166 Greek Baby Names

166 Greek Baby Names

Emerging from one of the most beautiful places on earth, Greek baby names come steeped with culture, tradition, and legendary status.
Maybe you want to honor your heritage or tap into ancient Greek history, or maybe you just can’t let go of that girl’s holiday back in 2010!

Whatever your reasons, Greek baby names offer a wide variety of lovely options for boys and girls.

You’ll even find the makings of some pretty powerful gender-neutral Greek names – we expect no less from the home of Mount Olympus.

So take a step into our great Greek pantheon, as we share our big list of Greek baby names for your little future heroes.

In this article: 📝

  • What were popular Greek names?
  • What are modern Greek names?
  • What is the prettiest Greek name?
  • What is a strong Greek name?
  • What is the Greek name for brave?
  • What Greek name means sweet?
  • What is a Greek name for love?
  • What Greek name means peace?
  • What Greek name means light?
  • What is the coolest Greek god name?
  • More Greek baby names for boys and girls

What were popular Greek names?

Many Ancient Greek names are as popular today as they were over 2,000 years ago.

And it’s easy to see why.

The stories of Ancient Greece that thrilled people years ago continue to inspire pop culture creations today.

So if you want to know what the most popular Greek baby names were, you might be surprised to hear that Ancient Greek names are still very much alive and well in our society.

Whether you’re a Classics nerd, a gamer, or an international traveler, finding an Ancient Greek name for your little god, goddess, magical creature, or warrior is the perfect tie back to the best of the old world.

What are ancient Greek girl names?

Inspiring kindness, loyalty, and unapologetic excellence, it’s no wonder ancient Greek girl names are so popular.

Check out our top picks:

  1. Cassandra: Meaning “shining or excelling man”, Cassandra is a name for the modern woman. This forward-thinking name stems from the priestess Cassandra who told true prophecies. The downside was, nobody believed them, but maybe your little one will be able to right this wrong. While it has an ancient source, it fits perfectly into contemporary times, with shortened versions being Cass and Sandra.
  2. Penelope: A distinctive name of global acclaim meaning “weaver”. You know that pretty mammoth epic called The Odyssey? Well, Penelope was the faithful wife of Odysseus who remained on Ithaca awaiting his return. For like 20 years. Makes you wonder who the real hero of the story was, eh? Penelope is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a meaningful name that slides off the tongue in modern times.
  3. Xenia: As the word for the Ancient Greek concept of hospitality that was so vital to this early civilization, the name Xenia comes with beautifully complex ties to the old world. Meaning “welcomed guest”, Xenia is filled with connotations of friendliness and kindness to strangers – the perfect choice if you’re looking for a name packed with geniality.

What are ancient Greek boy names?

There’s no shortage of legendary heroes in Greek mythology, but if you want your little one’s name to stand out for all the right reasons (myths are complicated), these Greek boy names are our top choice:

  1. Eugene: Rooted in the Greek word eugenēs, this common Greek boy’s name means “high-born”. We’re the first to say there is nothing common about that! Eugene is a classic name that has never fallen out of public imagination, holding fast as a popular choice around the world for centuries. Shout to the feminine variation Eugenie, which manages to sound other-wordly and chic in one sweep.
  2. Dennis: Who would have thought that Dennis was of ancient Greek origin? It’s true! It derives from Dionysus, the Greek god of theater, wine, and fertility (ya know, some of the best things in life). Little mystery as to why this Greek name has also become wildly popular in modern times.
  3. Phoenix: A name meaning “dark red”, the phoenix was an Ancient Greek mythological bird that rose from the ashes. Shrouded in hope, this Greek name has gained ground over the last few decades and comes with the right mix of contemporary cool and ancient symbolism.

What are modern Greek names?

If you’re opting for a more modern name that is still ensconced in Greek language and culture, there are some beautiful options to choose from.

Some have been adapted from old Greek words and names, while others come to you fresh from the modern world.

You may also be surprised to see that some very popular contemporary names have Greek origins!

What are Greek girl names?

Unique Greek girl names for your budding goddess:

  1. Agata: Meaning “good and kind” in Greek, this ever-so-lovely name also conjures up images of exquisite agate stones that are supposed to bring with them good luck. Good, kind, and lucky? Well, that seems like a pretty good recipe to us!
  2. Angelena: If you feel like your little bundle has been sent straight from the heavens, the name Angelena is the perfect moniker. It’s a derivative of the Greek word angelos which translates as “messenger”. What’s fun about this one is that it can be shortened to all sorts of cute names: Angie, Angel, or Lena - take your pick!
  3. Nerina: Meaning “sea nymph”, this is the ideal name if you expect to have a little water baby on your hands. And seriously, imagine your daughter telling her friends that her name means something like mermaid? (Caution: this may mean you have Under the Sea playing on repeat in your house. All. The. Time.)

