442 Magnifique French Baby Names & Meanings

442 Magnifique French Baby Names & Meanings

If you’re searching for the perfect French name for your baby, here’s our ultimate list of French names. Très magnifique!

Bienvenue to your first stop on the voyage to find the best French names for your baby.

If you’re seeking a name that exudes elegance, charm, and a touch of je ne sais quoi, you’ve come to the right place.

French baby names are a popular choice all over the world—and it’s not hard to see why.

Who wouldn’t want to pick their child’s name from the land of the croissant, beret, and the French fry?

(Okay, okay. We know. The french fry is as French (or as not French) as French kissing—the activity that may have got you into this whole baby thing, to begin with.)

We’ve put together a list of French baby names that cover all areas, from the popular to the exotic.

Bonne chance avec ton choix!

In this article: 📝

  • What is a popular French name?
  • What’s a good French name for a girl?
  • French girl names that end with “ette”
  • What is a French name for a boy?
  • Gender-neutral French names
  • What are some rare French names?
  • What is the most beautiful French name?
  • What is a cute French name?
  • What French name means “love”?
  • What French name means “hope”?
  • What French name means “God”?

What is a popular French name?

It may be that you and your partner spent a particularly romantic trip in Paris, or that you have a love of French food, wine and fashion.

Perhaps your heritage springs from one of the many French-speaking countries in the world.

Or maybe you just want your baby’s name to sound magnifique.

That’s also fine.

Whatever brought you to French baby names, you’ll be sure to come out the other side with a name that has the sweetness of a pastry, the creativity of a French painter, and the beauty of the rolling countryside.

And think of all the famous holders of French names that precede them.

From writers to artists, scientists to saints, your child will definitely be in good company.

So, you might be asking what are the most common French names?

Well, let’s find out with our list of the most popular names in France.

What is a popular French girl name?

So what are some popular French names for girls?

Well these are some popular French baby names for girls, so you’re sure to find your perfect match in no time:

  1. Chanel: If you want a name that reflects French style, Chanel is the way to go. Of course, one of the most obvious connotations is designer Coco Chanel, but this name’s claim to fame doesn’t stop there. From models to actors to saints, this name is popular with many prestigious bearers of it. It means “canal” or “channel”—so whether you’re looking for a name that has the romance of European canals, or see your baby as a passage to a more blissful existence, this name is an ideal choice.
  2. Colette: The perfect combination of popular and pleasing to the ear, Colette is simply a winning name. As in, the Colette name meaning is “victorious”. When that little bundle arrives, you will definitely feel like you’ve been awarded first place. Another tidbit? It is derived from the common boy’s name Nicholas, so if this name has familial significance, there’s even more reason to go for this winner.
  3. Fleur: A name that oozes freshness, Fleur simply means “flower”. The metaphor of your child in bloom is one that is hard to pass up. What’s more, this is a pretty unique name—so if you’re looking for something that will make your little one stand out from the crowd, this is it. A cute variation is Fleurette which means “little flower”.
  4. Juliette: Sweet, sophisticated and oh-so-French, Juliette means “youthful” or “child of Jove”. The ette on the end is the diminutive form, essentially turning the name into “little Julia”—so if you yourself are a Julia and you want the perfect name for your Mini Me, this may just be it.
  5. Lucille: This is the perfect name for your little ray of sunshine. Why? Because it means “light”. Need we say more? Of course, this is the perfect name if you’re a fan of the comedienne Lucille Ball. It also shortens to Lucy, turning the connotations endless.

What is a popular French boy name?

What could be cuter than attaching a popular French name to your bouncing boy?

