123 Pretty Flower Names for Girls & Meanings

123 Pretty Flower Names for Girls & Meanings

On the hunt for unique flower names for girls? Or even plant names for girls? We’ve got you covered with this nature-inspired list.
Searching for the perfect flower name for your daughter?

Floral names are beautiful and meaningful.

Whether you’re searching for your little one’s second name or you’re looking for a first name that feels right, these botanical monikers are sure to inspire your imagination.

Read on to learn about the meanings of flower names for girls, as well as their popularity over time and with different cultures.

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  • What are girl names meaning flower?
  • What is a good flower name for a girl?

What are pretty flower names?

Starting off with the very best names of flowers for girls, we have Lily, Daisy, Rose ‒ you know her, you’ve met her, you love her.

These floral names have been popular for decades, but they’re not the only ones.

Here’s a run-down of all of the popular floral names for girls and their different meanings.

  1. Azalea: Everlasting beauty.
  2. Hazel: Wisdom.
  3. Heather: Luck.
  4. Holly: Perfect for December babies. Like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  5. Iris: Greek for “rainbow”, the purple-blue flower is a symbol of power and majesty.
  6. Ivy: Symbolizes fidelity and faithfulness.
  7. Jacinta: After the Portuguese word for “hyacinth”.
  8. Jasmine:Gift from God” in Persian, derived from Yasmin, the Jasmine flower.
  9. Jessamine: Persian for “jasmine”.
  10. Lila: Confidence.
  11. Lily: Whiteness and purity.
  12. Poppy: Red flower.
  13. Violet: Sweet and purple, just like the flower.

What is the prettiest flower name?

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the prettiest flower name for girls is entirely your choice.

But there is one girl’s flower name that’s supposedly after the “Queen of the Gardens”:

  1. Rose: From the Latin rosa.

What is a unique flower name?

Straying away from the conventional, we’ve got a few more unique flower names for girls ‒ names you won’t hear or come across every day.

  1. Abelia: A symbol of equality in Mexican culture.
  2. Alchemilla: Representing comforting love.
  3. Amaryllis: Sparkle.
  4. Ambretta: A gorgeous yellow, sweet-smelling flower.
  5. Angelonia: Another name for Summer Snapdragon.
  6. Arbor: A tree-related gender-neutral floral name.
  7. Bergenia: Representing health and renewal.
  8. Bouvardia: For your fiery little one, Bouvardia is another name for the Firecracker Plant.
  9. Cassia: “Cinnamon” in Greek, a beautiful golden flower.
  10. Celandine: A type of yellow poppy with a musical sound.
  11. Celosia: A member of the Amaranth family.
  12. Cliantha: Meaning “glory flower” in Greek.
  13. Daffodil: A beautifully bright girls’ flower name, perfect for a Welsh baby!
  14. Dianella: A small blue Lily.
  15. Diantha: A Greek girl’s name meaning “divine flower”.
  16. Elestren: A unique flower name meaning “iris” in Cornish.
  17. Evanthe: Greek for “fair flower”.
  18. Freesia: Symbolising freedom.
  19. Hyacinth: Blue-bell flower.
  20. Kalmia: A pink flower symbolic of strength and perseverance.
  21. Lavender: Sweet-smelling purple-hued flower.
  22. Liana: French for “to climb like a vine.”
  23. Lillian: From the Lily flower.
  24. Lunaria: A purple flower representing honesty and fortune.
  25. Marguerite: French for Margaret.
  26. Matthiola: Symbolizing a long life.
  27. Nasrin: Persian name meaning “wild rose.”
  28. Nerine: A delicate flower of the Amaryllis family.
  29. Nigella: Representing harmony and love.
  30. Nolana: A symbol of pride.
  31. Orchid: Representing femininity and fertility.
  32. Raisa: Rose in Yiddish.
  33. Shoshana: Lily in Hebrew, also Susannah.
  34. Silene: Gentleness and young love.
  35. Tigerlily: A striking flower representing confidence, pride, and wealth.
  36. Willow: Freedom.
  37. Yolanda: Greek for Violet.
  38. Zaynab: Meaning “fragrant flower” in Arabic.
  39. Zinnia: German-Latin origin meaning “Zinn’s flower”.

What is the most unique flower name?

What is the rarest girl name?

Well, we’ve yet to see anyone with this girl’s flower name:

  1. Anemone: A Greek flower name for girls meaning “wind flowers”.

What are cute flower names?

Looking for a girl’s flower name that’s a bit softer? Sweeter?

Dare we say, cuter?

They don’t get much more adorable than these cute flower names:

  1. Aster: A starry-inspired girl’s flower name from the daisy genus.
  2. Bellerose: A French floral name meaning “beautiful rose”.
  3. Buttercup: Sweet and yellow.
  4. Daisy: “Day’s eye”, daisies open their petals at daybreak.
  5. Danica: A pretty flower name meaning “morning star” in Slavic, a type of purple flower.
  6. Erica: A type of heather, representing luck and protection.
  7. Fern: After the ancient green plant.
  8. Honeysuckle: It’s an unusual girl’s flower name, but it’s certainly cute!
  9. Posy: A bunch of flowers.
  10. Tulip: Originally a Turkish girl’s name.

