229 French Baby Boy Names

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If you’re looking for French boy names for your baby, maybe you’re looking for a name which is more “traditionally” French, or possibly more unique with a special meaning.

French Baby Boy Names

Classic French names include Charles, Louis, and Dennis. And alongside these are other traditional names claiming a space in the official US Top 1,000 names list, including: Andre, Blaise, Dion, Josue, and Remy.

And then there are the more unique French male names, such as Dio and Quincy.

In this article: 📝

  • What’s a good French name for a boy?
  • OK, need some more inspo? What are some other male French names?
  • What about some really unique French baby boy names?
  • And finally, a bit of random knowledge – do you want to know what is the rarest French male name in 2021?

What’s a good French name for a boy?

Boy names inspired by the Gallic country can range from the classic to the rare, the traditional to the popular. In 2020, the most popular baby boy French names in the country itself were: Gabriel, Leo, Raphael, and Arthur. They’ve certainly stood the test of time!

Here are some other French names for boys:

  • Alexandre: Defender of the people
  • Andre: Strong and manly
  • Beau: Beautiful or handsome
  • Bellamy: Good friend
  • Benard: Bold as a bear
  • Benoit: Blessed
  • Chandler: Candle maker
  • Charles: Free man
  • Chase: To hunt
  • Danniell/Danon: God is my judge
  • Darrell: Open
  • Diggory: Lost one
  • Elroy: The king
  • Ethan: Fort or firm
  • Forest: Woodsman
  • Gage: Oath or pledge
  • Guillaume: French version of William, meaning strong willed protector
  • Harvey: Battle warrior or battle worthy
  • Henri: Ruler of the house
  • Hugo: Intellect
  • Jacques: Supplanter
  • Landry: Ruler
  • Léo: Lion
  • Louis/Luis: Renowned warrior
  • Marc: Warlike
  • Nathan: He has given
  • Nathanael/Nathaniel: Gift of God
  • Olivier: Olive tree
  • Philippe: Lover of horses
  • Ranger: Forest guardian
  • Raphaël: Healed by God
  • Sabastien/Sébastien: Venerable
  • Thayer: French variation of Taylor meaning tailor

OK, need some more inspo? What are some other male French names?