Here are a few French baby names for boys, with some background info:

  1. Alphonse: If you’re looking for a name that will equip your little one with all the tools he needs to face anything the world throws at him, this name is perfect. It means “ready for battle”. It was also the full name of Al Capone—so it will give your son some serious street cred. But don’t worry. That’s far from the only connotation. It’s also been worn proudly by writers, politicians and foodies, to name a few.
  2. Chandler: Okay. This one is pretty hard not to associate with a certain 90s sitcom, but before you box it too quickly, it might be worth looking a little further into its meaning. It means “maker of candles”. What a wonderful thought that your little one will be bringing light into the world.
  3. Gilbert: So this one’s a total classic, meaning “famous pledge”. As a very popular boy’s name in the first half of the 20th century, it comes complete with a range of variations to suit every taste: Bert, Bertie, Gil, Gill, Gilley—you choose your particular brand of this versatile vintage masterpiece.
  4. Quentin: A name that perfectly blends an old world charm with a modern flair, Quentin has been in the popular group for decades. It derives from the Latin meaning “fifth”, but this doesn’t have to only equate to the fifth born. Maybe your anniversary is in the fifth month? This name would be a rather special way to honour that.
  5. Lamar: Meaning “of the sea”, this is an ideal name for an ocean-loving family. And, if you’re a fan of the extraordinary actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr, this could be a pretty awesome shout out to her.

What’s a good French name for a girl?

Let’s dive into more French names for girls, found all over the French-speaking world ‒ and beyond!

  1. Aceline: Meaning “noble woman”.
  2. Adélaïde: Meaning “noble person”.
  3. Adalene or Adaline: Meaning “aristocrat”.
  4. Adelle: Meaning “noble
  5. Adelyn: Meaning “noble”
  6. Adrienne: Meaning “from the city of Hadria”.
  7. Agathe: Meaning “kind”.
  8. Agnès: Meaning “pure or holy”.
  9. Albertine: Meaning “noble and bright”.
  10. Alexandrine: Meaning “defending men”.
  11. Alice: Meaning “truth or reality”.
  12. Alida: Meaning “noble”.
  13. Aline: Meaning “noble”.
  14. Alphosine: Meaning “noble and ready”.
  15. Amabelle: Meaning “favored grace”.
  16. Amy or Aimée: Meaning “beloved”.
  17. Anastasie: Meaning “resurrection”.
  18. Angeline: Meaning “angelic”.
  19. Angélique: Meaning “messenger”.
  20. Annabelle: Meaning “loving”.
  21. Anne: Meaning “gracious”.
  22. Armandine: Meaning “much loved”.
  23. Audrey: Meaning “noble strength”.
  24. Augustine: Meaning “venerable”.
  25. Aurore: Meaning “Goddess of dawn”.
  26. Aveline: Meaning “little hazelnut tree”.
  27. Avriel, Avril, or Avryll: Meaning “April”.
  28. Blanche: Meaning “white”.
  29. Blisse: Meaning “delight or joy”.
  30. Brielle: Meaning “hunting grounds”.
  31. Brigitte: Meaning “magnificent and great”.
  32. Brittany: After the French port.
  33. Camille: Meaning “young ceremonial attendant”.
  34. Carole: Meaning “strong woman”.
  35. Carolina: Meaning “free”.
  36. Caroline: Meaning “strong”
  37. Catherine: Meaning “pure and clear”
  38. Cécile: Meaning “blind”.
