11 Beautiful Foot Tattoos for Women

11 Beautiful Foot Tattoos for Women

Looking to explore foot tattoos for women? We’ll give you the lowdown and offer inspiration for a style statement that’s as individual as you are. Read on.
Do you like the idea of a tattoo but want it somewhere discreet?

Foot tattoos for women can be a great option.

They’re easy to cover up but just as easy to display when you’re in the mood.

And if you’re looking for some design ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got eleven brilliant design suggestions to inspire you.

First, we’ll look at some questions you might have before deciding to take the plunge.

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  • Do tattoos last on feet?
  • Elegant foot tattoos for women
  • Foot tattoos for women — is one right for you?

Are foot tattoos painful?

Let’s start with the big one — will it hurt?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to sugarcoat this!

The skin on your foot is pretty thin, and there’s not much fat and muscle.

That means there’s very little between the tattooist’s needle and the numerous nerve endings in your foot.

And those nerves can also spasm when stimulated by the needle.

A modern tattooist’s needle pierces the skin anywhere between 80 and 150 times every second.

That’s not going to feel pleasant.

On the positive side, the foot isn’t very big — so even a tiny tattoo can make a big impact.

And keeping it small will minimize the pain.

How painful are foot sole tattoos

If you’re looking for a discreet tattoo location, the sole of the foot is definitely an option.

But it does have some drawbacks.

Pain is one of them.

While your sole isn’t bony like the top of your foot, it’s still very sensitive.

You’ll also need to keep off your tattooed foot until it has fully healed.

That usually takes between four and six weeks.

Minimizing movement for that long won’t be practical for everyone.

Trying to walk on your tattoo early could blur the design.

More importantly, it could become infected.

That’s a particular risk with foot tattoos, which come into contact with the floor.

This is also unlikely to be the best choice of location if you have ticklish feet!

You’ll need to keep absolutely still to avoid slips of the needle.

How long do foot tattoos hurt?

The pain associated with the tattoo will depend on how big, and complex the design is.

The longer it takes to do, the longer it’s going to hurt.

Some people use numbing creams before going under the needle to reduce the pain.

A specialist tattoo aftercare lotion may also help reduce itchiness during the healing process.

Do tattoos last on feet?

Tattoos on the soles of the feet tend not to be very durable.

Whenever you walk, they come into contact with hard surfaces that gradually wear away at them.

Shoes will have the same effect on other areas of your feet.

And because all parts of the feet move regularly, the ink is prone to bleeding.

All this, unfortunately, means that a foot tattoo will probably degrade to some degree over time.

Some tattooists won’t do them for exactly that reason.

Exactly how much they’ll fade depends on several factors.

The size and position of the design, the colors, the shoes you wear, and your activity levels will all have an effect.

With all that in mind, let’s jump into some design ideas.

Elegant foot tattoos for women

1. Flowers

Flower foot tattoos for women are always an elegant choice.

And different flowers — and their colors — have their own special symbolism.

Choose red roses for passion and romance, bluebells for kindness, or a calla lily for beauty.

2. Birds

Birds are another popular design option.

They symbolize freedom, and particular species have their own meanings.

Swallows represent springtime, luck, and fidelity; owls represent wisdom; and doves, peace.

3. Feathers

Like birds, a feather symbolizes the freedom to fly.

And the long slender shape can work beautifully on a foot.

4. Hearts

In the world of classy small foot tattoos for females, hearts are amongst the best designs.

They can be cute, tiny and a single color, making them less prone to bleeding and fading.

5. Snakes

If you’re looking for a foot and ankle tattoo, a sinuous serpent can look amazing.

Snakes represent both good and evil, and are also associated with medicine and fertility.

6. Quotes and mottos

Short quotes are a popular choice for women’s feet tattoos.

They work beautifully tattooed along the side of a foot.

Choose something meaningful to you — you’ll be reading it for a long time!

7. Butterflies

There’s a huge choice of butterfly foot tattoos for women.

And they can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Choose a single butterfly, or have several fluttering over your foot.

Don’t go too wild with color, though, as your tattoo may fade over time.

8. Sunshine

A blazing sun can make a great foot tattoo. It can be big or small.

And it’ll be perfectly suited to hot weather and exotic holidays when those strappy sandals come out to play!

9. Moon and stars

The moon is associated with femininity, making moon designs particularly elegant foot tattoos for women.

Add some stars if you’d like extra detail or to cover a larger area.

10. Location coordinates

Commemorate a meaningful place with a tattoo of its latitude and longitude.

These tattoos work brilliantly in a single color.

And no one will know where it commemorates unless you decide to tell them!

11. Compass

A compass makes a great tattoo for anyone who loves to travel.

And if you’re looking for small foot tattoos for women, it’s a design that will also work well in miniature.

Foot tattoos for women — is one right for you?

A foot tattoo can be a great way to make a statement about your style and values.

But take some time to think it through before you commit to ink.

Foot tattoos are usually painful.

So why not start with a small design? You can always build on it later.

And if you’re expecting, head here for useful info on the health aspects of tattoos during pregnancy.

If you decide to go for it, plan your recovery period to give your foot time to heal.

Settle in with a good book or your favorite TV series, and enjoy having to put your feet up!

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