78 Haitian Baby Names for Your Little Love

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Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? Why not explore our list of Haitian baby names to see if you can find the perfect fit.

Haitian Baby Names

Haiti has an incredible claim to fame—it’s the first free Black republic in the world.

These Haitian names are an ideal way to honor the strength of its people.

The extreme beauty of its breathtaking beaches and magnificent mountains make this Caribbean nation a jewel in our planet’s geography.

That, coupled with the resilience of a people who have survived hardships as serious as the ground shaking beneath their feet, makes it an ideal place to draw inspiration when naming your little one.

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Haiti shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. Kreyòl (Haitian Creole) is the language of much of the country’s literature, music, and, more recently, government function.

This language reflects the complexity of its rich cultural history, which includes African, West Indian, and French influences.

What is a common Haitian last name?

The French influence is definitely felt in Haitian’s last names.

According to Surname.es, the most common in Haiti are Jean, Pierre, Joseph, Louis, Charles, and Paul.

First names are given just after a baby is born, and it’s common for them to be inspired by respected elders or ancestors.

First-born sons are often named after their fathers.

In some cases, a name might reflect the circumstances of the birth. We’ve included examples of these on our list.

Ready to explore Haitian baby names and their meanings? Let’s go.

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What are common Haitian names?

According to Restavek Freedom, an advocacy organization working in Haiti, these are the most common Haitian names for boys and girls and Haiti:

Common Haitian names for girls

  1. Esther. From its Persian origins, Esther means “star.” And from its Hebrew roots, it means “to hide or conceal.”
  2. Fabienne. The feminine version of Fabien, this lovely name means “bean grower.”
  3. Islande. As it sounds, this sweet name means “island”—a great option for a little island baby. 🏝️
  4. Judeline. Likely a form of the name Judith, Judeline refers to a woman from the ancient Hebrew region of Judea.
  5. Lovelie. As it sounds. ❤️
  6. Madeline. This gorgeous name either means “high tower” or refers to a woman from the ancient Jewish city of Magdala.
  7. Mirlande. This name’s exact origins are also unknown, but it may refer to either a black-colored bird or a shining sea.
  8. Roseline. There are a few meanings to this name, depending on its origin. It could be the French version of the Old Germanic name, Rosalind. From this line, it could mean either “horse and shield” or “renowned and gentle.” But there’s another possibility. From its Latin roots, it could mean “beautiful rose.”
  9. Samentha. Possibly the feminine form of the name Samuel meaning “God has heard,” Samentha could also mean “listens well.”
  10. Widelene. While it’s not entirely certain what this name means, two possibilities are “wide” or “wood.”

Common Haitian names for boys

  1. Daniel. This popular name refers to the Biblical character known for his ability to interpret dreams. It means “God is my judge.”
  2. Emmanuel. With Biblical roots, this name means “God with us.”
  3. Evens. From Hebrew roots, Evens means “may God bless this child.”
  4. James. “Supplanter”
  5. Junior. A perfect name for your little one.
  6. Peterson. Like the popular Scandinavian surname, this name means “son of Peter.” And Peter comes from the Greek, meaning “rock” or “stone.”
  7. Ricardo. This powerful name is the Spanish and Portuguese version of Richard. It means “brave ruler.”
  8. Samuel. “God has heard”
  9. Stanley. “Stony field”
  10. Stevenson. This name means “son of Steven”—and Steven means “wreath” or “crown.”

Haitian girl names

And then, here are some other top picks to add to your list with these Hatian names for girls:

