188 Modern & Traditional German Girl Names & Meanings

188 Modern & Traditional German Girl Names & Meanings

We’ve got all the best German baby girl names, from traditional names to the most popular German girl names today. Happy name hunting!
Looking for German names for girls?

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We’ve got all the German female names you’ll need to find the perfect one for your baby girl.

Whether you’re looking for just a bit of international inspiration, or you’re hoping to honor family roots or a favorite piece of German culture, look no further.

We’ve got all kinds of German girls’ names, from traditional favorites to today’s most popular hits.

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  • What is the most popular girl name in Germany?
  • What is a popular German girl name?
  • What are typical German names?
  • Popular Arabic-German Names
  • What is a traditional German name?
  • What is a cute German girl name?

What is the most popular girl name in Germany?

The most popular girl name in Germany for 2022, is Emilia.

Of Italian origin, it dates right back to the Romans.

It’s a beautiful name that makes for a unique twist on the English Emily.

Not your thing? No stress.

There are plenty more popular German female names where that came from.

What is a popular German girl name?

There isn’t an official baby name office that ranks the most popular names in Germany, but we do have Knud Bielefeld.

Knud is a name hobbyist, putting together his own data to share the most popular girls’ names in Germany each year ‒ here are the latest rankings for the end of 2022:

  1. Emilia: Meaning “rival” in Latin.
  2. Mia: Meaning “mine” in Italian.
  3. Sophia: Meaning “wisdom” in Greek.
  4. Emma: Meaning “universe” in Old German.
  5. Hannah: Meaning “grace, beauty, or favor” in Hebrew.
  6. Lina: Meaning “sunlight” in Greek.
  7. Mila: Meaning “miracle” in Italian or “gracious” in Russian.
  8. Ella: Meaning “she” in Spanish.
  9. Leni: Meaning “light” in Greek.
  10. Clara: Meaning “clear or bright” in Latin

What are typical German names?

In no particular order, here are some more of the most “typical” German women’s names.

But remember: Germany’s a country with lots of regional differences, to the north, south, east, and west – and some names are much more popular in some regions than others.

  1. Angelina: Meaning “angel” in Greek.
  2. Anna: Meaning “grace or favor” in Hebrew, popular in South Germany.
  3. Carolina: Meaning “freeholder” in Latin.
  4. Charlotte: Meaning “free” in Old French.
  5. Eleanor: Meaning “shining light” in Greek and French.
  6. Elisabeth: Meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  7. Frieda: Meaning “peaceful” in Old German.
  8. Hanna: Meaning “grace, beauty, or favor” in Hebrew.
  9. Ida: Meaning “industrious” in German, popular in the northern regions.
  10. Isabella: Meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  11. Johanna: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  12. Klara: Meaning “bright or clear” in Latin.
  13. Lara: Meaning “protection” in Latin.
  14. Laura: Meaning “laurel tree”, a symbol of victory.
  15. Leah: Meaning “noble” in Hebrew.
  16. Lena: Meaning “bright” in Arabic.
  17. Leonie: Meaning “lion” in Latin, Leonie is a popular name in Lichtenstein, a stunning German-speaking country in the Alps.
  18. Lia: Meaning “gentle” in Italian, popular in German-speaking Switzerland.
  19. Ludmila: Meaning “darling people” in Slavic.
  20. Marie: Meaning “star of the sea” in Latin.
  21. Mathilda: Meaning “battle-mighty” in German.
  22. Miloslava: Meaning “merciful darling” in Slavic.
  23. Paulina: Meaning “small” in Latin.
  24. Sofia: Meaning “wisdom” in Greek.
  25. Valentina: Meaning “healthy or strong” in Roman.

Popular Arabic-German Names

You’ll see many Arabic names on any list of popular names in Germany.

Why? Germany has a huge population of Arab and Turkish people, who have a long history in the country dating back to the 16th century!

Here are some of the most popular Arab names in Germany right now:

  1. Aliyah: Meaning “ascending or rising” in Hebrew.
  2. Amina: Meaning “honest” in Arabic.
  3. Amira: Meaning “princess” in Arabic.
  4. Ayla: Meaning “oak tree” in Hebrew.
  5. Azra: Meaning “maiden” in Arabic.
  6. Elif: Meaning “slender” in Turkish.
  7. Layla: Meaning “dark” in Hebrew.
  8. Medina: Meaning “city of the Prophet” in Arabic.
  9. Meryem: Meaning “drop of the sea” in Turkish.
  10. Zeynep: Meaning “precious rock” in Turkish.

