73 Stellar Gemini Baby Names with Deep Meanings

73 Stellar Gemini Baby Names with Deep Meanings

Do you have a baby (or two) due between May 21 and June 21?

Or perhaps you just feel inspired by the magic of the zodiac twins?

Whatever your reasons, the stars have aligned to bring you our favorite Gemini baby names.

Geminis are said to be sociable, adaptable, witty, and curious—think social butterfly. 🦋

(Just be warned that, like butterflies, they can also be flighty.)

Our Gemini names look to capture the spirit of this beautifully complex creature.

Of course, if you’re expecting twins, many of these Gemini-inspired names actually have “twin” as part of their meaning.

For example, what about Odion (meaning “first born twin”) and Kato (meaning “second born twin”)?

And because Gemini is the sign of the twins, it seems fitting that we should include several double-barrel names on our list.

That way, like the Gemini, you can get the best of both worlds.

Names like Amelia-Rose and Cora-Lee make the list, as well as Alfie-Jay and Tyler-James.

We’ve also included some names inspired by famous Geminis so that you can draw from some of their built-in Gemini magic.

(Spoiler alert: there’s a Beatle on the list.)

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  • Gemini boy names that refer to twins
  • Famous Geminis names for boys
  • Double-barrelled Gemini names for boys

Is Gemini a real name?

While not common, yes, Gemini is indeed a real name.

From this analysis of Social Security data, it ranked 24,028th in popularity among current US names.

So, if you’re looking for a name on the unique end of the spectrum, this may definitely be it.

It’s most commonly used for girls but can just as fittingly be used for any gender. Gem or Minnie could be cute nicknames.

But what other Gemini-inspired names are on the table?

We’ll take you through some interesting choices from all over the world.

And while we’ve divided them into Gemini girl names and boy names, we’re total fans of using the names you love in any way you wish.

Gemini Girl names that refer to twins

We’ll kick off with girl names that refer to twins or speak about twins in some way:

  1. Adongo: This Swahili name refers to the second born of twins.
  2. Alaba: This Nigerian name means “second child born after twins”.
  3. Apio: This sweet name refers to the “firstborn of a set of twins”.
  4. Babirye: Meaning “first of twins”.
  5. Kakra: With its Egyptian roots, this name refers to “a twin”.
  6. Linnaea: From its Scandinavian roots, this name means “twinflower”—a lovely flowering woodland plant.
  7. Nabirye: An Egyptian baby girl name meaning “mother of twins”.
  8. Thomasina: The feminine form of Thomas, this name means “twin”. Tamsin is another variant of the same name.
  9. Tomasa: From Aramaic roots, this name is a variant of Thomas and means “twin”.
  10. Vanamo: Like Linnaea, this Finnish girl’s name refers to the twinflower.
  11. Zesiro: Meaning “firstborn of twins”.

Famous Geminis girl names

  1. Alanis: Canadian songbird Alanis Morissette is a Gemini. Her name means “precious” or “cheerful”.
  2. Amy: An Old French name meaning “beloved”. This one’s for fans of comedian Amy Schumer.
  3. Ashley: Inspired by one-half of the Olsen twins, check further down the list for her double. This name means “ash tree meadow”.
  4. Angelina: This one is sure to be a hit for fans of the actor, filmmaker, and humanitarian Angelina Jolie. Her name is Greek in origin and means “messenger of God”.
  5. Laverne: Actress and LGBTQ+ activist Laverne Cox is also on our list of inspiring Geminis. As a French girl’s name, it means “springlike” or “the alder tree”.
  6. Marilyn: She started her life as Norma Jeane Mortenson, and then this Gemini transformed into Marilyn Monroe. Her stage name means “star of the sea”.
  7. Heidi: This one’s inspired by model and television personality Heidi Klum. From the Old German name Adelheid, meaning “the noble one”.
  8. Helena: This sweet name is an ideal Gemini nod to the wonderfully quirky Helena Bonham Carter. It means “shining light”.
  9. Idina: An English girl’s name meaning “from Edinburgh”. This famous Gemini is the voice of Elsa in Frozen—Idina Menzel.
  10. Mary-Kate: Yep, we’ve got a full house with this twin set. They’re twins, they’re Geminis, and Mary-Kate has a double-barreled name. That’s more than double trouble.
  11. Naomi: For lovers of the supermodel Naomi Campbell, here’s another Gemini hit. It’s a Hebrew name that means “pleasant” or “gentle”.
  12. Natalie: Celebrated actress Natalie Portman was also born under these stars. Her name stems from the Latin words natale domini—”birth of the lord”.

Double-barrelled Gemini names for girls

And now for some of our favorite double-barreled options to encompass all the personalities of the twin:

  1. Amelia-Rose: A combination of the German name Amelia (meaning “hard-working”) and the iconic flower name meaning “rose”.
  2. Amy-Leigh: Meaning both “beloved” and “meadow”.
  3. Cora-Lee: The Greek name Cora means “maiden”, while Lee comes from the English name for “clearing” or “meadow”.
  4. Delia-Rose: Another Greek-inspired name, Delia means “from Delos”—the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo.
  5. Emma-Mae: A meeting of the German Emma (meaning “universal”) and Mae meaning “goddess of springtime”.
  6. Isla-Rose: This nature-infused name honors the Scottish island of Islay. It’s also considered a Spanish girl’s name that means “island”.
  7. Lily-Anne: Meaning both “innocence” and “grace”.
  8. Lola-May: One of our more hipster style baby names, Lola means “sorrows” in Spanish, while May means “goddess of springtime”.
  9. Sophia-Grace: A beautiful fusion of “wisdom” and “grace”.
  10. Scarlett-Rose: A striking flower baby name. It means simply “red rose”. 🌹

Gemini boy names

The first two Geminis on this list are the ones who give the Zodiac its symbol.

