264 Gothic Baby Girl Names for Your Little Raven

264 Gothic Baby Girl Names for Your Little Raven

Darkness, mystery, and exquisite beauty ‒ gothic baby girl names can be delightfully dark and beautifully black.
We see you, searching the blackest night to find the perfect gothic baby girl name for your little Princess of Darkness.

That’s why we’ve scoured the ends of the earth to find you all the best goth girl names ‒ 264 of them, in fact ‒ so scroll to your heart’s content.

Let’s plunge into the darkness together.

In this article: 📝

  • What are some pretty gothic girl names?
  • What are some cool gothic names?
  • What is a dark name for a girl?

What are some pretty gothic girl names?

There’s no denying it ‒ some gothic baby girl names are just pretty.

They can double as super-dark and pretty gothic girl names.

So if you’re trying to find the perfect cute goth girl names for your little peanut, read on:

  1. Acantha: Meaning “thorn” in Greek.
  2. Adara: Meaning “fire” in Hebrew. 🔥
  3. Alarica: Meaning “ruler of all” in German.
  4. Alina: Meaning “noble” in Slavic.
  5. Alvara: Meaning “elf warrior” in Italian.
  6. Amaya: Meaning “night rain” or “the end” in Japanese.
  7. Amiria: Meaning “industrious” in Maori.
  8. Anastasia: Meaning “reborn” in Greek.
  9. Annora: Meaning “honor” in Latin.
  10. Aradia: An Italian moon goddess.
  11. Aramantha: Meaning “unfading” in Greek.
  12. Artemia: Meaning “whole” in Polish.
  13. Asura: A Hindu demon.
  14. Asya: Meaning “born through grief” in Swahili.
  15. Aura: Meaning “glowing light” in Latin, or “soft breeze” in Greek.
  16. Aurora: The Roman goddess of the dawn.
  17. Avelina: Meaning “strength” in Saxon, “little bird” in Latin, or “desired” in German.
  18. Avina: Meaning “from the oat field” in Latin.
  19. Badriyah: Meaning “full moon” in Arabic. 🌕
  20. Belinda: Meaning “beautiful” in Spanish.
  21. Belladonna: Meaning “beautiful lady” in Italian, but also a poisonous flower ‒ deadly nightshade.
  22. Bellamira: Meaning “beautiful and wondrous” in Latin.
  23. Bellona: The Roman goddess of war.
  24. Brienne: Meaning “noble” in Celtic.
  25. Calantha: Meaning “beautiful flower” in Greek. 💮
  26. Calida: Meaning “most beautiful” in Greek, also a she-bear in Arcadian mythology.
  27. Calista: Meaning “most beautiful” in Greek.
  28. Calliope: One of the ancient Greek muses, Calliope was the muse of poetry.
  29. Celestria: Meaning “born in heaven” in Latin.
  30. Chandra: Meaning “moon” in Hindi. 🌙
  31. Circe: Meaning “bird” in Greek, also a mythological Greek sorceress.
  32. Constantia: Meaning “constant” or “steadfast” in Italian.
  33. Cordelia: Meaning “daughter of the sea” in Celtic.
  34. Damienne: Meaning “prophecy” in Greek.
  35. Danika: Meaning “morning star” in Slavic. ⭐
  36. Delora: Meaning “sorrow” in Spanish.
  37. Desdemona: Meaning “misery” in Greek.
  38. Diamanda: Meaning “diamond” in Greek. 💎
  39. Dionisia: The name given to the followers of Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of fertility, wine, festivity, and theatre.
  40. Drusilla: Meaning “fruitful” in Latin.
  41. Edana: Meaning “fire” in Gaelic.
  42. Eirene: Meaning “peace” in Greek.
  43. Eirisse: Meaning “rainbow” in Greek. 🌈
  44. Eirlys: Meaning “snowdrop” in Welsh.