What are Greek boy names?

Greek baby names fit for your modern-day hero:

  1. Andreas: The Greek original that spurned the popular name Andrew, this powerful name means “manly”, “strong”, and “brave”. Look, when that baby bursts onto the scene in your household with his roaring cry, you’ll know you made the right pick.
  2. Basil (Vasilis): If you’re assuming that your baby boy will rule the roost, Basil is a perfect name choice. From basileus which means “king”, you’d be setting him up for a pretty powerful future. He’d also share with the lovable dork Basil Fawlty from the cult classic Fawlty Towers. You can decide whether this is a good or bad thing.
  3. Nikolas: As a variation of the anglicized Nicholas, this popular name links you to Hellenic magic while still having a contemporary sound. What’s more, it comes complete with its very own magnificent meaning: “victory of the people”. Nikolas will give your child a winning start.

What is the prettiest Greek name?

When it comes to the prettiest Greek name, it’s hard to pick one.

Check out our top contenders:

  1. Aristides: A Greek boy’s name meaning “the best” – one solid way to instill unwavering confidence.
  2. Adonis: Known as the lover of Aphrodite, Adonis means “handsome man”. If it’s good enough for the goddess of beauty and love…
  3. Evangelos: If you want to ensure your little man will always find a warm welcome, this beautiful name means “bringing good news”.
  4. Fay: French in origin, this gender-neutral name means “fairy”.
  5. Adonia: Speaking of esteem, this beautiful Greek girl’s name boasts the not-so-humble meaning of “extremely good-looking”.
  6. Sophia: A beautiful name for a budding intellect, Sophia means “wisdom” and forms the heart of Philosophy (“love of wisdom”).
  7. Thalia: An encouraging Greek name meaning “to flourish”.

What is a strong Greek name?

Since most Greek baby names are rooted in great stories of mythological feats and heroic acts, there’s no shortage of strong titles:

  1. Alexander: A Latin variant of the Greek Alexandros that means “defender of men”. Can also be shortened to the gender-neutral Alex.
  2. Athanasios: Meaning “immortal” – what can be stronger than immortality?
  3. Carolos: Meaning “strong”. Could also mean “free man” by way of the Spanish boy’s name Carlos.
  4. Iphigenia: A unique Greek girl’s name meaning “strong-born”.

What is the Greek name for brave?

Courage is at the heart of many Greek myths. Here are our favorite Greek baby names that exude bravery:

  1. Aegeus: Meaning “protection”, Aegeus is a Greek boy’s name inspired by a goat-skinned shield called aigis that was often the sign of Zeus.
  2. Aleka: A Greek girl’s name meaning “defender of the people”.
  3. Ajax: Meaning “eagle”, it’s no wonder Ajax is up there as one of the most heroic Greek boy names.
  4. Hercules: A mythological name that needs no introduction, Hercules is literally rooted in the Greek word heros and means “glory of Hera”. Perfect for your fearless little hero.
  5. Leonidas: A badass Greek boy’s name that means “son of a lion”.
  6. Marios: Italian in origin, Marios pays homage to the Roman god of war and means “manly” or “Mars”.

What Greek name means sweet?

If you want to capture the pure sweetness of your newborn, what better way than naming for the elixir of the gods? Check it out:

  1. Ambrosia: Meaning “immortality”. Also the divine food and drink of the gods.
  2. Nektarios: A divinely sweet boy’s name meaning “of nectar”.
  3. Nektaria: The feminine version of the Greek god’s favorite tipple, meaning “of nectar”.

What is a Greek name for love?

There’s no shortage of epic romances in the Greek myth cannon, here are our favorite Greek names that speak of love:

  1. Agape: A girl’s Greek name meaning “love”, “esteem”, or “affection” – all good things for your little one.
  2. Aphrodite: No list would be complete without this head-turner. Named for the Greek goddess of love and beauty, this celebrated Greek name means “risen from the sea” – making it a favorable water baby name.
  3. Stergios: Meaning “to love” or “to be content” – a sweet wish.

What Greek name means peace?

It’s not all epic battles in Greek mythology as this goddess name captures beautifully:

  1. Irene: Inspired by the Greek goddess Eirene, this Greek girl’s name means “peace” from the Greek word εἰρήνη.

What Greek name means light?

If you are looking for an enlightening baby name, Greece has plenty to choose from:

  1. Elina: A pretty Greek name meaning “bright light” or “torch”.
  2. Fotini: Rooted in the Ancient Greek word phōteinós meaning “bright” or “shining”.
  3. Fotis: A Greek boy’s name meaning “light”.
  4. Helen: A legendary Greek name meaning “light”
  5. Vanessa: Born from the Greek god Phanes – the deity of new life – Vanessa means “to bring light”. Also carries the meaning of “butterfly”.

What is the coolest Greek god name?

