58 Goddess Baby Names That Are Simply Divine

58 Goddess Baby Names That Are Simply Divine

Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? You may just find it by looking to the heavens. Read on for our selection of stellar goddess names.
Feel like your new baby is heading to you straight from the heavens?

They deserve no less than a name that fits their celestial nature.

Goddess names have sprung from the rich myths and legends of cultures throughout the world.

While some ancient goddess names may make for less popular contemporary names, they’re nothing if not original.

Others, like Diana and Bronwyn have stood the test of time and can easily find their place in a kindergarten classroom.

Whatever your divine inspiration, we’ve got a range of picks for every little goddess.

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  • Fire goddess names

Goddess names for girls

We’ve included options from various mythologies — as well as highlighted specific goddess names that may make for good modern choices.

Let’s explore.

What is the prettiest goddess name?

Here are some pretty, lyrical names that are a pleasure to say and hear.

  1. Áine: Pronounced Awn-Ya, this is the name of the Irish goddess of summer, wealth, and independence. To make things even more magical, she’s also known as the Queen of the Fairies.
  2. Aurora: She’s the Roman goddess of the dawn — and, in fact, her name means “dawn” in Latin. Aurora is also one of the names of Sleeping Beauty.
  3. Branwen: From Welsh mythology, her name means “white raven” — and yes, it is associated with the more well-known Bronwyn. She is also sometimes known as the goddess of love and beauty.
  4. Brigid: This Irish goddess oversees arts and crafts, prophecy, and healing.
  5. Ceres: This makes for an unusual but sweet-sounding choice. Ceres was the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility.
  6. Inanna: She’s the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of love, fertility, war, and divine justice.
  7. Lakshmi: This Hindu goddess oversees everything from wealth to fertility to beauty. Power personified!
  8. Olwen: This Celtic figure is known to be a sun goddess and her name means “white footprint.”
  9. Ostara: She’s the Germanic goddess of the spring and new beginnings and is associated with Easter celebrations.
  10. Rhiannon: She’s a Welsh horse goddess, and her name likely means “great queen.”
  11. Venus: If you’re looking for Roman goddess names, this is an obvious choice. She’s the Roman goddess of love and beauty — and of course, a famous tennis star.

What is a cool goddess name?

  1. Badhbh: If you’re looking for a really badass name, this may be it. It means “crow,” and she’s a war goddess who can turn into one.
  2. Bellona: OK, this one’s mighty too. She’s the Roman goddess of war and destruction.
  3. Cerridwen: This name is pure magic. Cerridwen is the powerful Welsh goddess associated with wisdom, sorcery, alchemy, and prophecy.
  4. Danu: She’s the Celtic earth-mother goddess. She’s sometimes also referred to as Anu.
  5. Diana: This ever-popular name belongs to the Roman goddess of the hunt and wild animals.
  6. Flidais: This Irish goddess of cattle and fertility is known for her beautiful hair.
  7. Ishtar: She’s the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of love and fertility.
  8. Juno: She’s the goddess of childbirth and marriage and is often seen as the counterpart to the Greek Hera.
  9. Kali: She’s the powerful Hindu goddess of many things, including war, time, change, death, and rebirth.
  10. Minerva: This mighty name belongs to the Roman goddess of wisdom, justice, and war.
  11. Morrigan: She’s the fierce Celtic goddess of war and battle, and her name means “phantom queen.”
  12. Parvati: Her name means “daughter of the mountain,” and she’s the wife of the god Shiva in Hinduism. Another name for her is Uma.
  13. Saraswati: This Hindu goddess is associated with education, music, and creativity.
  14. Ajá: She’s an orisha, which is a Yoruba deity. She’s known as the goddess of the forest and animals.
  15. Arianrhod: The name of this Welsh goddess is made up of arian, meaning “silver”, and rhod, meaning “wheel” — a symbol of the turning of time through the year. She’s also associated with cosmic fate.
  16. Blodeuwedd: Pronounced “BLO-de-weth,” she’s also Welsh, and her name means “flower-faced.” She was turned into an owl after betraying her husband, so her name is also connected to the wisest of birds.
  17. Clementia: She’s the Roman goddess of forgiveness and mercy.
  18. Epona: A great option for horse lovers, she’s the Celtic protector of all things equine, including horses and donkeys.
  19. Feronia: From Roman mythology, Feronia is the goddess of health, abundance, and the wilderness.
  20. Pax: This could make a short, sweet, and original name. She’s the Roman goddess of peace.
  21. Pomona: She’s the Roman goddess of fruitfulness and abundance.