  45. Eleanore: Meaning “light” in Greek.
  46. Elvira: Meaning “fair” or “pale one” in Spanish, or “warlike elf” in German. Also the alter-ego of Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
  47. Endora: Meaning “light” in Greek.
  48. Erela: Meaning “angel” or “messenger” in Hebrew.
  49. Esmerée: Meaning “excellent one” in Welsh and French.
  50. Ethelinda: Meaning “noble serpent” in German.
  51. Eulalie: Meaning “well-spoken” in Greek.
  52. Feronia: The ancient Roman goddess of wild flora and fauna.
  53. Fionna: Meaning “fair” in Celtic.
  54. Gossamer: Meaning “light or delicate fabric” ‒ also a word used to describe cobwebs.
  55. Guinevere: Meaning “white spirit” in Welsh. Also a famous name from Arthurian legend.
  56. Gwendoline: Meaning “white ring” in Welsh.
  57. Hazelle: Meaning “hazel tree” in British.
  58. Hesperia: Meaning “evening star” in Greek.
  59. Hestia: The ancient Greek Greek goddess of the hearth and home.
  60. Ianira: An ancient Greek sea nymph and enchantress.
  61. Isolde: Meaning “beautiful” or “fair” in Welsh.
  62. Isolabella: Meaning “beautiful, lonely one” in Italian.
  63. Ivy: An English floral name ‒ the plant ivy represents fidelity and eternal life.
  64. Jocasta: Meaning “sparkling moon” in Greek.
  65. Juliet: Meaning “youthful” in English and French. Also a character from the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo & Juliet.
  66. Kali: The Hindu goddess of death.
  67. Kalma: The Finnish god of death and decay.
  68. Kavindra: Meaning “poet” in Indian.
  69. Ketura: Meaning “incense” in Arabic.
  70. Khalida: Meaning “immortal” in Arabic.
  71. Lamya: Meaning “dark-skinned” in Arabic.
  72. Lanira: Meaning “powerful leader” or “sorceress” in Hawai’ian and Russian.
  73. Leandra: Meaning “lion woman” in Greek. 🦁
  74. Lenore: Meaning “light” in French.
  75. Lethia: Meaning “forgetfulness” in Greek.
  76. Levana: Meaning “God has answered” in Hebrew.
  77. Lilah: Meaning “beauty of the night” in Hebrew.
  78. Lisha: Meaning “sweet” or “honesty” in Old English.
  79. Livana: Meaning “God has answered” in Hebrew.
  80. Lola: Meaning “sorrow” in Spanish.
  81. Lorelei: Meaning “enchantress” in German.
  82. Luna: The ancient Roman goddess of the moon. 🌑
  83. Lycia: Meaning “wolf” in Greek. 🐺
  84. Lydia: Meaning “noble” in Greek.
  85. Magena: Meaning “moon” in Native American.
  86. Mara: Meaning “bitter” in Hebrew.
  87. Marcellina: Meaning “from Mars” or “young warrior” in Latin.
  88. Marcelline: Meaning “from Mars” or “young warrior” in Latin.
  89. Mary: Meaning “bitter”, “beloved”, or “rebellious” in Latin.
  90. Medora: Meaning “ruler” in Greek.
  91. Meredith: Meaning “great lord” in Welsh.
  92. Mina: Meaning “gilded helmet” in English, “blue glass” in Persian, or “south” in Japanese. Also the main female character in Dracula.
  93. Minerva: The ancient Roman goddess of wisdom and war.
  94. Mira: Meaning “peace” in Latin.
  95. Morgana or Morganna: Meaning “from the sea” in Welsh. 🌊
  96. Morwenna: Meaning “maiden” in Welsh.
  97. Musette: Meaning “child of the muses” in French.
  98. Narcissa: Meaning “daffodil” in Greek. The feminine version of Narcissus, the man who, in Greek legend, fell in love with his reflection.