With a whole pantheon of gods to choose from, it’s hard to pin down the coolest Greek god name. But one stood out:

  1. Apollo: One of the most well-known of the Ancient Greek gods, Apollo means “destroyer”. Granted, not the most endearing name but Apollo was in charge of some pretty important stuff. From his position on Mount Olympus, he was the god of music, poetry, the sun, healing, and archery. Now that’s quite a portfolio – and an awesome name for your son to step into.

More Greek baby names for boys and girls

We may have separated into Greek names for boys and girls, but you’ll find plenty of worthy contenders for gender-neutral Greek names:

More Greek baby names for boys

Take your pick from our bonus list:

  1. Achilles: From the Greek word áchos, this iconic mythological names means “pain”.
  2. Agamemnon: Meaning “very steadfast” or “resolute” – a great Greek name to inspire self-assurance.
  3. Alexis: Meaning “helper” or “defender”.
  4. Anastasios: Meaning “resurrection”.
  5. Andreas: A straight-shooting boy’s Greek name that means “man”.
  6. Apostolis: Meaning “apostle” or “messenger”.
  7. Christos: Meaning “anointed”.
  8. Christopher: A combination of christós (“Christ”) and phérein (“to bear”) that means “Christ-bearer”.
  9. Dimos: Rooted in the Greek word demos, Dimos means “the people”.
  10. Dionysius: Meaning “God of wine”. No doubt your young man will grow to be quite the crowd-pleaser!
  11. Dimitris: Meaning “follower of Demeter”.
  12. Elias: A Greek take on the Hebrew name Elijah that means “my God is Yahweh”.
  13. Eleftherios: A unique Greek name meaning “free”.
  14. Elpidoforos: Meaning “the liberator”.
  15. Eugene: Rooted in the Greek word eugenēs, this common Greek boy’s name means “high-born” –nothing common about that!
  16. George: A great name for a countryside baby meaning “farmer” or “earth-worker”.
  17. Harabolos: Born from the Ancient Greek name Charálampos which means “the one who is shining with joy”. Cute!
  18. Ioannis: The Greek version of John that means “God is gracious”.
  19. Isidoros: An alluring boy’s name steeped in Ancient Egyptian mythos that means “gift of Isis”.
  20. Jason: Meaning “healer”.
  21. Kostantinos: Meaning “constant” or “loyal”.
  22. Kyriakos: Meaning “of the Lord”.
  23. Marcos: Meaning dedicated to Mars”.
  24. Matthew: Meaning “gift from God”.
  25. Maximos: An awe-inspiring name meaning “greatest”.
  26. Michael: Meaning “who is like God”.
  27. Mixalis: A rare Greek name possibly inspired by Michalis which means “person connected to God”.
  28. Nikos: Meaning “victory of the people”.
  29. Nikolas: Meaning people of victory”. 🏆
  30. Odysseus: Meaning “man of anger”. It’s complicated…
  31. Panagiotis: Meaning “all-holy”.
  32. Petros: Meaning “rock”. Related to Peter.
  33. Phillipos: Most recognized as Philip, this adorable name means “fond of horses”.
  34. Platon: Meaning “broad-shouldered”.
  35. Sarantos: From the Greek word sarantis, Sarantos means “the holy forty”.
  36. Socrates: For your budding philosopher, this well-known Greek name means “safe rule”.
  37. Sotiris: Meaning “salvation”.
  38. Spartacus: A famous Latin name belonging to an ancient Roman gladiator meaning “from the city of Sparta”. Let the pop culture references begin…
  39. Stavros: Meaning “the Christian cross”.
  40. Stefanos: Meaning “wreath” or “crown”. Can also mean “honor” or “fame” by extension.
  41. Stratos: Meaning “army”.
  42. Stylianos: meaning “pillar”.
  43. Tasos: Meaning “resurrection”.
  44. Thanos: Meaning “immortal”.
  45. Theodore: Meaning “gift of God” and root of the adorable nickname Teddy.
  46. Theophanis: Meaning “manifestation of God”.
  47. Theophilos: Meaning “friend of God”.
  48. Timoleon: Meaning “I honor what I say.”
  49. Triantafylos: This elaborate Greek name boasts the simple meaning of “rose”. 🌹
  50. Vasilios: Meaning “royal” or “kingly”. 👑
  51. Vasilis: Also meaning “royal”.
  52. Xenophon: Meaning “foreign voice”.
  53. Zeus: Meaning “sky” or “shine” – you can expect great things with a name like this!
  54. Zeno: Meaning “gift of Zeus”.