Greek goddess names

  1. Amphitrite: She’s Poseidon’s wife and the goddess of the sea. If her name feels like a mouthful, but you still want to honor her, why not Amy, which means “beloved”?
  2. Aphrodite: One of the more well-known Greek deities, Aphrodite is the goddess of love and fertility. She’s also associated with the sea and with war — quite a repertoire!
  3. Artemis: The goddess of the hunt, nature, wild animals, and childbirth, Artemis is a mighty force. And while an unusual name these days, it might be a great choice if you’re looking for something with a truly unique flair.
  4. Athena: This powerful goddess is known for wisdom and strategy in battle.
  5. Demeter: The name of this goddess of the harvest and agriculture may make for an interesting option for your new arrival. Demi could be a cute nickname.
  6. Eirene: She’s the goddess of peace and spring — what a combo! And you can opt for the more commonly used Irene which simply means “peace.”
  7. Gaia: A serious power name, Gaia is the embodiment of the earth.
  8. Hemera: She’s the personification of the day in Greek mythology.
  9. Hera: This powerful goddess is in charge of marriage, women, and family. She also protects women in childbirth.
  10. Iris: This name never goes out of style — and it’s not hard to see why. She’s the personification of rainbows. 🌈
  11. Maia: This shy goddess — and mother to Hermes, the messenger of the gods — is associated with being the nursing mother.
  12. Phoebe: An adorable name that has modern appeal, Phoebe is associated with brightness and intellect.
  13. Rhea: She’s the ancient Greek goddess of the earth.
  14. Theia: She’s the Greek goddess of sight.

Egyptian goddess names

  1. Bastet: Cat lovers, pay attention! Because Bastet has the head of one. She’s a goddess of pleasure, protection, and good health. Bast is an alternative.
  2. Hathor: She’s the goddess of a bunch of things, including love, music, joy, and dancing. Another fun fact? She has the head of a cow.
  3. Ma’at: The goddess of truth, justice and order, she is depicted with wings and an ostrich feather on her head.

If you’d like to explore more Egyptian names, head here.

Norse goddess names

  1. Elli: In Nordic mythology, she’s the personification of old age, and the strength and wisdom that comes with it.
  2. Freya: She’s the Norse goddess associated with a number of things, including love, beauty, fertility, war, and magic.
  3. Frigg: She’s the Norse goddess of marriage, motherhood, and childbirth. Apt?

Moon goddess names

  1. Hanwi: She’s the Lakota moon goddess. Her name means “evening light.”
  2. Luna: She’s the personification of the moon in Roman mythology.

Star goddess names

  1. Asteria: She’s the Greek goddess of shooting stars and the prophecies of the night. ⭐
  2. Tara: This is a name that easily fits into contemporary times. Tara is a powerful goddess in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology, and her name means “star” in Sanskrit.

(Psst. If you’re looking for more names that mean star, we’ve got you covered.)

Fire goddess names

  1. Aetna: This nymph from both Greek and Roman mythology is the goddess of the devastatingly beautiful Sicilian volcano, Mount Etna.
  2. Hestia: She’s the goddess of the hearth and home.

Looking for more fire names? Head here!

That’s it for the top goddess names for your divine little one.

All the best with your choice!

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