212 French Baby Girl Names

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French names for girls can sound chic, beautiful and elegant. And with French inspired names remaining popular on the US 1,000 baby names list*, how do you choose which one suits your daughter? Are you looking for something Parisian and popular, something pretty and romantic, or something unique with deep meaning?

French Baby Girl Names

Well, Charlotte might be the name of a young English princess, but this female French name is a strong contender on the US baby name list top 10. Or perhaps Caroline, Claire, Josephine, Natalie, or Sophie if you’re looking for a name in the top 200.

Eloise, Margo, Esme, and Adele are climbing the chart so are outside the top 200 but growing in popularity. And it’s easy to see why when they sound so pretty. Other more unique names include Elodie, Fleur, Maribel, Ottilie, or Sylvie.

What about names in France that are popular? Then perhaps you have a little Camille, Arielle, Belle, Eloise, or Gabrielle on the way?

What are some pretty French girl names?

  • Anaïs: Meaning grace
  • Avriel/Avril/Avryll: Meaning spring and April
  • Chloé: Meaning flourishing and blooming
  • Coralie: Meaning coral
  • Coraline: Meaning coral
  • Esme: Meaning esteemed, beloved; or emerald
  • Esmée: Meaning beloved one
  • Fayette: Meaning a little fairy
  • Fleur: Meaning a flower
  • Jewel: Meaning pretty or precious gemstone
  • Jolie: Meaning pretty
  • Rosalie: Meaning rose

What are common French girl names?

  • Adélaïde: Meaning noble
  • Adeline/Adelle: Meaning noble, nobility
  • Adelyn: Meaning noble, nobility
  • Adrienne: Meaning from the city of Hadria
  • Agathe: Meaning kind
  • Agnès: Meaning pure or holy
  • Albertine: Meaning noble and bright
  • Alexandrine: Meaning defending men
  • Alice: Meaning truth or reality
  • Alida: Meaning noble
  • Aline: Meaning noble
  • Alphosine: Meaning noble and ready
  • Amelie: Meaning hardworking
  • Amy/Aimée: Meaning beloved
  • Anastasie: Meaning resurrection
  • Andrée: Meaning brave
  • Angeline: Meaning angelic
  • Angélique: Meaning messenger
  • Annabelle: Meaning loving
  • Anne: Meaning gracious
  • Annette: Meaning grace
  • Antoinette/Antonine: Meaning praiseworthy
  • Arielle: Meaning lion of God
  • Armandine: Meaning much loved
  • Armande: Meaning army man
  • Aubrey: Meaning elf ruler
  • Audrey: Meaning noble strength
  • Augustine: Meaning vénérable
  • Aurelie: Meaning golden
  • Aveline: Meaning little hazelnut tree
  • Barbe: Meaning foreigner
  • Bernadette: Meaning brave as a bear
  • Berthe: Meaning bright
  • Brielle: Meaning hunting grounds
  • Brigitte: Meaning magnificent and great
  • Camille: Meaning young ceremonial attendant
  • Carole: Meaning a strong woman
  • Carolina: Meaning a free man
  • Caroline: Meaning strong
  • Catherine: Meaning pure and clear
  • Cécile: Meaning blind
  • Celeste: Meaning heavenly
  • Célestine: Meaning heavenly
  • Celine: Meaning heavenly
  • Chanel: Meaning from the canal or channel
  • Charlotte: Meaning strong and free
  • Christine: Meaning follower of Christ
  • Claire: Meaning bright or clear
  • Clarisse: Meaning bright or gentle
  • Claudine: Meaning lame
  • Clémence/Clementine: Meaning merciful or mild
  • Clotilde: Meaning famous in battle
  • Colette: Meaning people of victory
  • Constance: Meaning constancy
  • Corinne: Meaning maiden
  • Cosette: Meaning something small and tiny
  • Danielle: Meaning God is the judge
  • Delphine: Meaning dolphin
  • Denise: Meaning devoted to the wine god, Dionysius
  • Desiree: Meaning desired and longed for
  • Dominique: Meaning belonging to the Lord
  • Édith: Meaning blessed with riches
  • Eglantine: Meaning wild rose
  • Elaina/Elaine: Meaning bright, shining light
  • Eléonore: Meaning shining light
  • Elise: Meaning pledged to God
  • Elle: Meaning she
  • Élodie: Meaning foreign riches
  • Eloise: Meaning healthy
  • Ember: Meaning Amber (a French variation)
  • Émilie: Meaning excelling in all things
  • Estelle: Meaning star
  • Étiennette: Meaning woman with crown
  • Eugénie: Meaning well born
  • Eulalie: Meaning sweetly speaking
  • Félice: Meaning lucky
  • Fernande: Meaning traveller
  • Florentine: Meaning blossoming
  • Fosette: Meaning dimpled
  • Francine: Meaning from France or free
  • Gabrielle: Meaning God is my Strength
  • Genevieve: Meaning tribe woman
  • Georgette: Meaning farmer
  • Gertrude: Meaning strength
  • Giselle: Meaning: a promise or pledge
  • Hélène: Meaning bright and shining
  • Héloïse: Meaning famous warrior
  • Henriette: Meaning home ruler
  • Honorine: Meaning woman of honor
  • Hortense: Meaning gardener
  • Inés: Meaning chaste and pure
  • Isabelle: Meaning pledged to God
  • Jacqueline: Meaning supplanter
  • Jeanne: Meaning God is gracious
  • Josephine: Meaning Jehovah increases
  • Juliet: Meaning youthful
  • Juliette: Meaning little Julia or youthful, beautiful, and vivacious
  • Léonie: Meaning lion
  • Liana: Meaning to climb like a vine
  • Lille: Meaning lilly
  • Lilou: Meaning lily flower
  • Lorraine: Meaning from the province of Lorraine
  • Louise: Meaning brave warrior
  • Lourdes: Meaning from the town of Lourdes
  • Lucie: Meaning illuminating and light
  • Lucienne: Meaning light
  • Lucile/Lucille: Meaning light
  • Lydie: Meaning a maiden from Lydia, Greece
  • Madeleine: Meaning woman from Magdala or high tower
  • Madelyn: Meaning woman from Magdala or high tower
  • Mallory: Meaning unfortunate
  • Manette: Meaning sea of bitterness
  • Manon: Meaning Bitter or child of wishes
  • Margot/Margaux/Marguerite: Meaning pearl
  • Marie: Meaning star from the sea of bitterness
  • Mathilde: Meaning strength in battle
  • Mélanie: Meaning little dark-haired girl
  • Meline: Meaning little honey
  • Michelle: Meaning who is like God
  • Mirabelle: Meaning plum
  • Mirielle: Meaning to admire
  • Monique: Meaning a wise counselor and advisor
  • Natalie: Meaning birthday of the Lord
  • Nicole: Meaning people of victory
  • Nicolette: Meaning a victory of the people
  • Noelle: Meaning Christmas
  • Noémie: Meaning winsome, pleasant, and lovely
  • Octavie: Meaning eighth
  • Odette: Meaning praise God, or poem, or wealthy
  • Paris: Meaning the French capital
  • Patrice: Meaning born into nobility
  • Pauline: Meaning petite and small
  • Philomène: Meaning loved
  • Pierrette: Meaning rock
  • Reine: Meaning queen
  • Renée: Meaning born again or reborn
  • Risette: Meaning pleasant little laugh
  • Sara: Meaning princess
  • Sidonie: Meaning follower of Saint Denys
  • Simone: Meaning she heard
  • Sophie: Meaning wisdom
  • Stéphane: Meaning crown of glory
  • Suzanne: Meaning lily
  • Suzette: Meaning pretty and graceful like a lily
  • Sydney: Meaning Saint Denis
  • Sylvie: Meaning from the forest
  • Thérèse: Meaning to reap or to gather
  • Valentine: Meaning strength
  • Valerie: Meaning strength or health
  • Véronique: Meaning true image
  • Violette: Meaning a purple blue flower
  • Virginie: Meaning pure maiden
  • Vivienne: Meaning life
  • Yvette: Meaning yew
  • Yvonne: Meaning yew wood
  • Zoe: Meaning vibrant and full of life