More Greek baby girl names

Inspiring names for your newest muse:

  1. Agnes: Meaning “holy” or “pure”.
  2. Alexandra: Meaning “protector of man”.
  3. Alexia: Meaning “man’s defender” or “helper”.
  4. Aliki: German in origin, Aliki is a popular Greek girl’s name meaning “noble” or “exalted”.
  5. Amaryllis: Meaning “sparkling” or “shine”.
  6. Anastasia: Most famous as a regal Russian title, this elegant name comes from the Greek word anastasis and means “resurrection”.
  7. Angeliki: Literally meaning “angel-like”. 👼
  8. Apostolia: Meaning “messenger” or “apostle”.
  9. Argyro: Meaning “silver” – a fun pick for a blond-haired baby.
  10. Ariadne: A beautiful mythological name meaning “most holy”. 😇
  11. Artemis: A gender-neutral Greek name meaning “safe” from the Greek word artemes.
  12. Athanasia: A unique Greek girl’s name meaning “eternal life”.
  13. Barbara: Meaning “stranger”.
  14. Callisto: Though meaning “most beautiful”, Callisto is perhaps best known as the great bear in the night sky – Ursa Major
  15. Calliope: The name of one of the Muses meaning “beautiful-voiced”.
  16. Calypso: Meaning “she who hides”.
  17. Catherine: From the Greek word katharos meaning “pure”.
  18. Christina: Meaning “a follower of Christ”.
  19. Cleopatra: This famous Greek name may mean “glory of her father” but we know Cleopetra best as the great queen who stood on many merits of her own.
  20. Corinna: Meaning “girl” or “maiden”.
  21. Danae: A Hebrew girl’s name well-known in Greek mythology and means “God is my judge”.
  22. Daphne: Meaning “laurel”.
  23. Demetra: A nature name meaning “earth mother”.
  24. Dionysia: The feminine variation of Dionysius which means “God of wine”.
  25. Dora: Nope, not an explorer, Dora means “gift” .
  26. Dorothea: Meaning “God’s gift”.
  27. Efstathia: A unique Greek name meaning “steadfast” or “stable”.
  28. Eleftheria: Meaning “liberty”.
  29. Elisavet: A variant of Elizabeth which means “my God is an oath”.
  30. Eugenia: Meaning “nobility”.
  31. Eva: A gorgeous version of the English name Eve which means “life”.
  32. Evangelia: Meaning “bringer of good news”.
  33. Evanthia: From the Ancient Greek euanthe meaning “flower” or “blossom”. 🌼
  34. Evdoxia: Meaning “someone of good judgment” or “repute” – a name that speaks for itself.
  35. Georgia: Meaning “agriculture”. A perfect name for a farmyard baby.
  36. Haroula: From the Greek word hara meaning “joy” or “pleasure”.
  37. Ioanna: Meaning “God has favored me”.
  38. Kostantina: Meaning “steadfastness”.
  39. Kyriaki: Meaning “of the Lord”.
  40. Lydia: Meaning “beautiful one” or “woman from Lydia”.
  41. Magdalen: Meaning “womn from Magdala.”
  42. Maria: A diverse little name that means “of the sea”, “rebellious”, and even “beloved” from the Hebrew name Miriam.
  43. Marina: A nautical name meaning “from the sea”.
  44. Natalie: Meaning “birth of the Lord”.
  45. Natasha: Russian in origin, this winter-inspired name means “born on Christmas day”. December babies rejoice! 🎄
  46. Nefeli: Meaning “cloud” from the Greek word nephos.
  47. Nike: Meaning “victory” in honor of the celebrated winged goddess.
  48. Olympia: Instill your daughter with high standards and empowering goals with this Greek name meaning “from Olympus”.
  49. Ophelia: A famous Shakespearean name meaning “aid”.
  50. Panagiota: Meaning “all holy”.
  51. Pandora: Meaning “all gifts”. 🎁
  52. Panorea: Meaning “most beautiful”.
  53. Paraskevi: Meaning “preparation”.
  54. Parthena: Meaning “maiden”.
  55. Pelagia: Meaning “dweller by the sea”.
  56. Phoebe: Meaning “bright” or “clear”.
  57. Polyxeni: A rare Greek name with the endearing meaning of “hospital person who entertains many guests”.
  58. Prokopia: Meaning “progress” or “advancement” – there’ll be no holding little Prokopia back!
  59. Stavroula: Meaning “cross”.
  60. Stefania: Meaning “crown”.
  61. Stela: Meaning “celestial star”. Sweet.
  62. Theodora: Meaning “gift of God”. Theo makes for a particularly adorable nickname.
  63. Theone: Meaning “godly”.
  64. Urania: Meaning “heavenly”.
  65. Varvara: A Slavic variation of Barbara meaning “stranger”.
  66. Vasiliki: Meaning “royal”.
  67. Vassilia: Also meaning “royal” or “kingly”.
  68. Zenobia: A mystical name meaning “life of Zeus”.
  69. Zoe: Meaning “life”.

Good luck on your epic journey for that perfect Greek baby name.

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