  99. Naenia: The Roman goddess of funerals and mourning.
  100. Naida: Meaning “nymph” in Arabic.
  101. Nesta: Meaning “pure” in Welsh.
  102. Nisha: Meaning “night” in Hindi.
  103. Nissa: Meaning “friendly elf” in Scandinavian.
  104. Orenda: Meaning “one with great spirit” or “magical powers” in the Native American language, Iroquois.
  105. Ophelia: Meaning “aid” or “benefit” in Greek. The ill-fated character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  106. Ostara: The Pagan holiday of the spring equinox ‒ similar to the Christian holiday, Easter.
  107. Pandora: The first mortal woman in ancient Greek mythology.
  108. Parisa: Meaning “like a fairy” in Persian.
  109. Perdita: Meaning “lost” in Latin.
  110. Petra: Meaning “rock” in Greek.
  111. Phaidra or Phaedra: Meaning “bright” in Greek.
  112. Philomena: Meaning “strong in love” in Greek.
  113. Pixie: Meaning “fairy” in English. 🧚
  114. Radella: Meaning “elf-counselor” in English.
  115. Ravette: Meaning “justice” or “friendly” in Latin.
  116. Renata: Meaning “reborn” in Latin.
  117. Rhiannon: Meaning “great queen” or “great goddess” in Welsh.
  118. Rhodanthe: Meaning “rose flower” in Greek.
  119. Roesia: Meaning “rose” in French. 🌹
  120. Rose: The flower representing love.
  121. Rowena: Meaning “fame” in German.
  122. Sabelina: Meaning “sable” in Latin.
  123. Sabrina: Meaning “from the River Severn”, also the name of the main character in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  124. Samara: Meaning “guardian” in Arabic and Hebrew, also the name of the entity in The Ring.
  125. Sapphire or Sapphira: Meaning “precious blue gem” in English.
  126. Scarlett: Meaning “bright red” in English. ❤️
  127. Semyazza: Meaning “infamous rebellion” in Hebrew, also the name of a fallen Christian angel.
  128. Silva: Meaning “thicket” in Portuguese and Jewish.
  129. Silvana: Meaning “forest” in Italian.
  130. Solanine: A poison found in nightshade (belladonna).
  131. Sorcha: Meaning “brightness” in Scottish and Irish Gaelic.
  132. Tabitha: Meaning “gracious” in Aramaic.
  133. Tamora: Meaning “honest” or “innocent” in Hebrew.
  134. Titania: Meaning “land of giants” in Greek, also the name of the fairy queen in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  135. Trista: Meaning “sorrowful” in English.
  136. Tristessa: Meaning “sorrow” in Latin.
  137. Tristezza: Meaning “sadness” in Italian.
  138. Turaya: Meaning “star” in Arabic.
  139. Ursula: Meaning “she-bear” in Latin. 🐻
  140. Ulva: Meaning “she-wolf” in German.
  141. Valentina: Meaning “healthy” or “strong” in Latin.
  142. Valonia: Meaning “shadow valley” in Latin.
  143. Velika: Meaning “wondrous” in Slavic.
  144. Venette: Meaning “from Venice” in Italian.
  145. Vesper or Vespera: Meaning “evening star” in Latin.
  146. Victoria: Meaning “victory” in Latin, also the name of Victor’s fiancée in Corpse Bride.
  147. Vidonia: Meaning “vine branch” in Portuguese.
  148. Violetta: Meaning “purple flower” in Italian.
  149. Waneta: Meaning “pale-skinned” in Old English.
  150. Wanette: Meaning “pale-skinned” in Old English.
  151. Xylia: Meaning “woodland dweller” in Greek.
  152. Zakira: Meaning “remembering” in Arabic.
  153. Zephirah: Meaning “dawn” in Hebrew.
  154. Zila: Meaning “shadow” in Hebrew.

