50 Best Gender Reveal Ideas: Balloons, Cakes & More!

50 Best Gender Reveal Ideas: Balloons, Cakes & More!

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So, you’ve come back from the doc with news that you’re just bursting to tell your BFFs: it’s a girl!

Or a boy!

Or, for some who are about to have their hands really full, one of each!

But before you spill the baby beans, you may want to look for some gender reveal ideas – helping you turn your news into one of the first memories you make on your motherhood journey.

But where do you even start with gender reveals? How do you make your announcement as special as the news that it divulges?

Here’s the thing: what will make your announcement truly unique is doing it your way.

That means not trying to simply imitate what looks like the craziest, creative gender reveal ideas on the internet, but rather creating something truly representative of your family and the people (oh, and animals) that make it up.

Important side note: Though the commonly-used term is “gender reveal” – this is actually about revealing the “sex” of your baby.

Sex is biologically defined, whereas gender is socially constructed.

For the purpose of this guide, we’ll use “gender reveal” but do bear this in mind!

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  • Messy gender reveal ideas
  • Classic gender reveal ideas
  • Christmas gender reveal ideas
  • Halloween gender reveal ideas
  • Nerdy gender reveal ideas
  • Simple gender reveal ideas
  • Gender reveal ideas FAQs

What is a gender reveal party?

Simply put, a gender reveal party is where you “reveal” your baby’s biological sex to your friends and family.

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s not technically your baby’s gender, but ‘gender reveal’ has become such a common term in the baby world now.

So your baby’s gender reveal party is when you tell people you know whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl (or even both!).

So, without further ado, let’s explore popular and unique gender reveal ideas that will get you well on your way to creating a celebration that reflects your you-ness.

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How can I secretly reveal my baby’s gender?

We’ll start by keeping things quiet.

If you’re doing a mini baby gender reveal for yourself and your partner, or even just for yourself, that doesn’t mean it can’t be special.

So here are our top picks for simple gender reveal ideas so you can keep things secret.

1. Blindfolded taste test

This gender reveal idea’s great with another person ‒ maybe your partner ‒ or you can have a friend or family member do it for you.

Simply prepare some food and drink treats, but dye them either blue or pink and make sure they’re flavored ‒ strawberry or raspberry for girls, blueberry for boys.

Take a bite or a sip, make your guess, then take off your blindfold to find out!

2. Subtle straws gender reveal

You can get these ‘magical’ color-changing gender reveal straws from Amazonpink for a girl, and blue for a boy.

Want to make your baby’s gender reveal even more secret? Don’t tell your guests that the straws will change color ‒ see how long it takes them to figure it out!

3. Spot the gender family photo

Another secret baby gender reveal idea to surprise your friends and family.

Take a photo of yourself (and partner, other children, pets), and add a secret hint as your baby gender reveal.

This could be a pink balloon in the background, a single blue sock on one foot, or your favorite baby name hidden in plain sight.

See how long it takes for your friends and family to figure it out!

4. Surprise baby clothes gender reveal

If you want a baby gender reveal for yourself, you can!

When you’re at your doctor’s visit where they find out the sex of your baby, ask them to write the sex on the sonogram, but don’t look at it.

Then, go to your favorite baby clothes shop, choose a baby outfit for a boy and a girl, then show the sonogram card to the shop assistant and have them wrap it up before you can see (why not go for a stroll outside while they’re picking)?

Then, when you get home, you can have your own secret gender reveal!

5. Jewelry gender reveal

If you’re finding out your baby’s gender with your partner, ask them to find out beforehand, from the ultrasound.

Then, they can buy you a piece of jewelry with either a blue or pink crystal, which they can give you as a super-romantic secret baby gender reveal.

How do you Zoom a gender reveal?

If you have long-distance friends and family, or you’d rather host a virtual gender reveal, using Zoom can be a great solution.

A Zoom gender reveal party can still be fun! In fact, we have a few virtually unforgettable online gender reveal ideas for you to peruse:

6. What’s in the gender reveal box?

Here’s an out-of-the-box gender reveal idea.