  39. Celeste: Meaning “heavenly”.
  40. Célestine: Meaning “heavenly”.
  41. Celine: Meaning “heavenly”.
  42. Cerise: Meaning “cherry”.
  43. Chantal: Meaning “stone”.
  44. Charlotte: Meaning “strong and free”
  45. Christine: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  46. Claire: Meaning “bright or clear”.
  47. Clarisse: Meaning “bright or gentle”.
  48. Claudine: Meaning “lame”.
  49. Clementine: Name meaning “merciful or mild”.
  50. Clotilde: Meaning “famous in battle”.
  51. Constance: Meaning “constancy”.
  52. Coraline: Meaning “coral”.
  53. Corinne or Corinna: Meaning “maiden”.
  54. Denise: Meaning “devoted to the wine god, Dionysius”.
  55. Desiree: Meaning “desired”.
  56. Édith: Meaning “blessed with riches”.
  57. Elaina or Elaine: Meaning “bright, shining light”.
  58. Eléonore: Meaning “shining light”.
  59. Elle: Meaning “she”.
  60. Eloise: Meaning “healthy”.
  61. Émilie: Meaning “excelling in all things”
  62. Estelle: Meaning “star”.
  63. Eugénie: Meaning “well-born”
  64. Fleurine: Meaning “little flower”.
  65. Florentine: Meaning “blossoming”.
  66. Francine: Meaning “from France”.
  67. Geneve: Meaning of “race of women”.
  68. Genevieve: Meaning “tribe woman”.
  69. Gertrude: Meaning “strength”.
  70. Giselle: Meaning “promise”.
  71. Harriet: Meaning “home ruler”.
  72. Hélène: Meaning “bright and shining”.
  73. Héloïse: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  74. Honorine: Meaning “woman of honor”.
  75. Jacqueline: Meaning “supplanter”.
  76. Juliet: Meaning “youthful”.
  77. Léonie: Meaning “lion-like”.
  78. Liana: Meaning “climb like a vine”.
  79. Lille: Meaning “lily”.
  80. Lorraine: Meaning “from the province of Lorraine”.
  81. Louise: Meaning “brave warrior”.
  82. Lucienne: Meaning “light”.
  83. Lydie: Meaning “maiden from Lydia, Greece”.
  84. Madeleine: Meaning “ray of hope”.
  85. Maëlle: Meaning “princess, ambitious”.
  86. Marcelline: Meaning “warlike”.
  87. Margeaux or Margot: Name meaning “pearl”.
  88. Marguerite: Meaning “daisy”.
  89. Marie: Meaning “star from the sea of bitterness”.
  90. Marlène: Meaning “graceful star of the sea”.
  91. Mathilde: Meaning “strength in battle”.
  92. Mélanie: Meaning “little dark-haired girl”.
  93. Meline: Meaning “little honey”.
  94. Monique: Name meaning “wise counselor and advisor”.
  95. Nicole: Meaning “people of victory”.
  96. Noelle: Meaning “Christmas”.
  97. Noémie: Meaning “winsome, pleasant, and lovely”.
  98. Octavie: Meaning “eighth”.
  99. Philomène: Meaning “loved”.
  100. Reine: Meaning “queen”.
  101. Renée: Meaning “born again or reborn”.
  102. Rochelle: Meaning “woman who is like a rock”.
  103. Rosalee or Rosalie: Meaning “garden full of roses”.
  104. Sara: Meaning “princess”.
  105. Seychelle: Meaning “island”.
  106. Simone: Meaning “she heard”.
  107. Solange: Meaning “solemn or religious”.
  108. Sophie: Meaning “wisdom”.
  109. Suzanne: Meaning “lily”.
  110. Thérèse: Meaning “reap or gather”.
  111. Valentine: Meaning “strength”.
  112. Valerie: Meaning “strength or health”.
  113. Véronique: Meaning “true image”.
  114. Virginie: Meaning “pure maiden”.
  115. Vivienne: Meaning “life”.
  116. Yvonne: Meaning “yew wood”.
  117. Zoe: Meaning “vibrant and full of life”.

