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124 German Baby Boy Names With Their Meanings

2 years ago6 min read
Last updated: Jan 20 2023

What are some cool German boy names? We’re glad you asked. Here, we’re sharing some of the most popular, most traditional, and most unique German baby boy names.

German Baby Boy Names

Whether you have German heritage you want to honor, or you fell in love with the country while travelling, or you just want a name that sounds a little different, you’re sure to find the perfect German name here on this list.

And if you’re wondering, what are strong male names? Well, German names might be a great place to start. If you are on the hunt for a strong male name for your little baby boy – and one day not-so-little, fully grown man – you’re in the right place. Some say German boy names are famed for their strength and nobility.

In this article 📝

  • What is the most common male name in Germany?
  • The most common German boy names
  • Other popular German boy names
  • Arab-German Male Names
  • “Old-fashioned” German boy names
  • More German baby boy names

What is the most common male name in Germany?

The most common German boy name right now is Noah. It comes from the Biblical figure, whose name means rest or repose. Maybe all these German moms and dads are hoping for a good sleeper?

What other names are popular in Germany? Here are the top 10 most common German boy names, according to the GFDS, the Association of the German Language.

The most common German boy names

  1. Noah is number one.
  2. Leon – Leonhard was a German name of old, but it has been replaced with the simpler and more international Leon, from the Latin meaning lion.
  3. Paul – A classic all over Europe, Paul is a biblical name meaning the little one. What could be more perfect for a baby boy?
  4. Matteo / Mateo – The Italian form of Matthew, it’s a popular name in Germany, too.
  5. Ben – Once Germany’s most popular name, Ben can be short for Benedict or Benjamin.
  6. Elias – Elijah, Elia, and Elijahu are all popular variants of the Hebrew name meaning God is Jehovah. It’s a beautiful, ancient name.
  7. Finn – An Irish name meaning fair, bright, or blond.
  8. Felix – From the Latin meaning fortunate or happy.
  9. Henry / Henri – Henry means the ruler of the house. Might want to be careful with this one.
  10. Louis / Luis – Ludwig is classic, old-fashioned German, but the French equivalent is much more popular these days.

Other popular German boy names

Here are some other popular boy names from across Germany.

  1. Emil – There’s no English equivalent, but Emilio, Emile, and the German Emil are all popular across Europe. This one is particularly popular in northern Germany.
  2. Theo – Theodore is a strong, traditional name, but shorten it to Theo and you’ve got an adorable name perfect for a little boy. This one is also popular in northern Germany.
  3. Lucas / Lukas – This name – which means bringer of light – is popular worldwide, and is especially popular in southern Germany.
  4. Maximilian – Another strong name, Maximilian means the greatest.
  5. Jonas – Meaning lover of peace, this is a popular name in the south of Germany.
  6. Jakob / Jacob – A biblical name meaning one protected by God.
  7. Oscar / Oskar – An Irish name, Oscar means the spear of the gods. A favorite among west Germans.
  8. Carl – A classic German name meaning free man. It’s the German form of Charles.

Arab-German Male Names

Germany is home to a large Turkish and Arab population, and these cultures have helped influence some of the most popular names in the country. The most popular names from the German-Arab community are:

  1. Mohammed – meaning praiseworthy
  2. Ali – meaning champion or elevated
  3. Malik – king, ruler, or chief
  4. Amir – Prince
  5. Ilyas – From the Hebrew meaning my god is Yahweh, it is an alternative to Elias.
  6. Miran – Actually the male equivalent of Miranda, it means worthy of admiration.
  7. Emir – An alternative to Amir
  8. Yusuf – The Hebrew word for god increases
  9. Hamza – Lion
  10. Omar – Speaker

Check out more Arabic baby boy names!

“Old-fashioned” German boy names

If you’re looking for more traditional German names, or “old-fashioned” German names, the 24 below may inspire you. You might not hear these names very often on your local playground, but they’re sure to make an impression.

  1. Claus / Klaus
  2. Curt / Kurt
  3. Dieter – meaning warrior of the people
  4. Ernst
  5. Friedrich
  6. Gerhard – Meaning spear ruler, this is the name of recent German chancellor Gerhard Schröder.
  7. Gunter / Gunther
  8. Gustav
  9. Hans – This name means God is gracious, but it’s also the name of the dastardly prince from Frozen.
  10. Heinrich
  11. Heinz
  12. Helmut – Pronounced “HEHL-moot,” this name means “healthy mind”.
  13. Herbert
  14. Hermann
  15. Horst – meaning “man from the forest”
  16. Jurgen
  17. Manfred
  18. Otto
  19. Rolf
  20. Uwe – pronounced “OO-veh”
  21. Walter
  22. Werner
  23. Wilhelm
  24. Wolfgang – You can shorten this to “Wolfie” – adorable!

More German baby boy names

Finally, let’s wrap it up with some more common German names. Between Adam and Yannick, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love.

  1. Adam
  2. Adelbert
  3. Adolf
  4. Albert
  5. Albrecht
  6. Alvin
  7. Andreas
  8. Anthon
  9. Arndt
  10. Arno
  11. Artur
  12. August
  13. Axel
  14. Bastian
  15. Benedict
  16. Berengar
  17. Bernhard
  18. Bertram
  19. Bjorn
  20. Bruno
  21. Christian
  22. Christof
  23. Conrad
  24. Daniel
  25. Dennis
  26. Diederich / Dieterich
  27. Dirk
  28. Egon
  29. Eike
  30. Elmar
  31. Emmerich
  32. Ewald
  33. Ferdinand
  34. Florian
  35. Frank
  36. Franz
  37. Fritz
  38. Georg
  39. Gilbert
  40. Harald
  41. Hubert
  42. Jan
  43. Jasper
  44. Josef
  45. Jorg
  46. Kaspar
  47. Leopold
  48. Luca / Luka
  49. Marcel
  50. **Marcus / Markus
  51. Martin
  52. Matthias
  53. Michael
  54. Milan
  55. Niklas / Niclas
  56. Norman
  57. Oliver
  58. Patrick
  59. Peter
  60. Philipp
  61. Rainer
  62. Randall
  63. Reinhardt
  64. Roderick
  65. Rudolph
  66. Stefan / Stephan
  67. Thomas
  68. Tilman
  69. Tim
  70. Tobias
  71. Torsten
  72. Yannick / Jannick

We also have a complete list of German baby girl names with their meanings.

That’s it! If you haven’t found a German baby boy name that you love, why not try some other lists of baby names for inspiration? Try Russian baby boy names or French baby names for boys for more!

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