The gender reveal box is simple: release some sort of magic out of a box (think: balloons, confetti, smoke) to surprise and delight your friends and family.

Boxes can range from the super simple cardboard variety to the devastatingly lavish ‒ take a look at this DIY job.

Of course, to really pull off the gender reveal box, you have to add a little drama.

Build up the tension. Get everyone on the edge of their seat.

Check out how this sweet family provided their loved ones with a heartwarming plot twist.

7. Gender reveal scratchcards

If you’re looking to connect friends and family over a Zoom call gender reveal, why not arrange for each household to be sent a scratchcard with your baby’s sex on it?

We love these gender reveal scratch-off cards from Amazon.

8. Gender reveal Zoom trivia quiz

Looks like Zoom quizzes are here to stay!

So why not make your virtual gender reveal a fun trivia quiz?

Ask questions about babies, like “All babies are born with blue eyes: true or false?”, and if someone gets it right, they get to pick either a blue or pink token.

Make sure you have a few tokens of each color, but one more for the baby’s gender.

Keep the tokens somewhere on-screen, so people can see which one wins, and there’s your baby gender reveal!

9. Hair color gender reveal

If you’re a fan of hair dye, this is the baby gender reveal idea for you!

First, dye your hair the color of your baby’s gender, then keep your hair out of sight with a hat for the start of the Zoom call.

When the time comes to reveal baby’s gender, simply take off your hat and show off your new hair ‒ and baby’s gender!

You can go even further with this gender reveal by keeping it a secret even to you ‒ give your hairdresser your sonogram with the baby’s sex on it, have them blindfold you, dye and dry your hair, then put a hat on you straightaway.

Then, when you take your hat off, it’ll be a surprise to you, too!

Exploding gender reveal ideas

We get it: finding out your baby’s gender can be a mind-blowing event.

So why not make it explosive with these exploding gender reveal ideas:

10. Balloon pop confetti gender reveal

This is one of the most popular baby gender reveal ideas at the moment, and with good reason: it’s fun, colorful, and makes for beautiful photos.

Gender reveal balloons are easy to find ‒ we like this pack of two jumbo balloons from Amazon, which you then fill with either blue or pink confetti (provided), inflate with helium, then pop with a pin for your baby’s gender reveal!

11. Gender reveal confetti wands or party poppers

You know it’s a party when the confetti wands break out!

Equip your gender reveal party guests with blue or pink confetti party poppers, count down, then see whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl!

Or you can just do the gender reveal yourself with one of these confetti cannons with biodegradable colored confetti.

The more eco-friendly way to do a gender reveal!

12. Fireworks gender reveal

Ideal for a gender reveal party on the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve, why not choose pink or blue colored fireworks to announce your baby’s sex?

Make sure you have a large open space and that fireworks are legal in your area ‒ it’s also worth notifying your neighbors, too, especially if they have any pets, as fireworks can cause distress to some animals.

13. Sports gender reveal ideas

If you’re a sports fan, then this is the gender reveal idea for you.

Whether you’re a football, baseball, or tennis fan (any sport with a ball), you can make or buy a breakable gender reveal ball filled with pink or blue colored powder.

When you kick or hit the ball, it’ll explode in a puff of colored powder to reveal baby’s gender.

Wondering how to make a gender reveal football? It’s as simple as papier-mâché! Blow up a balloon, fill the balloon with blue or pink colored powder, blow it up, then paste on bits of paper. Leave it to dry, then voila ‒ it’s ready!

Not feeling crafty? You can buy them pre-made from Amazon.

14. Baby gender reveal balloon drop

Want an exploding baby gender reveal without the bang?

Go for a balloon drop! Buy a selection of blue or pink balloons, hide them in an easy-open box or a piece of thick cloth (so people can’t see the color through it), over your head.

Then, attach a piece of string to the cloth or box, pull the string, and you’ll have a shower of colored balloons for your baby gender reveal!

15. Gender reveal sparklers

Along the same idea as the gender reveal fireworks, but a little more low-key.

