Fiore: Meaning “little flower” in Italian.
  6. Florin: Meaning “flower” in French and Romanian.
  7. Floris: Meaning “flowering” in Dutch.
  8. Ketak: Meaning “flower” in Indian.
  9. Lule: Meaning “flower” in Albanian.
  10. Trevor: Meaning “flower” in Persian.

What is a good plant name for a boy?

After some less flowery and more plant-y boy names?

Take your pick:

  1. Alder: Symbolizing protection and resilience.
  2. Aloe: Healing and soothing.
  3. Ash: A tree with mystical and medicinal properties.
  4. Basil: A Greek name and fragrant herb.
  5. Birch: A graceful tree with distinctive white bark.
  6. Cedar: Pure.
  7. Cypress: After the tall, slender trees often found in Mediterranean regions.
  8. Elm: Strong and robust.
  9. Hawthorn: From the flowering shrub, symbolizing natural beauty.
  10. Oakley: Meaning “oak field”.
  11. Pine: Wisdom and longevity.
  12. Reed: Representing justice.

From Asher to Zahar, these names have bloomed with the perfect balance of masculinity and botanical brilliance.

So, next time someone says that flower names are just for girls, just give them a smile and share your newfound wisdom.

Who knew that blossoms and boys could make such a charming pair?

Dare to be different, mama!

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