23 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

23 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Get some giggles with our funny pregnancy announcement ideas!
First, congratulations on your pregnancy! And don’t worry, we won’t spill. 😉

Your secret is safe with us.

What will do is help you out with funny pregnancy announcement ideas.

You’re bound to give your friends and family a chuckle to go with those warm-hearted grins.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

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  • 23 funny pregnancy announcement ideas

What are fun ways to tell people you’re pregnant?

Pregnancy announcements do not have to be a serious affair.

You’re about to set forth on one of the most exciting adventures of a lifetime — and you’re going to have so much fun doing it.

A funny baby announcement is a perfect way to kick things off.

What should I say in my pregnancy announcement?

Bringing your personal flair to the mix will make your pregnancy announcement particularly memorable.

23 funny pregnancy announcement ideas

1. For the movie buff. 🎥

Create a movie poster with an image of your life to come. Bottles. Diapers. Laundry. Exhausted eyes.

Then add the final touch: Coming soon: [INSERT DATE].

And if it’s your second (or third), it’s the sequel. You may even be starting a franchise.

2. For the sports fan. 🏐

Sports fans have loads of options for fun pregnancy announcements.

Here are our favorites:

  • Joining the team.
  • Knocked up. 🥊 Get into your boxing gear and have a fun boxing-theme photo shoot. It’s sure to be a knockout.

3. For the beer lover. 🍺

There are two great options here. Either:

  • Something’s brewing. And this time it’s not an IPA. This may just be your best batch yet.
  • Label your bellies. This is a classic that gets the laughs every time. Label your partner’s belly beer and your belly baby. If you have a little one in your family already, you can label their tummy with whatever their favorite food is. Peanut butter? Banana? Apple juice?

4. For the fashionista. 👚

Make a splash with a runway-themed announcement.

This season’s most loved item: maternity wear.

5. For the animal lover. 🐈

Yep, they’ve been your babies up to now, and tbh, that will never change.

But the four-legged friends in the house are about to welcome a new playmate.

There are so many ways to include your pups and your cats.

Two of our favorites?

  • Pop them in front of a book about pregnancy. Make it look as if they’re doing their research.
  • A speech bubble that says, “I thought I was your baby.”

6. For the pun lover. 📖

  • About to pop with a champagne cork heading for the ceiling?
  • Knocked up with a picture of your front door?
  • Bun in the oven with a picture of an actual bun in your actual oven?

Puns are a surefire way to get everyone in on some cringey fun.

7. For the gamer. 🕹️

For gaming addicts, things are really about to get fun.

Some fun announcement options?

  • Create the title page for a game called Sleep. Right underneath? The words: GAME OVER.
  • Player 3 has entered the game. Need we say more? Of course, this works just as well for player 4, 5, or 6.

8. For same-sex couples. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

So that you don’t have to spend your whole life fielding questions, make up some t-shirts to get the message across.

Some options?

  • A: “I’m pregnant.” B: “I’m not the father.”
  • For expecting dads: “He’s pregnant.”

9. For the superhero fans. 🦸🏽‍♀️

If this is Baby Number 2, dress your little one up as a superhero.

Get them to pose in front of a sign that says “I’m getting a sidekick.”

And if it’s Baby Number 1, they can easily be your sidekick too.

10. For the mama of more than one. 👶

There are so many fun options when it comes to involving the little comedians in your house.

Here are our favorites:

  • Eviction notice placed strategically on the crib. If you can get them to pose mid-bawl, even better.
  • Only child status: expiring soon.
  • Big sister training camp. If you feel like going to town with this one, you can accompany it with boot camp paraphernalia.
  • I’m getting a promotion. Dressing them up in some corporate gear for this one can be a real win.

11. For the pandemic babies. 🦠

  • We weren’t so great at social distancing.
  • We got the right kind of positive test.

12. For the wine lover. 🍷

  • Don’t fill this glass until [insert due date].

13. For the Britney lovers. 🎵

  • Oops we did it again.

14. For the designers. ✏️

Here’s an idea for creative couples.

While you pose in profile view, get your partner to chalk on a pregnant belly on the wall behind you.

Make a sign pointing to the artistic rendering of your belly with the words: Under construction.

15. For the sleep hater. 💤

  • We thought about things and realized that sleep was something we wanted to get less of.

16. For the tech lovers. 💻

  • Sketch a Loading… sign onto your belly.

17. For the bed lovers. 🛏️

  • Who said being in bed wasn’t productive?

18. For Star Wars fans. ⭐

  • Future Jedi on the way
  • The fourth awakens

Of course, you can get as creative as you like with costuming.

19. For the plant lovers. 🌿

With a backdrop of your favorite plants, pose with a sign that says Growing something new.

20. For the coffee lovers. ☕

Set up three cups — one of the sippy variety.

A bottle works too.

  • New bean on the way.

21. For the Christmas lover. 🎄

Involve the other little people (or animals) in this one:

  • Santa is bringing me a little brother.*

Of course, if there are some tears involved, it only adds to the comedy.

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22. For the travel lovers. 🌎

Set up three backpacks next to each other — one of them a lot smaller than the other two.

The caption? Our world is about to get a whole lot bigger.

23. For the DIY lovers. 🚧

Set up a scene where you’re trying to read the manual for building a baby.

Dress it up with construction paraphernalia — hammers, screwdrivers, nails.

  • This might just be your biggest project yet.

And there you have it. 23 funny pregnancy announcement ideas for every kind of mama.

Have fun making your announcement!

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