5 Food Cravings When Pregnant With a Boy: Myth or Legit?

5 Food Cravings When Pregnant With a Boy: Myth or Legit?

Pregnancy is a time of wonder, excitement, and, let’s face it, some pretty wild cravings.

If you’ve found yourself reaching for a jar of pickles at midnight or salivating at the thought of spicy tacos, you might be wondering: “Does this mean I’m having a boy?”

Before you start painting the nursery based on your lunch choice, let’s unpack the science behind ​​food cravings when pregnant with a boy.

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  • What are the signs when you are pregnant with a boy?
  • Do you feel different when pregnant with a boy?

What do you crave when pregnant with a boy?

You’re craving whoppers from Burger King, and suddenly, Aunt Linda is convinced it’s a boy.

Hey, we get it. It’s easy (and just plain fun) to get swept up in the buzz of baby’s arrival.

And while we in no way wish to dampen the excitement, the truth is cravings are rarely clues for cracking the case of baby’s sex.

Cravings are a complex mix thought to be influenced by factors like hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, or a whimsical desire for something specific—and the research is ongoing.

Really, pregnancy cravings are as unpredictable as a roll of dice and, contrary to popular belief, aren’t reliable forecasters of your baby’s sex or gender.

These whims are more about your body’s internal changes than revealing if it’s a boy or a girl.

So, cravings after a tough first trimester of morning sickness may just be your body working to replenish itself.

Just like peek cravings tend to follow negative or positive mood states.

Our cravings during pregnancy are unique to each individual, shaped by a myriad of factors that go beyond traditional gender norms.

Still, they do make for some great stories at baby showers as long as they’re kept light and playful.

So, while unlocking the mystery of your baby’s sex or gender will come in good time, here are the most common cravings associated with having a boy.

Pregnancy cravings list for a boy

Warning: when it comes to what cravings with a boy, folklore and anecdotal tales abound.

But it’s intriguing to explore what boy moms report craving while pregnant.

Just remember, these are more reflective of your body’s nutritional needs than a reliable indicator of your baby’s sex or gender:

1. Salty snacks 🥨

Think pretzels, potato chips, and salted nuts. Salty cravings during pregnancy are often at the top of the list in old wives’ tales about gender.

So, does craving salty foods mean a boy?

It’s more likely your body’s way of telling you to balance fluids or electrolytes.

2. Protein-rich foods 🥩

Can’t shake the urge for steak, burgers, and eggs—sometimes in one sitting?

A hankering for red meat is often interpreted as a sign of a boy, but it’s more likely your body’s way of saying it needs more protein and iron.

3. Spicy foods 🌶

So, spicy food when pregnant: boy or girl?

Spicy food cravings have long walked the gender prediction runway, but in truth, they’re not fashionably accurate.

Love for spice can be attributed to a pregnant woman’s evolving palate.

It’s less about predicting the baby’s gender and more about satisfying those fiery taste buds.

4. Savory over sweet 🍕

A tendency to prefer savory snacks over sweet treats is another commonly cited craving for those supposedly carrying a boy.

But let’s be real, who wouldn’t be yearning hearty comfort food like pizza, pasta with rich sauces, or cheesy dishes when feeling stressed or majorly fatigued?

Even boredom on maternity leave can make fried potato skins look promising.

We’re afraid this popular craving is gender-neutral.

5. Citrus fruits 🍊

Some suggest that craving oranges, lemons, or limes is linked to having a boy, others see it as a sure sign your baby needs more vitamin C to support their development in the womb.

One thing everyone agrees on, craving fruit like orange juice while pregnant is common.

Does craving pickles mean boy or girl?

Pickles have become the unofficial mascot of weird pregnancy cravings.

Craving these tangy treats has been tied to predicting a boy, but science says otherwise.

It’s more about your body’s love affair with sodium during pregnancy, which could be down to a decreased sensitivity to salt.

So, boy or girl? Pickles are staying tight-lipped.

What are the signs when you are pregnant with a boy?

So, if cravings are off the table, what are scientific signs you’re having a boy?

From morning sickness being less severe, to carrying low, or noticing lustrous changes in skin and hair, these old wives’ tales have woven themselves into pregnancy lore.

There’s the heart rate hypothesis, suggesting boys have a lower fetal heart rate, and the theory that a larger, more pronounced bump is a sure sign a son is on the way.

And let’s not forget the myth that carrying a boy results in a more even mood, whereas a girl might cause more mood swings—feels a little dated, no?

But when cast under the inquisitive light of science, these charming tales stay just that—tales.

These symptoms can appear and vary from woman to woman, but they don’t mean what we think or even hope they do.

The same might be said for gender tests like nub theory or the Chinese gender predictor chart.

Scientifically, the only reliable way to know for sure if you’re having a boy is through medical tests like ultrasound or genetic testing.

Do boy pregnancies make you more hungry?

Feeling like a bottomless pit? Some say it’s a sign of carrying a boy, but really, this hunger game isn’t gender-specific.

Increased appetite is a common sidekick in the pregnancy journey, thanks to your body’s increased energy needs.

So, the next time you find yourself raiding the fridge at midnight or snacking more than usual, remember it’s all part of the natural process of pregnancy.

Your body is doing the remarkable work of nurturing a new life, and that requires a bit more energy—and snacks!

Do you feel different when pregnant with a boy?

Every pregnancy is a unique adventure, and feeling different isn’t exclusive to carrying a boy.

It’s more about the individual experience than a gender reveal.

The differences you feel can be chalked up to hormonal changes, physical symptoms, mental state, individual health, lifestyle, and even the pregnancy’s progression.

There’s no conclusive scientific evidence to suggest that the sex of the baby has a direct impact on how a woman feels during pregnancy any more than wanting steak with eggs is a sure sign you’re a boy mom in the making.

Some women do report certain physical or emotional differences when carrying a boy, but these experiences are subjective and definitely not one size fits all.

And really, what better captures the deeply personal journey that is your pregnancy.

No pregnancy is the same, but you’re not alone in the wonder, the waiting, and the weird cravings.

Just ask the moms on Peanut.


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