What is a traditional German name?

And now for some classic traditional German girl names.

With a strong and proud history that dates back thousands of years, there are plenty of old German girl names to choose from.

  1. Adele: Meaning “noble” in German.
  2. Adelaide: Meaning “noble” in German.
  3. Adelheid: Meaning “nobility” in German. Or Adelheidis for a more traditional version.
  4. Agatha: Meaning “good” in Greek.
  5. Alda: Meaning “wave” in German.
  6. Alice: Meaning “noble” in German.
  7. Alissa: Meaning “noble” in German.
  8. Aloisa: Meaning “famous fighter” in Geman.
  9. Amalia: Meaning “work” in German.
  10. Andrea: Meaning “strong” in Greek.
  11. Anke: Meaning “God has favored me” in Hebrew, pronounced ahn-kuh.
  12. Anneliese: Meaning “Graced with God’s bounty” in German.
  13. Astrid: Meaning “divinely beautiful” in Scandinavian.
  14. Avila: Meaning “desired” in German.
  15. Bernadette: Meaning “strong as a bear” in German.
  16. Bertha: Meaning “bright one” in German, pronounced bear-tuh.
  17. Bertina: Meaning “bright or shining” in German.
  18. Birgit: Meaning “strong” in Celtic.
  19. Brigitte: Meaning “power” in French.
  20. Carla: Meaning “free” in German and Italian.
  21. Carol: Meaning “festive song” in English.
  22. Caroline: Meaning “free” in German.
  23. Christina: Meaning “follower of Christ” in Latin.
  24. Claudia: Meaning “enclosure” in Latin.
  25. Clotilda: Meaning “famous in battle” in German.
  26. Dorothea: Meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  27. Druella: Meaning “elfin vision” in German.
  28. Earhart: Meaning “brave” in German.
  29. Eda: Meaning “well-mannered” in Turkish.
  30. Edeltraud: Meaning “noble attitude” in German.
  31. Edith: Meaning “rich and happy” in Old English.
  32. Elsa: Meaning “noble” in German. Perfect for Disney fans!
  33. Emery: Meaning “industrious” in German.
  34. Emmeline: Meaning “work” in German.
  35. Ermentrude: Meaning “universal strength” in German.
  36. Eva: Meaning “life” in Hebrew.
  37. Everett: Meaning “brave boar” in German.
  38. Franziska: Meaning “from France” in German.
  39. Frida: Meaning “peace” in Scandinavian.
  40. Gesine: Meaning “strong spear” in German.
  41. Geraldine: Meaning “spear-ruler” in German.
  42. Gertrude: Meaning “strong spear” in German.
  43. Gisela: Meaning “pledge” in German.
  44. Greta: Meaning “pearl” in Greek.
  45. Gretchen: Meaning “pearl” in Greek.
  46. Gretel: Meaning “pearl” in Greek.
  47. Griselda: Meaning “dark battler” in German.
  48. Hedwig: Meaning “war” in German.
  49. Heidi: Meaning “noble kind” in German.
  50. Helga: Meaning “holy” in German.
  51. Helisent: Meaning “temple path” in German.
  52. Hilda: Meaning “maid of battle” in German.
  53. Hildegard: Meaning “battle enclosure” in German.
  54. Ilse: Meaning “oath of God” in German.
  55. Ingeborg: Meaning “under the protection of Ing” in Norse.
  56. Ingrid: Meaning “beautiful” in Scandinavian.
  57. Irma: Meaning “world” in German.
  58. Isolde: Meaning “ice battle” in German.
  59. Ivara: Meaning “archer” in German.
  60. Jocelyn: Meaning “of the Gauts tribe” in German.
  61. Judith: Meaning “woman from Judea” in Hebrew.
  62. Julia: Meaning “youthful” in Roman.
  63. Karin: Meaning “pure” in Swedish.
  64. Katharina: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  65. Katrin: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  66. Liesl: Meaning “pledged to God” in German.
  67. Linda: Meaning “pretty” in Spanish.
  68. Linde: Meaning “soft” in German.
  69. Lisa: Meaning “oath from God” in Hebrew.
  70. Lisbet: Meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  71. Lorelei: Meaning “temptress” in German.
  72. Lotte: Meaning “free” in German, pronounced lot-tuh.
  73. Luise: Meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  74. Magda: Meaning “from Magdala” in Slavic.
  75. Mareike: Meaning “bitter” in German.
  76. Margarethe: Meaning “pearl” in German.
  77. Margit: Meaning “pearl” in Greek.
  78. Marlene: Meaning “star of the sea”, pronounced mar-leh-nuh.
  79. Martha: Meaning “mistress” in Greek.
  80. Matilda: Meaning “battle-mighty” in German.
  81. Maude: Meaning “powerful battler” in Old German.
  82. Meike: Meaning “bitter” in German.
  83. Melanie: Meaning “black or dark” in Greek.
  84. Melisande: Meaning “strong in work” in German.
  85. Mette: Meaning “pearl” in German.
  86. Mildred: Meaning “strong in work” in German.
  87. Millicent: Meaning “strong in work” in German.
  88. Monika: Meaning “advisor” in Latin or “unique” in Greek.
  89. Nadine: Meaning “hope” in Russian.
  90. Nicole: Meaning “victory of the people” in French.
  91. Odetta: Meaning “wealthy” in German.
  92. Odila: Meaning “prospers in battle” in German.
  93. Otthild: Meaning “prospers in battle” in German.
  94. Raffaela: Meaning “God heals” in German.
  95. Rebecca: Meaning “captivating” in Hebrew.
  96. Regina: Meaning “queen” in Latin.
  97. Reinhilde: Meaning “decision to fight” in German.
  98. Renate: Meaning “born again” in Latin.
  99. Rosamund: Meaning “rose of the world” in Latin or “horse protector” in German.
  100. Sabine: Meaning “from Sabin” in German.
  101. Sabrina: After the ancient Roman tribe.
  102. Sarah: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  103. Selma: Meaning “godly helmet” in German.
  104. Sibylle: Meaning “seer” in Greek.
  105. Sigfrida: Meaning “victorious” in German.
  106. Stefanie: Meaning “crown” in Greek.
  107. Romy: Meaning “dew of the sea” in Latin.
  108. Tamara: Meaning “palm tree” in Hebrew.
  109. Therese: Meaning “harvester” in French.
  110. Ulla: Meaning “determined” in Scandinavian.
  111. Ursula: Meaning “she-bear” in Latin.
  112. Uta: Meaning “riches” in German.
  113. Valda: Meaning “battle heroine” in German.
  114. Walburga: Meaning “strong protector” in German.
  115. Wilhelmina: Meaning “resolute protector” in Latin.
  116. Willa: Meaning “resolute protector” in Latin.
  117. Zelda: Meaning “fighting maid” in Hebrew.
  118. Zinnia: Meaning “Zinn’s flower” in German.
  119. Ziska: Meaning “free” in Yiddish.

