23 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

23 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Your pregnancy week by week

Get some giggles with our funny pregnancy announcement ideas!
First, congratulations on your pregnancy! And don’t worry, we won’t spill. 😉

Your secret is safe with us.

What will do is help you out with funny pregnancy announcement ideas.

You’re bound to give your friends and family a chuckle to go with those warm-hearted grins.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

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What are fun ways to tell people you’re pregnant?

Pregnancy announcements do not have to be a serious affair.

You’re about to set forth on one of the most exciting adventures of a lifetime — and you’re going to have so much fun doing it.

A funny baby announcement is a perfect way to kick things off.

What should I say in my pregnancy announcement?

Bringing your personal flair to the mix will make your pregnancy announcement particularly memorable.

23 funny pregnancy announcement ideas

1. For the movie buff. 🎥

Create a movie poster with an image of your life to come. Bottles. Diapers. Laundry. Exhausted eyes.


Then add the final touch: Coming soon: [INSERT DATE].

And if it’s your second (or third), it’s the sequel. You may even be starting a franchise.

2. For the sports fan. 🏐

Sports fans have loads of options for fun pregnancy announcements.

Here are our favorites:

  • Joining the team.
  • Knocked up. 🥊 Get into your boxing gear and have a fun boxing-theme photo shoot. It’s sure to be a knockout.

3. For the beer lover. 🍺

There are two great options here. Either:

  • Something’s brewing. And this time it’s not an IPA. This may just be your best batch yet.
  • Label your bellies. This is a classic that gets the laughs every time. Label your partner’s belly beer and your belly baby. If you have a little one in your family already, you can label their tummy with whatever their favorite food is. Peanut butter? Banana? Apple juice?

4. For the fashionista. 👚

Make a splash with a runway-themed announcement.

This season’s most loved item: maternity wear.

5. For the animal lover. 🐈

Yep, they’ve been your babies up to now, and tbh, that will never change.

But the four-legged friends in the house are about to welcome a new playmate.

There are so many ways to include your pups and your cats.

Two of our favorites?

  • Pop them in front of a book about pregnancy. Make it look as if they’re doing their research.
  • A speech bubble that says, “I thought I was your baby.”

6. For the pun lover. 📖

  • About to pop with a champagne cork heading for the ceiling?
  • Knocked up with a picture of your front door?
  • Bun in the oven with a picture of an actual bun in your actual oven?

Puns are a surefire way to get everyone in on some cringey fun.

7. For the gamer. 🕹️

For gaming addicts, things are really about to get fun.

Some fun announcement options?

  • Create the title page for a game called Sleep. Right underneath? The words: GAME OVER.
  • Player 3 has entered the game. Need we say more? Of course, this works just as well for player 4, 5, or 6.

8. For same-sex couples. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

So that you don’t have to spend your whole life fielding questions, make up some t-shirts to get the message across.

Some options?

  • A: “I’m pregnant.” B: “I’m not the father.”
  • For expecting dads: “He’s pregnant.”

9. For the superhero fans. 🦸🏽‍♀️

If this is Baby Number 2, dress your little one up as a superhero.

Get them to pose in front of a sign that says “I’m getting a sidekick.”

And if it’s Baby Number 1, they can easily be your sidekick too.

10. For the mama of more than one. 👶

There are so many fun options when it comes to involving the little comedians in your house.

Here are our favorites:

  • Eviction notice placed strategically on the crib. If you can get them to pose mid-bawl, even better.
  • Only child status: expiring soon.
  • Big sister training camp. If you feel like going to town with this one, you can accompany it with boot camp paraphernalia.
  • I’m getting a promotion. Dressing them up in some corporate gear for this one can be a real win.

11. For the pandemic babies. 🦠

  • We weren’t so great at social distancing.
  • We got the right kind of positive test.

12. For the wine lover. 🍷

  • Don’t fill this glass until [insert due date].

13. For the Britney lovers. 🎵

  • Oops we did it again.

14. For the designers. ✏️

Here’s an idea for creative couples.

While you pose in profile view, get your partner to chalk on a pregnant belly on the wall behind you.

Make a sign pointing to the artistic rendering of your belly with the words: Under construction.

15. For the sleep hater. 💤

  • We thought about things and realized that sleep was something we wanted to get less of.

16. For the tech lovers. 💻

  • Sketch a Loading… sign onto your belly.

17. For the bed lovers. 🛏️

  • Who said being in bed wasn’t productive?

18. For Star Wars fans. ⭐

  • Future Jedi on the way
  • The fourth awakens

Of course, you can get as creative as you like with costuming.

19. For the plant lovers. 🌿

With a backdrop of your favorite plants, pose with a sign that says Growing something new.

20. For the coffee lovers. ☕

Set up three cups — one of the sippy variety.

A bottle works too.

  • New bean on the way.

21. For the Christmas lover. 🎄

Involve the other little people (or animals) in this one:

  • Santa is bringing me a little brother.*

Of course, if there are some tears involved, it only adds to the comedy.

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22. For the travel lovers. 🌎

Set up three backpacks next to each other — one of them a lot smaller than the other two.

The caption? Our world is about to get a whole lot bigger.

23. For the DIY lovers. 🚧

Set up a scene where you’re trying to read the manual for building a baby.

Dress it up with construction paraphernalia — hammers, screwdrivers, nails.

  • This might just be your biggest project yet.

And there you have it. 23 funny pregnancy announcement ideas for every kind of mama.

Have fun making your announcement!

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