What are some cool gothic names?

Keen to give your little princess of darkness a gothic baby girl name with an edge?

Check out our top cool gothic girl names:

  1. Agnes: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  2. Amaris: Meaning “bitter” in Latin, or “promised by God” in Hebrew.
  3. Amaryllis: Meaning “shine” in Greek.
  4. Amethyst: The purple semi-precious crystal representing peace and tranquility.
  5. Amoret: Meaning “to love” in Latin.
  6. Autumn: The season signifying the end of summer and the beginning of the darker months.
  7. Bellatrix: Meaning “female warrior” in Latin.
  8. Bellicent: Meaning “bright woman” in Celtic.
  9. Bernia: Meaning “battle-maid” in Old English.
  10. Blair: Meaning “battlefield” in Old English and Gaelic.
  11. Blodwyn: Meaning “white flower” in Welsh.
  12. Branwen: Meaning “blessed raven” in Welsh.
  13. Briar: Meaning “wild roses” or “brambles” in Old English.
  14. Brigid: Pronounced “breed”, a Celtic goddess of poetry, healing, fire, and childbirth.
  15. Buffy: Meaning “promise of God”, also the name of the badass vampire slayer.
  16. Cat: 🐱
  17. Chimaera or Chimera: An ancient Greek monster, also meaning “she-goat”.
  18. Cinder: Meaning “hot ashes” in English.
  19. Crimson: Meaning “dark red” in English.
  20. Devin: Meaning “fawn” or “poet” in Irish, or “divine” in French.
  21. Dolores: Meaning “sorrow” in Spanish.
  22. Draconia: Meaning “severity” in Greek.
  23. Dusk: Meaning “sunset” in English.
  24. Electra: Meaning “shining” in Greek.
  25. Elodie: Meaning “riches” in Spanish.
  26. Elsinore: Meaning “narrow strait” in Danish, also the name of the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  27. Ember: Meaning “fire” in English.
  28. Eris: The ancient Greek goddess of strife.
  29. Estelle: Meaning “star” in French.
  30. Eternity: Meaning “everlasting” in English.
  31. Eurydice: Meaning “justice” in Greek.
  32. Eventide: Meaning “evening time” in English.
  33. Fae: Meaning “fairy” in English and French.
  34. Garnet: A dark red crystal representing passion and energy.
  35. Gehenna: Meaning “valley of Hinnom”, a place of sacrifices in the Bible.
  36. Gray or Grey: English or American spelling? It’s up to you!
  37. Grendel: Meaning “fierce” in Old English, or “storm” in Norse.
  38. Gwendydd: Meaning “white-browed one” in Welsh. Pronounced “gwi-nith”.
  39. Hecate: The ancient Greek goddess of witchcraft, the moon, and the night.
  40. Inclementia: Meaning “cruel” in Latin.
  41. Jezebel: Meaning “pure” in Hebrew”.
  42. Jinx: Meaning “wicked spell” in English and Latin.
  43. Kalonice: Meaning “beauty is victorious” in Greek.
  44. Lennon: Meaning “lover” in English.
  45. Luci: Meaning “light” in Latin, also a feminine version of Lucifer.
  46. Lycoris: Meaning “twilight” in Greek.
  47. Maeve: Meaning “she who rules” or “enchantress” in Irish.
  48. Mallory: Meaning “cursed one” in Old English.
  49. Maleficent: Meaning “evil-doer” in English.
  50. Medusa: Meaning “rule over” in Greek, also the name of the serpent-haired Gorgon in ancient Greek mythology.
  51. Miriam: Meaning “bitter river” or “rebellion” in Hebrew.
  52. Miso: Meaning “hatred” Greek.
  53. Morrigan: Meaning “great queen” in Irish, The Morrigan was also a Celtic goddess of fate.
  54. Morticia: Meaning “death” or “undertaker” in Latin, also the matriarch from The Addams Family.
  55. Noir: Meaning “black” in French.
  56. Nyx: Meaning “night” in Greek, also the ancient Greek goddess of the night.
  57. Obsidian: A black glass said to represent protection against negativity.
  58. Onyx: A black semi-precious gemstone representing happiness, intuition, and instincts.
  59. Phoenix: Meaning” dark red” in Greek, the ancient Greek and Egyptian bird of rebirth by fire.
  60. Rain: 🌧️
  61. Raven: The black bird known for its cleverness ‒ also a portentous omen.
  62. Rogue: Meaning “unpredictable” in English.
  63. Rue: Meaning “regret” in English.
  64. Salem: Meaning “safe” or “complete” in Hebrew, also the place of the infamous witch trials of Massachusetts.
  65. Samhain: The “Pagan New Year” on 31st October. Pronounced “sow-en”.
  66. Sky: ☁️
  67. Starr: Meaning “star” in English.
  68. Tanith: The ancient Greek goddess of love.
  69. Tempest: Meaning “stormy” in English.
  70. Twilight: The time between day and night.
  71. Wednesday: The third day of the week, also the daughter from The Addams Family.
  72. Willow: The drooping tree said to represent sorrow and peace.
  73. Winter: The coldest season.
  74. Whisper: Shh…
  75. Wren: A small bird. 🐤
  76. Zephyr: Meaning “west wind” in Greek.