Yes, you can get sparklers for gender reveals, and the company Wedding Day Sparklers can handle the whole process for you, so it’s even a surprise to you!

16. Gender reveal volcano

Easily our favorite exploding gender reveal idea ‒ literally!

Plus, if you already have kids, they can be involved with this fun gender reveal idea.

Make your mini gender reveal volcano out of papier-mâché, then fill with water, vinegar, dish soap, and either pink or blue food coloring.

Add baking soda, stand back, and see what color the fizz turns!

It’s a great way of getting your kids excited to see their new brother or sister.

Gender reveal food ideas

If you’re a foodie, you can reveal baby’s gender with your favorite snacks and drinks.

Looking for some gender reveal party food ideas? Read on…

17. Gender reveal cake ideas

Yup. This way you can have your gender reveal and eat it too.

A gender reveal cake is one of the best options for busy mamas.

Sometimes you just don’t have time to put together a massive shindig that would rival Cirque Du Soleil while at the same time getting all your work done, planning baby room design, and managing everything else that’s going on.

By baking or buying a gender reveal cake with a carefully chosen design or color in the middle of it, your nearest and dearests will find out your soon-to-be not-so-well-kept secret while biting into something delicious. Um. Yes, please.

Or for something with a little more of a spectacle, how about a ‘piñata’ gender reveal cake with the middle cut out, filled with pink or blue-colored candy?

Then, as you cut open your first slice, the colored candy will come tumbling out, revealing baby’s gender.

18. Gender reveal smash chocolate

Another simple gender reveal idea that’s growing in popularity right now: the smash chocolate gender reveal.

Create your chocolate to ‘smash’ using a simple mold, like this one from Amazon, and melted chocolate.

Before you seal up the mold, add some pink or blue-colored candies inside, then, once your guests are ready, smash it open.

19. Donut gender reveal

Hands up, who else loves donuts?

Why not go down the same route as The Organized Mom Life with pink or blue cream-filled donuts from Krispy Kreme?

The best bit? Minimal planning is needed for this simple gender reveal idea!

20. “Bun in the oven” gender reveal

How cute are these mini cardboard oven cupcake boxes?

Find out the color of the bun in your oven with a cupcake topped with either pink or blue frosting, hidden away in these mini ovens as a cute gender reveal idea!

21. Gender reveal piñata cookies

Not in a cake-y mood for your baby’s gender reveal party?

Then piñata cookies are the perfect gender reveal food ideas for your get-together!

They’re super-easy to make, too ‒ but you have to make three times the number of cookies you want to serve.

Sandwich three cookies on top of each other, fixing them together with frosting and making sure the middle cookie has the middle cut out, so you can add pink or blue colored sprinkles or candy before you pop the top cookie on the sandwich.

There you have it! One of the easiest baby gender reveal food ideas you can find!

22. Gender reveal cupcakes and cake pops

A smaller version of our gender reveal cake ideas ‒ either fill your cake pops and cupcakes with colored frosting or sprinkles, or, for cake pops, make the whole cake either blue or pink (with food coloring) and dip in melted chocolate.

All it takes is a bite for the gender reveal!

23. Blue/pink drink gender reveal idea

If you don’t want a gender reveal food idea, how about drinks?

Kool-Aid is a super-easy gender reveal idea ‒ using either blue raspberry lemonade flavor (blue for boys) or pink lemonade flavor (pink for girls).

Simply cover the packets of Kool-Aid, give one to each guest, along with a glass of water, and have them pour the sachet into the water at the same time.

Unique gender reveal ideas

If you’re looking for gender reveal ideas that are as unique and different as you are, you’re in the right place!

Here are our top unique gender reveal ideas:

24. Gender reveal scavenger hunt

If you have time, you can arrange your own gender reveal scavenger hunt!

Create riddles and clues to guide your family and friends about your gender reveal party venue, leading up to the big (gender) reveal!

25. Gender reveal bath bomb

This can easily work as a private, secret gender reveal, if you want to keep things on the down-low.

