How Women’s Friendships Changed in 2021, According to Peanut’s Research

Team Peanut
Team Peanut11 months ago3 min read

We surveyed over 2,000 women to find out how women’s friendships in 2021 have evolved. Our results prove that connection is keeping us all afloat.

Women’s Friendships in 2021

As we enter 2022 and the third (can you believe it?) year of the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to feel the strain of uncertainty and isolation on all parts of our lives ‒ but especially on our relationships.

The way we communicate with friends, family, and colleagues has evolved dramatically from in-person to mainly virtual.

And not only has the way we communicate changed, but so has what we discuss and with whom.

But the good news is, more and more of us are embracing virtual friendships—and we’re finding value in them.

We surveyed over 2,000 women to find out how friendships have evolved over the past year.

Our results prove that connection is keeping us all afloat and that Peanut continues to be a lifeline for women looking to make new friends, maintain existing ones and share experiences.

Here’s how women found value in Peanut across 2021:

  • To find valuable virtual connections
  • To feel less alone
  • To find acceptance and support
  • To expand their networks geographically
  • To be authentic
  • Looking ahead

To find valuable virtual connections

Over the course of 2021, 79% of women on Peanut found virtual connections via the app.

Although virtual, these connections have proven their importance.

The majority (75%) of women value their virtual relationships just as much as their traditional friendships.

To feel less alone

When reflecting on another isolating year, 83% of the Peanut community said their virtual friendships helped them feel less alone.

These feelings of loneliness are fueling the need for commitment and reliability in friendships, with 70% of women reporting that commitment is integral to friendships.

To find acceptance and support

Women value their virtual connections for the comfort they provide.

82% of women reported that the number one quality they look for in friendships is acceptance and 74% of women report that these virtual friendships have helped them feel supported through uncertain times and events (like having a baby during a global pandemic).

To expand their networks geographically

Interestingly, women aren’t limiting their friendships by location and proximity.

Instead of just looking for friends nearby, women are open to forming long-distance friendships.

In fact, only 45% of women report that living nearby is important to a friendship and as a result, 45% of the connections created on Peanut across 2021 were long-distance.

To be authentic

One stand-out trend is the authenticity women find through their Peanut connections.

78% of the community feel they can be more authentic with their virtual friends, 65% feel more comfortable discussing intimate subjects with their virtual friends than with their traditional family and friends, and nearly half (46%) report feeling less judged.

Peanut has proven to be a safe space for women by fostering this level of comfort —to the point that 69% of women don’t feel comfortable using other apps to discuss such intimate subjects.

Looking ahead

As we expand our community to help more women find friendship and support throughout each stage of life, we’re proud to provide an award-winning app for women to form meaningful connections at a time when they’re needed most.

As we enter 2022, we look forward to celebrating more global connections and real conversations to ensure that no one has to navigate womanhood alone.

Join us on Peanut. We think you’ll fit right in.

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