  1. Anaïca. While the origin of this name is not totally clear, it may be connected to the name Anica, which means “grace.”
  2. Angeline. This heavenly French name means “angel.”
  3. Béatrice. From the Latin Beatrix, this cheerful name means “bringer of joy” and “blessings.”
  4. Cassandra. This name descends from the Trojan priestess in Greek mythology and means “the one who shines.”
  5. Darline. Like it sounds, this name means “darling.”
  6. Esterline. This name could possibly be a version of the German Österlein, meaning “born at Easter.”
  7. Fabiola. Like Fabienne, this musical name means “bean grower.”
  8. Farah. Also spelled Phara, this jolly name means “happiness,” “cheerfulness,” or “glory.”
  9. Fredeline. Possibly a feminine version of Fred, this name has some sweet possible meanings—“elf” or “magical counsel.”
  10. Gaelle. This name has a few possible meanings. From its Gaelic and Old English roots, it means “Irishwoman,” “foreigner,” and “blessed and generous.”
  11. Guerlande. As a version of the name Gertrude, Guerlande means “spear” or “strength.”
  12. Jenniflore. This name could be a combination of Jenny, meaning “white wave,” and Flore meaning “blooming” or “flower.”
  13. Jessica. Popular in various parts of the world, Jessica means “God beholds.”
  14. Jesula. This name meaning “Jesus is here,” may be given to a baby that has been longed for.
  15. Johanne. From Hebrew roots, Johanne means “God is gracious.”
  16. Kimberly. This popular name has a poetic meaning—“from the meadow of the royal fortress.”
  17. Lourdes-Gina. This interesting name is made up of Lourdes, meaning “craggy slope,” and Gina, meaning “queen.”
  18. Manoucheca. This name could stem from Manouche, meaning “gypsy.”
  19. Marie. From its French origins, Marie comes from stella maris, an ancient title for the Virgin Mary, meaning “star of the sea.”
  20. Medjine. “Bright morning star
  21. Nadège. “Hope”
  22. Nadia. This popular name means “hope” or “delicate.”
  23. Natacha. If your baby is born on Christmas Day, this would be the perfect name for her—because that’s precisely what it means.
  24. Nephtalie. “Wrestling” or “struggling”
  25. Rachelle. From its Hebrew roots, Rachelle means “ewe.”
  26. Rose. 🌹
  27. Rose-Merline. This one’s made up of a rose and Merline, which is a variant of Merle, which means “blackbird.”
  28. Stéphanie. “Crown” 👑
  29. Tamara. This fruitful name refers to the date palm or palm tree.
  30. Vanessa.Butterfly” 🦋

Haitian boy names

Now, let’s hear it for the boys with these Haitian names for boys:

  1. David. A name that enjoys worldwide popularity, David means “beloved.”
  2. Davidson. And this name refers to David’s son.
  3. Dieufel. “God created him”
  4. Dieula. “God is here”
  5. Elifet. “Elie is born”
  6. Frantz. “Frenchman” or “free man”
  7. Gregory. From its Latin roots, Gregory means “watchful” or “alert.”
  8. Jeff. “Promise of peace” or “God’s peace.”
  9. Jackson. As it sounds, it refers to the son of Jack. And Jack means “God is gracious.”
  10. Jameson. “The son of James.” James means “supplanter.”
  11. Johnson. And this one’s for the son of John. John means “graced by God.”
  12. Jonas. “Dove” or “peaceful being” 🕊️
  13. Joseph. This Biblical name means “God will add.”
  14. Josué. From Hebrew roots, this name means “God is salvation.”
  15. Jude. With its Greek roots, Jude means “praised.”
  16. Kervens. While the origin of this name is not clear, this popular Haitian name has a sweet sound to it.
  17. Mackenson. This name could refer to the son of Macken, meaning “the greatest.”
  18. Mickenson. Referring to the son of Mick, this name means “who resembles God.”
  19. Robenson. And this one’s for the son of Rob, meaning “bright fame.”
  20. Ronald. “Counsel” or “rule.”
  21. Sandley. We don’t know the exact meaning of this name, but it may reflect the idyllic sandy shores of Haiti.
  22. Schneider. This name of German roots means “tailor.”
  23. Simon. This ancient name means “listen.”
  24. Watson. This name refers to the son of Walter, the “commander of the army.”
  25. Wesley. “A field to the west.”
  26. Wilguens. The meaning of this name is not well documented, but it may be attached to Will, meaning “desiring peace” or “strong-willed warrior.”
  27. Wilky. This name, too, could be a version of William.
  28. Wilson. And finally, this name refers to the son of Will.

All the best with your choice!

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