French girl names that end with “ette”

When you think of French names for girls, names that end with “ette” jump to the forefront!

So here are all the best French baby names for girls beginning with “ette”:

  1. Annette: Meaning “grace”.
  2. Antoinette or Antonine: Meaning “praiseworthy”.
  3. Audette: Meaning “bird”.
  4. Auroette: Meaning “Goddess of dawn”.
  5. Bernadette: Meaning “brave as a bear”.
  6. Clarette: Meaning “clear and bright”.
  7. Claudette: Meaning “lame”.
  8. Cosette: Meaning “small”.
  9. Étiennette: Meaning “woman with crown”.
  10. Fayette: Meaning “little fairy”.
  11. Fosette: Meaning “dimpled”.
  12. Georgette: Meaning “farmer”.
  13. Henriette: Meaning “home ruler”.
  14. Hughette: Meaning “bright in mind and spirit”.
  15. Jeanette: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  16. Lizette: Meaning “consecrated in God”.
  17. Manette: Meaning “sea of bitterness”.
  18. Nicolette: Meaning “victory of the people”.
  19. Ninette: Meaning “God’s valuable talent”.
  20. Odette: Name meaning “praise God”.
  21. Pierrette: Meaning “rock”.
  22. Risette: Meaning “pleasant little laugh”.
  23. Suzette: Meaning “pretty and graceful like a lily”.
  24. Violette: Meaning “purple-blue flower”.
  25. Yvette: Meaning “yew”.

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What is a French name for a boy?

Now for the boys!