What are classical flower names for girls?

Want a more classic flower name for girls? We’ve got a selection for you.

If you want your girl to be the chicest in the game, here you go!

  1. Alyssa: “The noble one.” Derived from the flower alyssum.
  2. Begonia: Brightly colored and beautiful.
  3. Belladonna: Also known as nightshade, belladonna means “beautiful lady” in Italian.
  4. Camellia: Kamel’s flower, an exotic flower found in Eastern and Southern Asia.
  5. Chrysanthe: A greek name meaning “golden flower”.
  6. Daphne: Greek for Laurel tree, nymph daughter of Greek river god. Also, Daphne Bridgerton.
  7. Giacinta: An Italian floral name meaning “hyacinth”.
  8. Magnolia: Sweet-smelling Magnol’s Flower.
  9. Marigold: Golden flower and symbol of the Virgin Mary.
  10. Myrtle: Evergreen shrub sacred to Venus. Represents love.
  11. Petunia: Trumpet-shaped flower. Nickname: Posy.
  12. Primrose: The First Rose.
  13. Prunella: Of Latin origin, “small plum.”
  14. Rosa: Spanish-Italian for Rose. Variations include Rosalie, Rosaline, Rosalind, Rosanna
  15. Rosemary: Dew of the sea.
  16. Susan: After the flower Black-Eyed Susan.
  17. Veronica: A wildflower given to travelers to “speed you well.”

What are girl names meaning flower?

Now for some floral girl names meaning flower ‒ some of these aren’t traditional floral names for girls, but we think they have a lovely ring to them.

So fall in love with these oh-so-pretty flower names:

  1. Ābeba: Meaning “flower” in Amharic.
  2. Bláth: Meaning “flower” in Irish.
  3. Blodeuyn: Meaning “flower” in Welsh.
  4. Bunga: Meaning “flower” in Indonesian.
  5. Fioralba: Meaning “white flower” in Italian.
  6. Fiore: Meaning “flower” in Italian.
  7. Fjura: Meaning “flower” in Maltese.
  8. Fleur: Meaning “flower” French.
  9. Flora: Latin for “flower”. The name of the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.
  10. Floro: Meaning “flower” in Esperanto.
  11. Hana: Meaning “flower” in Japanese.
  12. Huā: Meaning “flower” in Chinese.
  13. Ifuru: Meaning “flower” in Igbo.
  14. Kvietka: Meaning “flower” in Belarusian.
  15. Kvitka: Meaning “flower” in Ukrainian.
  16. Leilani: A Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly flower”.
  17. Lorea: Meaning “flower” in Basque.
  18. Louloúdi: Meaning “flower” in Greek.
  19. Lule: Meaning “flower” in Albanian.
  20. Phula: Meaning “flower” in Bangla.
  21. Pua: Meaning “flower” in Hawaiian.
  22. Puawai: Meaning “flower” in Māori.
  23. Zahara: Meaning “flowering” in Swahili.
  24. Zahra: Meaning “flower” in Arabic.

What girl name means beautiful flower?

How about this pretty flower name for girls:

  1. Calla: After the Calla Lily ‒ “calla” means “beautiful” in Greek.

What name means little flower?

Perfect for your little baby girl, this floral girls’ name sounds dainty and pretty:

  1. Fleurette: Meaning “little flower” in French.

What are some names that mean blossom?

There are a few girl names that mean blossom for your little flower:

  1. Blimah: Meaning “blossom” in Hebrew.
  2. Blossom: Enough said!
  3. Floryn: Meaning “blossoming flower” in Latin.
  4. Linnéa: Meaning “lime blossom” in Norse.
  5. Pharez: Meaning “to blossom” in Hebrew.
  6. Reseda: Meaning “fragrant blossom” in Latin.
  7. Sakura: Meaning “cherry blossom” in Japanese.
  8. Zara: Meaning “blossoming flower” in Arabic.

What is a good flower name for a girl?

Still not found the perfect girls’ flower name for your little petal?

Here are some more names of flowers for girls to choose from:

  1. Acacia: Friendship, love and beauty.
  2. Clementine: Peace and happiness.
  3. Clover: Luck!
  4. Dahlia: Of Scandinavian origin, meaning Dahl’s flower.
  5. Lily-Rose: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’ daughter’s name! Click here for more celebrity baby names.
  6. Rosie: Diminutive for Rose, but cuter.
  7. Sage: Wise.
  8. Viola: Variant for Violet with an Italian twist.

We hope you’ve found what you’re looking for in these flower names for girls, but just in case, you can take a peek at other popular girls’ names from around the world or even flower names for boys.

And feel free to share your top picks of girls’ flower names with our moms-to-be on Peanut if you want a second opinion.

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