185 Dark & Gothic Baby Boy Names

185 Dark & Gothic Baby Boy Names

Sometimes, you want a dark boy’s name that gives your baby boy a certain strength you can only get from gothic boy names.

Take a step into the darkness with us as we dive into the ultimate list of 185 gothic baby boy names, if you dare…

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What is a goth boy’s name?

When it comes to gothic baby boy names, there’s a world of darkness out there!

From gothic Biblical boys’ names to boy names with dark meanings, we’ve put together 131 beautifully gothic boy names and meanings:

  1. Abbadon: A Hebrew name, the demon of destruction in the Bible.
  2. Acanthus: Meaning “thorn” in Greek.
  3. Adalricus: Meaning “noble ruler” in German.
  4. Addams: From the popular TV show, The Addams Family.
  5. Adonis: Meaning “lord” in Greek.
  6. Adrian: Meaning “person from Adria” in Latin.
  7. Aelfwif: Meaning “elf-battle” in German.
  8. Ahriman: The Zoroastrian ‘devil’.
  9. Akeldama: Meaning “field of blood” in Hebrew.
  10. Alaric: Meaning “noble ruler” in German.
  11. Alf: Meaning “elf” or “noble” in German.
  12. Alfonzo: Meaning “noble” in Italian.
  13. Alonso: Meaning “noble” in Spanish.
  14. Altair: A celestial name for the brightest star in the Aquila constellation.
  15. Amalric: Meaning “ruler” in German.
  16. Anubis: The ancient Egyptian dog-headed god of death.
  17. Ascelin: Meaning “heathen god” in Norse or “ash tree” in German.
  18. Asmodeus: The Biblical demon of wrath.
  19. Astrophel: Meaning “lover of stars” in Greek.
  20. Astaroth: The Biblical demon of laziness and self-doubt.
  21. Avenal: Meaning “pasture of oats” in French.
  22. Auberon: Meaning “royal bear” in German.
  23. Azazel: The Biblical demon of weaponry.
  24. Azrael: The Biblical angel of death.
  25. Balor: A mythological one-eyed giant in Celtic legend.
  26. Baudelaire: A French gothic poet.
  27. Belial: A Biblical demon’s name meaning “worthless” in Hebrew.
  28. Bram: Meaning “father of many” in English. Also the name of Bram Stoker, author of the Dracula novel.
  29. Bran: Meaning “raven” in Welsh. Also one of the Celtic gods of death.
  30. Brander: Meaning “sword” or “touched by flame” in English.
  31. Brendan: Meaning “prince” in Irish.
  32. Brom: Meaning “raven” in Gaelic.
  33. Caedmon: Meaning “poet” in Anglo-Saxon.
  34. Cadell: Meaning “battle“ in Welsh.
  35. Cadogan: Meaning “battle glory” in Welsh.
  36. Chaos: Meaning “disorder” in English.
  37. Corbin: Meaning “little crow” in French and English.
  38. Cynfael: Meaning “chief prince” in Welsh.
  39. Daemon: Meaning “guardian spirit” in Greek and “servant of the Devil” in English.
  40. Davorin: The Slavic god of war.
  41. Deverell: Meaning “bank of the river” in French.
  42. Draven: Meaning “crow-hunter” in Anglo-Saxon.
  43. Drusus: Meaning “strong” in Celtic.
  44. Edgar: Meaning “fortunate spear” in English. Also the name of renowned gothic writer, Edgar Allan Poe.
  45. Eoghan: Meaning “born of yew” in Gaelic.
  46. Elatha: Meaning “craft” in Celtic, also the prince of darkness in Irish mythology.
  47. Eldritch: Meaning “old” in English.
  48. Elwin: Meaning “elf” in Old English.
  49. Endymion: Meaning “dive into” in Greek.
  50. Etienne: Meaning “crown” in French.
  51. Fenrir: Meaning “fen-dweller” in Norwegian. Also the name of the giant wolf in Norse mythology.
  52. Gabriel: Meaning “God is my strength” in Hebrew, also a Biblical archangel.
  53. Gaur: Meaning “white” in Sanskrit. Pronounced “gore”.
  54. Gawain: Meaning “white falcon” in Welsh.
  55. Graphite: Meaning “to write” in Greek.
  56. Grendel: Meaning “fierce” or “angry” in Old English. Also the name of the beast in the epic poem, Beowulf.
  57. Grimbald: Meaning “fierce one” in Old English.
  58. Grimoire: Meaning “book of spells” in English.
  59. Hades: The Greek god of the underworld.
  60. Hawthorne: Meaning “hedge-dweller” in English.
  61. Hellebore: Meaning “to injure” in Latin.
  62. Hemlock: A poisonous plant.
  63. Iblis: One of the names of Satan in Islamic writings.