Or, if it’s a family affair, get a tub or paddling pool, fill it with water, then throw in the bath bomb and watch as the water changes color.

26. Gender reveal with your fur-baby

If your four-legged friend is eagerly awaiting their younger brother or sister, why not get them involved in the gender reveal?

If your fur-baby is comfortable with it, tie a colored tie or bow to their collar, then hide them away until family and friends arrive.

Once everyone’s ready, open the door and call your pet for your big gender reveal!

27. Cuckoo clock baby gender reveal

This gender reveal idea might take a little preparation, but it’s worth the work!

Get your hands on a cuckoo clock (the kind with the ‘cuckoo’ that pops out, hidden behind doors), like this one from Amazon.

Then, paint the cuckoo inside either blue or pink.

Invite your guests to the gender reveal party, then, on the hour, you’ll all find out baby’s gender together.

This one is fantastic for a suspenseful baby gender reveal!

28. Jack-in-the-box gender reveal

Stick with the “new baby” theme with this unique gender reveal idea!

Buy a jack-in-the-box (it doubles as a gift for baby, too), then pink a blue or pink bow on the ‘jack’ inside.

We like this gender-neutral Winnie the Pooh one on Amazon ‒ easy to pin a bow on, too!

Then, once everyone’s ready, crank the handle and wait for the surprise!

29. Gender reveal puzzle

A unique gender reveal idea that you can do yourself!

Simply buy a puzzle (as complex as you want for your guests), and write on it in thick black pen “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl”, or your chosen baby name.

Have your friends and family put the puzzle together for this exciting gender reveal.

30. Nix a name list

Before you found out baby’s gender, chances are you had lists of your favorite names for boys and girls.

A simple and unique gender reveal idea, all you need is both of the name lists.

In front of your gender reveal party guests, shred or throw away the name list you won’t be needing ‒ easy and effective!

Messy gender reveal ideas

Messy gender reveal ideas can make for perfect photos to commemorate the occasion.

Let’s get messy:

31. Gender reveal silly string

Another simple gender reveal idea, but this one does require some cleaning up afterward.

Equip your friends and family with blue or pink silly string (with the caps off, so they don’t know which color it is), then have them get messy.

Make sure there’s a photographer on standby to capture the action as you all get absolutely covered in silly string.

32. Gender reveal paint balloons

Another classic but messy gender reveal idea ‒ fill a single black balloon with blue or pink paint, then blow it up.

Blow up the rest of the pack of balloons, and then tie them all to a big piece of wood.

Arm your gender reveal party guests with darts, then have them take it in turns to pop all the balloons until they find the one with the gender-revealing paint.

33. Pie-face gender reveal

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any messier, we bring the pie.

This gender reveal idea is also super easy to do, but gets really messy ‒ if you want to look good in your gender reveal photos, maybe give this one a miss.

Get a tin foil pie tin, and add a layer of whipped cream-colored with blue or pink food coloring. Then top with plain white whipped cream.

When the time comes for the gender reveal, splat the pie tin in your partner’s face, or have them splat you in the face, or both!

34. Super-soaker gender reveal

First step: have your guests wear white clothing they don’t mind getting ruined.

Next step: get some super-soakers or regular water guns.

Then fill them with water, along with a touch of pink or blue food coloring.

Take aim, fire, and there’s your gender reveal!

Classic gender reveal ideas

Want to keep things classic with your gender reveal?

These tried-and-true gender reveal ideas are beloved by mamas-to-be across Peanut:

35. Gender reveal piñata

You can’t go wrong with a gender reveal piñata!

Whether you want to go trendy, like this avocado piñata, classic with this baby carriage piñata](https://amzn.to/39rfKcG), or (our favorite) DIY a super-cute peanut piñata, you’re sure to find a gender reveal piñata that you love.

Once you’ve found your perfect gender reveal piñata, simply fill it with pink or blue-colored candy or confetti.

36. Confetti gender reveal

Easy to do and the foundation for fabulous photos, all you need for a confetti gender reveal is… confetti (and bags to put the confetti in).