Here are some common (and not-so-common) French names for boys:

  1. Abelard: Meaning “brave Abe”.
  2. Alain: Meaning “ittle rock”.
  3. Alexandre: Meaning “defender of the people”.
  4. Algernon: Meaning “mustached man”.
  5. Andre: Meaning “strong and manly”.
  6. Aramis: Meaning “from Aramits”.
  7. Armel: Meaning “bear prince”.
  8. Baptiste: Meaning “baptist”.
  9. Barbeau: Meaning “fisherman”.
  10. Bastien: Meaning “venerable and revered”.
  11. Bayard: Meaning “with red-brown hair or foolhardy”.
  12. Bayless: Meaning “bailiff”.
  13. Benard: Meaning “bold as a bear”.
  14. Benoit: Meaning “blessed”.
  15. Berne: Meaning “bold as a bear”.
  16. Blaise or Blaisot: Meaning “lisp or stammer”.
  17. Breton: Meaning “from Brittany”.
  18. Bruce: Meaning “from the brushwood thicket”.
  19. Burke: Meaning “from the fortress”.
  20. Cabot: Meaning “sail”.
  21. Cavalier: Meaning “knight or horseman”.
  22. Chaplin: Meaning “clergyman”.
  23. Charles: Meaning “free man”.
  24. Charnell: Meaning “burial place”.
  25. Chevalier: Meaning “knight or horseman”.
  26. Claucer: Meaning “trouser maker”.
  27. Clovis: Meaning “renowned fighter or famous in battle”.
  28. Coligny: Meaning “from Coligny, in eastern France”.
  29. Croix: Meaning “cross”.
  30. Curtis: Meaning “courteous or polite”.
  31. Dabney: Meaning “from Aubigny”.
  32. Damond: Meaning “world”.
  33. Darrell: Meaning “open”.
  34. Dartagnan: Meaning “from Artagnan”.
  35. Davignon: Meaning “from Avignon”.
  36. Dax: After the French place name.
  37. Decartes: Meaning “dweller at the outskirts of town”.
  38. Delroy: Meaning “servant of the king”.
  39. Dennis: Meaning “God of Nysa”.
  40. Devereaux: Meaning “riverbank”.
  41. Dougray: Meaning “well-behaved”.
  42. Dumas: Meaning “on the little farm”.
  43. Duvall: Meaning “of the valley”.
  44. Edouard or Eduard: Meaning “wealthy guardian”.
  45. Elroy: Meaning “the king”.
  46. Ethan: Meaning “fort or firm”.
  47. Fleming: Meaning “from Flanders”.
  48. Fort: Meaning “strong”.
  49. François: Meaning “free man”.
  50. Gabin: Meaning “of Gabium”.
  51. Gage: Meaning “oath or pledge”.
  52. Garson: Meaning “to protect”.
  53. Gaspard: Meaning “treasurer”.
  54. Gaston: Meaning “from Gascony or the foreigner or the guest”
  55. Gaubert: Meaning “bright ruler”.
  56. Gautier: Meaning “army rule”.
  57. Georges: Meaning “farmer”.
  58. Gervais: Meaning “spearman or skilled with a spear”.
  59. Guillaume: Meaning “strong willed protector”.
  60. Harlequin: Meaning “mute pantomime clown”.
  61. Harvey: Meaning “battle warrior or battle worthy”.
  62. Henri: Meaning “ruler of the house”.
  63. Hugo: Meaning “intellect”.
  64. Jacques: Meaning “supplanter”.
  65. Jermaine: Meaning “from Germany”.
  66. Jeter: Meaning “to throw”.
  67. Lacrosse: Meaning “the cross”.
  68. Lamont: Meaning “from the mountain”.
  69. Lanier: Meaning “wool worker”.
  70. Laramie: Meaning “canopy of leafy boughs”.
  71. Laurent: Meaning “bright, shining one”.
  72. Lebron: Meaning “brown-haired one”.
  73. Léo: Meaning “lion”.
  74. Leroy: Meaning “the king”.
  75. Liam: Meaning “desire or guardian”.
  76. Lucas: Meaning “person from Lucania”.
  77. Lyon: Meaning “lion”.
  78. Mailer: Meaning “enameller”.
  79. Maine: Meaning “mainland”.
  80. Marc: Meaning “warlike”.
  81. Marcel: Meaning “little warrior”.
  82. Mars: Meaning “Roman god of war”.
  83. Marshall: Meaning “one who looks after horses”.
  84. Mercer: Meaning “merchant”.
  85. Napoleon: Meaning “person from Naples in Italy”.
  86. Nathan: Meaning “He has given”.
  87. Nicolas: Meaning “victory of the people”.
  88. Noel: Meaning “Christmas”.
  89. Olivier: Meaning “olive tree”.
  90. Parc: Meaning “park”.
  91. Pascal: Meaning “Easter or Passover”.
  92. Patrick: Meaning “nobleman”.
  93. Paul: Meaning “little one or small”.
  94. Percival: Meaning “pierce valley”.
  95. Philippe: Meaning “lover of horses”.
  96. Picard: Meaning “from Picardy, in northern France”.
  97. Pierre: Meaning “rock or stone”.
  98. Platt: Meaning “flat land”.
  99. Prewitt: Meaning “brave little one”.
  100. Proust: Meaning “wise”.
  101. Quincy: Meaning “person from Quincy or estate of the fifth son”.
  102. Raymond: Meaning “protection and advisor”.
  103. Regis: Meaning “kingly”.
  104. Reynard: Meaning “counsel or brave”.
  105. Rousseau: Meaning “red-haired”.
  106. Roy: Meaning “king”.
  107. Rupert: Meaning “bright fame”.
  108. Sabastien or Sébastien: Meaning “venerable”.
  109. Saber: Meaning “sword”.
  110. Severin: Meaning “severe”.
  111. Sinclair: Meaning “illustrious”.
  112. Spencer: Meaning “keeper of provisions”.
  113. Squire: Meaning “esquire”.
  114. Talon: Meaning “large claw of a bird of prey”.
  115. Terrance: Meaning “smooth”.
  116. Thoreau: Meaning “strength of a bull”.
  117. Toussaint: Meaning “all saints”.
  118. Travis: Meaning “tollgate-keeper”.
  119. Urbain: Meaning “from the city”.
  120. Valentin: Meaning “strength or health”.
  121. Vallis: Meaning “from Wales”.
  122. Vardon: Meaning “green knoll”.
  123. Vermont: Meaning “green mountain”.
  124. Vitus: Meaning “life”.
  125. Warren: Meaning “park-keeper”.

