18 Genius Gift Ideas for New Moms That She'll Actually Use

18 Genius Gift Ideas for New Moms That She'll Actually Use

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Need some inspiration for gifts for new moms?

These are our present picks for mamas — including ideas for Mother’s Day and the festive season.

When you’ve just had a baby, that little bundle of joy tends to get all the attention — and the presents.

So here are some of the best gifts for new moms that are just for new moms.

They’ll make her life easier, her routine with her baby more comfortable, and her day a little bit brighter.

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Gifts for new moms after birth

Perhaps you’re a partner or family member wanting to jump on the push present trend — basically buying a gift for a new mama to celebrate them giving birth.

Or maybe your best friend has just had a baby and you want to show her some love.

Either way, these fun gift ideas will honor their newfound mamahood and make them feel super special:

  1. Robe: It can take a while before new mothers are in the mood to put on their jeans again. New nightwear, especially a dressing gown or nursing pajamas, will allow her to strike a balance between style and comfort.
  2. Blanket: Something that no one tells you before you have a baby? It can get pretty chilly when you’re up at night with a newborn. A soft and snuggly blanket is a helpful gift she’ll be able to use for years to come.
  3. Snacks: You can’t go wrong with mess-free snacks she can eat without cutlery. Dried fruit and nuts are a great source of the nutrition her body needs for healing. A smoothie is a caffeine-free energy boost. And — let’s be honest here — she’s probably going to want some of her favorite sweet treats too.
  4. Water bottle: The reality is that having two hands is somewhat of a luxury in the postpartum period. So a water bottle she can open with one hand is a great gift. Looking after a newborn is thirsty work, especially if you’re nursing.
  5. Food: Chances are, the little peanut isn’t going to leave mama with much time for cooking. So bring food that can be easily reheated or frozen, or get her a gift card for her favorite food delivery service.
  6. Hand cream: A lot of newborn diaper changes mean a lot of handwashing, which can take a toll on mama’s skin.
  7. Wheat bag: A long wheat bag can be your best friend in the early days with a new baby. She can use it if her neck and shoulders get sore from rocking the baby, she has pain while breastfeeding, or the weight and warmth across her belly make her more comfortable while she’s healing.

There’s just one pro tip to bear in mind here: if you’re taking a gift to the hospital, make sure that it’s something she can use in the hospital.

New parents have enough to juggle when they’re taking their baby home without also remembering their gifts.

Christmas gifts for new moms

Depending on the little peanut’s birthday, your friend or partner might become a new mama during the holiday season. Here are some fun ideas that make great festive gifts.

  1. Hairbands: Whether she doesn’t have much time to shower or she’s going through postpartum hair loss, a statement hairband can give her a confidence boost with zero time and effort.
  2. Gloves: Speaking of accessories, have you ever thought about how cold it gets when you’re pushing a stroller in the winter? A pair of gloves or a handwarmer that attaches to the bar of the stroller is going to go down well.
  3. Appliances: If you know that she likes to cook, an air fryer, crock pot, ChefRobot, or Instant Pot can take some of the stress out of meal-prep — great for when baby’s witching hour falls around dinner time.
  4. Thermos mug: It’s a small miracle when new parents finish a drink before it gets cold. The space-age solution to this problem is an Ember mug which lets her control the temperature with her phone. But if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, a thermos mug filled with her favorite teabags or coffee beans is a fantastic option too.
  5. Virtual assistant: A Google Nest Mini or Amazon Echo Dot can be really helpful for new parents who are sleep-deprived and constantly multitasking. They can set timers for when their baby needs to feed, add wipes to their shopping list while cleaning up a blowout diaper, and set reminders for important appointments.
  6. Play subscription: Technically, this one’s for the baby. But a subscription to a playbox like this one from Loveevery is a great way to foster mama-baby quality time. These services deliver toys curated to match the baby’s milestones. It’s a great surprise to look forward to every few months.
  7. Something nice to drink: If mama’s nursing, she probably won’t want to drink alcohol at Christmas. You can ensure she doesn’t feel left out by bringing something special but alcohol-free for her to enjoy. It could be her favorite soft drink, some sparkling grape juice, or some booze-free gin and tonic.

Mother’s Day gifts for new moms

Her first Mother’s Day should be one to remember. It’s a moment for her to take stock of this big life change, know how much she’s loved, and hopefully get some pampering in too.

  1. Jewelry: Personalized jewelry is a beautiful way to show the bond between a mama and her little one. It doesn’t have to be as extra as spelling the baby’s name on a necklace. Pendants, rings, or earrings with the baby’s birthstone or flower are a subtle but meaningful way to mark the occasion.
  2. A keepsake kit: The baby is never going to be this small again — so this is the time to capture their hand and footprints to remember how tiny they once were. You can get kits for taking plaster casts or imprinting with baby-safe inks.
  3. Self-care supplies: Whatever that means for her. Choose mindfully and give her something she enjoyed before she had a baby. If that means a candle and some bath salts, go for it. If it’s a blank journal or new headphones she can wear when she goes for a run, add it to your basket.
  4. Gift cards: Mother’s Day is a great time to gift a voucher for a spa day, a manicure, a trip to the cinema, or a meal at her favorite restaurant. Just try and get something with a long expiration date (and offer to watch the baby!) so she can definitely find the time to use it.

Still looking for ideas?

Why not ask the Peanut community about their new mama dream (and disaster) gifts?

And as long as you’re searching with her in mind, your gift should go down a treat.

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