22 Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

22 Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

Looking for gender-neutral nursery themes that aren’t all-pink or all-blue? We’re here to help.
There are so many reasons to opt for gender-neutral nursery ideas.

It might be that you don’t know the sex of your little one, and you want to get busy decorating.

Or perhaps you’d like to move away from traditional gender rules, and you’d like to start with their bedroom.

Or maybe you’d simply prefer that the design of their nursery doesn’t hinge on just one color.

Whatever your reasons, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in.

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  • How do you build a gender-neutral room?
  • Our favorite gender-neutral nursery themes
  • Ideas for a colorful gender-neutral nursery
  • Easy and simple gender-neutral nursery ideas

How do you build a gender-neutral room?

Designing your baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy journey.

From here on, their arrival starts to feel very real.

First things first, you don’t have to stick to pink princesses and turquoise trucks.

There is a whole world of possibilities out there.

From traveling to the stars, to exploring the jungle, to heading under the sea, welcoming your little one to their first home can be a great adventure.

Do you have to have a nursery theme?

Nope. There are no “shoulds” here.

This is your journey. And you do it your way.

Themes can be fun, if that feels right for you.

Or you might want to pick elements from one of the ideas below and combine them with another.

Flex those creative muscles. Have fun. And most importantly, do what looks and feels right for you.

Here’s some inspiration to get you going.

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Our favorite gender-neutral nursery themes

1. An animal extravaganza

Whether you opt for a lion-only room or a full-on safari, picking an animal theme gives you permission to go wild.

Look for cushions, blankets, decals, and ornaments that show off your animal(s) of choice.

2. Boho baby

Think patterned rugs, tassel wall hangings, a wicker crib, and pretty pictures for this baby boho look.

You could choose to make the room as colorful or as muted as you like.

This one’s really all about texture.

3. Outside inside

Wallpapers of trees, a large pot plant in the corner, pressed flowers on the walls.

Bring the outside inside with this outdoorsy theme.

4. Story time

What was your favorite children’s book?

Winnie-the-Pooh, The Little Prince, The Tale of Peter Rabbit?

Search for linen or pictures of these classic illustrations, or set up and stock your little one’s first bookshelf.

5. Under the sea

Imagine seahorses decals, a little octopus nightstand, and a soft blue whale resting on the changing table.

The mobile above your baby’s crib could be home to many brightly colored fish.

6. Starry, starry night

Somehow, stars always feel fitting for a children’s room.

They’re dreamlike, whimsical, and calming.

And starry bedroom doesn’t have to be dark. Instead, you could invert your night sky, placing dark or gold star decals of different sizes on white walls.

7. Warm with wood

Natural wood furniture looks and feels contemporary and warm.

Pair it with geometric wallpaper or a few carefully selected finishes, such as a wooden lampshade, to make it look like it’s all part of the same picture.

8. Adventure, ahoy!

Encourage a sense of curiosity for the great wide world in your little adventurer right from the very beginning.

Look out for maps of the world, pictures of boats at sea, a mobile made of tiny airplanes.

9. Over the rainbow

A rainbow theme can be gentle and calming, or bright and bold.

Choose what feels best for you, and accent it with decals and pictures that feature clouds and umbrellas.

10. More magic

Search for decorations and accessories that feel magical to you—mobiles of moons and stars and wallpapers of misty forests.

Use soft furnishings to create a homely, cozy space.

Ideas for a colorful gender-neutral nursery

11. More monochrome

Just because we’re exploring beyond pinks and blues, doesn’t mean blacks and whites are off the table.

A monochrome look can look pretty snazzy, and is perfect for your new baby, who will be able to see high-contrast colors best for the first few weeks of their life.

12. Go for green

In color psychology, green is the color of balance and harmony, and of growth, spring, and renewal.

All of those things seem pretty perfect for a newborn baby.

Choose pale, soothing tones and offset these with shocks of darker hues or gentle whites.

13. Big and bold

Feeling daring?

Pick large swatches of bright, vibrant colors and make your baby’s nursery a wonderland.

Of course, you don’t need to go all-out with this one.

If you like, just one bold signature wall will do.

14. Clean and classic

Take your gender-neutral theme literally by opting for neutral colors, like warm whites, beiges, and maybe light splashes of yellows.

15. Yes to yellow

Speaking of yellow.

This happy color is delightfully gender-neutral, and can be incredibly effective against slightly darker backgrounds, such as gray.

Use bright yellow accents in the nursery’s cushions and blankets.

Easy and simple gender-neutral nursery ideas

16. Mostly minimalist

Your baby’s nursery doesn’t have to be completely over the top.

If you’d like something simpler, opt for a minimalist style.

It’ll make the space easy to navigate—and to clean.

17. Match your style

Let your baby’s room blend in with the rest of your home.

Choose a color scheme and design features that feel right for you.

This way, you’ll allow for a seamless flow from one room to the next.

18. Blackout blinds

One of the most important things about your nursery is that it’s good for your little one’s rest.

Install blackout blinds to make sure it’s properly dark and use this as an opportunity to create a theme.

Many blinds come in sweet children’s patterns.

19. Nursery nook

For the first few months, especially, you might find it easier to have your baby in your room with you.

Create a dedicated nook for your little one with their crib, changing table, and some simple decorations.

20. Picture perfect

Repainting rooms, installing wallpaper, and buying new rugs and wall hangings can be expensive.

Sometimes, all you need to make your baby’s room feel like home are a few pictures.

These might be photographs of your family, or sweet drawings of animals.

21. Use what you’ve got

Maybe you already have most of what your baby’s nursery needs.

A splash of paint on an old chest of drawers can turn it into a changing table.

22. Look up

Your little one is going to be looking at the ceiling a lot in their first few weeks and months of life.

Make it an exciting space for them by painting colorful patterns or installing pretty wallpaper.

Whatever you do, mama, enjoy it.

And don’t be pressured by what you find in baby magazines and online.

Do what feels true to you and your style. Your baby will love whatever you choose.

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