71 Greek Mythology Baby Names

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If you want a beautiful and original baby name with meaning and passion, where better to start than with Greek myths?

Greek Mythology Baby Names

They’re the stories at the foundation of Western civilization.

The characters are gods, titans, kings, queens, and heroes – from the powerful to the beautiful, to the mischievous, to the ones you definitely don’t want to mess with.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best Greek mythology baby names, starting with the gods.

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  • More Greek mythology names for boys and girls
  • What is a mythical girl name?

Greek god names: The Olympians

When it comes to the names from Greek mythology, there’s no better place to start than at the top of Mount Olympus.

So, in order of status:

  1. Zeus: God of the sky, thunder, lightning, law, and order. If you’re wondering ‘is Zeus a girl name’? Traditionally, no, because Zeus was king of the Greek gods. But if it floats your boat as a feminine first name, we say go with it.
  2. Hera: The first of the Greek goddess names on our list. Hera was the queen of the gods and the wife of Zeus.
  3. Poseidon: Zeus’ brother and the god of water, the seas, storms, and horses.
  4. Demeter: Zeus’ sister and goddess of the harvest, nature, and the changing seasons.
  5. Athena: Daughter of Zeus and the goddess of wisdom, crafts, and warfare.
  6. Apollo: Son of Zeus, the god of light and the sun as well as philosophy, music, art, poetry, truth, masculine beauty, and medicine.
  7. Artemis: Apollo’s twin sister and goddess of the moon, hunting, the wilderness, virginity, childbirth, and archery.
  8. Ares: Son of Zeus and god of war. Asking yourself ‘who’s the baddest Greek god?’ It might be this guy.
  9. Hephaestus: Son of Hera and god of craftsmanship, fire, volcanoes, and invention.
  10. Aphrodite: Another of Zeus’ daughters, responsible for love, passion, beauty, pleasure, and desire.
  11. Hermes: Zeus’ son and the winged messenger of the gods.
  12. Dionysus: Son of Zeus and god of wine, fertility, ecstasy, madness, and the theater.

More Greek mythology names for boys and girls

The gods may be at the pinnacle of Greek myth, but they’re not the only characters in these stories.

So let’s look at some other names from Greek mythology – the heroes and heroines who don’t have a seat on Mount Olympus:

Greek myth names for boys: a heroes hit list

  1. Achilles: The great hero of the Trojan War (if you can ignore the weakness of his heel).
  2. Ajax: Another hero famed for his strength and bravery.
  3. Perseus: One of the greatest Greek heroes, Perseus slayed the gorgons and founded the city of Mycenae, where the story of the Iliad begins.
  4. Theseus: Another Greek all-star, this time the founder of ancient Athens.
  5. Heracles: Famous for his tenacious strength.
  6. Jason: This name is more familiar than the others on this list, but Jason was originally the hero who led the Argonauts to find the Golden Fleece.
  7. Odysseus: The Odyssey is the story of Odysseus’ journey back to his home in Ithaca after the war.
  8. Diomedes: Friend to Odysseus and a great warrior. His name means ‘to plan’ or ‘to think’.

More unusual Greek myth names for boys

  1. Adonis: A beautiful young shepherd loved by Aphrodite.
  2. Atlas: The titan who was forced to hold up the sky to stop it from falling.
  3. Helios: God of the sun and twin brother of Selene, goddess of the moon.
  4. Nestor: King of Pylos and one of the Argonauts who was famed for his wisdom.
  5. Hyperion: A titan who ruled over the sun and light.
  6. Leander: Devoted lover of Hero, who was one of Aphrodite’s priestesses.
  7. Lykos: Meaning ‘wolf’, this name was given to several characters in Greek myths.
  8. Myles: King of Laconia, and another of our favorite modern-sounding greek mythology baby boy names.
  9. Priam: The king of Troy during the Trojan War.
  10. Zephyr: God of the west wind, this a great choice for bringing nature and myth together. And a cool Z name too! You’re welcome.

What is a mythical girl name?

Greek mythology baby girl names: the Amazons

If strong female Greek mythology names are what you’re after, what about one of the names of the Amazons, the famous tribe of female warriors?

Most were killed in the Trojan War or during the 12 Labors of Heracles, although two – Aelia and Pantariste – fought Heracles and survived.

Very few of the Amazons are named more than once, so we don’t know that much about the meaning behind their names, but isn’t it cool enough to be named for some of the most badass women in mythology?

  1. Alcippe
  2. Aelia
  3. Agave
  4. Alke
  5. Asteria
  6. Celaeno
  7. Deianira
  8. Dioxippe
  9. Eriboea
  10. Euryale
  11. Evandre
  12. Glauce
  13. Lysippe
  14. Melanippe
  15. Menippe
  16. Molpadia
  17. Mytilene
  18. Pantariste
  19. Tecmessa
  20. Thermodosa
  21. Xanthe

Greek mythology names for girls: the muses

If you think your daughter will be more bookworm than warrior, what about one of the nine muses?

While these aren’t Greek goddess names as such, the muses were daughters of Zeus and nymphs, and they were worshiped in ancient Greece as the inspiration for all art and knowledge.

  1. Calliope: Muse of epic poetry and eloquence.
  2. Clio: Muse of history and heroic poetry.
  3. Erato: Muse of romantic poetry.
  4. Euterpe: Muse of music and known as The Pleasant One.
  5. Melpomene: Muse of singing and musical harmony, but also tragedy.
  6. Polyhymnia: Muse of lyric poetry, dance, geometry, and rhetoric.
  7. Thalia: Muse of comedic theater and poetry.
  8. Terpsichore: Muse of light poetry and dance, and in some stories, the mother of the Sirens.
  9. Urania: Muse of astronomy.

More unusual Greek myth names for girls

There are so many characters in the Greek myth stories that it’s impossible to name them all.

But if you haven’t seen a name you like so far, how about one of these unusual possibilities:

  1. Cassandra: The Trojan princess given the gift of prophecy by Apollo.
  2. Gaia: Goddess of earth.
  3. Larisa: A beautiful nymph who had three children with Poseidon.
  4. Harmonia: The daughter of Aphrodite and Ares.
  5. Calypso: A beautiful nymph from the Odyssey who fell in love with Odysseus when he washed up on her island.
  6. Cora: An alternative name of the goddess Persephone.
  7. Dione: From the Greek word dios, meaning ‘of Zeus’, this name effectively means ‘goddess’.
  8. Ione: A beautiful sea nymph whose name means ‘violet flower’.
  9. Circe: Pronounced ‘SUR-see’, Circe was a sorceress who could turn humans into animals.
  10. Pallas: Linked to Athena, which means wisdom.
  11. Rhea: A titan and mother of the senior Olympians including Zeus.

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