Unique French baby girl names

Are you looking for something more unique when you want to be inspired by romance, literature, or history?

There are French girl names gaining popularity in the US, including Delphine, Elodie, Oceane, Ottilie, and Romilly. And here are some others that might take your fancy:

  • Abrielle: Meaning a woman of God
  • Aceline: Meaning a noble woman
  • Adalaide: Meaning a noble person
  • Adalene: Meaning a person of aristocracy
  • Adaline: Meaning a kind-hearted person
  • Alodie: Meaning wealthy
  • Amalie: Meaning hardworking and curious
  • Anelise: Meaning devoted to God
  • Audette: Meaning a bird
  • Aurore/Auroette: Meaning Goddess of dawn
  • Avice: Meaning a refuge in battle
  • Belle: Meaning beautiful
  • Bijou: Meaning jewel
  • Blanche: Meaning white
  • Blisse: Meaning delight or joy
  • Capucine: Meaning cape
  • Cerise: Meaning cherry
  • Cezanne: Meaning big flower
  • Chantae: Meaning a sweet song
  • Chantal: Meaning a stone for building
  • Clarette: Meaning clear and bright
  • Édelie: Meaning having high principles
  • Elayne: Meaning a ray of light
  • Elloise: Meaning famous in war
  • Eulalie: Meaning a well-spoken or sweet-speaking person
  • Fleurine: Meaning to flow or little flower
  • Geneve: Meaning of the race of women
  • Hughette: Meaning bright in mind and spirit
  • Joelene: Meaning pretty
  • Lizette: Meaning consecrated in God
  • Marlène: Meaning graceful star of the sea
  • Maëlle: Meaning princess, ambitious
  • Maëlys: pronounced Mah-Eh-Lee, meaning chief
  • Madeleine: Meaning a ray of hope
  • Ninette: Meaning God’s valuable talent
  • Océane: Meaning ocean
  • Rochelle: Meaning woman who is like a rock
  • Rosalee: Meaning garden full of roses
  • Salomé: Meaning peace
  • Severine: Meaning a stern person
  • Seychelle: Meaning an island
  • Solange: Meaning solemn or religious
  • Yolanthe: Meaning strong
  • Zélie: Meaning mother of St. Therese of Lisieux

What’s the rarest French girl’s name?

Yara and Saanvi are two of the rarest names in 2021, but also a French inspired girl’s name is on the rare list – Sylvie meaning “of the forest”. A beautiful spelling of the more common Sylvia, and right now there at the bottom of the top 1000 names list with Alora at 1000th place.

Hopefully, you are feeling excited about finding a French name for your new bundle of joy. But if you don’t know if your baby is a boy or a girl, you might also want to check out our list of French names for boys.

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