Get some pink or blue confetti and put it in small bags, handing them out to each guest (no peeking).

Then, have all your gender reveal party guests throw the confetti at you at the same time ‒ this is the action shot!

37. Play-Doh gender reveal

Looking for gender reveal ideas for kids to take part in? Then this is the gender reveal idea for you!

Get some pink or blue Play-Doh, then cover it in white Play-Doh, making sure none of it is seeping through.

Then, let your little ones go wild, playing with the dough until they reveal the color inside.

Christmas gender reveal ideas

If you’re expecting the very best Christmas present and you’re revealing your little peanut’s sex around Christmas, take a peek at these Christmas gender reveal ideas:

38. Secret Christmas tree

Whether you’re surprising your friends and family, or you want to be surprised, this festive gender reveal idea makes for some beautiful photos.

Someone decorates a Christmas tree with either pink or blue ornaments ‒ if you have a few guests at your gender reveal, they could all put on an ornament each ‒ while you hide.

Then, when the tree is decorated, they’ll call you back inside for the Christmas gender reveal!

39. Festive ornament

Have someone buy a blue or pink Christmas ornament after they find out baby’s sex, then wrap it up so you can’t see.

Don’t peek till Christmas morning!

40. Christmas presents for baby

Why not get baby an early Christmas present while hosting a gender reveal?

Choose two toys at your favorite children’s shop, then show the sonograph to the shop assistant, and have them wrap the toy you’ve chosen for baby’s sex, so you can’t see.

Then, on Christmas morning, you can unwrap baby’s present and have a gender reveal.

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Halloween gender reveal ideas

If you find out your baby’s gender around October, these frightfully fabulous Halloween gender reveal ideas are for you!

41. Smoky pumpkin

This is one of the more popular Halloween gender reveal ideas we’ve seen on Peanut ‒ it’s so picture-perfect!

Start by carving a spooky face in a pumpkin, then add your pink or blue-colored smoke ‘grenade’, making sure there’s enough distance between yourself and the smoke.

Then get your camera ready for the big gender reveal!

42. Secret baby pumpkin

Pumpkins are a Halloween classic, and they make for beautiful gender reveals.

For the secret baby pumpkin, simply hollow out a larger pumpkin, then paint a smaller pumpkin blue or pink and pop it inside.

When the time comes for the gender reveal, all you need to do is open the lid to reveal the secret baby pumpkin!

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Nerdy gender reveal ideas

If you’re a self-proclaimed geek and you’re keen to make your gender reveal idea a little more in-keeping with your fandom, check out these nerdy gender reveal ideas:

43. Game of Thrones gender reveal idea

Expecting your own king or queen of Winterfell? Then this is the gender reveal idea for you!

These color-changing dragon eggs change with temperature, so keep them cold, then, when you want to kick-off the gender reveal, put them by a fire or heater.

44. Star Wars gender reveal idea

If your new addition is the next Jedi, why not find out whether they’re Luke or Leia with this Star Wars gender reveal idea?

Simply get your hands on a color-changing lightsaber (this one can change to blue, purple, and red), and unsheath your lightsaber for baby’s gender reveal.

45. Harry Potter gender reveal idea

Find out whether you’re expecting a witch or a wizard with this magical Harry Potter gender reveal idea.

Put a pink or blue item (like your favorite pink or blue Harry Potter baby outfits) in a Sorting Hat as you put it on (without it falling out).

Then, as you take the hat off, baby’s gender will be revealed! Magic!

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Simple gender reveal ideas

Your baby’s gender reveal doesn’t have to be an elaborate party.

If you’re after something easier to arrange, how about these simple gender reveal ideas:

46. Candle gender reveal

For when you want a calmer, simpler gender reveal party.

Simply light the gender reveal candle and wait to see which color it turns ‒ pink or blue!

47. Forever blowing bubbles

Another simple gender reveal idea that makes for perfect photos!

All you need to do for this easy gender reveal is add some food coloring to some bubble solution, hand out the bubbles with some bubble wands to your guests, and let them fill the air with pink or blue bubbles!

