153 Greek Baby Girl Names And Their Meanings

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The reasons for choosing a Greek girl name for your new baby daughter could be as varied as the names themselves. The Ancient Greek civilization was founded around the 12th century BC, so if you’re looking for a name with history, well, you’ll definitely find one here! Or maybe there’s something about modern Greece that intrigues you, like a special Greek holiday or your love for souvlaki and baklava. Or you might simply want a name with a Mediterranean twist. Whatever your reason for choosing one of the many Greek baby girl names, we’ve got you covered.

Greek Baby Girl Names

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Wondering what are some Greek female names?

From Athena to Zina, Yolanda to Circe, here is the only list of Greek girl names you need to choose the perfect name for your daughter. Happy choosing!

Top Greek girl names

So, what is the most popular girl name in Greece? It might not be a huge surprise that the current most common Greek female name is quite a familiar choice. Maria. It’s simple and beautiful. Love it!

Greek names for girls can vary from the familiar to the obscure. Some of these top 10 most commonly used names for girls in Greece might surprise you — and give you some great, authentic, Greek girl name inspo!

  1. Maria — a form of Mary, whose originally meaning is “bitter” in Hebrew
  2. Eleni — meaning “sun ray”
  3. Aikaterini — means “pure.” It’s very rare in the US, not even cracking the top 8000 names.
  4. Vasiliki — a very aristocratic name, meaning “royal woman”
  5. Sophia — from the Greek word meaning wisdom
  6. Angeliki — meaning “angelic” or “messenger of God”
  7. Georgia — feminine form of the name George, which commonly means “farmer”
  8. Dimitra — means “earth mother,” and is the feminine form of the name Dimitri
  9. Kostantina — means “steadfast.” Less than 5 babies a year are given this name in the US.
  10. Paraskevi — a saint in the Orthodox church, this name can mean “preparation.”

Popular Greek female names

Sticking with what we know, these are some of the more popular Greek girl names that will fit in just fine at your local playground. Still steeped in history and culture, but with a more mainstream vibe…

  1. Bronte
  2. Catherine
  3. Cassia
  4. Chloe
  5. Carissa
  6. Delia
  7. Demi
  8. Elena
  9. Eleanor
  10. Ella
  11. Helen
  12. Hermione
  13. Lydia
  14. Lyra
  15. Juno
  16. Katie
  17. Melia
  18. Margaret
  19. Nicole
  20. Penelope
  21. Phoebe
  22. Selene
  23. Selena
  24. Sofia
  25. Thea
  26. Thalia
  27. Tiffany
  28. Zoe

Greek girl names starting with “A”

Yep, there are lots. That’s why we decided to split them into a separate category! Lots of parents choose their baby’s name to match with other family names and prefer a specific initial. Or perhaps you’re planning a whole gaggle of “A”-team of kids like the Kardashian clan did with K’s! If you’re looking for an “A” name and are stumped, maybe these Greek female names that all start with an “A” will have what you need…

  1. Acacia
  2. Adara
  3. Alexa
  4. Alala
  5. Alexandra
  6. Alena
  7. Alessa
  8. Alexis
  9. Amara
  10. Anthea
  11. Andrea
  12. Angelica
  13. Angelina
  14. Annis
  15. Anastacia
  16. Antonia
  17. Aphrodite
  18. Arianna
  19. Aretha
  20. Arina
  21. Aria
  22. Ariadne
  23. Asteria
  24. Asia
  25. Astra
  26. Atalanta
  27. Aurora
  28. Aurelia
  29. Aura
  30. Azelia
  31. Artemis
  32. Anfisa
  33. Ariadne
  34. Agnes
  35. Alessandra

Ancient Greek girl names

If you like the idea of your daughter’s name being centuries old, one of these ancient Greek girl names might be just what you’re after.