  64. Idris: Meaning “interpreter” in Welsh.
  65. Ingram: Meaning “raven of peace” in Scandinavian.
  66. Israfel: The Islamic angel of music.
  67. Jael or Yael: Meaning “mountain goat” in Hebrew.
  68. Jairus: Meaning “God enlightens” in Hebrew.
  69. Jarlath: Meaning “prince” in Irish.
  70. Kazimir: Meaning “destroyer of peace” in Slavic.
  71. Kimaris: The 66th demon in the first part of the Lemegeton legion of demons in the Bible.
  72. Ladouceur: Meaning “sweetness” in French. Also the name of the writer and poet who wrote the Encylopedia Gothica.
  73. Lazarus: Meaning “God has helped” in Hebrew. Also the name of the man who rose from the dead in the Bible.
  74. Leandor: Meaning “lion-man” in Spanish and Italian.
  75. Leviathan: Meaning “sea monster” in Hebrew.
  76. Loki: The Norse god of mischief.
  77. Lothaire: Meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  78. Lovecraft: Meaning “skilled in his art” in English.
  79. Lucien: Meaning “light” in French.
  80. Lucius: Meaning “light” in Latin.
  81. Lugosi: The name of the famed actor who played Dracula.
  82. Martel: Meaning “hammer” in French.
  83. Mephisto or Mephistopheles: Names for the Biblical Devil.
  84. Merle: Meaning “blackbird” in French.
  85. Morgan: Meaning “child of the sea” in Welsh.
  86. Morte: Meaning “death” in French.
  87. Nephilim: Meaning “fallen ones” in Hebrew. The Biblical term used to describe giants who were half-angel, half-human.
  88. Nocturne: Meaning “night” in Latin.
  89. Nodin: Meaning “windy day” in Native American.
  90. Natrix: Meaning “water snake”.
  91. Oberon: Meaning “bear-like” in German. Also the name of the fairy king in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  92. Oleander: Meaning “evergreen tree” in Greek.
  93. Orlok: Meaning “devil” in Hungarian, the name of the vampire in Nosferatu.
  94. Osiris: An Egyptian god of the dead.
  95. Pagan: Meaning “country dweller” in English.
  96. Perseus: Meaning “avenger” or “destroyer” in Greek.
  97. Poe: The name of renowned gothic writer, Edgar Allan Poe.
  98. Quillan: Meaning “cub” in Gaelic.
  99. Ransley: Meaning “raven meadow” in English.
  100. Reign: Meaning “rule” in English.
  101. Renwick: Meaning “raven settlement” in Scottish.
  102. Riordan: Meaning “royal poet” in Irish.
  103. Rook: The ominous black bird, symbolizing wisdom.
  104. Sage: Meaning “wise” in English.
  105. Samael: Meaning “God has heard” in Hebrew. One of the Jewish angels of death.
  106. Samhain: A Pagan festival on October 31st, signifying the Pagan ‘new year’.
  107. Sandulf: Meaning “true wolf” in Latin.
  108. Sealin: Meaning “strong, flowing water” in Turkish.
  109. Serpent: Meaning “snake” in English.
  110. Silas: Meaning “forest” or “wooded area” in Latin and English.
  111. Silver: The precious metal, said to kill vampires.
  112. Stoker: The surname of the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker.
  113. Styx: The mythological Greek river of death.
  114. Summanus: The Roman god of thunder at night.
  115. Tempest: Meaning “storm” in English.
  116. Thanatos: The Greek god of death.
  117. Tierney: Meaning “lord” in Gaelic.
  118. Tintagel: Meaning “village on the mountain” in French.
  119. Tristan: Meaning “sad” in Welsh.
  120. Tueur: Meaning “killer” in French.
  121. Urien: Meaning “king” Welsh.
  122. Valerian: Meaning “strong” or “healthy” in Latin.
  123. Vervain: Meaning “sacred foliage” in Latin.
  124. Victor: Meaning “winner” in English and Latin. Also the name of the character in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
  125. Vladimir: Meaning “great power” in Slavic. Also the name of the supposed Russian vampire.
  126. Waldron: Meaning “raven foreigner” in German or “forest-dwelling” in English.
  127. Xanthus: Meaning “golden-haired” in Greek.
  128. Xenos: Meaning “stranger” in Greek.
  129. Ywain or Yvain: Meaning “youthful” or “well-born” in Welsh.
  130. Zacchaeus: Meaning “God has recalled” in Hebrew.
  131. Zane: Meaning “God’s gracious gift” in Hebrew.