What is a cute German girl name?

How about something sweet for your little liebchen?

Then you’ll fall head-over-heels for these cute German names for girls:

  1. Ada: Meaning “noble” in German.
  2. Anja: Meaning “God has favored me” in Scandinavian, pronounced ahn-ya.
  3. Catrin: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  4. Ebba: Meaning “fortress of riches” in German.
  5. Elke: Meaning “noble” in German and Dutch.
  6. Freya: Meaning “lady” in Scandinavian.
  7. Hannelore: Meaning “grace” and “God is my light”. This name was very popular in Germany around World War II and is a combination of Hannah and Eleonore.
  8. Holle: Meaning “sweet” in Swedish.
  9. Jutta: Meaning “child” in German, pronounced you-tuh.
  10. Keil: Meaning “wedge” in German.
  11. Lea: Meaning “delicate” in Hebrew.
  12. Lieselotte: Meaning “God’s promise” in German.
  13. Meret: Meaning “pearl” in German.
  14. Nele: Meaning “horn” in German.
  15. Paula: Meaning “small” in Latin.
  16. Rilla: Meaning “small brook” in German.
  17. Ronja: Meaning “God’s joyful song” in Scandinavian.
  18. Ruta: Meaning “friend” in Hebrew.
  19. Senta: Meaning “grow” in German.
  20. Silke: Meaning “heaven” in German.
  21. Tanja: Meaning “fairy queen” in Roman, pronounced tan-ya.
  22. Vala: Meaning “singled out” in German.
  23. Winola: Meaning “charming friend” in German.

What is the German name for love?

Oddly enough, there aren’t any traditional German girl names that mean “love”, but we think this makes an adorable name:

  1. Liebe: Meaning “darling”, pronounced lee-buh. You could always shorten it to Lee.

Happy name-hunting, mama!

We hope you find a name that’s just as beautiful as your baby girl.

Which are your top picks? Share them with the other moms-to-be on Peanut!

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