  1. Beta
  2. Basilia
  3. Cressida
  4. Cassandra
  5. Circe
  6. Calista
  7. Desdemona
  8. Despina
  9. Danae
  10. Evangeline
  11. Helena
  12. Hermia
    I74. anthe
  13. Katherine
  14. Lysandra
  15. Lyssa
  16. Myrine
  17. Melania
  18. Ophelia
  19. Olympia
  20. Peta
  21. Theresa
  22. Zephyra

Greek mythology girl names

Greek mythology is perhaps one of the most well-known aspects of ancient Greek culture. We love the stories and legends attached to these gorgeous names, and we think you will too!

  1. Amalthea — This name from ancient Greek and Roman mythology means “loving and nourishing.”
  2. Calliope — Not just our fave Grey’s Anatomy character! Pronounced cal-aye-oh-pea, she was the muse of epic poetry. An epic choice if you’re a fan of the written word.
  3. Clio — The muse of history and heroic poetry, this is a strong name for a strong girl.
  4. Daphne — In Greek mythology, Daphne was the daughter of Peneus, the river god. It has a melodic and peaceful quality to it.
  5. Helen — A face so beautiful, it launched 1000 ships. Naming your daughter after Helen of Troy is a striking choice.
  6. Hestia — According to mythology, this Greek girl’s name means domesticity and family. Hestia was the firstborn child of the Titans Cronus and Rhea.

Girl Greek gods names

If you want to set up your daughter with a powerful name, look no further. Greek goddesses had powers to control the seasons, become constellations, and even invoke peace. Serious stuff.

  1. Athena — A daughter of Zeus, Athena was the goddess of wisdom, mathematics, handicrafts, and courage. An excellent choice if you’re dreaming of big things for your baby girl.
  2. Astraea — According to Greek mythology, Astraea, the goddess of justice and innocence, became the constellation we now know as Virgo. A great choice if you practice law, or your baby is born within the Virgo birth month (August 23 to September 22nd).
  3. Bia — The goddess of force and energy
  4. Iris — The goddess of the rainbow, this is a beautiful and colorful name choice.
  5. Ida — Ida was a mountain goddess, so a great choice if you’re a keen climber and fan of the great outdoors.
  6. Irene — The Greek goddess of peace, this name could inspire a peaceful start to parenthood.
  7. Hera — Queen of the gods, this is a powerful name for sure.
  8. Maia — Also sometimes spelled Maya, Maia was the goddess of Spring, a time of vibrancy and new life. Perfect.
  9. Persephone — Another daughter of Zeus, Persephone was in control of the seasons.
  10. Rhea — Rhea, also sometimes spelled Ria, was the earth mother of all the gods.
  11. Selene — Goddess of the moon, Selene would be a fitting choice for a new baby girl born at nighttime.

Pretty Greek baby girl names

Who are we to say what’s a pretty name or not?! But you’ve got to admit, these cute Greek female names have got a special ring to them. Perfect for your pretty baby girl.

  1. Callie
  2. Cora
  3. Cynthia
  4. Dorothy
  5. Dorothea
  6. Dido
  7. Evangeline
  8. Evanthe
  9. Karisa
  10. Lois
  11. Luna
  12. Melanie
  13. Melody
  14. Myra
  15. Melissa
  16. Thalia
  17. Thea
  18. Tana
  19. Tessa
  20. Theodora
  21. Stephanie
  22. Sara
  23. Xanthe
  24. Yolanda

Unique Greek girl names

If you’re thinking, what is a badass name for a girl? The Greek girls’ name list has got your back. Not only can Greek girl names be ancient, steeped in history, or just plain cute, but they can also be super unique too.

If you’re looking for something unusual, modern, and catchy, Greek girl names have got you covered!

  1. Calypso
  2. Cybele
  3. Delphine
  4. Eris
  5. Electra
  6. Harmony
  7. Lotus
  8. Lyric
  9. Jocasta
  10. Nyx
  11. Nova
  12. Pandora
  13. Phoenix
  14. Philomela
  15. Xanthia
  16. Zina

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