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Gender-neutral French names

Not sure whether you’re expecting a baby boy or girl?

Here are our favorite unisex French names, for girls, boys, and they-bies:

  1. Aimon: Meaning “home”.
  2. Ambroise: Meaning “immortal”.
  3. Ames: Meaning “friend”.
  4. Anaïs: Meaning “grace”.
  5. Andrée: Meaning “brave”.
  6. Armande: Meaning “army man”.
  7. Aubrey: Meaning “elf ruler”.
  8. Avice: Meaning “refuge in battle”.
  9. Barbe: Meaning “foreigner”.
  10. Bellamy: Meaning “good friend”.
  11. Benjamin: Meaning “beloved son”.
  12. Berthe: Meaning “bright”.
  13. Bijou: Meaning “jewel”.
  14. Bouvier: Meaning “herdsman”.
  15. Candide: Meaning “white”.
  16. Capucine: Meaning “cape”.
  17. Cheney or Cheyne: Meaning “oak tree”.
  18. Claiborne: Meaning “boundary with clover”.
  19. Clémence: Meaning “merciful or mild”.
  20. Coeur: Meaning “heart”.
  21. Corbin: Meaning “raven”.
  22. Corentin: Meaning “tempest or hurricane”.
  23. Coty: Meaning “helpful”.
  24. Denver: Meaning “green valley or from Anvers”.
  25. Drury: Meaning “dear one or sweetheart”.
  26. Elie: Meaning “the Lord is my God”.
  27. Ember: Meaning “amber”.
  28. Étienne: Meaning “garland or crown”.
  29. Fabrice: Meaning “smith”.
  30. Félice: Meaning “lucky”.
  31. Fernande: Meaning “traveller”.
  32. Florin, Florent, or Florentin: Meaning “flowering”.
  33. Jocelin: Meaning “little goth”.
  34. Lafayette: Meaning “faith”.
  35. Landry: Meaning “ruler”.
  36. Larue: Meaning “dweller by the road”.
  37. Lilou: Meaning “lily”.
  38. Lourdes: Meaning “from the town of Lourdes”.
  39. Lowell: Meaning “young wolf”.
  40. Macon: Meaning “mason”.
  41. Maël: Meaning “chief or prince”.
  42. Maison: Meaning “house or home”.
  43. Mallory: Meaning “unfortunate”.
  44. Manon: Meaning “bitter or child of wishes”.
  45. Marquette: Meaning “land owner”.
  46. Nazaire: After Saint-Nazaire on the west coast of France.
  47. Noe: Meaning “rest or peace”.
  48. Normandy: Meaning “land of the northern folk”.
  49. Nouvel: Meaning “new”.
  50. Page: Meaning “page attendant”.
  51. Paris: After the French capital.
  52. Patrice: Meaning “born into nobility”.
  53. Pepin: Meaning “determined”.
  54. Quain: Meaning “clever or quick”.
  55. Quennel: Meaning “dweller at the little oak tree”.
  56. Razo: Meaning “royal”.
  57. Remi: Meaning “oarsman or remedy”.
  58. Renate: Meaning “reborn”.
  59. Sacha: Meaning “man’s defender”.
  60. Salomé: Meaning “peace”.
  61. Sorrel: Meaning “reddish brown”.
  62. Stéphane: Meaning “crown of glory”.
  63. Sydney: Meaning “Saint Denis”.
  64. Tananarive: Meaning “city of the thousands”.
  65. Tavin: Meaning “royal staff”.
  66. Toulouse: Meaning “from Toulouse”.
  67. Vere: Meaning “alder”.
  68. Verrill: Meaning “faithful”.
  69. Vrai: Meaning “true”.
  70. Wisconsin: Meaning “gathering of waters”.
  71. Yves: Meaning “yew wood”.

What are some rare French names?

Or, perhaps you’re looking for something a little more obscure.

Check out these rare French baby names ‒ some of them are very Old French names that haven’t been used for a few decades:

  1. Anatole: Meaning “from Anatolia”.
  2. Chamonix: Meaning “from Chamonix”.
  3. Chantae: Meaning “sweet song”.
  4. Chapin: Meaning “shoemaker”.
  5. Diggory: Meaning “lost one”.
  6. Érasme: Meaning “beloved or desired”.
  7. Gaetan: Meaning “from Gaeta in Italy”.
  8. Hortense: Meaning “gardener”.
  9. Iker: Meaning “visitor”.
  10. Josue: Meaning “God is deliverance”.
  11. Lave: Meaning “lava”.
  12. Maëlys: Meaning “chief”.
  13. Obert: Meaning “noble or bright”.
  14. Renon: Meaning “famous”.
  15. Salinger: Meaning “from Saint-Léger”.
  16. Thayer: Meaning “tailor”.
  17. Villiers: Meaning “town-dweller”.

What is a unique French name?

Here are the most unique rare French names, according to our mamas of Peanut:

  1. Aubin: Meaning “bright”.
  2. Cezanne: Meaning “big flower”.
  3. Eglantine: Meaning “wild rose”.
  4. Izod: Meaning “hardy or strong”.
  5. Ottilie: Meaning “prosperity in battle”.
  6. Severine: Meaning “stern person”.
  7. Vachel: Meaning “cowherd”.

What are some rare French girl names?

How about some rare French names for baby girls?

  1. Eulalie: Meaning “well-spoken”.
  2. Océane: Meaning “ocean”.
  3. Sidonie: Meaning “follower of Saint Denys”.
  4. Yolanthe: Meaning “strong”.

What is the most beautiful French name?

French culture screams style and sophistication.

Choosing from one of these beautiful French names is sure to mean your baby has a suave start.

What is the most beautiful French girl name?

Well, it stands to reason that the most beautiful French names for girls (or boys – these work either way)would be words that are French for pretty or beautiful:

  1. Beau: Meaning “beautiful or handsome”.
  2. Beauchamp: Meaning “beautiful field”.
  3. Beaumont: Meaning “beautiful mountain”.
  4. Beauregard: Meaning “beautiful gaze”.