What is a dark name for a girl?

If your little one has dark hair, dark eyes, or you’ve got your heart set on a name as black as the night, we’ve got all the best dark gothic girls names for you:

  1. Adrienne: Meaning “dark one” or “one from Hadria” in French.
  2. Adreanna: Meaning “dark” in French.
  3. Blaque: An alternative spelling of ‘Black’. 🖤
  4. Bruna: Meaning “dark-haired” in Italian.
  5. Ciarda: Meaning “dark” in Scottish Gaelic.
  6. Corvina: Meaning “dark hair” in Latin.
  7. Darcy: Meaning “dark one” in French.
  8. Devlin: Meaning “little dark one” in Celtic.
  9. Ebony: Meaning “dark wood” or “black” in Greek.
  10. Eleena: Meaning “shining in the darkness” in Spanish.
  11. Jemisha: Meaning “queen of darkness” in Sanskrit.
  12. Jett: A black gemstone associated with grounding energy.
  13. Kakarauri: Meaning “darkness” or “dusk” in Maori culture.
  14. Keir: Meaning “dark-haired” or “dark-skinned” in Gaelic.
  15. Kerry: Meaning “dark-haired” in English culture.
  16. Kiara: Meaning “dark-haired” in Irish, “bright” in Italian, or “first ray of sun” in Korean.
  17. Kyra: Meaning “little dark one” in Indian.
  18. Layla: Meaning “dark” or “night” in Arabic.
  19. Lela: Meaning “dark” or “night” in Arabic.
  20. Maureen: Meaning “dark-skinned” in Arabic.
  21. Melaina: Meaning “dark” or “black” in Greek.
  22. Melanie: Meaning “darkness” in Greek.
  23. Melantha: Meaning “dark flower” in Greek.
  24. Midnight: When the clock strikes 12, the night comes alive!
  25. Morrisa: Meaning “dark one” in Old English.
  26. Myrtle: Meaning “dark” in Old English.
  27. Narine: Meaning “dark person” in Greek.
  28. Neesha: Meaning “dark” or “night” in Sanskrit.
  29. Nerezza: Meaning “darkness” in Italian.
  30. Ozul: Meaning “shadow” in Hebrew.
  31. Risna: Meaning “dark-haired” or “wise” in Indian.
  32. Shadow: Shade.
  33. Umbra or Ombra: Meaning “shadow” or “darkness” in Latin.
  34. Zillar: Meaning “shade” in Hebrew.

There you have it! Our top 264 gothic baby girl names for your little one!

Share your favorite goth girls’ names with the rest of the mamas-to-be on Peanut!

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