What are some dark boy names?

Hunting for boy names that mean death or darkness? Well, just keep scrolling for 15 of the best dark names for boys:

  1. Blackwell: Meaning “dark well” in English.
  2. Blagden: Meaning “dark alley” in English.
  3. Blake: Meaning “dark” in Old English.
  4. Ciaran: Meaning “dark” in Irish.
  5. Dade: Meaning “dark one” in Gaelic.
  6. Dargan: Meaning “dark-haired” in Irish.
  7. Dyrk: Meaning “power of the tribe” in German or an alternative spelling of “dark”.
  8. Jett or Jet: Meaning “black” in English.
  9. Keir or Kieran: Meaning “dark-haired” in Gaelic.
  10. Morris: Meaning “dark” in Latin.
  11. Noir: Meaning “black” in French.
  12. Obsidian: Meaning “black glass” in English.
  13. Orpheus: Meaning “darkness of the night” in Greek.
  14. Shadow: Meaning “dark place” in English.
  15. Tartarus: Meaning “darkest place in the underworld” in Greek.

What are some cool gothic boy names?

Some of the coolest gothic boy names are also the most popular ‒ here are our top picks for cool gothic names for boys:

  1. Ash or Asher: Meaning “ash tree” or “smoldering fire” in English.
  2. Blade: Meaning “sword” in English.
  3. Blair: Meaning “wooded area” in Old English.
  4. Blaise or Blaze: Meaning “raging fire” in English.
  5. Cain or Kane: Meaning “spear” in Hebrew.
  6. Dante: Meaning “enduring” in Italian. Also the name of the poet who wrote of the Nine Circles of Hell.
  7. Dexter: Meaning “right-handed” in Latin.
  8. Dorian: Meaning “child of the sea” in Greek.
  9. Dusk: The time just before sunset.
  10. Gray or Grey: Between black and white.
  11. Hawk: The predator bird.
  12. Hunter: Meaning “one who hunts” in English.
  13. Jasper: A type of Chalcedony crystal that comes in a variety of colors ‒ red, green, yellow, blue, orange, pink, purple, white, brown, or multi-colored.
  14. Kalon: Meaning “beautiful” or “good” in Greek.
  15. Niall: Meaning “champion” in Irish.
  16. Onyx: A deep black crystal said to bring protection.
  17. Orion: A celestial, gothic boys’ name.
  18. Ozul: Meaning “shadow” in Hebrew.
  19. Payne: Meaning “rustic” or “heathen” in Old English.
  20. Salem: The infamous home of the witch trials of the 17th century.
  21. Seth: Meaning “appointed” in Hebrew.
  22. Stone: “Rock”.
  23. Storm: For the baby boy who arrives with thunder.
  24. Thorn or Thorne: A ‘prickly’ gothic name for boys.
  25. Vesper: Meaning “evening star” in Latin.
  26. Zephyr: Meaning “west wind” in Greek.

What are some badass gothic boy names?

Some gothic boys’ names are nothing less than badass.

Want to give your little prince of darkness an edge? Then check out our hard-core gothic names for boys:

  1. Draco: Meaning “dragon” in Greek.
  2. Griffin or Gryphon: Meaning “lord” or “prince” in Welsh. Also a mythological creature with the head and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion.
  3. Lycidas: Meaning “wolf-son” in Latin.
  4. Malachi: Meaning “messenger of God” in Hebrew.
  5. Phelan: Meaning “like a wolf” in Irish.
  6. Phoenix: The bird reborn from fire.
  7. Quillon: Meaning “crossed swords” in French.
  8. Saber: Meaning “sword” in English.
  9. Talon: Meaning “claw” in English.
  10. Theron: Meaning “hunter” in Greek.
  11. Ulfred: Meaning “wolf of peace” in English.
  12. Wolf or Wolfe: The wild canine.
  13. Wolfram: Meaning “wolf raven” in English and German.

Hopefully these gothic baby boy names sparked some inspiration for you to name your little raven.

But if you want any other ideas (like gothic names for baby girls), or you’re keen to share your favorites with other mamas-to-be, head over to Peanut!

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