What is the prettiest French name?

They don’t get much prettier than these French baby names:

  1. Joelene: Meaning “pretty”.
  2. Jolie: Meaning “pretty”.

What is the French name for beauty?

So what is the most often used French word for beautiful?

  1. Belle: Meaning “beautiful”.

What is a cute French name?

Now these are some adorably cute French baby names for your petite fille et garçon:

  1. Alodie: Meaning “wealthy”.
  2. Amalie or Amelie: Meaning “hardworking and curious”.
  3. Antoine: Meaning “priceless one”.
  4. Aurelie: Meaning “golden”.
  5. Autry: Meaning “noble strength”.
  6. Chloé: Meaning “flourishing and blooming”.
  7. Coralie: Meaning “coral”.
  8. Delano: Meaning “from the forest of nut trees”.
  9. Delmore: Meaning “of the sea”.
  10. Delphine: Meaning “dolphin”.
  11. Dio or Dion: Meaning “child of heaven and earth”.
  12. Édelie: Meaning “high principles”.
  13. Élodie: Meaning “foreign riches”.
  14. Esme or Esmée: Meaning “beloved”.
  15. Favre: Meaning “ironworker”.
  16. Garnet: Meaning “pomegranate”.
  17. Guy: Meaning “leader”.
  18. Inés: Meaning “chaste and pure”.
  19. Liliane: Meaning “pure”.
  20. Maxime: Meaning “greatest”.
  21. Mirabelle: Meaning “plum”.
  22. Mirielle: Meaning “admire”.
  23. Montague: Meaning “pointy hill”.
  24. Neville: Meaning “new town”.
  25. Pacome: Meaning “of strong nature or pacifier”.
  26. Pauline: Meaning “small”.
  27. Rigny: Meaning “from Rigny, an area in eastern France”.
  28. Sylvie: Meaning “from the forest”.
  29. Theo: Meaning “gift of God”.
  30. Zélie: Meaning “mother of St. Therese of Lisieux”.

What French name means “love”?

French is the language of love, so here are two magnifique French names that mean “love”:

  1. Amie
  2. Amor

What French name means “hope”?

If your little one is a beacon of hope and joy in your life, you’ll love these French baby names meaning “hope”:

  1. Espoir
  2. Nadine

What French name means “God”?

If you’re looking for Biblical names with a continental feel, check out our French names meaning “God”:

  1. Abrielle: Meaning “woman of God”.
  2. Anelise or Annalise: Meaning “devoted to God”.
  3. Arielle: Meaning “lion of God”.
  4. Danielle: Meaning “God is the judge”.
  5. Danniell or Danon: Meaning “God is my judge”.
  6. Dieu: “God”.
  7. Dieudonné: Meaning “given by God”.
  8. Dominique: Meaning “belonging to the Lord”.
  9. Elise: Meaning “pledged to God”.
  10. Gabriel: Meaning “God is my strength”.
  11. Gabrielle: Meaning “God is my strength”.
  12. Gilles: Meaning “servant of Jesus”.
  13. Isabelle: Meaning “pledged to God”.
  14. Jean: Name meaning “God is gracious”.
  15. Jeanne: Meaning “God is gracious”. The Jeanne pronunciation is “zhanne”, with a soft “j”.
  16. Josephe: Meaning “God increases”.
  17. Josephine: Meaning “God increases”.
  18. Matthieu: Meaning “gift of the Lord”.
  19. Michelle: Meaning “who is like God”.
  20. Natalie: Meaning “birthday of the Lord”.
  21. Nathanael or Nathaniel: Meaning “gift of God”.
  22. Odelia: Meaning “praise God”.
  23. Raphaël: Meaning “healed by God”.
  24. Simon: Meaning “God has heard”.
  25. Yannick: Meaning “God is gracious”.

Is Louis a French name?

Yes ‒ in fact, Louis is one of the most well-known French baby names:

  1. Louis or Luis: Meaning “renowned warrior”.

What is the best French name?

Well, that’s up to you, maman!

We hope this ultimate list of French baby names has given you some inspiration.

Good luck with naming your petit bébé!

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