48. Surprise gender reveal party decor

For this one, you need to have a close friend or family member you trust to keep the secret and decorate to your taste.

Let them see the sonograph with baby’s gender, then tell them to decorate while you’re out of the house.

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted with pink or blue streamers, banners, and other decorations. Make sure someone has the camera ready for your entrance!

49. Gender reveal shirt idea

Another simple gender reveal idea that involves baby’s older siblings.

Simply dress your child in a t-shirt that says “I’m getting a baby brother” or “I’m getting a baby sister”, then have them enter the gender reveal party to show your guests.

To get them even more involved, why not have them decorate the shirt themselves?

50. Your grand entrance

We love this idea ‒ a simple gender reveal idea that’s so impactful.

Have everyone else at your baby’s gender reveal party dress in white, then you dress in blue or pink, depending on baby’s gender, and make your grand entrance.

After all, you’re the center of attention!

Gender reveal ideas FAQs

Still not sure about gender reveal party etiquette or how to choose your perfect baby gender reveal idea? Read on!

Are you supposed to bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

But what if you are a reveler rather than a revealer?

To answer this, we have to go back to the purpose of the gender reveal party.

For many families, this may be the most important news they have shared since they announced their pregnancy.

If you would like to mark this occasion with a gift that feels meaningful to you, that’s awesome.

While gifts are not expected, they are certainly welcome and can be a beautiful way for you to show just how excited you are about the new addition to their lives.

And of course, it’s best to opt for gender-neutral gift ideas.

You don’t want to be having to secretly slip your gift back into the car after the big reveal has happened.

Just remember that gender reveals are often separate occasions from baby showers - and that you also have the birth and subsequent birthday parties around the corner.

There will be loads of opportunities to shower them all with love, so don’t stretch yourself too thin.

Hot tip: if it’s your own gender reveal celebration, even if you are not expecting gifts from anyone, set up a small area where they can be collected if they appear.

Trying to find a spot for incoming presents while also battling the chaos of both entertaining and revealing this huge info can be stressful, to say the least.

How many months should you be to have a gender reveal party?

You usually find out baby’s gender around 18-21 weeks into your pregnancy, so most mamas choose to have their gender reveal around week 22-24.

How do I find cheap gender reveal ideas?

We don’t have to tell you that being a parent ain’t cheap.

Just on the horizon, you have diapers to contend with, rooms to decorate, at least one more mouth to feed, and toys to buy.

Your budget matters.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to pull off a truly unique baby gender reveal.

From balloons to banners, table cloths to party favors, cupcake holders to cake trays, your local discount store can become your best friend over your prep time.

Discount store decor also allows you to unleash your inner innovator.

Just look at what this Youtuber pulled off.

If you have the time, turning your gender reveal party into a creative project can be an excellent way to ease stress and have fun with your family – and save a dollar or two while doing so.

How can I surprise my boyfriend with our baby’s gender?

Surprising your partner with a gender reveal can be done any way you want!

You can tweak any of our gender reveal ideas so you know baby’s gender ahead of time, then all you have to do is keep your partner in the dark until then.

How can I surprise myself with gender reveal?

If you want to be surprised at baby’s gender reveal, you have a couple of options.

First, you can ask your sonographer to write baby’s sex on the scan or a piece of card, then seal it in an envelope so you’re not tempted to peek.

Give the card to a friend or family member and ask them to arrange the gender reveal party ‒ our top gender reveal ideas are a great place to start.

Or you could go old-school, and find out baby’s sex when they make an appearance!

What can I do for my gender reveal?

Ultimately, there are many ways to host your baby’s gender reveal.

Like most things motherhood: you do you.

If you feel like making a big splash of color and light, go for it.

If on the other hand, you want something a little more low-key, that’s fine too.

Do what feels authentic to you and your family.

The most important thing is that you are sharing precious news with loved ones.

In the end, that’s what matters most.

Got any other great gender reveal ideas? Why not share them with the other mamas-to-be on Peanut!

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