Our Top 10 Gender Reveal Food Ideas

Our Top 10 Gender Reveal Food Ideas

So you’ve got some important news that you’re just dying to share with your friends and family — and you want to make sure you do it right. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. These delicious gender reveal food ideas will be the perfect complement to your big announcement.
And the good news is, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

There’s no one way to do this. The important thing is sharing this time with the people you love.

You figure out how best that works for you right now. Meet yourself where you’re at.

A quick note about the difference between gender and sex
Sex is the biological side of things — the parts you’re born with.

Gender is more complicated. It has to do with roles and behaviors in society and how you feel on the inside, and not something that we can witness on an ultrasound.

So really when we’re talking about a gender reveal party, we’re talking about a sex reveal party.

Either way, it’s news that you get to share with your family and friends. And have fun while doing so.

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What kind of food do you serve at a gender reveal?

First, decide what sort of occasion you’re after.

What time of day do you want to have your party? Do you want a casual garden gathering with a few snacks, a picnic, or a sit-down dinner?

The fun part is that your food can do double duty at your gender reveal party.

It can be both the method through which you reveal your big news, and a tasty treat for your guests to enjoy.

Curious how this might work? Let’s take a look.

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Gender reveal snack ideas

Try these gender reveal party food ideas:

1. 🎂The cake reveal

This one might just take the cake. Picture this. Your cake of choice is decorated in blue and pink hearts. 💙💖

Your guests arrive. They look at the gorgeous gateau, not knowing that right there in the center is the news they’re all waiting for. When the time is right, you all gather round and you cut into the center.

And there, right at the heart of it, is a layer of (blue? pink?) icing or candies. (You can choose the sweet treat you love best.)

Without you having to say anything to say a word, your big news is revealed. It’s literally a piece of cake.

2. 🧁The cupcake confessions

Perhaps this option will be your cup(cake) of tea.

Bake (or buy) your favorite cupcakes. Cut a small round hole in each cupcake.

Fill that space with icing in pink or blue, or a colorful candy. Pop the missing pieces of the cupcakes back in and lather with icing.

That way, you won’t give your game away.

Choose a moment at your gathering when everyone gets to bite into their cupcakes at the same time. As they do, a delicious blue or pink center will be revealed. 💙💖

That’s one delicious way to break the story.

3. 🥠The fortune cookie newsflash

Write out tiny love letters to your guests that reveal your big news. It’s a girl! 💖 It’s a boy! 💙

If you’re into it, make fortune cookies from scratch. (Here’s a recipe if you need.) Pop your news in the center and get your guests to break the news at the same time.

There’s also a really easy option using store-bought cookies.

Steam the cookies until they’re soft. Using a pair of tweezers or tongs, remove the current “fortune” and replace it with your news.

Once you’ve done so, leave the cookies out to harden and dry.

4. 🍪A cookie decoration station

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate your littler guests, a cookie decoration station is a great way to go.

After you have broken the news, bring out a tray of cookies of your choice. (Homemade and store-bought both do the trick.)

Sugar cookies work well. Little gingerbread people can also be a real hit.

Another fun idea? Cat-shaped cookies for letting the cat out of the bag.

On the tray, place bowls of icing, sprinkles, and candies of your choice — and all in the color that corresponds to your big news.

Your guests get to flex their creative muscles, inspired by the exciting news you’ve given them.

(Hot tip: if you’re looking for a healthier option, you can decorate strawberries instead.)

Gender reveal dinner ideas

If you’d like to do the big reveal at a restaurant or over a home-cooked dinner, you might want to try some of these fun ideas:

5. 🎈Balloon delivery

Ask your server to deliver appropriately colored balloons to your table while you’re having dinner. Voila!

6. 🥤Shake it up

Order everyone a milkshake of a certain hue — a delicious way to get everyone in the know.

7. 🍨 Cream of the crop

Try the milkshake plan above — but this time with ice cream.

8. 👕Wardrobe change

Pop to the bathroom and come out wearing a t-shirt with the big news on it. Easy, entertaining, effective.

9. 💌A letter to your loved ones

Place a letter at every table setting. At a particular moment in the dinner, get everyone to open their letters at the same time.

10. 🎊Take the lid off it.

Quite literally. If you’re having a home-cooked dinner, pretend you’re serving something in a casserole dish with a lid on it.

At the table, open it up to reveal pink or blue streamers. Effortless, quirky fun.

Gender reveal FAQs

What should you have at a gender reveal party?

Whether you have lunch, an afternoon party, or a sit-down dinner, your gender reveal is your gender reveal.

You might want to play some games or simply share in this moment with your loved ones.

You do it in your unique style — and with the amount of time and energy that you have.

As for the actual reveal, you may want to do a simple announcement or a more theatrical unveiling. It’s up to you.

Now’s the time to learn one of the most important lessons of mamahood — there’s no one way to do this thing.

Are you supposed to get a gift for a gender reveal party?

There’s no pressure to get a gift for a gender reveal party. There’s likely still a baby shower or sprinkle coming up so you may want to pace yourself.

That being said, if you do have a special gift in mind, go ahead!

Perhaps a journal to document the journey? A soft pillow to ease those pregnancy aches and pains?

And there’s a picture from an ultrasound that might need a frame.

Whether you’re a guest or a mama-to-be, the most important thing is to share this moment with the people you love. Everything else is details.

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