They’re the twins sitting together in the night sky, and their names are:

  1. Castor: The name of the first of these famous Gemini twins means “pious one”.
  2. Pollux: The second of the Gemini twins has a name meaning “crown”. 👑

If you have twins yourself, these names could be a great option.

Gemini boy names that refer to twins

Here are our top picks for boy names that mean “twin”:

  1. Akello: Hailing from East Africa, this name refers to a “baby born after twins”. It also means “to bring forth”.
  2. Atsu: This Egyptian boy’s name simply means “twin.”
  3. Didymos: This Biblical name means “twin” or “double”.
  4. Foma: From its Hebrew roots, Foma means “twin”.
  5. Idogbe: Another Gemini name with Egyptian origins, Idogbe means “brother of twins.”
  6. Isingoma: Meaning “first of twins”.
  7. Kato: Meaning “second of twins”.
  8. Maas: This name is used as a Dutch and North German surname and is a variant of Thomas, meaning “twin”.
  9. Maso: This Italian name means “twin”.
  10. Mukhwana: Meaning “twins”.
  11. Odion: Meaning “first of twins”.
  12. Tamas: This is the Hungarian version of Thomas, meaning “twin”.
  13. Tamati: And this is the Maori form of Thomas, also meaning “twin”.
  14. Tamhas: For the Aramaic version, we have Tamhas.
  15. Thomas: And, of course, this OG twin name had to make the list.
  16. Togquos: This Algonquin name means “twin”.
  17. Tomasz: Here’s the Polish version of Thomas.
  18. Tuomo: This is the Finnish Thomas.
  19. Wasswa: Meaning “firstborn of twins”.

Famous Geminis names for boys

And now some boys’ names inspired by famous Geminis:

  1. Chris: This one belongs to Captain America himself, Chris Evans. A Greek boy’s name, it means “bearing Christ”.
  2. Colin: Mr. Farrell was born on May 31, 1976, making him a Gemini. His Gaelic name means “cub”.
  3. John: This one’s after JFK, a famous Gemini. It’s a Hebrew boy’s name, meaning “God is gracious”.
  4. Kendrick: Love Kendrick Lamar? Here’s a fitting tribute. It means “greatest champion” and is Welsh in origin.
  5. Morgan: Another Welsh name, Morgan means “circling sea”. Academy Award winner with the unmistakably silky voice, Morgan Freeman, is also born under this sign.
  6. Tom: For fans of the Marvel Universe, naming your baby after Spider-Man, Tom Holland, is sure to be a win. Especially since his name means “twin”. It’s like it was meant to be…
  7. Paul: For those who love to relish in a bit of Beatlemania, Mr. McCartney is one of the more well-known Geminis out there. His name mean “small” or “humble”.
  8. Prince: As in this music dynamo. Sure, it’s an obvious name meaning “prince”, but he was a Gemini too.
  9. Salman: If you love the books of Salman Rushdie, you may be pleased to hear that he is a Gemini. This Arabic name means “safe”.
  10. Walt: One for the lovers of 19th-century poet Walt Whitman, who was also born in the Gemini bracket. This German boy’s name means “commander of the army”.

Double-barrelled Gemini names for boys

And, of course, we need some double-barrelled Gemini boy names too!

  1. Aaron-Jay: A combination of the Biblical boy’s name Aaron (meaning “mountain of strength”) and Jay meaning “joyful”.
  2. Alfie-Jay: From the Old English Aelfraed meaning “elf counsel”. Jay can also be a shortform of Jason, which means “healer”. Quite the legacy to leave baby!
  3. Bailey-Ray: Should baby ever wish to pursue the life of a musician, consider their stage name sorted! This effortlessly cool title combines Bailey (meaning “bailiff”) and Ray (meaning “wise protector”).
  4. Charlie-Wren: We lowkey love this vintage-style name, which means “free man” and “songbird”.
  5. Jayden-Lee: Combining Jayden (meaning “thankful”) and Lee (meaning “clearing” or “meadow”).
  6. John-Paul: A classic double name, it means both “God is gracious” and “humble”.
  7. Logan-James: Boasting main character energy, this gemini names is a meeting of the Scottish boy’s name Logan (meaning “hollow”) and James (meaning “supplanter”).
  8. Reggie-Lee: From the Latin name Reginaldus, meaning “ruler with counsel”.
  9. Tyler-James: An intriguing fusion of the French boy’s name meaning “tile maker” and James, meaning “supplanter”.

If you’re looking for more ideas for baby names, head over to the Peanut community.
But if you’re loving the celestial baby names, we’ve got names for every sign—from Aries to Pisces.

Next up: Cancer. 🦀♋️

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