  • Aimon: House or home
  • Alain: Little rock
  • Algernon: Mustached man
  • Alphonse: Noble and ready
  • Ambroise: Immortal
  • Ames: Friend
  • Anatole: From Anatolia
  • Antoine: Priceless one
  • Aramis: French literary name from The Three Musketeers
  • Armel: Bear prince
  • Autry: Noble strength
  • Baptiste: Baptist
  • Barbeau: Fisherman
  • Bastien: Venerable and revered
  • Bayard: With red-brown hair or foolhardy
  • Bayless: Bailiff
  • Beauchamp: The beautiful field
  • Beaumont: Beautiful Mountain
  • Beauregard: Beautiful gaze
  • Berne: Bold as a bear
  • Blaise/Blaisot: To lisp or stammer
  • Bouvier: Herdsman
  • Breton: From Brittany
  • Bruce: From the brushwood thicket
  • Burke: From the fortress
  • Cable: Rope
  • Cabot: To sail
  • Candide: White
  • Cavalier: Knight or horseman
  • Chamonix: From Chamonix
  • Chapin: Shoemaker
  • Chaplin: Clergyman
  • Charnell: Burial place
  • Cheney: Oak tree
  • Claiborne: Boundary with clover
  • Claucer: Trouser maker
  • Clovis: Renowned fighter or famous in battle
  • Coeur: Heart
  • Coligny: From Coligny, in eastern France
  • Corentin: Tempest or hurricane
  • Coty: French surname
  • Croix: Cross
  • Curtis: Courteous or polite
  • Dabney: From Aubigny
  • Damond: The world
  • Dartagnan: French literary name from The Three Musketeers
  • Daumier: French artist name
  • Davignon: From Avignon
  • Dax: French place name
  • Decartes: Dweller at the outskirts of town
  • Delano: From the forest of nut trees
  • Delmore: Of the sea
  • Delroy: Servant of the king
  • Dennis: God of Nysa
  • Denver: Green valley or from Anvers
  • Deveraux: Riverbank
  • Dougray: French surname
  • Drury: Dear one or sweetheart
  • Dumas: On the little farm
  • Duvall: Of the valley
  • Edouard: Wealthy guardian
  • Érasme: Beloved or desired
  • Étienne: Garland or crown
  • Fabrice: Smith
  • Favre: Ironworker
  • Fleming: From Flanders
  • Florin/Florent/Florentin: Flowering
  • Fort: Strong
  • François: Free man
  • Gabin: Of Gabium
  • Gable: Triangular feature in architecture
  • Gabriel: God is my strength
  • Gaetan: From Gaeta in Italy
  • Garnet: Pomegranate
  • Garson: To protect
  • Gaspard: Treasurer
  • Gaston: From Gascony or the foreigner or the guest
  • Gaubert: Bright ruler
  • Gautier: Army rule
  • Georges: Farmer
  • Gervais: Spearman or skilled with a spear
  • Gilles: Form of Giles
  • Granville: French-inspired family name
  • Harlequin: Mute pantomime clown
  • Iker: Visitor
  • Jean: God is gracious
  • Jermaine: From Germany
  • Jeter: Surname
  • Jocelin: Little goth
  • Josue: A variation of Joshua
  • Lacrosse: The cross
  • Lafayete: From the land of the beech tree
  • Lafayette: Faith
  • Lamont: From the mountain
  • Lancelot: Servant
  • Lanier: Wool worker
  • Laramie: Canopy of leafy boughs
  • Larue: Dweller by the road
  • Laurent: Bright, shining one
  • Lave: Lava
  • Lebron: Brown-haired one
  • Leroy: The king
  • Liam: Desire or guardian
  • Lowell: Young wolf
  • Lucas: Person from Lucania
  • Lyon: Lion
  • Macon: Mason
  • Maël/Mael: Chief or prince
  • Mailer: Enameller
  • Maine: Mainland
  • Maison: House or home
  • Marcel: Little warrior
  • Marcellus: Young warrior
  • Marquette: Land owner
  • Mars: Roman god of war
  • Marshall: One who looks after horses
  • Matthieu: Gift of the Lord
  • Mercer: French occupational name
  • Montague: Pointy hill
  • Napoleon: Person from Naples in Italy
  • Nazaire: French place name (Saint-Nazaire on the west coast of France)
  • Neville: New town
  • Nicolas: Victory of the people
  • Noe: Rest or peace
  • Noel: Christmas
  • Normandy: Land of the northern folk
  • Nouvel: New
  • Page: Page attendant
  • Parc: Park
  • Paris: As we all know; the French capital
  • Parish: Ecclesiastical locality
  • Pascal: Easter/Passover
  • Patrice: Noble
  • Patrick: Nobleman
  • Paul: Little one or small
  • Pepin: Determined
  • Percival: Pierce Valley
  • Picard: From Picardy, in northern France
  • Pierre: Rock or stone
  • Platt: Flat land
  • Prewitt: Brave little one
  • Proust: French literary name
  • Quain: Clever or quick
  • Quennel: Dweller at the little oak tree
  • Regis: Kingly
  • Remi: Oarsman or Remedy
  • Renate/Rene: Reborn
  • Renon: To make famous
  • Reynard: Counsel or brave
  • Rigny: From Rigny, an area in eastern France
  • Rousseau: Red-haired
  • Roy: King
  • Rupert: Bright fame
  • Russell: Redhead or fox-colored
  • Saber: Sword
  • Sacha: Man’s defender
  • Salinger: Surname
  • Sequin: Shiny disc
  • Sorrel: Reddish brown
  • Spencer: Keeper of provisions
  • Squire: Esquire
  • Stéphane: The crown of glory
  • Talon: Large claw of a bird of prey
  • Tananarive: City of the Thousands
  • Tavin: Royal staff
  • Terrance: Smooth
  • Thoreau: Literary name
  • Toulouse: From Toulouse
  • Toussaint: All saints
  • Travis: Tollgate-keeper
  • Vachel: Cowherd
  • Valentin: Strength or health
  • Vallis: From Wales
  • Vardon: Green knoll
  • Vere: Alder
  • Vermont: Green mountain
  • Verrill: Honest
  • Villiers: Town-dweller
  • Vitus: Life
  • Vrai: True
  • Warren: Park-keeper
  • Wisconsin: Gathering of waters
  • Yves: Yew wood
  • Yannick: God is gracious

What about some really unique French baby boy names?

  • Abelard: Brave Abel
  • Dio/Dion: Child of heaven and earth
  • Elie: The Lord is my God
  • Izod: Hardy or strong
  • Marvel: To Wonder or admire
  • Obert: Noble or bright
  • Pacome: Of strong nature or pacifier
  • Quincy: Person from Quincy or estate of the fifth son
  • Razo: Royal
  • Severin: Severe
  • Urbain: From the city
  • Verrill: Faithful

And finally, a bit of random knowledge – do you want to know what is the rarest French male name in 2021?

Zeke is up there, with Maddox, Cree and Crockett, But Ephraim is currently at number 1,000 on the US baby name list, so one of the rarest at the moment.
Hopefully you are feeling excited about finding a French name for your new family member. But if you don’t know if your baby is a boy or a girl, you might also want to check out our list of French names for girls.

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